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					    Walter Woodward School Newsletter
November 2011                                                                            Sherrie Jamero, Principal
Volume 3, Issue 4                                                                 Rebecca Robinson, Vice Principal

                                   Principal’s News                                   What’s New
                                                                                 PTC- The breakfast is Saturday,
                                  November is upon us, where has the time
                                                                                December 3rd from 7:00-11:00 a.m.
                                 gone?? We are gearing up for busy times at
                                                                                 If you would like to volunteer to
                                                                                help, please contact Stacy Hutchison
                                  On Monday, November 14th, parent              at 209-815-5351 or Christy Robison
                                 teacher conferences begin. This is an
                                 important time for parents to go over          Tickets will go home with students
                                 student progress and receive a copy of the     on Thursday, November 10th .
                                 report card. Notes have already gone           Teachers will be sending home notes
Upcoming Events                  home with students in grades K-6 with          about the items needed for the grade
                                 conference day and times.                      level basket fundraiser.
   PTC Meeting Tuesday,          Junior High Conferences will occur in the
    November 1nd 6:30 p.m.
                                 gym. Teachers will be available Monday                   Woodward Family
   English Learner Committee    the 14th-Thursday the 17th from 1:00-4:00                Business Owners
    Meeting Tuesday,
    November 1st 6:00 p.m.       p.m. On Thursday evening, junior high          The PTC would like to extend an
   Parent Teacher               teachers will also be available between 6:00   invitation    to Woodward      Family
    Conference Week              -8:00 p.m. Parents should meet the second      Business Owners who want to get
    November 14th-18th
                                 period teacher to collect the report cards.    their name out there to please donate
   School Board Meeting         Parents can then talk with the other           a product or service for the Omelet
    November 15th 7:00 p.m.
    District Office              teachers as needed.                            Breakfast Raffle. The business name
   School Site Council                                                         will be placed on our Donor Board at
    Meeting November 16th                                                       the breakfast and they may be able to
    3:30 p.m.
    Conference Room
                                                         Sherrie Jamero         use this as a tax deduction. The raffle

   MUSD District Spelling Bee                                     Principal    funds go to the PTC and help fund
                                                                                so much for the students and school
    Lathrop High School
                                  Office       Closure-During           the
    Thursday, Nov. 17th                                                         throughout the year. If you wish to
    6:30-8:30 p.m.                Thanksgiving Break, November 24th-
                                                                                participate, please contact Stacy
   First Grade Friendship        27th. The school office will be closed.
                                                                                Hutchison      at   209-815-5351     or
    Feast November 23rd           Please plan in advance if you would
    8:45 a.m. in Cafeteria                                             to coordinate.
                                  need to speak with the ladies or get any
   Minimum Day                   paperwork.
    Wednesday, November
   Thanksgiving Break
    Thursday, November 24th -
    27th No School
                                  Woodward is currently collecting               Woodward School participates in
   Omelet Breakfast
                                  canned and non-perisible foods for the        Box Tops for Education and the
    Saturday, December 3rd
    7:00 -11:00 a.m. in the       Kids Can Food Drive. Students can             Campbell’s Soup label programs.
                                  bring items to the classroom and this
   Manteca Evening Christmas     food will be donated to the Second
                                                                                This money directly benefits your
    Parade Saturday, Dec. 3rd                                                   child at school.    Have your child
    5:00 p.m. Downtown            Harvest Food Bank in Manteca. The
    Manteca                       Leadership Class will be offering class       drop them off in the Soup can in the
                                 incentives….so bring in those cans!!          office.
        Follow us on              Last day to bring cans in is Friday,
         Facebook!                November 18th.
      Woodward School
                                                                                                     Make the Most of Parent-
                                                                                                      Teacher Conferences ...
                                         Our Watch Dog program is holding its annual            1.   Talk to your child before the
                                       “Dads and Kids” Pizza night on Tuesday,                       conference. Ask them “What is your
                                       November 8th at 6:00 p.m. If you are                          teacher going to say about you?”
                                       interested in attending, please return the
                                       RSVP by Friday, November 4th so we can plan              2.   Ask questions. What is your homework
                                       our pizza order.       Dads can listen to                     policy? What is the best way to
                                       information regarding volunteering at school.                 communicate? Phone, email?
                                       Our students are excited and will benefit                3.   Share information about your child.
                                       greatly from this program. If you would like                  You know your child best! Let teachers
                                       more information about becoming a Watch                       know your insights.
                                       Dog, please contact Mrs. Jamero at
      Walter Woodward         For updates or to receive              4.   Raise issues of concern.
           School                      valuable parenting information, you can visit
     575 Tannehill Drive                                              5.   Take notes.
     Manteca, CA 95337
                                                  Science Camp
            Phone:                                                                              6.   Make the most of your time & be
       (209) 858-7430                  Science Camp Update - Our cookie dough                        positive. Teacher, parent & student are
                                       fundraiser has been completed. Current                        a team working to get the best possible
              Fax:                     account balances have been sent to parents                    results for your student’s educations.
       (209) 858-7560
                                       following the completion of the fundraiser. No
            E-mail:                                                                          Woodward Running Club is Here!
                                       further fundraisers are scheduled for the                  year. Parents may submit payments on
      Woodward Mustangs                balance due amounts with checks made out to
                                       'Woodward PTC' and turn them in to their
      Intelligent - Strong -           student's classroom teacher. Students going to
            Adaptable                  camp must have funds submitted by February
                                       15, 2012. Please contact your child's teacher if      We       are     introducing      Woodward
        Woodward Mustangs              you have any questions regarding the                 Elementary’s       First    Ever      Running
   are intelligent and                 outstanding         balance      for       your      Club!     Running Club members are
   resourceful.                        child. Scholarships are available for those          challenged to walk, jog, or run a Progressive
                                       families that are experiencing financial             Marathon (26.2 miles) during the 2011-2012
        Woodward Mustangs              hardship. Again, please contact your child's         school year! Every Monday and Thursday
   are strong in heart, mind           teacher for further information.                     afternoon, Running Club Members are
   and body.                             Community Advisory Committee                       invited to run/walk a mile. The Running
                                                                                            Club Coordinators will be keeping a log of
       Woodward Mustangs                        Business meeting November 7th
                                                                                            all the miles completed over time. Club
   have the ability to adapt                    Room: Greenwood 1 /11:00 a.m.               members will be given a toe token for each
   and meet any challenge.                      December 5th, 2011-Presentation             mile they complete. Toe tokens can be worn
                                          “Resources for Supporting Individuals with        as a bracelet or hung on a backpack. The last
                                          Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Their          miles of the Progressive Marathon may be
                                                           Families”                        run at a local running event (more info to
                                         Presenter: Ananda Aspen, Diagnostic Center of
                                                                                            come) where students will be awarded a
                                                         Central Valley
                                                                                            Finisher’s Medal. We are looking for
                                         Room: Chartville 1          9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
                                                                                            volunteers to help out on run days. If you
                                                                                            are interested, please contact Mrs. Crippen at
                                                         Tdap Rule                          858-7430 or
                                         Incoming 7th graders to the 2011-12 school
                                           year need vaccinations by July 1, 2012              News 10 Coats for Kids
                                       California Legislature enacted AB 354 that
                                       requires, beginning July 1, 2012, that students
                                                                                       Woodward School will be accepting coats for
                                       must be “fully” immunized prior to school
                                                                                         donation to the Coats for Kids program.
                                       entry against Diptheria, Haemophilus influenze
     We’re on the Web!                                                                 They will be cleaned and distributed in our
                                       type b, Measles, Mumps, Pertussis (whopping                                                   community. They will be collected until the
                                       cough), Poliomyelitis, Rubella, Tetanus,
      /walterwoodward/index.asp                                                           first week of December. Look for the
                                       Hepatitis B, Varicella (chicken pox) or other
                                                                                                decorated boxes on campus.
                                       diseases deemed appropriate by the California
                                       Department of Public Health.

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