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									                                  Current 6 September
                      PUBLIC FIGURE ENDORSEMENTS
ADAIR, Walt               Former Santa Paula Police Chief      Santa Paula
    “Having known you for years, I believe you have the management skills
     and ethics necessary for this office.”
ADAM, Al                 Planning Commissioner                  Thousand Oaks
AGUIRRE, Dr. Gabino      Santa Paula City Council               Santa Paula
ALVIANI, Robert          Banker, Chairman of Venturans for Responsible and
                               Efficient Government (VREG)            Ventura
ARAIZA, Richard          Fire Chief, Santa Paula                Santa Paula
ASKAY, C. Patrick        Ventura County Fair Board              Ventura
ASBELL, Barbara          Pierpont Community Council             Ventura
BLEUEL, Bart             Former President Ventura County Bar Association
BLUM, Stephen            Trustee, Ventura County Community College District Ventura
BONNEY, Carla            Community Activist                     Ventura
BOSKOVICH, George        Boskovich Farms                        Oxnard
BRILL, Bob               Journalist, author                     Ventura
BROOKS, Bob             Sheriff                                  Ventura
    “You have demonstrated your sincerity and desire to serve by
    investing the hard work required to understand the position,
    consider needed improvements, and campaign effectively.”
CAMPBELL, Roger          Former Mayor of Fillmore               Fillmore
CARPENTER, Larry         Sheriff of Ventura County, Retired     Fillmore
CORNEY, Ken              Ventura Chief of Police                Ventura
CROMBACH, John*          Chief of Police, Oxnard                Oxnard
COOK, Rick               Former Mayor, Santa Paula              Santa Paula
CORTEZ, Harry            Oxnard Community Activist              Oxnard
COSTA, Ted               People‟s Advocate Taxpayer Organization
CREAGLE, Gary            Former Mayor of Fillmore               Fillmore
CURTIS III, Herbert      Superior Court Judge, Retired          Ventura
DEAN, Richard D.         Former County Clerk-Recorder           Ventura

DI MEO, Barbara          Former President Ventura County Trial Lawyers Ass‟n
DUNN, Michael            Board Member, Conejo Valley Unified School District
EATON, David             Former County Supervisor                Ventura
FITZGERALD, Barbara      Board Member, Ventura Unified School District
FLYNN, John              Former County Supervisor                Oxnard
FRANK, Deirdre           Oxnard Planning Commission              Oxnard
FUTORAN, John A.         Former President, Ventura County Trial Lawyers Association
GARCIA, Raymond A.       Former Mayor of Thousand Oaks           T.O.
GODINEZ, Peter           Public Relations                        Ventura
GOLDEN, Debbie           President, Ventura Unified School District Board
GONZALES, Bob           Santa Paula City Council, former Santa Paula chief of police
    “Based on your ethics, morals and past commitment to the betterment of our communities and
    loyalty to doing what is right, I will endorse Steven Hintz for Ventura County Treasurer-Tax
    Collector.”                                                  Santa Paula
GOODWIN, Dan             Ventura County Assessor                 Ventura
GREENE, Esther Rushford former Republican National Committeewoman from
                                  California                    Sacramento
GUTIERREZ, Arturo Sr. Superior Court Judge, Retired              Ojai
HAFFNER, Mary            Board Member, Ventura Unified School District
HALTER, Doug             Community Activist and Business Owner          Ventura
HAM, Betty Alvarez       President, Oxnard City Impact           Ventura
HARRIS, Camille          Community Activist                      Ventura
HARWOOD, Warren         Trustee, Pleasant Valley School District Camarillo
    “You are to be congratulated on your victory in the highly competitive
    Treasurer-Tax Collector election. Your ethical campaign conduct
    and most memorable phrase „After all, it‟s your money‟ will help you
    meet the daunting task ahead of you. I am committed to assisting
    you in your campaign.”
HATCHER, John            President, Ventura County NAACP         Oxnard
HAZARD, Dean             Former President Ventura County Trial Lawyers Ass‟n
HIJI, Robert             Hiji Brothers Ranches                   Oxnard
HINKLE, Tom             Former President Ventura County Bar Ass‟n, and
                     Former President Ventura County Trial Lawyers Ass‟n

HONORICO, Dante           Filipino American Council of Ventura County*
HORGAN, Sue               Ojai City Council, former mayor         Ojai
HUGGINS, Bishop Broderick Alan      St. Paul Baptist Church       Oxnard
JOHANSON, Eric            NRA Foundation; President of Dielectrics, Inc Moorpark
                               NRA Distinguished Corporate Leader 2009
JOHNSON, Melinda M.       Superior Court Judge, Retired           Ventura
JOHNSTON, Catherine       Treasurer-Tax Collector, Retired        Ojai
JONES, Dennis Neil        Former president VCTLA                  Ventura
KIPP, Kenneth M.          Retired Sheriff Department Executive    Ventura
KUNICKI, Dean             Board Member, Ventura County School District          Simi Valley
LACEY, Ed                 Former President, Ventura County Trial Lawyers Ass‟n
LACEY, Susan              Former County Supervisor                Ventura
LAGOMARSINO, Robert J.*          Retired Congressman              Ventura
LAROCHELLE, Dennis        Former President, Ventura County Trial Lawyers Ass‟n
LAVERY, Mike              Retired Ventura Fire Chief
LEVY, Mike                Retired Banker, Grower                  Somis
LIEF, Michael             Attorney, Author                        Ventura
LONGO, Pati               former Ventura Deputy Mayor             Ventura
LOVELL, F. Warren. M.D. Retired Medical Examiner of Ventura County              Ventura
MACDONALD, Bryan          Oxnard City Council                     Oxnard
MARSHALL, Gary            Santa Paula Elementary School District Board          Santa Paula
MATHENEY, Larry          Former Ventura County Treasurer-Tax Collector
    “I have known Judge Hintz for more than 30 years and have always been impressed by his
    sound judgment, high ethical values and superior ability to apply complex laws fairly. He is
    an excellent choice to be the next Treasurer-Tax Collector of Ventura County."
McCLINTOCK, Tom           Congressman
MCDONNELL, PAUL           Former Treasurer-Tax Collector and
    County Financial Officer, Riverside County                    Los Angeles
MILLER, Pat               Retired Chief of Police, Ventura        Ventura
MONAHAN, Jim              Ventura City Council Member             Ventura
MORGAN, Mike              Camarillo Vice-Mayor                    Camarillo

MYERS, J. Roger            Former President, Ventura County Bar Association               Ojai
NAVA, Pedro                California State Assembly Member, 35th Assembly District
O‟NEILL, Joseph            Former Chair, Ventura County Democratic Central Committee
ORROCK, Dennis             Former Mayor of Ventura                   Ventura
OUERBACKER, Kimble         Light Up The Cross                        Ventura
PARVIN, Dale               Former President, Moorpark Chamber of Commerce
PARVIN, Janice             Mayor of Moorpark                         Moorpark
PITTMAN, Hal                Treasurer-Tax Collector, Retired         Camarillo
                     Chairman of the Campaign
      "Steven Hintz has already shown his faith in our form of government and has answered
      the call to public duty. He has demonstrated his fidelity and continues to earn our trust.
      It is a pleasure to support such an honorable candidate. I encourage Ventura County
      Voters to elect Steven Hintz to be our next Treasurer Tax Collector."
POLLOCK, David             Moorpark City Council                     Moorpark
RAMIREZ, Carmen            Former President Ventura County Bar Association
RASNOW, Tina               Former President Ventura County Bar Association         Ventura
RATHBUN, Terry          Assembly Candidate, 41st Assembly District          Encino
    “You are the right man for the job.”
REGNIER, Georgianna P. Former President Ventura County Trial Lawyers Ass‟n
REGNIER, Richard         Former President Ventura County Trial Lawyers Ass‟n
    “Leadership qualities, breadth of experience, a history of giving to
    assist others, and character strengths seasoned with engaging humor,
    carry the day.”
ROBINSON, Fred             City Councilman, Santa Paula              Santa Paula
ROBLES, Dan                Trustee, Santa Paula Elementary School District         Santa Paula
RUNNER, George             California State Senate, 17th Senate District
SCHMIT, Phil               Former Ventura County Clerk-Recorder             Ojai
SHAIN, David L.            Former President, Ventura County Bar Association
SHAPIRO, Mimi              Former Trustee, Simi Valley Unified School District     Simi Valley
SLOBE, Robert             President, California State Railroad Museum Foundation
SMYTH, Cameron             California State Assembly Member, 38th Assembly District
STRICKLAND, Audra          California State Assembly Member, 37th Assembly District
STRICKLAND, Tony           California State Senate, 19th SenateDistrict
SWENSON, Scott             Hueneme Elementary School District Board        Port Hueneme
TAYLOR, Joseph E.          Former Public Defender of Riverside County
TOTTEN, Greg               District Attorney of Ventura County      Camarillo
TOVIAS, Jim                Mayor of Santa Paula                     Santa Paula
TRACY, Mike                Deputy Mayor, Ventura; former police chief      Ventura
TUNICK, Coach Ron          Radio Journalist, Business Owner         Ventura
TUSHLA, Connie             Former President, Santa Paula Chamber of Commerce         Santa Paula
UHLER, Lewis K.            National Taxpayer Advocate               Sacramento
UNDERHILL, Diane           Community Activist                       Ventura
URIAS, Christina           Santa Paula Union High School Board Trustee       Santa Paula
VALENZANO, Chris           Former President, Ventura County School Board          Camarillo
WALKER, Jeff               Camarillo Business man and Activist              Camarillo
    “You are the best candidate to bring stability to the office and to use technology
    to bring it to 21st century standards. I am proud to support your campaign.”
WALKER, John               Board Member, Ventura Unified School District          Ventura
YUNKER, Helen              Real Estate Broker, Ventura community activist         Ventura

HOWARD JARVIS TAXPAYERS ASSOCIATION PAC                             California
THE PEOPLE‟S ADVOCATE             (Paul Gann, Founder)        California Taxpayer Organization
NATIONAL TAX LIMITATION COMMITTEE                                   California
CALIFORNIA REPUBLICAN ASSEMBLY                                      Ventura County
FRIENDS TO ELECT CALIFORNIA CONSERVATIVES                           California
OXNARD PEACE OFFICERS ASSOCIATION                                   Oxnard
SANTA PAULA POLICE OFFICERS ASSOCIATION                             Santa Paula
VENTURA POLICE OFFICERS ASSOCIATION                                 Ventura
SIMI VALLEY POLICE OFFICERS ASSOCIATION                             Simi Valley

                             FINANCE PROFESSIONALS

Hal Pittman                  Former Treasurer-Tax Collector of Ventura County
       "Steven Hintz has already shown his faith in our form of government and has answered
       the call to public duty. He has demonstrated his fidelity and continues to earn our trust.
       It is a pleasure to support such an honorable candidate. I encourage Ventura County voters
       to elect Steven Hintz to be our next Treasurer Tax Collector."
Catherine Johnston         Former Treasurer-Tax Collector of Ventura County
Larry Matheney             Former Treasurer-Tax Collector of Ventura County
      "I have known Judge Hintz for more than 30 years and have always been impressed by
      his sound judgment, high ethical values and superior ability to apply complex laws fairly.
      He is an excellent choice to be the next Treasurer-Tax Collector of Ventura County."
Paul McDonnell             Former Treasurer-Tax Collector of Riverside County
Robert Alviani             Banker                                   Ventura
Al Adam                    Investment Advisor                       Thousand Oaks
Nancy Barna                Real Estate Investor                     Ventura
Mary Borland               Certified Public Accountant              Oxnard
Tatum Cook-Ulloa           Mortgage Broker                          Simi Valley
Clarice Couey              Financial Consultant                     Ventura
Frank Crowley              CPA                                      Ventura
Bob Davis                Mortgage Banker                             Ventura
      “We are counting on you to continue the integrity of the office.”
Cesar Franco-Rivera        Mortgage Advisor                         Ventura
Michael Gibson             Financial Consultant                     Ventura
Dan Hempel                 Financial Consultant                     Ventura
Rob Irmas                  Private Investments                      Encino

Mike Levy                  Retired Banker                            Santa Paula
Lisa Lewis                 Financial Advisor                         Camarillo
John C. Lindsey            CFP, Financial Advisor                    Simi Valley
Cristina Carreno Martin    Financial Planner                         Ventura
Doug Michie                CLU, CFP, Financial Advisor               Ventura
Carole Monfore             Accountant                                Ventura
Steven Moore               Bank Loan Officer                         Newbury Park
John Pritchard             Financial Services                        Ventura
Robert C. Rushford         Mortgage Broker                           Sacramento
Thomas P. Ryan             CPA                                       Ventura
Sarah Shirazi              Financial Consultant                      Newbury Park
Steven Spence              Securities Broker                         Washington
Laurie Tahir               Accounting                                Simi Valley
Jeff Walker                  CPA                                       Camarillo
      “You are the best candidate to bring stability to the office and to use technology
      to bring it to 21st century standards. I am proud to support your campaign.”
Baron T. Willis            Financial Advisor                         San Diego

AMERICAN VETERANS FLAGPOLES & FLAG COMPANY                           Ventura
BILL CLARK AUTOMOTIVE                                                Ventura
BIOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGY                                                Coarsegold
BUENA AUTO CARE                                                      Ventura
COASTAL EMBROIDERY                                                   Camarillo
D.W.M. LABORATORY, INC.                                              Ojai
ENGLE CAROBINI COVNER & COATS                                        Ventura
McINTYRE AND ASSOCIATES                                              Camarillo
NANCY BRYIE WITH MARY KAY COSMETICS                                  Camarillo
RIBBON GIFTS, THE GIFT OF CHOICE                                     Ventura
SEASIDE CHIROPRACTIC                                                 Ventura
VENTURA COAST WEALTH MANAGEMENT                            Ventura

ABBEY, Richard E.      Family Therapist/Educator           Ventura
ACOSTA, Ernesto        Senior Prosecutor                   Moorpark
ADAIR, John            Manager                             Ventura
ADAIR, Kim             Realtor                             Ventura
AKSLAND, Karie L.      Republican Activist                 Manteca
ALTONAGA, Daniel       College Student                     Ventura
ANDERSON, William A. M.D.      Physician, NAACP Board      Oxnard
ANSPACH, Dennis M.D. California State Railroad Museum Foundation     Sacramento
ARABIAN, Robert        Law Enforcement                     Simi Valley
ARAIZA, Ron            Sales Director                      Santa Paula
ARMSTRONG, James               Attorney                    Westlake Village
ARMSTRONG, Laurie              Attorney                    Westlake Village
ARONSON, Nancy         Attorney                            Ventura
ASKAY, Greg            Investigator                        Ventura
ASKAY, Lupe            Nurse                               Ventura
AVALIER, Jeff          Owner, Castle Studio                Utica, NY
AVALIER, Roger         Sales                               Dallas, TX
AVILES, Arnie          Retired Sheriff Sergeant            Ventura
BAKER, Amber           Youth Services                      Ventura
BAKER, Vanessa         Homemaker                           Ventura
BALAM, Evelyn          Court Clerk                         Oxnard
BALDERRAMA, Midory     Court Clerk                         Oxnard
BALE, Ron              Psychologist                        Ventura
BALES, Don             Businessman                         Coarsegold
BALL, Allen            Attorney                            Ventura

BAMIEH, Ron            Attorney                            Ventura
BARRETTO, Kristin      Court Clerk                         Ventura
BARTOSH, Robert        Attorney, Business Owner            Ventura
BAUGHER, Larry         Law Enforcement                     Ventura
BEAUVAIS, Ed             Law Enforcement                    Oxnard
    “Judge Hintz has the background, knowledge and temperament to
    protect our finances in these difficult times.”
BECKTON, Janis         Retired Court Clerk                 Camarillo
BECKTON, Lee           Retired                             Camarillo
BELLINGHIERE, Frank    Attorney                            Westlake Village
BENTLEY, Amy           Journalist                          Temecula
BENTLEY, Doug          Retired law enforcement             Temecula
BEUKEMA, John          Attorney                            Minneapolis
BENTZ, Joe             Businessman                         Ventura
BITER, Denise          Court Reporter                      Ventura
BLOCK-DAVIS, Karen     Attorney                            Camarillo
BLOUGH, Scott          Banker                              Simi Valley
BOLTON, Shelley        Court Clerk                         Ventura
BORLAND, Brad          Manager                             Oxnard
BORREGO, Connie        Retired                             Santa Paula
BORREGO-KHAN, Leslie Homemaker                             Santa Paula
BOWMAN, Steve          Businessman, Attorney               Ventura
BRAMSON, Paul          Businessman                         Ventura
BRAVO, John A.         Businessman                         Santa Paula
BRITTLE, Jim           Law Enforcement                     Fillmore
BROMUND, Matt          Attorney                            Ventura
BROWN, David                                               Ventura
BROWN, Pamela                                              Ventura
BROWN, Peggy O‟Brien   Parliamentarian                     Oxnard
BROWN, Shelley         Secretary                           Ventura

BROWN, Susie               Retired Court Clerk                      Fillmore
BRYIE, Nancy               Businesswoman                            Camarillo
BRYIE, Randy               Electrical Engineer                      Camarillo
BURDETT, Greg              Hospital Maintenance                     Ventura
BURNS, Loree M             CEO, Take A Knee Development             Ventura
CABRAL, Stephanie          Court Reporter                           Ventura
CALLAHAN, David            Attorney                                 Texas
CAMPBELL, Glenn            Attorney                                 Ventura
CARLISLE, Mary             Manager                                  Ventura
CAROBINI, Daniel           Attorney                                 Ventura
CARPENTER, Tanner          Student Athlete                          Fillmore
CARTIER, Alison            College Student                          Ventura
CARTIER, Jeanne R.         Technician                               Ventura
CARTIER, Jeff              Radiology                                Ventura
CARVALHO, Stephanie                                                 Santa Susana
CASEY, James               Attorney                                 Ojai
CASSY, Charles             Attorney                                 Ventura
CASSY, Chris Leavitt       Court Clerk                              Ventura
CHAPEK, Kate               Consultant                               Ventura
CHAPEK, Rick               Retired Probation Officer                Ventura
CHRISTIE-FUCHS, Moriya L.         Attorney                          Ventura
CHRISTIE-MELTON, Farryn           Business Executive                Newbury Park
CISNEROS, Leticia          Court Clerk                              Ventura
CLARK, David T.            Business Owner                           Ventura
COATS, Benjamin F.         Attorney                                 Ventura
    “A true man of honor is a very rare thing in today‟s political landscape.”
COGNATA, Hadiya Morcos             Homemaker                        Simi Valley
COGNATA, Michael           Attorney                                 Simi Valley
COLLINS, Andrea            College Student                          UCSB
CONLEY, Cody             College Student                        Newbury Park
CORDERO, Ish             Law Enforcement                        Santa Paula
CORSE, Kevin             Businessman                            Ventura
COUEY, Clarice          Financial Planner                        Ventura
    “I am impressed by your fiscal responsibility and thoughtfulness.”
COVNER, Andrew H.        Attorney                               Ventura
COZZENS, Ken             Businessman                            Ventura
CUMMINGS, Mel            Realtor                                Ventura
CURTIS, Angela           Attorney                               Ventura
DANCH, Mark              Student                                Ventura
DARNALL, Karen Attorney                                         Camarillo
    “I am confident you will protect our hard-earned money.”
DARTON, Mary H.          Retired                                North Carolina
DAVIS, Mary G            Gospel Light Publications              Ventura
DE LA O, Kathy           Court Reporter                         Ojai
DEMAS, Ellen             Realtor                                Indio
DEMAS, Larry R., M.D.    Physician                              Indio
DENT, Brian              Law Enforcement                        Ventura
DIMMICK, Chris           Restaurateur                           Los Angeles
DOBRIN, Lori             Attorney                               Camarillo
DOHENEY,Clyde Attorney; Colonel, California Air National Guard         Newbury Park
    “Your integrity, intelligence, and dedication make you, without a doubt,
    the best candidate.”
DOLLONE, Monique         Activist                               Ventura
DOMINGUEZ, Mark          Law Firm Administrator                 Westlake Village/Oxnard
DOUGHERTY, Paul M.       Forensics Expert                       Ojai
DUNN, Philip R.          Attorney                               Westlake Village
EADS, Liz                College Student, Roller Derby Contestant       Ventura
EDSELL, Taylor           College Student                        Ventura
ELENIAK, Dale            Attorney                               Simi Valley
ELIOT, Parker            College Student                        Ventura
ELLIOTT, Don           Retired Law Enforcement           Oxnard
ELLIOTT, Rod           Businessman                       Santa Paula
ERWIN, Richard E. II   Court Clerk                       Camarillo
FARRAR, A.J.           Retired Law Enforcement           Ventura
FARRELL, Kevin         Senior Deputy District Attorney   Ventura
FEINGOLD, Erik         Attorney                          Ventura
FENTON, Carolyn        Retired                           Ventura
FENTON, Douglas        Retired                           Ventura
FISKE, Melanie         Business Owner                    Moorpark
FITZPATRICK, Brian     Attorney                          Mianyang, China
FLORES, Jacqui         Court Clerk                       Ventura
FORD, Kay              Attorney                          Fillmore
FORD, Mary             Writer                            Fillmore
FORD, Michael          Attorney, Retired Naval Officer   Fillmore
FRANCO, Angelo                                           Fillmore
FRANK, Adam            College Student                   Ventura
FREDRICKSON, Melissa                                     Ojai
FROST, Marshall        Attorney                          Westlake Village
FUNK, Megan            College Student                   Sacramento
GALINDO, Alex          College Student                   UCSB
GALITZ, Phil           Deputy Sheriff                    Camarillo
GARRETT, Kim           Private Security Consultant       Bel Air
GIBSON, K. Lee         Attorney                          Ojai
GIBSON, Michael        Financial Consultant              Ventura
GILBERT, Cyndi         Nurse                             Ventura
GODINEZ, Peter         Radio journalist                  Ventura
GOLDBERG, Daniel       Grower                            Oxnard
GOLDSTONE, Adam        Architect                         Ventura
GOLDSTONE, David       Educator                          Ventura
GOLDSTONE, Glenda         Designer                                Ventura
GOLDSTONE, Michelle       Educator                                Ventura
GOLDWYN, G.J.             Computers                               Camarillo
GONZALEZ, Helen Court Manager                                     Moorpark
GOREY, Delia              Chiropractor                            Ventura
GRIFFITH, Keri            Court Manager                           Ventura
GROBERG, Linda            Prosecutor                              Ventura
GUERRA, Claira            Political Activist                      Thousand Oaks
GUNNELS, Phil             Attorney                                Ventura
GURROLA, Ed               Businessman                             Oxnard
GUTIERREZ, Alex           Attorney                                Ventura
GUTIERREZ, Arturo III     Attorney                                Ventura
HALLMAN, Gary             California State Railroad Museum Foundation
HAM, Kevin                School Psychologist                      Ventura
HAMIDZADEH, Houman          Attorney                              Mission Viejo
HANEY, Bill              Senior Deputy District Attorney            Ventura
    “I am relieved to see a man of integrity, talent, and experience
    seeking the Treasurer position.”
HARGARTEN, Bob            Retired                                 Santa Paula
HARGARTEN, Shirley        Retired                                 Santa Paula
HARPER, Anthony III       Retired Law Enforcement                 Simi Valley
HARRIS, James B.          USN, Retired                            Ventura
HAYES, Josh               U.S.Navy                                Ventura
HEBERT, Debra             Court Clerk                             Ventura
HEMPEL, Dan               Financial Consultant                    Ventura
HENDRICK, Karen           Investigations                          Ventura
HENDRICK, Steven          Investigations                          Ventura
HENDRICKSON, Ally         College Student                         UCSB
HERMAN, Jeffrey J.        Attorney                                Ojai
HERNANDEZ, Marisela                                               Santa Paula

HIGSON, Dan                 Attorney                                  Ojai
HILL, Monique               Attorney                                  Ventura
HOBSON, Jeff                Grower                                    Fillmore
HOCAMP, Joe                 Oilfield Services                         Camarillo
HOFFMAN, Ed                 Retired Law Enforcement                   Santa Clarita
HOFFMAN, Patricia           Retired Law enforcement                   Santa Clarita
HOGG, Stephen               Attorney                                  Simi Valley
HOOPER, Ian                 College Student                           Thousand Oaks
HORWITZ, Reed, M.D.         Physician                                 Ventura
HOUCK, Cally (Carol)    RageJax Foundation, Attorney                  Ojai
    “What a breath of fresh air . . . we need to clone you.”
HUGHES, Denis M.            Contractor                                Ventura
HUTCHINS, Gale A.           Retired Educator                          Newbury Park
HWANG, Edwin                College Student                           Ventura
IKNADIOSSIAN, Mardo         College Student                           UCSB
IRMAS, Robert               Attorney                                  Encino
ISNEC, Elizabeth        Business Owner                                  Ventura
     “Love your platform of faith, honour, duty and fidelity . . . all the important stuff”
JAHNG, Daniel               Attorney, Dentist                         Ventura
JENKS, John                 Investigator                              Ojai
JENNINGS, Robert            Attorney                                  Oxnard
JOHNSON, Gregory            Attorney                                  Oxnard
JOHNSON, Jay M.             Attorney                                  Ventura
JOHNSON, Scott              Environmental Consultant                  Ventura
JUAREZ, Carlos              Law Enforcement                           Santa Paula
JUMP, Steven                Attorney                                  Santa Paula
KAHDEMAN, Luisa             Take Shape For Life                       Westlake Village
KAHDEMAN, Richard           Attorney                                  Westlake Village
KAISER, Jack                Veterinarian                              Ventura
KAISER, Sharon              Nurse                                     Ventura

KALLA, Deborah            Court Reporter                       Ventura
KEATING, Kent             Attorney                             Ventura
KEMPNER, Carolyn          Attorney                             Camarillo
KHAN, Matthew             Graphics Designer                    Santa Paula
KIDDIE, Joan F.           Court Reporter                       Ojai
     “He is an honest, reputable, and intelligent person.”
KINGAARD, Ingrid          Manager                              San Diego
KLEIN, Matt               Businessman                          Ventura
KLEIN, Nancy              Businesswoman                        Ventura
KLEIN, Chloe              College Student                      Ventura
KODMAN, Rod               Attorney                             Ventura
KROLL, Stephanie          College Student                      UCLA
LALLEY, Sean              Restaurateur                         Agoura
LANGSAM, Marc             Graphics Designer                    Simi Valley
LANNING, Don              Educator, Former Law Enforcement     Porterville
LAVIE, Zeev               Inventor                             Ventura
LAWSON, Renee Peete       Court Reporter                       Ventura
LE, Dien                  Attorney                             Westlake Village
LESSING, Graciela         Interpreter                          Oak Park
LEVY, Carole              Retired                              Camarillo
LEVY, Julie               Real Estate Investor                 Camarillo
LEWIS, Lisa               Financial Advisor                    Camarillo
LINDSEY, John C.          Financial Advisor, CFP               Simi Valley
LLOYD, Arthur             California State Railroad Museum Foundation
LOVELL, June              Retired law enforcement              Ventura
LOZANO, Gina              Court Clerk                          Ventura
LYYTIKAINEN, Lisa         Prosecutor                           Ventura
MALAN, Curtis R.          Operations Tech                      Ventura
MALAN, Denise M.          Court Clerk                          Ventura
MANSON, Lawrence          Professor Emeritus                   Ventura
MARKLEY, Vern              Retired Law Enforcement            Ventura
MARSH, Edra and Andy Educator and Construction                Ventura
    “Thanks for making our community a better place.”
MARTIN, Cristina Carreno          Financial Planner           Ventura
MATISOFF, Ed               Attorney                           Westlake Village
MAY, Carrie                College Student                    Santa Barbara
McADAM, Leslie             Attorney                           Fillmore
McCARTY, Betty W.        Retired Court Clerk                   Ventura
    “I have never known you to be anything but trustworthy and
    conscientious. If the people want someone who is honest and
    dedicated, you are the man.”
McCLAREN, Joann            Health Care Management             Camarillo
McCLAREN, Paul                                                Camarillo
McCONNELL, Brian DDS              Dentist                     Ventura
McCRACKEN, Bud             Law Enforcement                    Ventura
McCRACKEN, Jill            Federal Probation Officer          Ventura
McDUFFIE, David            Attorney                           Ventura
MCINTYRE, Hellmi           Secretary                          Camarillo
MCINTYRE, Glenn            ADA Consultant                     Camarillo
McKENDRY, Michael          Investigator, Sheriff              Ventura
MCLAUGHLIN, Martha         Court Clerk                        Santa Paula
MCQUILLEN, Kassandra Attorney                                 Oak View
McVERRY, Kevin             Attorney                           Camarillo
MEDINA, Yvonne             Realtor                            Santa Paula
MELONAS, Ernie             Retired Court Manager              Ventura
MEDINA, Kathy              Businesswoman                      Los Angeles
MICHIE, Doug               CLU, CFP      Investment Advisor   Ventura
MOLINA, Caitlin            College Student                    Ventura
MOLINE, Michele            Case Manager, Superior Court
MONDOL, J.K.               Developer                          Ventura
MONFORE, Carol             Accountant                         Ventura
MONFORE, Daniel          College Student                      Ventura
MONFORE, Sara            Educator                             Ventura
MONNIER, Bev             Secretary                            Ventura
MOORE, Andrew                                                 Camarillo
MORAN, Amanda            Student                              Ventura
MORRIS, George           District Attorney Investigator       Ventura
MORTON, Rick             Telecom Engineer                     Ventura
MOSELEY, Linda           Executive Assistant                  Washington, D.C.
MOSELEY, Matthew         Attorney                             Washington, D.C.
MOSELEY, Roger           Aerospace Engineer                   Colorado
MURPHY, Jacqueline       Music Festival Creator               Simi Valley
NEADE, Brian             Construction                         Ventura
NEGLEY, John             Attorney                             Ventura
NEWCOMB, Len             Businessman/Retired Police           Oxnard
NEWCOMB, Debbie          Professor, Ventura College           Oxnard
NIDEFFER, Ross           Retired Police                       Ventura
NOMI, Brian              Attorney                             Camarillo
NUNO, Gloria Lopez       Court Clerk                          Fillmore
NUNO, Sylvia             Court Clerk                          Oxnard
NUSTAD, Roger            Retired Police                       Ventura
O‟HEARN, Leo             Retired                              Oxnard
OLEWILER, Greg           Realtor                              Camarillo
O‟NEILL, Allison Ayers   Retired Attorney                     Oxnard
ORR, Robert              California State Railroad Museum Foundation    Sacramento
ORSINGER, Fred           Realtor                              Westlake Village
OSGOOD, William          Businessman                          Camarillo
PADGETT, Brenda          Business Owner                       Santa Paula
PADGETT, Ray             Business Owner                       Santa Paula
PAMPALONE, Yvonne        District Attorney‟s Office           Ventura
PANOSSIAN, Natalie       Attorney                               Simi Valley
PARK, Lance              Lifeguard                              Ventura
PATERAS, Mary            Retired                                Ventura
PAWLUS, Patricia         Homemaker                              Thousand Oaks
PEARISO, Kristi          Attorney                               Ventura
PERDUE, Eric             Deputy Sheriff                         Ventura
PERRYMAN, Rein           Attorney                               Ventura
PIRKLE, Judi             Attorney                               Oxnard
PITTMAN, Bobbie          Retired                                Camarillo
PORRAS, Elizabeth “Chata” Duran            Court Clerk          Santa Paula
POTTER, Stanley          Business Owner                         Cleveland, OH
POTTER, Clarence Sr      Boy Scouts of America                  Ojai
POTTS, Denise            Court Reporter                         Ventura
POWELL, Laura            Businesswoman                          Ventura
POWELL, Steven           Attorney                               Ventura
PRITCHARD, John          Financial Services                     Ventura
PULIDO, Natalie          College Student                        Ventura
QUESADA, Robert          Law Enforcement                        Moorpark
QUINTERO, A.C.           Law Enforcement                        Santa Paula
RAMIREZ, Renee           Court Clerk                            Ventura
RAMOS, Frank                                                    Fillmore
RAYBON, Kari L          Attorney                               Ventura
    “You are one of the most hard working, knowledgeable people I have ever met.”
REIMERS, Thomas          Retail Manager                         Ventura
RESNICK, Greg            Public Agency Management               Thousand Oaks
RICHARDS, Jack           Law Enforcement                        Ventura
RIDLEY, Doug             Attorney                               Moorpark
RIVAS, Denise            Court Clerk                            Fillmore
RIVAS, Joe               Court Reporter                         Oxnard
ROBERTS, Charles R.      Attorney                               West Linn, Oregon
ROBINSON, Jeff         Investigator               Ventura
RODRIGUEZ, Christina   Court Reporter             Fillmore
ROONEY, Mary Anne      Business Consultant        Oxnard
ROONEY, Tom            Engineer                   Oxnard
ROSKE, Barbara         Retired                    Ojai
ROSKE, Carrie                                     Camarillo
ROSKE, Daniel                                     Camarillo
ROSKE, Jay                                        Ojai
ROSS, Robert           Attorney                   Santa Monica
ROUSE, Marty           Sheriff Commander          Moorpark
RUBENSTEIN, Rebeccah Interpreter                  Ventura
RUSH, Sabrina          College Student            Ventura
RUSHFORD, Robert C.    Mortgage Broker            Sacramento, CA
RUSSELL, Cate          College Student            Ventura
RUSSELL, John          Retired Prosecutor         Ojai
RYAN, Robert, M.D.     Physician                  Ventura
RYAN, Theresa          Attorney                   Ventura
RYAN, Tom              CPA                        Ventura
SABO, Richard          Software Developer         Ojai
SALTOUN, Julie         Attorney                   Ventura
SALTOUN-MORAN, Myra Clinical Psychologist         Ventura
SAMONSKY, Louis        Attorney                   Ventura
SAN ANTONIO, Peter                                Northridge
SANDBACH, Robert       Attorney                   Ventura
SATURNINO, Lucy        Interpreter
SCHAFF, Kristin        Private Security           Reno, Nevada
SCHMIDT, Christie      Homemaker                  Ventura
SCHMIDT, Damien        Law Enforcement            Ventura
SCHMIT, Helen          Retired                    Ojai
SCHOLLE, Sandi L.         Stylist                     Ventura
SCHULTZ, R.C.                                         Palmdale
SEARCY, Rhett             Grower                      Somis
SEBESTA, Becky            Court Reporter              Ventura
SHARIF, Taz               Educator                    Ventura
SHAW, Beau                College Student             Santa Barbara
SHEA, Mary                Attorney                    Fillmore
SHELTON, Mary             Educator                    Fairfax, VA
SHELTON, Stan             Contract Administrator      Fairfax, VA
SHERRILL, Melissa         Businesswoman               Ventura
SHERRILL, Reggie          Retired Nurse               Ventura
SHIELDS, Anne M.          Retired Manager             Ventura
SCHUCK, Ben A. III        Attorney                    Santa Paula
SHIRAZI, Sarah            Financial Consultant        Newbury Park
SIMPKINS, Harveen         Attorney                    Oxnard
SINACORI, Leslie          Business Owner              Simi Valley
SIRODY, Kasey             Prosecutor                  Ventura
SMITH, Dan R.             Realtor                     Simi Valley
SMITH, William B.         Attorney                    Ventura
SOULE, Steven, M.D.       Physician                   Ventura
SPADARO, Jason            Political Consultant        Thousand Oaks
SPEITEL, Dr. William      Physician                   Ventura
STADLER, Mark             Law Enforcement             Ventura
SULA-GOFF, Gary           New Hope Fellowship         Fillmore
SUTHERLAND, Deborah Attorney                          Camarillo
TAHIR, Laurie             Accounting                  Simi Valley
TAIT, Marjorie            Retired                     New York
TANNER, Sandra Erickson       Homemaker               Texas
TANNER, William E.        Oil Company Executive       Texas

TAYLOR, Margit B.          Realtor                                 Ventura
TAYLOR, Robert             Attorney                                Newbury Park
TAYLOR, Susan              Retired                                 Sacramento
TEAGUE, Katie              Crime Lab Scientist                     Camarillo
THOMPSON, Brian            Retired, CSRMF                                 Castro Valley, CA
THURMAN, Tanya             Educator                                Oxnard
TIFFANY, Brian                   Law Enforcement                   Ventura
     “You are well qualified and I look forward to your election.”
TILLQUIST, Don             Business Owner                          Camarillo
TILLQUIST, Kathy           Court Reporter                          Camarillo
TORRES, Esmeralda          Court Clerk                             Fillmore
TUCKER, Randy              Attorney                                Ojai
ULLOA, Ed               Attorney                                    Simi Valley
    “An excellent and wise bench officer, a great choice for this position.”
VALDEZ, Kaaren             Secretary                               Santa Paula
VALENZANO, Deyla                                 Camarillo
VALENZUELA, Sade           Student                                 Ventura
VANCE, Carrie              Court Clerk                             Ventura
VELASQUEZ, Lisa            Court Clerk                             Santa Paula
VERA, Rosella              Court Clerk                             Fillmore
VERBECK, A. Jean           LTC, US Marine Corps, Retired           Camarillo
WACHOLD, Tom                                                       Ojai
WACHOLD, Linda                                                     Ventura
WAGNER, Jeff             Business Owner                         Oxnard
    “For his experience and record of community involvement, I support Steven Hintz for Ventura
    County Treasurer-Tax Collector.”
WATKINS, Shelley P.        Court Reporter                          Ventura
WARNS, Michael             Attorney                                Oxnard
WEIDENHEIMER, Toby Retired Law Enforcement                         Ventura
WHITE, Ginger              Court Clerk                             Ventura
WIKSELL, Willard           Attorney                                Ventura
WILLIAMS, Laurel           Secretary                Ventura
WILLIS, Baron T.           Financial Advisor        San Diego
WILSON, Susan L.           Attorney                 Thousand Oaks
WOODBURN, Melissa          College Student          Ventura
WULLSCHLEGER Joanna          Retired                Camarillo
YEE, Dr. Herbert K., DDS     Dentist, CSRMF         Sacramento
ZAEHRINGER, Martin         Attorney                 Ventura
ZARKOWSKI, Constance Attorney                       Westlake Village

* co-endorsement


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