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									SOP B1.1     Receiving                                                               1

Objective: Receive and store ingredients and materials as specified by documentation, to
assure the carrier is free from potential contaminants and in good repair, to assure
received goods are in acceptable condition free of potential hazards and stored in the
required manner.

Person Responsible: Shipper or trained designate

Frequency: On each shipment received

Location: Loading Dock of Main Plant or Warehouse


   1. Prior to opening truck, match receiving documentation with truck driver’s
      delivery documents, do not sign off until all goods have been unloaded and

   2. Open box and survey the box and goods for unacceptable conditions and damaged
      product. If conditions of truck or goods are not acceptable follow deviation
      procedure and completing RR B1.1 form 1
         o Truck
                   Good repair (No holes, watertight)
                   No off odours (gasoline, fish, mouldy, etc.)
                   No condensation
                   No signs of infestation
                   No exposed material
                   Temperature (if applicable)

   3. Remove goods from truck and place in holding area, check truck box again for
      acceptable conditions and signs of damaged goods.

   4. Inspect goods in holding area before signing documentation as received
          o Receipt of goods may be dependant on the following conditions
                  Ripped bags. There is a NO ACCEPTANCE POLICY. Accidental
                     damage during movement by the shipper will be recorded on the
                     Damaged Inventory sheet DI-B1.3 form 3.
                  Stale code: Product does not have a usable shelf life. Notify the
                     manager or supervisor. Put the product on Hold.
                  The interior of the carrier may contain broken glass, rodent
                     droppings, dirt, wood chips, metal debris, etc. detrimental to the
                     quality of the product being shipped.
                  Non-food chemicals are on the carrier.
                  Allergens are on the carrier not used in Our company plant.
                  Product is secured on the carrier to prevent movement and
                  Incorrect temperature of carrier dependant on type of goods
                     being received.
                      Pallets must be in good condition. No broken pallets or nails
                       protruding. Correct type - “Chep”.

   5. Documentation is to be completed and signed off.
         o Documentation
                Trucker’s documentation is to be signed off, driver is cleared to
                Complete “Receiving Report” (RR B1.1) form 1
                Complete Damaged Inventory Form (DI B1.3) form 3
                Sign and date all documents and any changes or scratch/white outs
                   on the documents.

   6. Damaged material will be handled as per Damaged Inventory SOP (B1.3)

   7. Remove accepted goods from the holding area to storage immediately after
      tagging following the FIFO procedure (B 1.2), form 14.Temperature sensitive
      materials must received, staged, inspected, tagged and put into controlled storage
      within 20 minutes.

   8. Shipper will store incoming ingredients away from any processing areas. The
      shipper will place liners between pallets to protect the product.

      Shipper will complete all documentation required by the SOP, he will sign, date
      and deliver the documentation no later than the end of the shift to the plant office.

       All documents will be completed in ink

Deviation Procedure / Corrective Action:
           If truck and or goods are in an unacceptable condition the truck is not to
             be unloaded, the shipper will call the supervisor or designate.
                 o Supervisor or designate is to confirm or give direction on what is
                    to be done and the shipper will complete “Receiving Report” (RR
                    B1.1) form 1
           If goods are unloaded and found to be damaged or unacceptable the
             shipper will call the supervisor or designate
                 o supervisor or designate is to confirm or give direction on what is to
                    be done and the shipper will complete “Damaged Inventory form”
                    (DI B1.3) form 3

              If through verification the verifier determines procedures are not being
               followed as written, the verifier will follow up using a Corrective Action
               Form 8 to Log and document CA.
Plant Manager or designate will review and sign off on all receiving documentation
required by the SOP.
        Documentation is to be reviewed by the end of the next working day to assure
           all required information and actions were taken and documented
        The Plant Manager will randomly on a monthly basis check inventory for
           FIFO and log in the comments section of the RR B1.1 form 1 on the day the
           check was made.

HACCP B1.1 Receiving

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