Assignment # 9 by HC1112140287


									Assignment # 9

NURS/HSCI 597                                              Name:

Data Analysis Using SPSS

Use the gssnet.sav file (Refer to the DC-ROM in your SPSS book) to answer the
following questions:

   1. Using the graphs menu, make a scatterplot of husband’s education against wife’s
      education (variables Husbeduc and Wifeduc).

          a. Does there appear to be a linear relationship between the two variables?

          b. Would you characterize the relationship as positive or negative?

          c. From the plot, estimate the correlation coefficient.

          d. From the correlation procedure in SPSS, obtain the Pearson r between the
             two variables.

   2. From the Regression procedure in SPSS, obtain the least-square estimates for the
      slope and the intercept.

          a. Write the regression equation to predict a husband’s education from his
             wife’s education.

          b. What proportion of the variability in husband’s education can be
             “explained” by wives’ education?

          c. What is the predicted value for a husband’s education if his wife’s
             education is 13 years?

          d. If the observed value for a husband’s years of education is 14 and his
             wife’s 13 years, what is the residual?

   Note: Attach SPSS output to your assignment.

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