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					To help adults understand the value            Who Can I Talk To? Where Can I Go
of social networking you can:                  for More Information?
• Talk to them about how you use social
  networking software.
• Show that you keep personal information
                                               Don’t overlook trusted adults in your
                                               community. These may be family members,
                                               coaches, librarians, teachers, neighbors,
  private and practice safe and responsible
                                               clergy, or family friends. Check out these

  use of social networking services.           Web sites as well:
• Teach adults how to use social network-
  ing sites that match their interests.        Social Networking Sites: Safety Tips for
• Volunteer at your library.                   Tweens and Teens
• Show adults educational uses of social       tec14.htm
  networking. Find examples at http://
                                                                                                   A Guide for Teens
                                               A short and useful list of reminders for                           staying safe online.
• Make and share a video or podcast that
  shows positive uses of social networking.
                                               X-Block trains teen mentors, hosts teen-
How Can I Make Sure My Access to
                                               produced vodcasts, and sponsors contests.
Social Networks is Not Taken Away?
                                               There are free online tutorials, printable
• Stay informed about what is happening in
                                               newsletters and more.
  your state regarding lawmakers’ decisions
  about online social networks.                NetSmartz
• Contact a lawmaker to let him or her know
  how online social networks are used. Go      Besides a library of information
  to for tips on
                                               (NetSmartz411), there are links to videos of
                                               “Real Life Stories” with activity cards and re-
  how to get in touch with your legislators.
                                               lated news stories.
• Talk to your local librarian and ask how
  you might become involved in this issue,     WiredSafety
  and volunteer to educate your community
  about social networking by teaching a        You can seek advice through the online chat
  class to parents or other teens
                                               help service or become “teenangels”
                                               (, 13-18 year-old
• Spread the word about positive uses of       volunteers who have been trained by law
  social networking sites. Use the 30 Posi-    enforcement and other safety experts in                   50 E. Huron St.
  tive Uses of Social Networking for           online safety, privacy, and security.                    Chicago, IL 60640
  ideas:                                                                      1.800.545.2433 x4390
                                               This pamphlet was created by YALSA, a 501c3 non-
  positive_uses.pdf                                profit serving librarians who work with teens
Why Do We Call                             Why Do Adults Treat Social                       What’s safety got
                                           Networking Differently Than I Do?
This Social                                                                                 to do with it?
Networking?                                There are many reasons adults treat social
                                                                                            While using a social networking site, some-
                                           networking differently than they treat other     one you don’t know and who isn’t who they
Chances are, you and your                  web sites and services. Including:               say they are might contact you. If you let that
friends don’t use the term “social net-                                                     person know something about you—your
working.” You might say, “I’m using        •   They may not really understand what it is    name, where you live, where you go to
MySpace” or “I’m updating my blog.”            or realize that they have used social net-   school— that could jeopardize your safety.
                                               working software themselves. Many peo-
Web sites like blogs, wikis, Facebook,         ple do not understand that sites like        It is important to know how to be safe by
YouTube, Flickr, and Ning all allow us-        Amazon and eBay are built with social        keeping your profile and photos private and
ers to create their own content and/or         networking functionality and principles.     not letting strangers find out personal details
to connect with other people. You                                                           about you.
may also hear this called “Web 2.0” or     •   They may not think social networking has
the “Read/Write Web.”                          any value.                                   If Someone Threatens You
                                                                                            If a stranger contacts you and does anything
Lumping these kinds of sites together                                                       that makes you afraid or uncomfortable,
                                           •   They have seen news reports that             immediately tell a trusted adult and contact
by referring to them as “social network-       stress the risks and dangers of using so-    the Cyber Tipline at
ing sites” can give some adults the            cial networking software.                    or by calling 1-800-843-5678.
impression that these sites are used
mostly for meeting people you don’t        •   There ARE risks associated with using        What’s Privacy Got To Do With It?
know, which is not usually the case.           social networking software and adults        Have you heard the stories of people who
                                               want to protect children and teens.          went for job interviews and found out that the
Learn More:                                                                                 employer checked out their MySpace pages?
                                           •   They have not seen reports of                You can’t be 100% sure who is going to see
Social Networking Web Sites and                responsible and meaningful uses of so-       what you post about yourself, your friends,
                                               cial networking software, particularly by    and what you do with your spare time.
Teens: An Overview                 teens.
                                                                                            It’s important to think about what you keep
report_display.asp                                                                          private in social networking sites to stay safe.
                                           •   They don't really understand how teens       It’s also important to make sure potential
Online Social Networking: Get a Grip           use social networking software and the       employers, college admissions officers, etc.          role it plays in their lives.                have the right concept of who you really are.
                                                            YALSA’s Teen Tech Week™         Identity theft is a growing problem. Keeping
                                                            strives to ensure that all
                                                            teens are competent and
                                                                                            your personal information private can also
                                                            ethical users of technology.    help ensure that your identity isn’t stolen.
                                                            Learn more at      Learn more at:
                                                            teentechweek.                   websites/idtheft.html

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