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					Dear Client:

Thank you for your assistance as our team works to create the very
best website we can to achieve your goals. Could you please have
the following questionnaire completed by Tuesday, Feb. 20. We will
use this marketing questionnaire to create paper prototypes or comps
that will show you the design of your home page and one other of
your web pages by March 2nd.

At this point, we need information that will help us correctly market
your company or organization. You have already touched on and
partially answered some of these questions, but we are seeking more
specific information from a marketing prospective.

Core Marketing Message – If we don’t communicate this message
to your clients, they will not respond, they will not buy, they will not
donate and/or they will not join your organization. If you can clearly
articulate a problem your client/customer has, and you can show
credibly that you can provide a solution to that problem, they will not
listen to you.

   1. How does your service solve a particular problem, alleviate a pain or add
      value? What is the concern or issue of your clients, members, or
      prospective donor to your organization and what is your solution?

   2. What are the specific benefits your clients, members, or prospective donor

   3. What advantages, improvements, or enhancements do your clients,
      members, or prospective donor get as a result of working with you?

   4. What results can they expect?

   5. What is your unique competitive advantage? That is what differentiates
      you from your competitors? What do you do better, different, faster,
      cheaper, with higher quality or with a different spin? Please be specific
      not vague.

   6. What are the qualities you want to be known for? Is it integrity and
      dependability or expertise and exclusiveness? You can’t be everything to
      everybody. How are you going to live up to these qualities?
   7. Do your prospective clients understand immediately what’s in it for them if
      they use your services? Do you emphasize benefits and results?

   8. Do you have testimonials from satisfied customers? Do you have a listing
      of key customers? Do you have biographies of company principals?

   9. When someone asks, “what do you do?” do you have a concise and
      powerful solution statement that expresses what you do? Is what you say
      totally focused on what you can do for them (benefit-oriented)?

   10. What are you promising to deliver that reduces the perceived risk of your
       clients doing business with you?

   11. Do you already have a slogan or tagline that reflects your marketing
       position. Example: a slogan or tagline explains your products and
       services in text that is short enough that users will actually read it
       online., for example, tells us to "Search the largest
       inventory of cars and trucks on the Internet. More than 1.5 million listings,
       updated daily." Given this information, most people can figure out what the
       site does. Clearly saying what you do and why users should care is
       the way to go.

   12. Would you please suggest navigation button or links that would
       fit in with your website goals and marketing plan.

For creating your core marketing message, you may wish to fill this in:
I help (or work with or assist)______________(name the target market you work
work with) who are – struggling, having problems with…__________________
(name their problem.) and my/our solution is _____________.

Example: “We work with companies who are frustrated that they are losing
productivity and collaboration because of conflict. We help our clients build a
loyal workforce and become more competitive.”

In marketing material for your website, here are the five elements of an
executive summary or core marketing message:

   1. Problem – Make it crystal clear that you understand what your
      customers/prospects are experiencing by discussing their problems, pains
      or predicaments. Tell them what’s not working or emphasize their
      problems, pains or predicament first.

   2. Solution – Discuss what’s possible or what things will be like when your
      prospects’ problems are solved. Tell them how it could be – give them
       a vision of themselves with their problems, pains, or predicament

   3. How come? Discuss why your prospects are stuck in the problem and
      not solving their problems. Why hasn’t your customer already solved
      this problem by him or herself?

   4. What you need to do. Discuss the basic steps necessary for your
      prospects to resolve their problems. Here’s an approach that’s proven
      to work.

   5. Call to Action – A statement of who you are, what you do, how you can
      help, and an invitation to the prospect to pick up the phone. Prove that
      you can help them. (Tell them your success stories or give
      testimonies from customers or give them a list of clients).

Marketing materials need to build a complete case for your services.

In Summary: Here are the main sections to include in your marketing
Executive Summery

The customers problems and your solution(s)

List of Services and/or navigation buttons or links

List of Clients


Background Information on you.(related to building credibility and trust for your

Call to Action (contact information to the web audience. The call to action could
also be a way to purchase items or donate to your cause on the website,
however, we have not been contracted to provide e-commerce or paypal for your

Articles and Supplementary Material.

For more additional information about how to market your company, we suggest
books from Action Plan Marketing that were used for obtaining these marketing

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