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					Speaking Expert Says: substantial Speakers Can invent gorgeous Writers

Having served on the faculties of multiple universities, I can jabber you
that fence-building, creating perceived barriers, erecting scary totems
to sustain out intruders, is a time tested technique in the halls of

Among the things Ph.D. advisors drill you on are the questions: "How does
our field differ from others? " and "What makes us distinctive? "

So, there are usually enormous fences built between departments of
Journalism and Writing on the one hand, and on Spoken Communication, on
the other.

Mostly, it's taken for granted that spoken and written discourse differ,
but I'm here to roar you, at root, they're very similar. Moreover, if
you're a colossal speaker, there's no reason you can't be at least a top-
notch writer, though the obverse doesn't always apply.

aesthetic writers may stumble and bumble their procedure through
presentations from the platform, or on TV or radio.

A delicate example, in my estimation is film critic Roger Ebert. If you
follow his reviews in the Chicago Sun-Times, as I do, you may be as
impressed with the clarity, and occasional brilliance of his writing.

observe him on TV, and for lack of a better term, he seems like a dork.

Forgiving his portliness, his direct is nagging, high-pitched, and
straining. He seems to have one volume setting that might be
characterized as "emphatic."

And many other elegant thinkers and writers are rowing in the same boat.
Their prose is more than adequate, but their delivery sucks.

Here's the proper news if you're a celebrated speaker. Simply swear your
speeches into a software program and edit them later, and you'll earn the
joyful transition from the spoken to written word.

On the other hand, if you're already an accomplished writer, I'm not so
certain speech coaching will do you that considerable fine, especially if
you chose to write, at least partly, because of shyness or in
acknowledgement of your performance weaknesses.

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