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									                Scarves for Men and Various Ways of Tying Them
Scarf has again made knock in men’s wardrobe. Once considered as an accessory only for women now
scarves are embellishing men’s attire too. The versatility of scarves in designs, colors, patterns and
fabrics make them more suitable for men’s outfit. With the advancement in printing techniques, more
and more scarves are designed with masculine features to suit men’s taste. Scarves for men have
different shades and appeal in comparison to women’s scarves so the tying methods. We have provided
here a few selected methods of tying men’s scarf.

Parisian knot is the easiest way of tying a scarf. Most of men opt for this way of tying because it is
simple and easy to make. What you need to do is – fold scarf lengthwise then drape it around neck. Now
take loose end in one hand and loop in other. Insert the loose end trough loop and pull. Tighten it to get
desired output. Although this kind of knot is suitable for all types of outfits but it will go best with short
length jackets. This is the perfect way of protecting throat from chilly winds of colder days.

Once-Around Knot is helpful when someone don’t want to get into the detail of how to tie a complex
knot. This kind of knot is casual in approach and shows easy-go-attitude of wearer. To tie it, drape scarf
around neck in such a manner that one hanging side must be slightly longer than other. Bring the longer
side of hanging portion of scarf towards the shorter portion to make a cross. Insert the longer end
through the crossing point between the available gap of neck and scarf knot then tighten it. This kind of
knot is basically preferred by people who are in hurry and want to get ready quickly. This knot suits best
in fitted blazer.

Twice-Around Knot is competitor to Parisian knot in terms of warmth they provide. Infact if you want to
retain same kind of warmth level in different styles then you can switch over to these two styles. To tie it
– take scarf behind the neck. Keep one side much longer in comparison to other. Allow shorter side to
hang down in one side of neck in front and wrap the longer side of scarf around the neck from other side
and let it hanged down in front. Now adjust the two hanged sides of scarf to equalize the length.

Over-the-Shoulder Throw knot may be worked well or can give you shaggy look. Either you will appear
graceful, carefree and warm or end up looking mismatched. To stay away from improper appearance
don’t use bold and bright colors. To tie, you need to drape scarf behind the neck and keep one side
longer than other. Let the shorter side fall in front and cross the longer side on the same side of
shoulder from where shorter side hangs, allow longer side to hang on back of neck.

Scarves can be tied in variety of ways but mostly men prefer to wear them folded or tied around neck.
Above all men’s preference of wearing scarf depends on need and so the tying methods. Scarves give
expansion to men’s wardrobe and generate contrasting effect in an outfit. Make use of patterned and
colored scarves for visual interest in look. Also leather jackets shoot most knots.

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