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Vol. 4 No. 3/4 Fall/Winter 2003/04
                                                        &  A Newsletter for the High Fire Ceramic Hobbyist and Professional

 Features . . .
 Porcelain Project: Jon Dean’s “Bear in the Woods” - pgs. 8-9
 Stoneware Project: “Simplicity” Sue Cragar’s Au Gratin dish - pg. 6
 Stoneware Cooking: Recipes from Ragnhild Ericson - pgs. 4-5
 Revised Seminar Program: pg. 3
 Technical: News and Tips - pg. 7

 Plus . . .
 New Products - Seminar
 Educators and locations, and
 more . . .

                                                                                          Stoneware Project by Sue Cragar
 Rolf ’s message                                                                                                 STONEWARE &
                                                                                                                      Vol. 4, No. 1
The                                                                                                              Fall/Winter 2003-04

To t a l l y                                                                                                Seeley’s Ceramic Service Inc.

Homemade                                                                                                            Rolf E. Ericson

Meal . . .                                                                                                  CONTRIBUTING EDITORS:
                                                                                                                Teresa DeSantis
                                                                                                                  Sara Pickett
There is something very special about being served a homemade meal in a home-decorated
stoneware dish.                                                                                             PROJECT PHOTOGRAPHY
                                                                                                             and GRAPHIC DESIGN:
That is what is going on in many kitchens around the world these days, including the                             Michael Wilson
Ericson one. My wife Ragnhild has spent many hours developing recipes for the Au Gratin
dish (presented in this issue) and in other designs, such as our Chef’s Crock and Oval                            CIRCULATION:
                                                                                                                   Mary Tranvaag
Casserole (see upcoming issues). As you can see, she has also found that many commer-
cially available, prepared meals can get that home-cooked look, just by heating them in the
Au Gratin, for example. Serving them in a nicely decorated stoneware dish adds to the culi-
nary experience.
Stoneware dishes and casseroles take a bit longer to heat up, but they hold heat longer,                        Seeley’s Stoneware and
which we like. We place the dish on the table (set it on something heat resistant, please)                 Porcelain Newsletter is distrib-
and enjoy the steam coming off the food and the warmth still being there for the second                    uted via e-mail with links to its
helping. I have gotten spoiled over many years by having my wife, an expert cook, around.                       content on our website
Not that I have had many pangs of guilt by being spoiled, but it sort of helps that I now             
can, in my amateurish way, provide some of the decorated cookware.                                         Subscription is free. Single hard
                                                                                                           copies are available for a fee of
See pages 4 and 5 and join the club of Stoneware Chefs!                                                     $5.00 ea. in the US and $7.50
                                                                                                            in all other countries. To sub-
Decorating on cookware                                                                                       scribe, please e-mail us your
                                                                                                                  wish to receive this
We believe that all surfaces that come into contact with food and drink should be glazed.                    Newsletter or subscribe on-
This does not necessarily mean that they have to be clear-glazed. There are other products                   line. Change of your address
that work just fine. On high-fired bisque, you can use one of the many colored glazes on                            should be sent to:
the market, such as the bisque colors (Duncan’s Concepts, Mayco’s Stoke ‘n Coat, Gare’s                                  Seeley’s
Fund Strokes and Spectrum’s Ultraglazes), Spectrum’s excellent 700 series of opaque                                118 Commerce Rd.
glazes and many of the new specialty glazes on the market.                                                        Oneonta, NY 13820
                                                                                                           Phone: 1-607-433-1240 or Toll-
On soft-fired stoneware, the high-firing glazes from Seeley’s (Galaxy), Spectrum (1100                           Free 1-800-433-1191.
series and Duncan (high-fire line) are easy to apply and fire and give you that special,
deep, brilliant effect. They can also be blended to yield a professional pottery look.                             PUBLISHED BY:
                                                                                                            Seeley’s Ceramic Service, Inc.
To give you specific guidance, we present an updated exposé of our Stoneware Bisque line                        118 Commerce Road
on page 9. Cut it out (or download and print it out) and file for future reference.                                  P.O. Box 669
                                                                                                                 Oneonta, NY 13820
Happy High-Firing!                                                                                             Phone: 607-433-1240.
                                                                                                                 Fax 607-432-2042.

Rolf E. Ericson                                                                                             All materials contained in this
                                                                                                            quarterly are copyrighted and
P.S. Important Message to all readers: From this issue on, this newsletter will be distributed via          cannot be reproduced in part
e-mail with links to articles on our website ( To subscribe, please do so on-line   or in full without written per-
or just e-mail us that you want to continue to receive the Newsletter. It will continue to be published      mission from the publisher.
quarterly, and there will be no subscription/membership fee. If you do not wish to receive it, you         Prices and dates quoted in this
may un-subscribe at the bottom of the E-Newsletter at any time.                                            issue were correct at the time
                                                                                                             of going to print but may be
As a subscriber today, you will continue to receive the Newsletter in its present hard copy form until            subject to change.
your subscription lapses.

                                        N EW! PRODUCTS
                                                                                    for Stoneware & Porcelain
                      NEW, REVISED DESIGN
                       ROUND CASSEROLE
                                                   Item #1031                    PIE PLATE
                                              (Prefix SF or SB)                  Item #292.
                                                                                 (Prefix SF or SB)
                                    The "old" Round                              In response
                                      Casserole (Item                            to popular
                                     #1031) has been
                                  totally re-designed                            we are
                                 for better lid-fit (its                         happy to
                          lid is the same as for our                             introduce
  "Chef’s Crock") and a more pleasing, rounded                                   our new Pie
 silhouette. Its size is slightly larger and it offers                           Plate. It’s super-
plenty of decorating possibilities. It’s perfect for                             fluous to list what it
  oven use – try vegetable, potatoes, pasta, rice,                               can be used for – just don’t forget that it
                     meatballs and other delights.                               can double as a Quiche Dish.
                            This new design substitutes for the old,
                                     which has been discontinued.                Inside Dimensions: 91/2” x 11/2” Deep - 8 sided
                                                 Dimensions: 61/2” Dia.

     For more details and full presentation of our Seminar program, please see page 11. Here are the highlights of what’s new.

      1. For Certification as High Fire Ceramic Artist,                       to this two-day seminar. Learn in depth about the
      we have made the following changes:                                     stoneware and porcelain clay bodies – prepara-
                                                                              tion, casting, cleaning and trimming, attaching,
      The former Certification #1 and #2 seminars have                        firing and more.
      been merged into one two-day seminar, and
      renamed "My Decorative Skills". This compact                            For Certification, you need to take both of the
      seminar will cover decorating on both soft and                          above seminars and, in addition, pass the test.
      high fired stoneware and porcelain. In order to                         The test will be available on our website
      accomplish this within the time frame of two                            "". See further inside back
      days, the content has been completely revised. As                       cover.
      indicated by its name, it focuses entirely on deco-
      rating. Casting, for instance, has been removed                         1. A new, intense one-day seminar, "Discover
      from the old seminars and is learned in the                             Stoneware" will be introduced in 2004. It will
      Fundamental Skills Seminar.                                             teach you about decorating on stoneware bisque,
                                                                              both soft- and high-fired, using an array of the
      The Fundamental Skills Seminar, which formerly                          most popular ceramic colors and techniques in
      was a freestanding seminar, is now part of the                          contemporary designs.
      Certification requirements. There are no changes

                              Stoneware Cooking                       by Ragnhild Ericson

Easy Cooking means more time for Fun Decorating -
                                                                                     Easy Pasta
        The "Au Gratin" dish                                                   With your favorite pasta
                                                             Tect ltl
                                                              h ue ite         casserole recipe you can
                                                             Au Gratin         create individual dinners
                                                             Dish is great     ready to pop in the oven,
                                                             fun. Not only
                                                             to decorate,      or keep on hand in the           Stouffer’s Lasagna

                                                             but to actually   freezer. Make a big batch,
                                                             use in the        line your Au Gratins with PAM-sprayed plastic
                                                                               cling wrap, and add the pasta mix. Freeze
                                                                               unwrapped. Take out the frozen pasta and wrap
Stouffer’s single green pepper dish with added boiled rice
                                                                               well in more cling wrap and foil. Now you don’t
and tomato wedges.                                                             have the Au Gratin dishes locked up in the freez-
                                                                               er. In any case, make sure you have a good supply
                       No-cook cooking                                         of pretty Au Gratins.
Step up to serving frozen dinners in the Au                                     They make great party favors!
Gratin instead of the plastic containers they are
sold in. Several Stouffer dinners fit in the dish.                             Here is a simple recipe for 2
Just spray the inside lightly with PAM, pop in the                             Pasta dishes:
dinners, and bake as directed in the instructions.                             Set conventional oven to
For conventional oven, cover the food with foil                                375ºF (190ºC)
and poke a little hole in the foil to let the steam                            2 CUPS DRY WIDE
out. Here are some that work well: Stouffer’s                                  NOODLES - cook and drain
Meat or Vegetable Lasagnas (101/2 oz.), Small                                  mix with approx. 1.5 CUPS SPAGHETTI
Macaroni and Cheese, Single Green Pepper, and                                  SAUCE
Lean Cuisine Cheese Cannelloni. When baked,                                    1/2 CUP SHREDDED MOZZARELLA or
surround the Green Pepper with cooked rice and                                 other cheese
decorate with tomato slices. Several other                                     OPTIONAL: Add some cooked protein: leftover
Stouffer chicken, spaghetti and meat ball dinners                              meat, chicken, fish, sausage meat, and/or some
might seem a little big for the container, but will                            cooked leftover vegetables.
work. Just pop them in anyway and wait a bit to                                Mix gently and divide into two PAM-sprayed Au
start the thawing. When you can press them                                     Gratin dishes.
lightly into the dish, it’s time to bake them.                                 Sprinkle with Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheese.
                                                                               Bake lightly covered with foil, for 20 min. Take
                                                                               off the foil 5 min. before the time is up. If
                                                                               frozen, bake covered as noted above, in 350ºF
                                                                               (175ºC) for 45-50 min.
                                                                               Serve with a salad, crusty bread, and maybe a
                                                                               glass of wine.

     Swedish                                                                                         Crust:
                                                                                                      3 TBSP FROZEN
    Apple Pie
                                                                                                      OR VERY COLD
      for 2                                                                                           BUTTER
If you feel an urge                                                                                   2 TBSP SUGAR,
to create dessert, try                                                                                REGULAR OR
this super-easy ver-                                                                                  BROWN
sion of Swedish                                                                                       1/3 CUP FLOUR
Apple Pie in the Au                                                                                   Chop butter on
Gratin. The pie                                                                                       cutting board. Mix
tastes wonderful                                                                                      sugar and flour and
and fills the house                                                                                 pour on top. Chop
with its irresistible                        Swedish Apple Pie before baking                        into butter until
aroma.                                                                                              crumbly. Finish by
Set conventional oven to 425ºF (220ºC)                        working mix with finger tips until mix starts to
Apple Mix:                                                    Pour mix on top of apples. Do not pat down,
APPROX. 4 APPLES – peeled, cored and cut                      Apples will show through here and there.
into wedges                                                   Bake until crust is golden and apples are soft (but
4 TSP SUGAR                                                   not mushy), 25-30 min.
1 TSP FLOUR                                                   Serve warm or at room temperature as is, or with
DASH OF GROUND CINNAMON                                       whipped cream, whipped vanilla yogurt
SMALL DASH OF GROUND CLOVES                                   (Dannon), or ice cream.
(Optional)                                                    Don’t for get to decorate the outside of the Au
Spray Au Gratin dish with PAM. Prepare enough Gratin dish. When it is filled with food, this is
apples to fill dish very full, piling apples high.            the only part that shows.
Empty prepared apples into medium size bowl.
In small bowl mix sugar, flour, cinnamon, cloves,
(cardamom), and salt. Sprinkle over apples and
gently mix in, covering the apples with the sugar
mix.                                                                         Au Gratin Item Numbers:
                                                                                       Mold: #SLM115
Pour back into Au Gratin.                                                              Soft Fired: #SF115
                                                                                    Bisque: #SB115

        By Sue Cragar, Senior Seeley Stoneware and Porcelain Educator
                                                                                                  Stoneware Project:
                                                                                                  See front cover for color photo

  Sometimes simple is more fun than something hard. Maybe all you need is just a piece to accent your
                               table. That’s what this piece is all about.

SLM115 Au Gratin Dish
Or you may want to use Seeley's Soft Bisque (Item
#SF115S) as I did.
                                                                            STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS:
Seeley's Stoneware Slip.
                                                                            1. Thin opaque underglaze to a light cream consistency. Using

GLAZE:                                                                        the Soft Fan Brush apply 3 (three) coats to your ware. Make
Seeley's GGL150 High Fire Clear.                                              sure you dry foot the ware (no product on bottom).
                                                                            2. This step will be done with all of your transparent under-
                                                                              glazes working from light to dark. Thin colors to a milk con-
                                                                              sistency. Load brush with lightest color and, working in small
TRANSLUCENT UNDERGLAZE:                                                       sections at a time (4" section), apply color. Lay a piece of plas-
Sienna Brown                                                                  tic wrap on top of color before it dries and gently press plas-
Medium Red Brown
                                                                              tic wrap to create wrinkles in wrap. Remove plastic wrap this
Red Brown
                                                                              will give a distressed look to color. Repeat using all colors
BRUSHES AND TOOLS:                                                          3. Thin darkest color to a light cream consistency. Using #4
SBR62 #4 Round                                                                Round apply to upper and lower rim of ware. Allow to dry.
SBR65 Soft Fan
                                                                            4. With Soft Fan Brush apply 2 (two) coats of GGL150 High Fire
ST17 Palette knife
                                                                              Clear to ware. Be sure you have no product on bottom of
MISCELLANEOUS:                                                                ware where it will come in contact with the kiln shelf.
Palette paper or two 6" glazed tiles                                        5. Place ware on a kiln washed shelf and fire to a shelf cone 6.
Water bowl
Plastic Wrap
The Technical Side
                                                                                                          .. ...
 News and tips about Seeley’s
 line of Stoneware Bisque.
   We decided recently to focus on one clay body for the Stoneware                       quite porous and takes the glazes beautifully, whether you brush, dip
Bisque, namely the Sahara, which fires to a golden/buff color.This decision              or swirl it.The glaze dries fast and you can apply 1-4 coats at least as
was easy, as all we had to do was to listen to our customers.The White                   fast as you can on Earthenware.We recommend using Seeley’s Galaxy
Stoneware body will be available on special request only.                                Glazes, Spectrum’s Hi-Fire 1100 series, or Duncan’s High-Fire cone 4-
                                                                                         6 glazes.You will find a large selection of both textured and non-tex-
   Also, all designs for cooking and baking purposes, such as the                        tured glazes.
casseroles and baking pans, will no longer be available in earthenware.                          Fire to cone 5 - the results are beautiful.
                                                                                      b. The Earthenware, fired to maturity at cone 04 as you buy it, is a talc-
  For complete, updated information on the line, please ask us for the                   based body and is quite porous. It glazes easily. Fire the glazes to cone
new Bisque brochure, "Now You’re Cooking", complete with price lists.                    06, two cones lower than the bisque. Follow the manufacturer’s rec-
                                                                                         ommendations found on the glaze jar label.
   Below follows updated excerpts from our brochure "What you need to                            Fire to cone 06.
know about Seeley’s new line of Bisque". We have brought it up-to-date in             c. The High-Fired Bisque (fired already to cone 5 as you buy it) is mature.
terms of description of the line as well as how to decorate the various                  Since the high-fired bisque is vitreous (not porous), you can decorate
bisque variations.                                                                       part of the piece and leave the rest undecorated and unglazed. The
                                                                                         ware is food safe as is, undecorated.We recommend to cover all areas
1. One line – three variations                                                           that will come into contact with food or drink, with glaze (clear or col-
   Our new line of ready-to-decorate bisque is available in High-Fired                   ored glazes). Below follow some guidelines for decorating.
   Buff Stoneware (fired to cone 5), in Soft-fired Buff Stoneware (fired to              Bisque Colors: These are also known as "hybrid underglazes" and
   cone 06) and in white Earthenware (fired to cone 04).                                 include Duncan’s Concepts, Mayco’s Stroke n’ Coat, Gare’s Fun
   These three variants give you a smorgasbord of choices for your cre-                  Strokes and Spectrum’s Ultraglazes. They all work excellently on high-
   ativity.You may prefer stoneware and high-firing glazes – then use the                fired bisque. One coat is transparent, two coats gives a semi-transpar-
   soft-fired bisque. Or you like fast and quick stoneware projects to                   ent effect and with three coats, you get an opaque glossy color. Make
   paint and fire to cone 06 – then use the High-Fired Bisque. Or – for                  sure to let each coat dry completely before applying the next. Needs
   some designs you plan to use as basically decorative objects, you may                 no clear glaze on top.
   choose the Earthenware (ceramic) bisque.                                              UNDERGLAZES: All underglazes, both opaque and translucent (exam-
                                                                                         ple: Duncan’s Cover Coats and EZ Strokes) work well on high-fired
2. How do you distinguish one clay body from another?                                    stoneware bisque. If you want a glossy effect, clear glaze over the color.
   Each piece has a code stamped into the clay in the bottom:                            The glazes you can use are: Duncan’s GL612, Seeley’s G1830 and
          Code SS means Stoneware Sahara (Buff color)                                    Spectrum’s 700. When applied on high-fired stoneware bisque, please
          Code EW or EB means Earthenware                                                make sure you apply two good coats. Since the stoneware is not
   You can determine the type of ware just by its color. The Soft-Fired                  porous, the glazes dry slowly, so make sure the first coat is dry before
   Buff (Sahara) Stoneware is easy to identify. It has, because of its clay              applying the next. Using a fan to speed up drying, is a good idea.
   components, a pink tone. Sometimes that pink tone is only on the out-                 SPECIALTY GLAZES: You can also decorate the high-fired bisque with
   side of the piece, but it is always there.At the mature, high-fired stage             many of the specialty glazes on the market, such as Duncan’s
   it changes to a golden-bronze tone (see below).                                       Courtyard glazes, Gare’s Pottery glazes and Spectrum’s Low Stone
   The High-Fired Buff Stoneware has a rich, golden tone that is unmis-                  glazes. Do not clear-glaze on top.
   takable. No chance of mistaking it for anything else.                                 All non-firing stains/acrylics work great on stoneware. Only use these
   The Earthenware is white and thus totally different from the                          types of paints for decorative pieces. Baking, freezing and dish washing
   stoneware.                                                                            the ware may destroy the color.
Each piece has a code stamped into the clay in the bottom:                               Fire all the above glazes to cone 06 (1850° F., 1000° C.).
SS means Stoneware Sahara (Buff color)
EW, EB or E means Earthenware                                                         4. Firing Recommendations
                                                                                         When high-firing pieces with lid, fire base and lid together. The two
3. Basics you need to know about the clay bodies, temperatures                           pieces, at high temperature will adjust to each other.Therefore, the lid
   and decorating                                                                        of a soft-fired casserole which may not fit perfectly in the soft-fired
   For firing recommendations, see below under point 4.                                  stage will adjust and thus fit well after high-firing.
   Anything that is "soft-fired" (a term that we will be using) means that
   the clay has not been fired to maturity.                                              With all of the above in mind – just throw yourself into the new world
   Mature bisque means that the clay has been fired to its end point. At                 of different clay bodies and enjoy all the possibilities. Between the
   that point, the clay has its maximum strength and the characteristics it              three different lines of bisque, there is always something for you!
   was designed for.
a. Our line of Soft-Fired Stoneware matures at cones 4-6. The soft-fired
   bisque, as you buy it, has been fired to cone 06. At that point, it is still

Bears in the Woods
by Jon Dean, Seeley Stoneware and Porcelain Educator

   Seeley Mold # SLM 134 Round Casserole
   Porcelain Slip:1 gallon of PS-35 All American Alaska Bisque
   Seeleys Galaxy Glazes: GGL 111 Aquarius, GGL 117 Heavenly Pine
   Fun Stroke Bisque Underglazes: FS 2309 Tweety Bird (Pale Yellow)
   FS 2360 Oliveoyle (pale Olive), FS 2328 Mocha-Chino (red brown), FS 2314 Black Lab(Black), FS 2362 Jungle
     Fever (Grey Green), FS 2375 Jumpin’ Jelly (Brilliant Purple)
   Seeley Brushes: SBR65 Fan Brush, SBR63 #6 Round, SBR62 #4 Round,
   SBR60 #6 Shader, KTBRKC KwikClean Brush Kit
   TIMNJON Brushes: Spatter Brush
   Banding Wheel
   High Fire Clear Glaze
   Needle Tool or Lace Draping Tool
Begin by using Seeley Mold # SLM134 medium casserole (bottom only)
Cast in Seeleys All American Alaska Bisque Porcelain slip

When casting this piece, cast ware thicker than normal to compensate for the 15% shrinkage in the porcelain clay.

After casting, clean the greenware while it is still damp using the kwick clean brush and a damp sponge. Allow to
dry completely. Soft fire to cone 04.

Center your bowl on your banding wheel and using the fan brush band on 3 coats of Aquarius Galaxy Glaze to the
top edge of the bowl allowing the color to fade into the inside and the outer edge slightly. Leave the bowl in place
on your wheel and add a thin band of Heavenly Pine               Using a needle tool or lace tool, scratch out a line
using 3 coats with the liner brush.Turn the bowl over            around the bear, near the edge. Add some scratch
and add a ground area using the fan brush and                    marks to mimic tree branches to the pine trees.Then
Aquarius. Be sure to leave the foot of the bowl free             at random add swirls and dashes to the ground and
of glaze as this piece will be dry footed in the high fir-       sky. This scratching should reveal the white porcelain
ing.                                                             clay beneath the colors you have applied.

                                                                 Using a spatter brush, lightly spatter some Jumpin Jelly
Load the #6 round brush in Tweety Bird Fun Stroke                fun stroke and some of the Aquarius galaxy glaze to
and add swipes of color to simulate sky, and then add            the inside as well as the sky area of the bowl.
some Oliveoyle to the ground area. These colors
should be randomly placed and not completely solid.              Apply 2 coats of Clear Glaze (I used Gare GG1700)
Allow some of the white porcelain to remain unpaint-             to the inside of the bowl.
                                                                 Be sure the foot of the bowl is completely free of
Transfer the bear silhouette around the bowl. Block              glaze and set on a well kiln washed shelf and fire to
the bear shape in with 2 coats of Mocha-Chino Fun                cone 6.
Stroke using the #4 round brush. When completely
dry, side load the #4 shader brush and add a float of
Black Lab to the outer edge of the bear shape.

Load the #6 round brush in Jungle Fever; add abstract
shapes in triangle form to resemble a pine tree.

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Clay Crazy, Woodstock
                                                                                                   WYOMING                 Brushes. Molds brought in for
                                          Red Barn Ceramics, Cortland               Dee’s Dolls at Creation’s Unlimited,   you.
                                          607-756-2039                              Cheyenne                                           MISSISSIPPI
Lollipots, Schaumberg
                                                       307-778-6636                           Dogwood Ceramic Supply, Inc.
                                                                                                                           Gulfport, MS, 39503
                                          Seeley’s Ceramics, Oneonta                                                       228-831-4848
Northern Indiana Ceramic Supply,
                                          Spring Hill Porcelains, Binghamton
Twila’s Doll Shoppe, Sturgis
270- 333-4706

                                              S TO N E WA R E E D U C ATO R S
              DOMESTIC                         Tim McPherson                                                     FOREIGN                                          GERMANY
                                               14801 S. Karlov Ave., Midlothian, IL. 60445                                                       Marika Kessler
Betty Cissna                                                                                                      AUSTRALIA
                                               Tel: 708-371-8476                                                                                 Rundstrasse 25, Wendel, Germany D-66606
32770 Southeast Kelso Road                                                                        Marguerita Allison
                                                                                                                      Tel: 49-6856-1809
Boring, OR, 97009                                                                                 Marguerita’s Dynamic Ceramics
Tel: 503-668-6520                                                                                 6 Cushing Street, North Ipswich, QLD,
                                               Keith Mikeworth                                                                                  Australia 4305
                                               3612 Gulf Ave., Midland, TX 79707                                                                                NETHERLANDS
                                                                                                  Tel: 07 381 11328
                                               Tel: (432) 520-6701 o Fax: (432) 669-6002                                                         Ivonne de Groot
Sue Cragar                                                                              
                                                                                                                  Riviermos 13, LK Houten, Netherlands 3994
11596 Sierra Dawn Blvd. #153                                                            
                                                                                                                         Tel: 31-030-232-1000
Surprise, AZ 85374
                                               Faye Murray                                                                             
Tel: 623-977-3921                                                                                 Lyn Hayles
                                               Slip Shoppe Ceramics                                                                                 Box 87 Curramulka, South Australia, 5580
                                               626 Longfellow Drive, Branford, CT 06405                                                                              SWEDEN
                                               Tel: 203-488-0003                                                                                 Thomas Eiserman
Jon Dean                                                                                          Tel: 08-8853-8049
                                                                                                                     Kerstin’s Art Studio
14801 S. Karlov Ave., Midlothian, IL. 60445                                             
                                                                                                                                                 Waxnasgatan 50, Karlstad, Sweden S-653 41
Tel: 708-371-8476
                                               Sandy Scoville                                                                                    Tel: 465-418-8771                                                                                 Susan Hill
                                               P.O. Box 1281, Somerset, KY 42502                                                                                                                                          7 Alexandra Cr., Bayview Sydney, NSW
                                               Tel: 606-451-0731
                                                                                                  Australia 2104
                                                                                                               Katarina Engstrom
Marthe Ferguson                                                                                   Tel: 02-9979 6882
                                                                                                                                                 Prastgatan 33
26318 Opal Hollow Lane, Cypress, TX 77433                                               
                                               Dolores A. Strife                                                                                 Avesta, Sweden, 77435
Tel: (281) 256-3889
                                               121 E. Remington St., Black River, NY 13612        Maria Lasala                         
                                               Tel: 315-773-5094                                  7 Verona Avenue, Mt. Sydney, NSW, Australia,
Larry Knight
                                                                                                  Tel: 02-9711-2503                              Susanne Fredriksson
1463 Sabra Road, Toledo, OH 43612
                                               Pamela Wayman                                                   Faktorigatan 7
Tel: 440-992-8516
                                               Mile High Ceramics                                                                                Storfors, Sweden 688 30
                                               77 Lipman Street, Denver, CO 80223-1580            Linda Lavarini                                 Tel: 46 550 60741
                                               Tel: 303-825-4570                                  20 Cassady Street                    
                                                               Ingham, QLD, Australia 4850
                                                                                                  Tel: 07-32067990

   S E E L E Y S TO N E WA R E A N D P O R C E L A I N S E M I N A R S
                                 Update for 2004                                                  casting, decorating and firing of porcelain and acquaints you with new
For Certification:                                                                                techniques for the next level of expertise in stoneware. Make three
If you wish to be certified as a High Fire Ceramic Artist, the fol-                               stoneware and three porcelain projects. High Fire Proficiency Exam is
lowing two two-day seminars are required. In addition, to achieve                                 given at the end of this seminar.
this title in our School, there will be a test, Seeley’s High Fire
Proficiency Exam. It will be available on line. You will be advised,                              Studio Success Seminar - These seminars include the one-day
via e-mail, about how to go about it. After passing, you will receive                             Stoneware and Porcelain Studio Business Success Seminar and the two-
the title Seeley’s Stoneware and Porcelain Product Teacher.                                       day Stoneware and Porcelain 4 Fun Program. Please inquire for our
                                                                                                  brochures. They offer you in-depth training in the business of operating
Fundamental Skills Seminar - a 2-day seminar. You will learn to pour                              a profitable business in high fire ceramics. You will receive a complete
and cast stoneware and porcelain, the right way, use tints and thinner,                           Business Manual. Some of the most important features covered in the
let set, trim and dry these high fire clay bodies, Seeley’s dust-free clean-                      Seminar and accompanying Manual: The First 90 Days, Investment,
ing method, attach knobs, and handles, decorate porcelain with silk                               Ordering, Profit Potential and Discounts, Goal Setting and Planning,
flowers and more, glaze on soft fired green ware and on mature bisque,                            Understanding our Seminar System, Art Center Set-Up and Time
use our high fire Galaxy glazes on stoneware and fire stoneware and                               Management, Profitable Pricing and Selling, Marketing and Creating New
porcelain the right and safe way.                                                                 Students, Stoneware 4 Fun & Décor Marketing Program, Student
                                                                                                  Relations, Developing a Student Handbook, Product Information and
My Decorative Skills – a 2-day seminar focusing on decorating                                     Flow, Some Fundamental Technical Help.
stoneware as well as porcelain. It covers the basics of decorating high-
fired and soft-fired ware and provides you with a comprehensive                                   Lithophanes, Porcelain Magic Our newest, one-day seminar will teach
overview of painting (including china painting), glazing and firing.                              you the exciting creation of Lithophanes, the revival of a European
The six projects you finish during these two days are all very differ-                            technique from the 1800s. A Lithophane is a china painted translucent
ent, teaching you how to use different underglazes, glazes and spe-                               porcelain pane showing its motif when light shines through it. You learn
cialty products on stoneware and porcelain in the soft- and high-fired                            to cast, trim, china paint and fire two Lithophanes. Make wonderful
stages.                                                                                           night lights and decorations for any home.

                                                                                                  Specialty Seminars
                     O T H E R SE M I N A R S A T O U R SC H O O L
                                                                                                  These seminars vary widely in content and duration. They will keep you
                                                                                                  updated on new techniques and products.
Beautiful Stoneware & Porcelain - #2 A two-day seminar to make you
feel comfortable creating many types of designs in porcelain and
                                                                                                  For more information about Seeley’s School of High Fire Ceramic Arts,
stoneware on your own. This seminar takes a comprehensive look at the
                                                                                                  call (800) 433-1191.

   Congratulations to the graduating Seeley’s High Fire Ceramic Artists:

 Andrea Fullmer, WA                                              Nancy Nelson, WA                                                  Ron Peterson, WA

                                        Seeley’s Ceramic Service, Inc.
                                                    P.O. Box 669 Oneonta, NY 13820
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