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                                     Colostomy Care

CRITICAL ELEMENTS                                              P      NP
Wash hands or perform an alcohol-based hand rub, apply exam
Provide privacy.
Inspect the faceplate, pouch, and peristomal skin.
Determine how much the client understands about stomal care
and changing an ostomy appliance.
Wash hands and perform hand hygiene measures after removing
Obtain replacement equipment, supplies for removing the
adhesive (recommended solvent if appropriate) and products for
skin care.
Plan to replace the appliance immediately if the client has
localized symptoms.
Schedule an appliance change for an asymptomatic client before
a meal and before a bath or shower.
Plan to empty the pouch just before the appliance will be
Place the client in supine or dorsal recumbent position.
Wash hands don gloves.
Unfasten the pouch and discard it in a lined receptacle or
waterproof container.
Gently peel the faceplate from the skin toward the
Wash the stoma and peristomal area with water or mild
soapy water using a soft washcloth or gauze.
Measure the stoma using a stomal guide.
Trim the opening in the faceplate to the measured
diameter plus approximately 1/8 to ¼ inch larger.
Attach a new pouch to the faceplate.
Fold and clamp the bottom of the reusable pouch.
Peel the backing from the adhesive on the faceplate.
Have the client stand or lie flat.
Position the opening over the stoma and press into place
from the center outward.
Perform hand hygiene after removing gloves.

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