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					When the physical body becomes ill - when they are in pain - when they do not feel as they should be –
[they] go to medical doctors. Who have over the centuries understood the human mechanical being and
are able thru various process and procedures thru what is referred to as medication thru the plain
treatment with various medicines are able to regulate, are able to manipulate are able to take the
physical body and make it go again as you say. Let us look at healing from a different stand point and
different understanding at this time other than that which you may understand here upon this earth
plane. I said there is a physical body and there is a spiritual body. A physical body as we know has its
various systems. The nervous system, the muscular & skeletal system the hermetic system the various
nerves within the body, that is a system within itself. You consist of an outer layer of skin. You have an
inner layer of muscle tissue and tendons. Your body as a substance is supported by bones which are the
supporting system of the physical body. Underneath these and located in various parts are nerves which
according to the brain reflect. They have certain reflexes they have certain responses the nervous
system may cause certain things to move, to eat, to react, the nervous system may cause someone to
react to various stimuli. To be able to see to be able to hear to be able to feel to be able to react incase
of danger. There is a minute chemical system within your own self. There are times that the physical
body produces certain chemicals for certain responses when you are frightened you are able to react by
chemicals that are released into the body called adrenalin. There are other times when the physical
body thru the process of crying or tears produces another substance in the physical body which is a
natural antibiotic. Your own physical body has a balance within its own self a certain rhythm a certain
timing. Within your physical body there are also various organs. These various organs have different jobs
to maintain the physical body to supply it with the life source and the substance that it needs. There are
other organs which remove the waste the impurities from the physical body. There are other organs to
maintain the body as you say. All of these things are working together and that is the physical body. But
we also know there is a mental body, a mind, this mind has what is referred to as a brain. This brain
consists of various minds as to say that there is a conscious mind, subconscious mind, and a super
conscious mind. These minds, thru the brain, causes various reactions at times. Whether it be chemical,
whether it be reflective, whether it be that of the reflexives themselves. All these things are working
together to make you what is you. But unfortunately many times people do not realize the stresses that
they placed upon their selves by their own thinking, by their own thoughts, by their own being. They’re
placed in environments and in conditions which are very difficult for them to react to and they do not
realize that when something begins to happen to them certain illnesses, certain conditions, certain
situations. They do not realize that when they have difficulty with breathing that there are certain
constrictual pains within the chest itself that this is tension. That this tension itself is a real physical
condition. Their mind is producing chemicals within their own physical body that is a natural reaction.
But they try to subside this action as you say and it puts a stress on the body, it puts a stress on the
individual and then you have the hypertension. There is also a question at this time with the mind itself
upon the physical body to be able to heal itself. There is a religion that is dedicated to this by keeping
the mind in harmony and by realizing that the mind in harmony… placing the mind in harmony into a
state which will help the body as well to become in harmony. There is a understanding that by aligning
the mind, which is called the super conscious mind or the God mind, that the physical body can be
healed. And it can be done, I will say this to you my friends, But there is a certain amount of
understanding that must be used, that must be needed in order to produce the results that is needed.
Just as any other meta-physician will tell you that the mind must be clear. The mind itself must be a
ground in which to plant the seed of health and well being. Within your own heart you must be at peace
and happy with your self. Your whole physical being must be surrendered to that will of the infinite
intelligence God, [or] whatever you wish to refer to it as. And with all of these things, a healing may take
place by the individuals efforts, by the individuals mind, by the individuals thinking. By meditating upon
the thoughts and the idea that God is within them. And by this presence within their own selves he is
able to be healed by the realization that within themselves the spirit of God dwells so therefore
harmony exists. Therefore there is no room for the imperfections, for the in harmonies from whatever
disease might be within that individual. If we take the word disease and break it down phonetically and
say dis-ease we come to a closer understanding of what ill health is. What sickness is. What these
various conditions are that people suffer with on the earth. Your own philosopher and teacher Andrew
Jackson Davis created one of the greatest axioms that there is to be expressed here upon this earth
plane. And of course truly that was no a creation of his own mind. It was something that was given to
him by Paylean, his guide and his teacher. Andrew Jackson Davis stated and said “behold this is my
magic staff under all circumstances keep an even mind, walk with it, talk with it, believe in it, and lean
on it forever.” Keep an even mind is the summation of this axiom, this thought. How difficult it is to exist
within your world at this time with all the conditions, with all the marvels that you have. But all the
responsibilities that one must carry to be able to enjoy these connivances that you have. You can not
have something for nothing, there has to be an exchange, and this is the price you must pay. But I am
not lecturing you on this subject at this time, but I am saying to you to allow time for yourselves. No
matter how busy your schedule is, no matter how rough you might find things, no matter how troubled
you might be and as I said no matter how busy you might find yourself. It is taking time for yourself. It is
taking a little bit of time with your self to be with God, to be with infinite intelligence and to find that
inner peace. This is what prayer is for, this is what meditation is. Prayer is nothing more than a bridge
between the seen and the unseen, upon which your feet are lifted to the highest realms of
consciousness of the inner being. There you commune to God thru meditation. There you walk with
God. There you be with God, There you are with God and it is as simple as that. I should walk thru this
garden with a divine understanding around you stands the trees of wisdom, the beautiful song of a bird
you might hear is that of the healer or angels. The beautiful blue sculpted vaulted skies is that of the
healing vibrations from all those from the higher realms of life. And you have all of these things, I don
not need to make a pictorial description by words to tell you that these exist. But within nature it self is
on of the greatest healing qualities. One of the best ways to purify yourselves, one of the best things to
make your own health better here upon this earth is to take a simple walk each and every day and
breath deeply. Not only will this help to remove the impurities within the physical body it will help the
mind, the brain, to function better and to help you to think better. There are so many people who have
ill thoughts, who have wrong thoughts, who have thoughts that they have no control over because they
have not taken their physical body for real for certain. And they have abused it, they have misused it and
they have no control over it. I would like to also side note to you people at this time that there are
certain conditions that exist here upon this earth plane that when an individual is born crippled or
retarded or whatever. I will say to you one thing in my own understanding. Is that this is no
combination to any individual by God or infinite intelligence. A lot of people have misunderstanding and
feel that God does this as punishment to parents, as punishment to family, as punishment to the
individual thru a belief of reincarnation. Again this is wrong thought. You must realize that this world,
that this physical world as beautiful as it is has its imperfections and I am sure that each and every one
of you are aware of it. But I would say to you also at this time that these various physical handicaps that
individuals have are not a punishment. That these physical conditions are conditions again that are
created by the physical body. Sometimes the genetic makeup weather it be thru the processes of birth
itself, while the child is growing in the mother. There might be certain chemical reactions within that
mother that is created either naturally or biologically which causes conditions. And one of the most
difficult things [even] though with all the great understanding that there is of medicine today is the
amount of chemicals that are used whether it be that of prescriptive form or weather it be that of what
is referred to as amusement which chemicals are used at this time can cause breakdown within the
physical body which causes breakdowns within that little tiny fetus. Sometimes the breakdowns are
such that the body does not grow, that the hands do not mature. Sometimes the chemicals affect the
lungs, affect the heart, make the baby weak. But all of these things can not be blamed upon God and nor
is anyone born upon this earth plane imperfect. That is another statement that I will dare make and dare
say this morning. That there is no one imperfect because the spiritual body is perfect. And it seems at
times if you ever notice such individuals who are born handicapped they have far other gifts which
surpass their weaknesses that they may have. There is another approach to healing that I wish to note at
this time. We have talked about mind and a healing thru an understanding of the mind. There is also
another form of treatment which is referred to as your spiritual healing, which is a beautiful gift in itself.
This spiritual healing is greatly misunderstood. By some it is referred to as faith healing and these
individuals who do practice this healing have a certain amount of energy, a certain amount of healing
ability. But the receptive ground, or the ground upon which the seeds may fall and grow are limited.
There is a certain amount of understanding as I have noted in my lecture this morning. When the body is
healed thru your own mind, thru your own faith. The unfortunate part is and has been classification of
this particular healing denotes is faith. As long as that individuals faith is strong, as long as that faith is
intact that healing will last. But how long can one individual hold on to a thought? How perfect is anyone
upon this earth plane to not allow their thoughts & their thinking to go array, to go astray. And it might
be noted at this time that faith healing does not have the affect that it does a long lasting affect that it
should because all this is, is nothing more than a temporary treatment, it is nothing more than like
jumping a battery in a car. And as you know that within your own automobiles if that battery is dead you
might be able to jump that car and make it go for a while, but when you turn that key off, unless that
battery receives proper charging it will not start again. But the best type of healing, overall healing, that
one can receive is that which practice is that of spiritual healing or the gift of laying of hands this healing
again by use of what is referred to as a medium or a healer and a far better way of expressing this
understanding is a channel and to channel the healing vibrations to the person in need this is what a
healer is, it is nothing more than a channeler. And what happens during this type of healing, this spiritual
healing, is putting this physical body putting this spiritual body back into harmony. There is a certain
amount of electrical energy that is produced within the physical body thru the vibrations of the
individual. Thru the inner workings of the various organs within the physical body. The life process itself
is that electrical current that is found within the body. And many times this current does not flow
properly. It moves in a clockwise motion within your own aura. Just like a clock it moves and it
circulates. And weather it be improper thought or whether it be discord or disharmony or disease within
the physical body that there is a breakdown in this energy there is difficulties with the physical body.
And it is a healer, whether they realize it or not, [that] manipulate this energy thru the help of the higher
forces within that which is referred to as the spirit world. By manipulating this energy there are many
things that can be helped within the physical body. There is also those healers who thru the aid of spirit
itself interacting within the aura of the individual and the healer are able to repair tissue, are able to set
bones. And what these individuals are doing, they are not treating the physical body, again they are
treating the spiritual body or what is referred to as the etherical body. They move and interact upon the
etherical body. This is what the type of healers are. You are in the Philippians though they are able to go
thru physical tissue, bones, muscle, mass, matter they are working on a high rate of vibration. Which is
not subject to what is referred to as the normal understanding of physical laws of medicine. Healing
itself is a most indeed precious gift. I will also note at this time that there is one other phase of healing.
This particular phase I will say is something that is more or less within the individual. Jesus himself
practiced this particular phase of healing and that is what is referred to as magnetic healing. An
individual may have a super abundance as you say of magnetic energy and who are able to help that
individual. But I will say to you that this particular phase of healing is only one step above that of faith
healing. A far more effectual type of healing is that of your own spiritual healing. It has long lasting
effects. It has more permanence, more endurance in its effects. But one of the most difficult parts of this
particular type of healing is plain good old patients. It was noted by one of your earlier pioneers. Sir
Conan Doyle. Who religiously sat with one individual over 700 times for healing without any affect
whatsoever. But it was thru the determination on the 700 and first sitting that this individual was finally
healed. Spiritual healing is a very subdued type of healing. It is not radical. It is more of a gentle healing
hand as it would be with a bone that is rubbed within the body. Spiritual healing is as beautiful and as
gracious as a voice of an angel, that would be like your mother when you were a child who would talk to
gently and gracefully and telling you get better. Spiritual healing is beautiful, is natural, and is a real
thing. If you learn to cooperate with your own healers here in this church, within even this session this
morning we have radiated out enough energy, healing energy, to help each and every one of you here
who is in need. And I will say to you that there is not one individual within this congregation who does
not need this help. And I will also say to you that there is one other form of healing that is quite apropos
which you have used here this morning is that of absent healing. Healing again by the thought, by
projecting thought that is mounted upon the wings of spirit people who themselves are able to heal the
physical body without the presences of a healer or a channeler. This healing is a beautiful gift. And is one
well worthy of ascribing to and ascending to and developing, because there are a lot of people who
need help upon this earth. I have taken a great deal of time this morning but I know each and every one
of you in some way or another has found something of value which I have said. That each one of you
have a little better understanding and thru this understanding thru one technique or another that you
yourself may have health, happiness, and prosperity. This is my prayer here. Prosperity, not as far as
material things are concerned, but prosperity as far as spiritual things. That you have health in mind and
body, that you have peace and harmony within your own lives. And remember to keep that even mind
no matter how difficult that it is, no matter how rushed your life might be, no matter how hurried you
might find yourself. Slow Down! Keep this even mind, this even mind with God, with the presence of
God that flows thru out and primates ever cell in your body, every part of your mind, every part of your
being. Allow this healing. Allow yourselves to be healed. And I might side note also that there are some
individuals, no matter what you would do, no matter how you would help them, they would not be
healed because they want this tension and this sympathy. Again this is a sick individual and I do not
mean it in accusation, but you have someone who’s mind is not allowing them to be at one with God.
This is what healing is, is this walking with God, it is as simple as that. If you so choose you may walk by
yourself here upon this earth, subject to all the pains, subject to all the illnesses, or you can walk with
God and walk upon that pathway of peace, harmony, prosperity and wisdom. And again all of this by
right thought, right thinking right understanding right being. It is up to you, do you wish to be healed or
do you wish to be fearful? Do you wish to be happy or do you wish to be in pain? You must make up
you own mind, your own thinking and your own heart. You make up your mind, you make it easier for
your medical doctors, for your spiritual doctors, for your healers because God does not want any of his
children sick, or ill at ease, or filled full of disease. First of all it has been his thought and his thinking
which has created various conditions and situations upon the earth plane. Whether it be that of
spiritual, whether it be that of mental or physical. The imbalance of nature itself has been created by
mans interference. And whether this balance be upon the grandest scale, or whether it be upon the
smallest scale which is in the physical body. And I will say to you each and every one, It is your decision,
it is your life, it is your free will. Good day.

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