Benchmark Review Lesson plan by huanghengdong


									                               Lesson Plan
Date:        Day 1 to Day 7 Intern:   Valerie Mastriano

Subject and Grade Level:

Lesson Title:       Language Arts

                Bench Mark Review

Lesson Objectives:
1. Warm-Up/ Motivational Activity

2. Lesson Objectives (expressed in behavioral/measurable terms)

   Students will review and prepare to take the end of Quarter Unit 3 benchmark

3. Instructional Activity (Developmental Activity)

        Reading Whole Group:
        Day 1: Reading about Dogs

        Grammar Irregular Verbs
        Day2: Grammar lesson intro power point
               Verbs; present, past, Future
        Day 3: Grammar review white board
        Day 4: Grammar on Power Point
    Day 1: Introduce Vocabulary power point
           Review vocab power point
    Day2: Vocab Quiz on Smart Board
    Day 3: Vocabulary Cards
    Day 4: Vocab in sentence
    Day 5: Vocabulary Mix-up
    Day 6: Story Review Game

    Day 1: Review supporting ideas and interest to reader
    Day 3: Review Compare and Contrast Venn Diagrams

    Day 1: Review of weeks spelling words /Cheer It
    Day2: Review Week Spelling/Sparkle introduction
    Day 3: ABC order whole class
    Day5: Sparkle review

4. Guided Practice Activity

    Grammar Subject-Verb Agreement:
    Day1: Irregular verbs worksheet Page 57
    Day 2: Irregular Verbs in Cursive page 58
    Day 4: Irregular Verbs practice page 60

    Guided Reading:
    Day 1&2: Introduction to leveled books, vocabulary
    Day 3 & 4: Compare and Contrast
    Day 6 &7: Fresh Reads, Compare and Contrast
  Day 1: Sorting Corners , WORDS WITH WR, KN, MB, GN
  Day 3: Silent pantomime ABC order whole class
  Day 4: Sparkle

  Day 3: Writing Venn Diagram

  Day 3&4: Comprehension review Volcanoes Natures Incredible Fireworks
  /Writing activity
  Day 6 Trifold activity for Volcanoes Natures Incredible Fireworks /Writing

  Dictionary Skills:
  Day 2&3: Guide words worksheet re-teach center

5. Independent Activities
  Day1 & 2: Spelling Magic (crayon resist)

  Word Study:
  Day 1 & 2: Compound Word Game

  Story Small Group Centers Literacy:
  Day3 & 4: Audio Listening with comprehension sheets (all students)
  Day 6: Audio of Volcanoes Natures Incredible Fireworks
  Completion of Tri fold /Writing activity
6. Assessment Activities
Daily: Verbal assessment during interactive review of materials

(Dictionary Work)
Day 2: Guide Word Review
Day 3: Guide Word Review

Day 3: Reading Comprehension Exercise

Day 1: Put it in Print, cutting letters out of magazines to make words
Day 2: Spelling ABC order
Day 2: Differentiated reading comprehension practice
Day3: Spelling words in a sentence
Day 4: Practice spelling test

  Day 5: Spelling test on Benchmark words
  Day3 &4: Benchmark Sections 1,2 and 3
  Day 5: Benchmark Writing Section 4

7. Closure

8. Resources, Materials, Equipment

   Smart Board
  Read Street textbook & teacher’s edition

9. Other Considerations/Information Pertinent to the
  Guided Reading- The Guided reading groups are leveled. There are five
  leveled groups utilizing leveled readers. Guided reading time is tailored to
  the needs of the individual students in each group.

  Spelling-There are five bonus words for students who have spelling as a
  strength. This challenges these students.

  ELL students and low readers: Pictures are used to reinforce vocabulary
  and story sequencing. ELL guided reading book has been incorporated into
  guided reading lessons and homework assignments.

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