SPELLER’S CHOICE TIC-TAC-TOE
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 Choose your own spelling homework assignments! You must choose 3 activities that connect either
  diagonally, horizontally (left to right), or vertically (top to bottom). Put an “x” on the square as you
    complete each assignment. Parents, you are encouraged to assist your child, as needed, to make
   homework a positive learning experience. Complete the activities on lined paper. Use all of the
 words on your lisrt when completing these activities. Please make sure your name is on all pages and
                                        turn in by next Wednesday.

1.                                2.                                       3.

                                                                             Write your words, then
Write your words in ABC           Write your words, then pick 3                translate them into
  (alphabetical) order            crayons or colored pencils and            numbers from a telephone
                                   trace each word with all the                      keypad.
                                              colors.                           (Ex. Dog – 364)

4.                                5.                                       6.

                                                                            Make a chart – Label it 1
 Use each of your words             Take a practice spelling                vowel, 2 vowels, and 3 or
      in a sentence.              test with a family member.                more vowels – Write your
                                                                              words in the correct

7.                                8.                                       9.

Write your spelling words            Write your words in your              Using an old newspaper or
using 2 different colors of        neatest cursive handwriting 3           magazine, spell your words
    crayons or colored               times each. If you need to             by cutting out the letters
     pencils – one for             print a cursive spelling sheet,         and gluing or taping them
consonants and the other                   they will be on                    on a piece of paper.
        for vowels                     www.spellingcity.com.

                                          Tic-Tac-Toe Board 1

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