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					OPTION ONE: Comparison of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and All Quiet on the Western Front

                               4                                  3                                  2                                  1
  Content       Thoroughly compares each           Compares each level of             Compares most levels of            Does not adequately compare
                level of Maslow’s hierarchy to     Maslow’s hierarchy to All          Maslow’s hierarchy to All          the levels of Maslow’s
                All Quiet using relevant details   Quiet, but is somewhat lacking     Quiet, but is lacking in details   hierarchy to All Quiet
     x2         from the novel                     in relevant details from the       from the novel
Presentation Information is presented in a         Information is presented in a      Information is not presented in    Information is presented in a
 & Layout    way that facilitates a clear          way that facilitates               a way to facilitate comparison.    way that hinders the purpose.
                comparison. The layout is          comparison with some               The layout is organized with       The layout is disorganized,
                organized, appealing, and          exception. The layout is           some exceptions and/or             cluttered, and/or unsuitable for
    x2          professional.                      organized, clear, and suitable.    slightly unsuitable.               the project.
 Evidence       Details from both Maslow’s         Details from both Maslow’s         Some details from Maslow’s         Details from Maslow’s
                hierarchy and the novel are        hierarchy and the novel are        hierarchy and the novel are        hierarchy and/or the novel are
                used expertly throughout the       used sufficiently within the       used in the project. If            insufficient. Quotations have
                project. If quotations are used,   project. If quotations are used,   quotations are used, MLA           not been used.
                MLA parenthetical citations        MLA parenthetical citations        parenthetical citations are
                have been used in correct          have been used.                    lacking.
 Mechanics      Spelling (including names) is      Spelling is accurate with few      Several spelling errors are        Spelling, punctuation, and/or
                accurate. Punctuation and          exceptions. Some errors in         evident. Too many errors are       grammar errors significantly
                grammar adhere to standard         punctuation and/or grammar         evident in punctuation and         hinder meaning.
                English conventions.               are evident.                       grammar.
                                                                                                                         TOTAL POINTS

24 = 100%                       18 -19 = 88%                      14 - 13 = 75%                     9 - 10 = 65%                      6 = 50% or below
22 - 23 = 95%                   16 – 17 = 85%                     12 = 70%                          8 = 60%
20 – 21 = 90%                   15 = 80%                          11 = 68%                          7 = 55%

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