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22 - Excel by gmJMj01


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Chapter Quiz (page 28)
22 For each statement, decide whether descriptive or inferential statistics is used.
a. A recent study showed that eating garlic can lower blood
b. The average number of students in a class at White Oak
    University is 22.6.
c. It is predicted that the average number of automobiles each
    household owns will increase next year.
d. Last year’s total attendance at Long Run High School’s football
    games was 8235.
    The chance that a person will be robbed in a certain city is 15%.
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Chapter Quiz (page 28)

23 Classify each as nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio level.

a.    Number of exams given in a statistics course.

b.    Ratings of word processing programs as user-friendly.

      Temperatures of a sample of automobile tires tested at
      55 miles per hour for 6 minutes.

      Weights of suitcases on a selected commercial airline

e.    Classification of students according to major field.
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Chapter Quiz (page 28)
24 Classify each variable as discrete or continuous.
a.     The time it takes to drive to work.

b.     The number of credit cards a person has.

c.     The number of employees working in a large department store.

d.     The amount of a drug injected into a rat.

e.     The amount of sodium contained in a bag of potato chips.

f.     The number of cars stolen each week in a large city.
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Critical Thinking Challenges
1       A study of the world’s busiest airports was
        conducted by Airports Council International.
        Describe three variables that one could use to
        determine which airports are the busiest. What
        units would one use to measure these
        variables? Are these variables categorical,
        discrete, or continuous?
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Critical Thinking Challenges
5 Read the article entitled “Science Sees Heart Trouble for Hostile
    Personalities,” and answer the following questions.
            study experimental or observational?
      Is thea.
       What b. the independent variable?
       What c. the dependent variable?
       Do you think the sample sizes are large enough to merit the conclusion?
       Based on the results of the study, what lifestyle changes would you
       recommend to hostile persons to help them reduce the chances of heart
c1dcb12e-847a-4d4e-a768-ff53561174e5.xls   CT5

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