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					                                 PAW PRINTS
Kristen McKinney-Nash                         Widewater Elementary School
Principal                                           101 Den Rich Road
                                                    Stafford, Va. 22554
                                             540 658-6380     Fax 540 658-6378
Becky Wardlow
Assistant Principal
                                                 WORD OF THE MONTH
From the Principals

What a pleasure it is to welcome you to October‘s edition of our PAWS newsletter. Yet another way that we can increase
communication and keep you informed of important school happenings.

September is always a very demanding month for all of us. Thank you for your support in establishing a positive routine for our
children last month. Now is the time to teach our children and students how to be successful and responsible individuals. Arriving
ontime, respecting others, and using manners are learned behaviors that last a lifetime. Communicate your concerns and praises to
the teachers and staff members in the lives of your children. Take time to review your child‘s work and ask about the learning that
is taking place throughout the day. Make time to volunteer for school and community related activities. Your involvement will lead
to a lifetime of successful endeavors for your children and we are proud to be a part of these accomplishments!

Now that school is in full swing, it‘s fun to watch our students learn responsibility and independence. All of our students have done
an outstanding job of maintaining a positive atmosphere throughout the building and some changes in our cafeteria have created an
enjoyable atmosphere for students to eat lunch. Most of our positive atmosphere is being taught through a program called
Responsive Classroom. This program introduces the classroom as a community and all the rights and responsiblities of being apart
of a community, to include what many of our teachers are incorporating ‗The Morning Meeting‘ You may also hear your children
talking about working on computers during the school day. Teachers have been utilizing the computer lab as part of our daily A/B
specials rotation to reinforce typing skills, research project topics, perform writing activities, and utilize the software program called
Study Island, a practice tool for students to become more familiar with the types of questions used on the SOL‘s. Our A/B specials
schedule also allows for research studies in our library. We will be continuing our WOW sticker promotion throughout this year for
both students and parents so be ready to recite the Widewater Way at our next school event in order to earn a WOW sticker for
your child‘s class. Review these WOW words with your children (K-2-author, illustrator, character and symbol and for 3-5– the
pre– fix meanings for ex-, re-, pre– and inter-) and remember to READ, READ, READ. Watch for more growth in the near future
as we make every effort to provide our students with the tools to succeed in this ever-changing world.

I look forward to seeing each of you and your families on Oct. 23rd for our PTO sponsored Octoberfest!

Let‘s continue to make this the best school year ever!

Mrs. McKinney-Nash and Mrs. Wardlow

―Most of the world‘s heroes are unsung. It‘s heroic to dare to make a difference in the world, whether you‘re defending your
country, fighting fires, or teaching children to read.‖ - Captain Scott O‘Grady in Return With Honor (Captain O‘Grady was the
Air Force F-16 pilot that was shot down in enemy territory for six days in June 1995)
          October 2009 – Calendar of Events

    October 5th                 Open House 6:00—7:30pm

    October 6th                 CiCi‘s Spirit Night 5-8pm

    October 8th                 Early Release 1:00pm

    October 11th                Teacher Workday (no school for students)

    October 22nd                Picture Day

    October 23rd                Octoberfest Carnival

    October 26th                Read Around the World Night

                                Family Book Fair Night

    October 27th                Chick fil A Spirit Night 5—8pm

                           Our Mission
The mission of Widewater Elementary School is to challenge each
  student to reach his or her potential, instill a love for life-long
learning, and prepare him or her to be a productive citizen of the
                        global community.


        We welcome visitors to our school. We do ask volunteers, parents, and other visitors to report to
the front office immediately upon entering the building. You will be asked to leave a picture ID, and you
will receive a badge to wear during your visit. This is a practice that was instituted for the protection of
our students. Signs are posted at each door informing visitors of this practice.
        If you wish to schedule a classroom visit, call or email the teacher to make prior arrangements.
Please do not drop in for an impromptu visit or to talk to the teacher “for just a minute.” An unexpected
visitor distracts both the children and the teacher, thus interrupting the flow of the lesson. We
appreciate your efforts in following these guidelines to help us maintain a safe learning environment.

                                          Student Sign-Out

        If it becomes necessary for you to pick up your child during the school day, please report to the
office to sign him/her out in the log book. Your child will be called to meet you in the office. For the
safety of all students, children will not be released to parents at the classroom door. When
custody papers or special situations exist, the office should be informed and a copy of any official
documents should be provided for our files

                                           Attendance at WES

       At Widewater, we believe that a child’s attendance at school greatly impacts his/her achievements
in school. Children who come to school on a regular basis tend to be happy at school, are able to keep
up with their daily assignments, and are successful students. When a child is frequently absent or tardy,
he/she misses out on valuable lessons, activities, and discussions. Your child’s academic success
depends on his/her being in school to benefit from the information and learning experiences that are

                                         Virginia Attendance Law
      Please read the Code of Conduct book carefully. It details the attendance policy of Stafford
County Schools.
      It is important for every child to attend school every day. Absences should occur only for the
reasons outlined in this policy.

        If your child is absent from school, you must send a written excuse. Unexcused absences
will be referred to counselors and attendance officers.
        Please note that absences for family trips are unexcused unless approved in advance by the
                             From the School Nurse

Dear Parents,

Stafford County Schools conducts a vision and hearing screening on kindergarten, new
students, and third grade students. This screening is done each year to identify children who
may have vision or hearing problems. This year the screening will take place on Thursday
November 9, 2010


Mrs. Peterson
School Nurse

                    Guidelines for Sending Students Home:

1. Nurses judgment or parent discretion
2. Fever of over 100 degrees orally
3. Active vomiting
4. Continuing diarrhea
5. Swollen or painful joints from injury
6. Severe earaches
7. Suspected contagious disease
Chickenpox-return in 7 days after eruption
Conjunctivitis – associated with purulent drainage/ return after
Pediculosis- return after treatment and nit removal
Scabies- return after treatment
8. Any injury or illness requiring further immediate treatment
9. Suspected substance abuse
1) Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
When you are sick, keep your distance from others
to protect them from getting sick.

2) Stay home from work or school if you are sick.
You will help prevent others from catching your

3) Please use a tissue to cover your mouth and
nose when you sneeze, cough or blow your nose.
Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

4) Please throw the tissue away in the trash
immediately after you use it.

5) Please wash your hands after coughing,
sneezing or blowing your nose. Wash your hands
with soap and hot water for 15-20 seconds, drying
your hands completely with a paper towel. You
can also use the alcohol-based hand gels.
                                             Alternate Bus Assignment

    Not having the appropriate forms submitted is often the cause of our overloaded buses. The
   Transportation Department Route Coordinators do not know the location of every private daycare facility.
   If a daycare provider has students without forms submitted, we are transporting students that have not
   been assigned or authorized to ride an alternate bus. Parents often change daycare providers, which poses
   the opportunity to lose track of students. Substitute drivers often experience difficulty due to an inaccurate
   route sheet because the “Alternate Bus Assignment” form was not submitted, or an updated form was not
   submitted. An updated form should be submitted each time a daycare provider or individual
   transportation arrangement changes.
    Thank you for your cooperation with this matter. Only with your assistance can the Transportation
   Department continue to provide safe and efficient transportation for all students.

                                                    Bus Passes
    Occasionally, a child may want to ride the bus home with a friend for the night, or for a party, etc. When
   this is to occur, we require a note from BOTH sets of parents granting permission. Please include the
   teacher’s last name, both students’ names (first and last), a daytime telephone number at which a parent/
   guardian can be reached, and the bus number the child will be riding.

                          AM Car Ramp Procedures

   Doors for Am Car Riders will open at 8:35 am and close at 9:00 am.
   Drive around the circle in a single file line. Wait for the cars in front of you
   to move before you move. Absolutely NO PASSING.
   Please stay in your cars. Teachers are there to assist your child in getting out
   if needed and to make sure they get into the building safely. Try to have
   notes and checks ready before entering the car rider line.
   Please be patient, especially at the beginning of the school year. We also
   have preschoolers who get dropped off here so we need to be extra patient
   with them.

                                                    Car Riders
 If your child is an everyday car rider, please send a note to the office, (good for the entire year), stating that he/
she will be picked up on a daily basis. If you have not done so, fill out an everyday car rider form.
 If your child normally rides a bus but is occasionally a car rider, you will need to send a note on those days.
You will not need to come into the office to sign your child out. You may wait in the car rider lane on the right
side of the building until your child is dismissed to you.
 When you forget to send a note, call the school. We can put your child on the “car rider” list. Or, come early
enough to park in the car rider line, come into the office, sign your child out, and then go back to your car. Your
child will be dismissed with the car riders at 3:30.
Please make note that there is NO OFFICE PICK UP after 3:15pm.
Congratulations to our September Students of the Month
                    for FAIRNESS

   Kindergarten                           Third Grade
   Tessa Craig                           Adrianna Nesbit
   McKayla Williams                      Taylor Buckles
   Aston “Kate” Wilson                   Annabelle Ramirez
   Madisyn Paris                         Jessie Mai
   Ashley Romero                         Samyra Willis
   Alison Ascencio-Calles

   First Grade                           Fourth Grade
   Shane O’Brien                         Malika Khan
   Isabella Samsel                       Kaija Robinson
   Tamia Davis                           Emiliano Gutierrez
   Diego Haynesworth                     Dillon Taylor
   Karla Alvarez-Gonzalez

   Second Grade                          Fifth Grade
   Nadirah Villareal                     Brook Roubison
   Zahra Sajjadi                         Karina Arizaga
   Sydney Morefield                      Paige Emmer
   Amberly Lovette                       Shae Carro
   Matthew Allen                         Benton King

    The Reading Center is proud to announce the opening of
    the Bargain Bookstore. It will be open on Wednesdays and
    Fridays from 8:35-9:00. Students can buy books for .25,
    .50. or $1.00. The bookstore will be located outside the
    front office.

                                 ART NEWS
    Our wildcat artists are creating wonderful masterpieces in the art room!
    Kindergarten is working on a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Collage, first grade
    is making a Birds in Flight Collage, second grade is drawing a Leaf
    Compositions, third grade is painting Modigliani Self-Portraits, fourth grade is
    practicing Color Theory, & fifth grade is developing Native American
    Art Plea - Some students are still without art shirts. If your child doesn’t have
    one please send one in with them. Please have the shirt labeled with their
    name. The shirt doesn’t have to be anything fancy just an old T-shirt or button
    down shirt will do. We do a lot of painting during the year & I wouldn’t want
    any child’s clothing to get stained.
    Also the art room is in need of cardboad egg cartons & empty toilet paper
    rolls. I would like to make birds with fourth grade students and really could
    reuse these supplies.
    Art Club will be starting October 20th for fourth & fifth grade students!
    Forms will be available on the schoolfusion website or students can come &
    get a form from me. I’m very excited about this year!
    Thank you for your support.
    Mrs.Snyder –
    ks Get
Boo te !!!
O ur Vo

        October 18-October 29
October 26th Family Night 4:00-8:00

                          From the Librarian
     Steve Somers, "The Amazing Teacher" will be
     performing for our students on 7 October to promote
     our Accelerated Reader Program. We will be having a
     mystery theme this year and Mr. Somers has a great
     program titled, "Top Secret" that takes young readers
     on an amazing mission solving clues that lead to tons
     of learning and fun in the library. Students will discover
     cryptic messages (Dewey Decimal numbers) that help
     them interpret maps, charts and photographs as they
     explore the world around them.

                 Kindergarten News Flash
We have just successfully completed the first month of Kindergarten!
And, oh my, has it been a busy one! The children have learned so many
things already and are practicing them regularly. During the month of
October Kindergarten students will be participating in Fall PALS
testing. In order for your child to perform at his/her best, please
continue to enforce a consistent bedtime each evening. The letters and
sounds we will be learning are T, P ,A and C. Sight word we will be
learning are: The, I, Like, Am.
We will also be working with rhyming. We will learn about Sink and
Float, Map Skills, Directional Terms and fall. In Math we will be
learning many things with counting to 30. We will also be going on our
exciting field trip to the Pumpkin Patch on October 13th.

October brings about an exciting month for first grade. As we
enter the fall season, our science unit about Seasonal
Changes is a perfect fit. We will investigate how the changes
in temperature, light, and precipitation bring about changes in
plants and animals each season. With Columbus Day
approaching, students will learn about Christopher Columbus
in our social studies unit about American Leaders and their
contributions. As the month comes to an end, we will get an
introduction into our Past and Present social studies unit by
taking a field trip to Ferry Farm on October 26th to learn
about colonial times and get hands-on experience with some
colonial games and activities. What fun our first graders are in
                   SECOND GRADE
 In October we are looking forward to learning about
 Citizenship, Government and Magnets. We are also really
 excited to look ahead at Seasons with our field trip to the
 Friends of the Rappahannock. We can’t wait to start our
 math centers and word study as well! As always we are
 working hard on our fluency and comprehension.

                   Third Grade Tidbits

 Third Graders are busy this month. We are continuing to
 learn about the narrative elements in Reading. Word Study
 will begin this month. Be sure to look for words coming
 home to sort and study. We are beginning to practice
 addition and subtraction facts. Inexpensive flash cards can
 be purchased at most dollar stores for at home practice. In
 Social Studies, we are exploring map skills for our
 geography unit. Ask your students “where in the world they
 are”. We will be looking at soil types and layers in Science.

                              Fourth Grade
Things are really “falling” into place in the fourth grade wing! Students are
beginning their school day with a Morning Message and a Morning Meeting. In
addition, Responsive Classroom practices are being implemented throughout the
school day. In each of the fourth grade classrooms, communities of learners are
being formed!!! We are excited about our new Social Studies textbook, and
students have already begin to learn about the geography of Virginia. In the weeks
and months ahead, regions, industries, products and rivers will be covered. In the
are of science, students are reviewing and using the steps of the Scientific Method.
Fourth graders are also busy working on editing their writing samples as we work
through the steps of the writing process. Look for some of these samples to be on
display for Back to School Night –October 5th!

                  Fifth Graders are Fabulous!
 Welcome Back

 Welcome Back to all Fifth Grade Wildcats! We are looking forward to a great year!
 Be prepared to journey through Native Americans regions, early American
 settlements, and through two wars! In science we will discover Matter, our Earth's
 layers. and so much more! Sounds like an exciting year!

 DARE: In January we will begin our DARE program where we learn how to handle
 peer pressure and learn about the dangers of drugs. We also participate in a DARE
 Day in June!

 Open House: On October 5 Widewater we be hosting our Open House. Be sure to
 stop by the the Fifth Grade wing and see all the exciting learning that is taking
           October PTO Sponsored Events

        6th       CiCi‘s Spirit Night 5pm-8pm
        8th       Spirit Wear Sale Ends
        12th      Fall Fundraiser Ends
        20th      Cavalier Skate Night 6pm-8pm
        23rd      Octoberfest 10am—12pm
        25th      PTO Meeting 10am
        27th      Chick fil A Costume Party 5pm-8pm

PTO is always in need of volunteers. Please contact us at to help with upcoming

        PTO Board Members for 2010-2011
           President - Kelly Posey (
                      Vice-President - Becky Lusby
                      Secretary - Melissa Purdham
                        Treasurer - Lisa Henslee

                              FOCUS on Excellence
                              Widewater Elementary
                                        October, 2010

I hope that everyone has had a relaxing and enjoyable summer and is ready to have a wonderful
year in FOCUS!

    This year I will be at Widewater on Mondays and Wednesdays. I will also be at
        Widewater on Fridays, as needed.
    I am now located in the 4th grade wing in room 16.
     I can easily be contacted through e-mail, which I check regularly at both schools.
    Please check the FOCUS link on WES school fusion page for updated information on the
        FOCUS program, enrichment activities at WES, parent information and forms

                                         FOCUS FORUM

This year’s FOCUS Forum will be held at H.H.Poole Middle School 10/7/10
From 6:30-8:00. Parents are invited to attend a variety of information sessions related to
gifted education in Stafford County.

FOCUS Enrichment Activities at Widewater Elementary: 2010-2011

WES Chess Club will be held during lunchtime on Mondays, for all interested 4th and 5th grade
students again this year. Please check WES school fusion FOCUS page for updated
information. Starts 9/27/10.

WES Engineering Club will be held before school on Wednesdays for two six week sessions,
one in the fall and one in the spring. This is open to all interested 4th and 5th grade students.
Club size is limited to 20 students, please check WES school fusion website.

National Geographic Geography Bee will be open to all interested 4th and 5th Grade students
at WES. This year’s Geobee will be held on 12/3/10.

    Scripps Spelling Bee will be open to all interested 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students at WES.
This year’s Spelling Bee will be held on 1/7/11.
    WordMasters Challenge, a national analogy competition will be open to those students
 who are submitted for participation by their classroom teachers. There will be three
 challenges during the school year and packets will be coming home in October.

    Destination Imagination is a national problem solving competition. An information
        meeting will be held at Back to School Night on 10/5/10 for all interested students
        and parents. If there is a parent interested in forming and coaching a team, please
        contact me. Check WES Focus school fusion page for the link to this competition
        website. Details of the meeting in September will be posted nearer the time.

    Math Problem Solving competitions for all 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students nominated by
        their teachers.

                               FOCUS pull-out classes at WES:
 Start the second week of school. Classes are 45 minutes in length, and all students need to
 bring a three ring binder to keep FOCUS paperwork separate from other school paperwork.
     3rd Grade FOCUS will be on Wednesday
     4th Grade FOCUS will be on Wednesday
     5th Grade FOCUS will be on Wednesday

 If you would like to schedule a conference to discuss the Focus program in Stafford or the
 identification process for FOCUS, please e mail me at

                                      Mrs. Bradshaw
                                 FOCUS Resource Teacher
                                  Park Ridge Elementary
                                  Widewater Elementary


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