Hostess Information by HC111213223844


									                                         Hostess Information
Name:_____________________________________________Show Date:_______________ Time:_________

Address:___________________________________________ City:____________ State:_____ Zip:_________

Home #:__________________________________ Cell #:__________________________________________

Email:________________________________________________ Location of show:_____________________

Booked from:____________________________ Booking gift:_______________________ Received:________

    Soon as she books:               BOOKING packet to hostess: (at show or mailed/dropped off)
                                             Booking letter or reminder postcard (something that has the show date/time on it)
                                             Guest List Memory Jogger
                                             Business card
                                             Small purple business brochure, last 10 shows (have they ever thought about doing
                                              what I am doing? The profit from their show could be theirs!!)

    1 week-10 days after booking:    Received guest list from hostess (Hostess pkt. in EXCHANGE for guest list!)

    3-4 weeks before:                Call & set up date/time to HOME hostess coach:_______________________
    2-3 weeks before:                Hostess Packet for HOME hostess coaching:
                                             2 catalogs
                                             4-5 Advanced order forms
                                             Small purple Premier business brochure/last 10 home shows or first 5
                                             If Premier is offering a show/hostess promo put in a copy
                                             Copy of guest list she gave you

    7-10 days before:                Invites mailed out- make sure and mail one to your hostess too!
    5-7 days before:                 Check in phone call… “How are your advanced orders coming? Anything I can
                                      do to help you? Remind the ones that can’t come to help you out & book a

    24-48 hours before:              Check in phone call…So excited for your show!! How many Yes’s?
                                      Reminder calls made (
                                      Time I will be showing up to her home

      Run credit cards/deposit $ immediately after show
      Show closed 3-4 days after show
      Enter in hostess/customer contact info into Excel spreadsheet
      Calculate show Profit sheet
      Replace a show with a show? Yes___ No___ (if not…GET ON THE PHONE!)
      Thank You’s sent to: Hostess, Advanced Orders & guests that spent $75 +
      Contact hostess to tell her when order shipped out
      Rebook hostess within 6 months- offer her a date now
      50 day “Golden Guarantee” calls- ask for referrals!

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