CENTRAL POWER DISTRIBUTION COMPANY OF A.P.LTD.
                                   RED HILLS :: HYDERABAD –04.


I.        The APCPDCL invites applications from the eligible male candidates in the
prescribed format for filling up of JUNIOR LINEMEN posts on yearly contract basis
existing in the following Operation Circles of APCPDCL.

                                                                           Number of
             Name of the
 Sl.No                                Address of Operation Circle          Vacancies
            Operation Circle
                                The Superintending Engineer/Opn./ North
     1     North/Hyderabad                                                   300
                                            Mint Compound
                                The Superintending Engineer/Opn./ South
     2     South/Hyderabad                                                   204
                                            Mint Compound
                               The Superintending Engineer/Opn./ Central
                 Central                         Circle
     3                                                                       198
           Circle/Hyderabad                 Mint Compound
                               The Superintending Engineer/Opn./ Ranga
                                             Reddy (South)
             Ranga Reddy
     4                                         APCPDCL                       241
                                            Mint Compound
                               The Superintending Engineer/Opn./ Ranga
                                            Reddy (North)
             Ranga Reddy
     5                                        APCPDCL                        153
                                              Gun Rock
                              The Superintending Engineer/Opn./ Medak
     6         Medak                          Main Road                      261
                                           Medak District
                                 The Superintending Engineer/Opn./
     7      Mahabubnagar                      APCPDCL                        364
                                            Mettu Gadda
                            The Superintending Engineer/Opn./ Nalgonda
     8        Nalgonda                                                       216
                                        Near RTC Bus Stand
                                         Nalgonda- 508 001
                             The Superintending Engineer/Opn./ Kurnool
     9         Kurnool                                                       204
                                            Bellary Road
                            The Superintending Engineer/Opn./ Anantapur
     10      Anantapur                                                       302
                                      Engineering College Road
                                         Anantapur- 515001
                              Total Vacancies                                2443
             * The Total Vacancies may vary without any further notice
2.     The Candidate should submit the filled in Application form along with enclosures
to the Operation Circle which the candidate belongs to. The application form should
reach to the concerned Operation Circle on or before: 25-07-2006 duly indicating on
and Full Address of the candidate should be mentioned on the cover.

3.     The details of Division/Section/Gram Panchayat wise Junior Linemen vacancies
will be available at the concerned Operation Circle/Division. [Details in website will be
available very shortly]

1. Age:                            Not below 18 years and not above 35 years as on
                                   date of notification. Relaxation of upper age limit
                                   Permissible upto 5 years for SC/ST/ BC candidates.

2. Educational qualifications:     Pass in ITI in   Electrical Trade. (Or)
                                   Pass in ITI in   Wireman Trade. (Or)
                                   Pass in ITI in   Lineman Trade. (Or)
                                   Intermediate     (Vocational) in Electrical Trade.

3. Remuneration:                   A fixed remuneration of Rs. 3,020/- per month
                                   (consolidated) + performance linked incentives
                                   Not more than Rs.1,000/- per month.

4. Reservation:                    Rule of reservation will be followed strictly as per
                                   existing rules.

5. Period of contract:             One year.

6. Mode of calling applications: Notification will be sent to all employment
                                 exchanges and will be published through
                                 the PRESS and APCPDCL website.

7. Criteria for selection:         The candidates shall be selected strictly based
                                   on the following criteria.

                      i.       ITI qualification in Electrical/Wireman/Lineman trade Or
                               Intermediate (Vocational) in Electrical Trade is
                      ii.      Residence in the notified area of jurisdiction is
                               compulsory. In case applicants are not available in the
                               area of jurisdiction, eligible candidates from contiguous
                               Gram Panchayats may be considered.
                      iii.     Pole Climbing is compulsory.
                      iv.      If conditions (i),(ii) & (iii) above are fulfill and there are
                               more than one suitable candidate then ITI marks will
                               form the basis for selection.

8. The selection of the candidates shall be based on verification of the following

                      i.     S.S.C. Pass certificate.
                      ii.    ITI (Or ) Intermediate (Vocational ) in Electrical Trade pass
                             certificate and marks list.
                      iii.   Community certificate.
                      iv.    Proof of residence.

Ration card (Multipurpose Household card) issued by the Mandal Revenue Officer

Nativity certificate from the Panchayat Secretary to the effect that the candidate is a
resident of the Village in the area of jurisdiction.
9. The selection committee shall ensure that the requirement of community
   roster are full filled as per rules in force.

10. Other terms and conditions of appointment:

        (i)   The selected candidates shall enter into an agreement with the company
in the form prescribed for the purpose for a period of one year.

       (ii)  The contract appointment shall cease to exist automatically at the end of
the date mentioned in the contract.

       (iii)  The contract appointment shall stand terminated if the contract JLM is
found to be not residing in the notified area of jurisdiction.

        (iv) The contract appointment shall stand terminated if performance criteria
specified in the agreement are not achieved.

11.   The Candidate should enclose the list of enclosures along with the
Application Format.

              1)     Two-passport size Recent Photographs attested by a Gazetted
                     Officer in addition to the Recent Photograph affixed on the
              2)     Attested copies of S.S.C. Pass certificate.
              3)     Attested copies of ITI (Or) Intermediate (Vocational) in Electrical
                     Trade pass certificate and marks list.
              4)     Attested copies of Community certificate.
              5)     Attested copies of Proof of residence:
                            Ration card (Multipurpose Household card) issued by the
                            Mandal Revenue Officer concerned.
                            Nativity certificate from the Panchayat Secretary to the
                            effect that the candidate is a resident of the Village in the
                            area of jurisdiction.
              6)     Self-addressed envelope 11’’x5’’ size duly affixing the requisite
                     postal stamps for intimation through registered post.

III.A1 Rural franchising Model under RGGVY Scheme in Andhra Pradesh.

       Andhra Pradesh Power Utilities are further improving the rural electricity service
by deploying 7114 Village Electricity Workers (VEWs) [Junior Linemen] on Contract basis
to bring improvements in

   a. Commercial Performance (Revenue Demand and collections etc)
   b. Customer service like FOC, release of new connections etc
   c. O&M to improve reliability etc.

In order to deliver prompt and efficient service to the customers in rural areas these
individuals have to stay in the notified area of jurisdiction. To ensure this, a precise
area is being notified and this area will be fixed as the Head Quarters of the VEW
(Contract JLM)
Following conditions have to be met for recruitment.

      He will be a resident in the area of jurisdiction and

      A Certain portion of remuneration shall be linked to the performance.

The contract duration will be for one year. The minimum eligibility criteria are that the
individual must be ITI qualified and should be able to climb a pole.

III A2. Scope and incentive mechanism for the franchisee.

The scope includes Billing, revenue collection, complaints redressal, facilitating new
service connections etc. Base remuneration is paid to the franchise [ (VEW) Contract
JLM] if he achieves the collections with reference to target demand in that area. In case
the VEW (Contract JLM) achieves or exceeds the target then additional revenue is
shared in the form of an incentive payment with the VEW (Contract JLM).

III-A3. Key Performance Indicators.

In order to achieve the objectives, it is essential that every Contract JLM understands
the performance imperative of the organization and to ensure this, following Key
performance indicator has been fixed as the base of measurement of individual

 Key Performance Indicator
Collection w.r.t. The Target Demand

Where target demand = Previous year demand + Target growth rate

The collections shall be measured as per the Trial Balance.

It is planned to move to input energy based KPI where the energy input into each village
shall be measured by installing at HT meter. Till the HT meters are installed the above
KPI shall be used.

III.B. The Process of Performance Target Setting & Review.

The Monthly target for each Contract JLM shall be fixed as follows:-

The Demand of the previous year same month plus certain Target Growth Rate
Which is the sum of two factors as shown below:

       Target Growth Rate = Natural growth rate + Efficiency growth rate.

       Tentatively the natural growth rate is 10% and efficiency growth rate is 15%

The respective Divisional Engineer (DE) of the division will assign a higher efficiency
growth target than the above growth rate

Review of performance shall be made the Divisional Engineers (DEs) and he shall check
the achievement against the targets set and assign the Performance Score on the basis
as explained below:

III-B1. The Scoring Framework.

The natural growth rate shall be compulsorily achieved.          If for six months the
performance is below the natural growth rate, the contract will be terminated.

Performance score for obtaining incentive payment shall be based on the actual
performance achieved on the efficiency given rate only, i.e, (5%)

      Grading would be based on the percentage achievement against the efficiency
       growth target.

          -   Level A: Performance is greater than 90%
          -   Level B: Performance is greater than 80% and less than 90%
          -   Level C: Performance is below 80%

III-B2. Performance Incentive.

The performance incentive shall be linked to the corresponding performance levels.

       At performance “Level A” – Additional remuneration of Rs.1000/- per month

       At performance “Level B” – The Additional remuneration shall be Rs.500/- per

       At performance “Level C” - No Incentive.

In addition to the above any continued adverse performance on customer service
related or network maintenance related areas will also be mentioned regularly and the
Contract JLM will be intimated to correct/improve such instances if any.

III [C].     Payment Procedure.

1.     The performance incentive shall be paid every two months (to match with the
bimonthly billing cycle) based on the trail balance figures and the performance level
achieve as indicated above.


       The Contract JLM shall enter into an agreement with the DISCOMs in conformity
with the above performance parameters.

                                        CHIEF GENERAL MANAGER (COMML)

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