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									SCALE BACK ALABAMA                                   Alabama’s hospitals • Alabama Department of Public Health

                                  DRAFT LETTER FOR INITIAL
                                  WEIGH IN
                                  (To be given to Scale Back Alabama participants at initial weigh in, along
                                  with “Guidelines for Participation” found on page 10 of this toolkit and the
                                  pocket card for tracking weight loss that can be ordered from Web site.
                                  Please revise letter to fit your organization’s plans.)

       Welcome to the Scale Back Alabama program!

       Congratulations on your decision to participate in Scale Back Alabama. We are excited about your
       commitment and wish you much success as you seek to make changes that can last a lifetime.

       Scale Back Alabama is a 10-week program to encourage Alabamians to lose weight and exercise
       more. Teams of four people will compete to see if all team members can lose at least 10 pounds or
       about one pound per week. To be eligible for the statewide prizes, you must weigh in at an official site
       (which you have done today) and weigh out at this same site during the week of March 14 – 20 (go to
       www.scalebackalabama.com for times). To ensure fairness, there are a few guidelines for the contest,
       so please read the attached sheet.

       Research shows that the most success at losing weight comes when people: increase their activity
       level; reduce their total number of calories; and adopt behaviors that promote healthy eating. All these
       things are challenging to do, but well worth the effort. To help you with your lifestyle changes, we’ve
       written eight lesson plans full of good information about losing weight and exercising.

       We hope you will be able to attend a class each week to learn from these lessons. However, if you
       are unable to attend a class in person, you can watch video-taped lessons available online at

       Our classes will be held (DAY OF WEEK) at (TIME) at (LOCATION). Classes typically will last 30
       minutes. Class topics are:
           1. Setting Goals and Weight Loss Tips
           2. Counting Portion Sizes
           3. Eating More Fruits and Vegetables
           4. Decreasing Screen Time
           5. Getting Physically Active Everyday
           6. Drinking Zero Sweetened Beverages
           7. Using Milk in Weight Loss Efforts
           8. Putting it ALL Together

       We look forward to you participating in the classes and in Scale Back Alabama. If you have any
       questions, please check the Web site at www.scalebackalabama.com or call ____________ at
       ________________________ (insert name and contact information for local coordinator)
SCALE BACK ALABAMA                                     Alabama’s hospitals • Alabama Department of Public Health

                                      GUIDELINES FOR

                                      The following guidelines must be observed in order to participate
                                      in the contest:

              Teams must consist of four (4) members, including the team’s captain.
              Teams must begin and end the contest with the same individuals. If a team member drops for any reason,
               the team would be disqualified for the final grand prize drawings. However, individuals who lose at least
               10 pounds would still be eligible for the drawing for one of 50 achievement prizes.
              Teams will not be allowed to substitute members for any reason.
              Teams will have one (1) week to weigh in and one week to weigh out for the contest. Please note, these
               weeks are included in the 10-week timeline for weight loss. Teams must weigh-in at the same facility for
               beginning and ending weigh-ins.
              Participants need to wear normal business attire for weigh-ins. Bulky items, such as overcoats, purses,
               work boots, etc., will not be allowed. Participants should remove shoes when weighing in and weighing
              Weigh-in sites will be required to keep and record individual team members’ beginning and ending
               weights. These weights will be kept confidential and only shared with “Scale Back Alabama” staff
               members to determine eligibility for prize drawings.
              If any team member cannot use a standard scale for the weigh-in, please call a weigh-in site in advance
               to check for special accommodations.
              Pre-registration will not be done on the statewide level. Individual facilities that would like to pre-register
               teams may do so.
              Those who have had a weight-loss surgical procedure will not be eligible to participate until one year after
               the surgery.
              This program is intended for adults. No one under the age of 18 will be allowed to participate.
              Those who are pregnant, or who become pregnant, are not eligible to participate.
              The objective of this campaign is to lose weight in a healthy manner and to have fun doing it.

       To be eligible for the drawing for one of three grand prizes, teams must maintain all four original members,
       and each member must lose at least 10 pounds during the 10-week contest. At the final event on April 1, three
       team names will be drawn with the first team winning $250 per team member, the second team winning $500 per
       team member and the third team winning $1,000 per team member.

       To be eligible for the drawing of one of 50 achievement prizes of $100 each, individuals must complete the
       10-week contest and lose at least 10 pounds.

SCALE BACK ALABAMA                                  Alabama’s hospitals • Alabama Department of Public Health

                                   INFO. FOR TEAM CAPTAIN
                                   (Organization coordinators should provide this to all team captains at initial weigh-in)

       Dear Team Captain:
       Thank you for accepting the responsibility of organizing and encouraging your team. Here’s what we need you to
              Encourage team members to participate in fun activities and to attend educational meetings. (Insert
               information on any events you may have planned; include location, times, etc.)
              Talk up the prizes. Remind team members that the prizes will be awarded only to those people who
               participate in the beginning and ending weigh-ins and who lose at least 10 pounds. (Insert list of prizes
               your organization may be offering in addition to state prizes.)
              Be creative. While we’ll be providing activities and resources to help with the weight loss, you are
               certainly free to create your own fun and encouragement.
              Remind team members of key dates: Be sure your team members know the location, dates and times
               of the final weigh-ins.
              Be sure to remind team members to check their e-mails and visit the Web site,
               www.scalebackalabama.com: During the contest, updates and other information may be e-mailed to
               participants and/or placed on the Web site. Captains should encourage team members to stay informed.

                                **** Please note, you may only be captain of one team. ****


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