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					                                     HEALTH 101
                                  Health and Wellness

Overview and Description
Health and wellness describe the quality of our daily lives and the way in which we live.
Day to day we make choices that affect our wellness. These choices include the quantity
and quality of the food we eat, how much time we set aside for exercise, sleep and rest,
our communication, and our care for the natural world that surrounds us. Very simply, our
health is affected by how we care for ourselves, how we interact with others, and how we
interrelate with the natural environment. This class introduces the student to the basics of
health, promoting good health practices for the whole person. The student will be
introduced to the six dimensions of health; psychosocial health; nutrition; personal fitness;
stress management; environmental health; alcohol and tobacco use; cardiovascular
disease; cancer; noninfectious and infectious disease.

Course Goals
      Determine body mass index (BMI) and “ideal” weight
      Learn to calculate Target Heart Rate
      Learn steps in beginning an exercise program
      Learn goal-making techniques
      Learn risks for depression, heart disease, cancer, and communicable disease

PHONE:                533-8857 & 533-3763
EMAIL:      ,
OFFICE HOURS:         By appointment if you can’t find us around here somewhere.

Textbook       Health: The Basics, Rebecca Donatelle, 7th Ed.

Grades: Will be awarded as follows:
               96%=4.0            88%=3.5                78%=2.4          68%=1.4
               95%=3.9            86%=3.3                76%=2.2          66%=1.2
               94%=3.8            84%=3.0                74%=2.0          64%=1.0
               92%=3.7            82%=2.8                72%=1.8          63%=0.7
               90%=3.6            80%=2.6                70%=1.6

Points: Awarded for the following:
   1. Class attendance/participation in discussion/activities (100 pts. total).
   2. Ten assignments worth 10 pts. each (100 pts. total)
   3. Ten quizzes worth 10 points each (100 pts. total).
   4. One project worth 50 points.
   5. One Final Exam worth 50 points.
       Total points = 400
Class Lecture: Each class session will have time for lecture, discussion and activity.
Discussion will be with the whole group or in small groups. Read each assigned chapter
prior to class!!!

Class Assignments: Ten assignments will be given for the quarter. They are due 1
week after discussion begins on that chapter. Pick any 5 questions from the “Discussion
and Reflection” portion of our textbook at the end of the pertinent chapter. In-class
assignments will consist mainly of group activities and will not be graded.

Project: Your task is to choose a topic from a list of topics I will hand out to the class.
Topics are due October 16. Then find at least three relevant magazine, professional
journal, or internet articles about your chosen topic. Once your topic has been approved,
you will type a 3-4 page (double-spaced) paper due November 20. Papers must be turned
in during class, typed, and printed on white paper. Be sure to support your information
with facts from your research sources and use proper citation guidelines (APA or MLA).
Do not copy material from the book or someone else’s work. Please be creative. This is a
research paper, not an opinion piece or autobiography. You will also present your paper to
the class at the end of the quarter. Presentations will be 2-5 minutes and can include
slides, handouts, video, etc.
Project topics are due October 16, 2006. Papers are due November 20, 2006.
Project Presentations on December 4, 2006.

Quizzes: There will be ten quizzes during the quarter. They will cover information
discussed in class and from the required reading, and will be held on the Monday
following discussion of the pertinent chapter. Quizzes must be taken on the day
they are scheduled unless previously arranged. Unexcused missed quizzes
cannot be made-up.

Late Assignments: All work turned in after the due date will lose points. 1 point
will be deducted for each school day beginning the day following the due date. No
late assignments will be accepted after 1 week following the due date. This goes
for take-home assignments and the research paper. No exceptions!

Extra Credit: Have your body composition (2 pts.) and blood pressure (2 pts.)
checked in the Fitness Center the first week of Oct., Nov., and December.
HEALTH AND WELLNESS                             Jason Cash, 533-8857
                                                Jenni Rosselli, 533-3763

DATES              TOPIC                                        READING
Monday   Sep. 18   Class Orientation

Monday   Sep. 25   Six Dimensions of Health and Wellness        Chapter 1
                   Promoting Healthy Behavior

Monday   Oct. 2    Nutrition—Eating Behavior/Essential Nutrients Chapter 9

Monday   Oct. 9    Nutrition—Continued…
                   Weight Management                            Chapter 10

Monday   Oct. 16   Weight Management—Continued…
                   Personal Fitness—What is it?                 Chapter 11
                   -Project Topics Due-

Monday   Oct. 23   Psychosocial Health—4 components             Chapter 2
                   Enhancing Health/Problems/Solutions

Monday   Oct. 30   Stress Management—What is Stress?            Chapter 3

Monday   Nov. 6    Environmental Health—Pollution Solution      Chapter 16

Monday   Nov. 13   Alcohol, Tobacco and Caffeine                Chapter 8
                   -Everything you ever wanted to know-

Monday   Nov. 20 Cardiovascular Disease—The CV System,          Chapter 12
                 -Project Papers Due-

Monday   Nov. 27   Cancer—Types of cancer                       Chapter 13
                   Infectious and Non-infectious Disease        Chapter 14
                   -Assessing Risks/Your Immune System-

Monday   Dec. 4    -Project Presentations-
                   Final ExamChapters 1-3, 8-14, 16
                   -Remember, it’s open book!-

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