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Overview of Clemson ROTC Program .ppt by HC111214011914


									                   Army ROTC Leadership Training Program
               For more information, please contact Major Jason Dickinson @ 864-656-4912

       Basic Course (no contract)                                                    Advanced Course (contract)

 Military Leadership I Military Leadership II                                   Military Leadership III          Military Leadership IV
Freshman (ML101/102) Sophomore (ML201/202)                                        Juniors (ML301/302)             Seniors (ML401/402)
2 PT hours/week            2 PT hours/week                                      1 class hours/week               2 class hours/week
2 Lab hours/week           2 Lab hours/week                                     2 lab hour/week                  2 lab hour/week
1 FTX/semester             1 FTX/semester                                       3 PT hours/week                  3 PT hours/week
1 Social Event             1 Social Event                                       3 FTX/semester                   3 FTX/semester
----------------------     ----------------------                               1 Social Event                   1 Social Event
    Opportunity                Opportunity                                      ----------------------           -----------------------
Learn about Self           Team Building Skills                                    Opportunity                       Opportunity
Time Management            Team/Squad Leader                                    Lead Large Groups                 Trainer/Supervisor
Public Speaking            Airborne School                                      Develop Leadership Skills        Prepare for Army Life
Map Reading                Air Assault School          Alternate Entry          Conduct Training                 *Academic Minor
Land Navigation            Northern Warfare School     1. Compression
                           Combat Surv. Training                                                 Warrior Forge
Rappelling                                             2. Lateral Entry Credit              (5 weeks at Fort Lewis, WA)
Weapons Familiar.                                         a. Prior Service
Water Confidence                                          b. 2-yr JROTC          CTLT and NSTP (Nurses)
Cadet Sponsorship
                                Our Clubs                 c. Military Academy (3 week hands-on training)   Academic Requirements
 Program (stay         Pershing Rifles (Basic Drill)      d. Leadership Trng Crs                           1. Undergraduate Degree
 w/cadet overnight) Tiger Platoon (Fancy Drill)             (at Ft Knox, KY)                               2. PME (Military History – 390)*
Cadre Sponsorship Scabbard & Blade (Nationally         3. Alternate Entry Option                           3. Must maintain a GPA of:
 Program               Recognized Honor Society)       4. ACCT Program                                        a. 2.5 Scholarship
                                                                                                              b. 2.0 Non-Scholarship
                      Ranger (Adventure)
                                           “the best club on campus”                                        *not required for nursing students

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