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How Long Will It Take?/I’m Not Noticing Any Differences
Question: I‟m not noticing any difference. Is it working?

Dr. Alex Loyd: We often hear, “I‟m waiting for it to start working,” and “I‟m waiting
for results,” that kind of thing.

This is really a paradigm shift. Most of you have probably heard about me talk about the
two guys that had migraine headaches and one took a week and one took a year. Well,
the guy who took a year, who still healed, by the way, he might have been tempted to say
ten or eleven months into it, “I‟m still waiting for results,” or “I‟m still waiting for it to
start working,” because he‟d been doing it for that long and still had his migraines. But
the truth was that it had been working the whole time. It just took that long before it got
all the stuff out of his body and healed the tissue to where the results were noticeable to
him. But under the surface, it had been working the whole time.

What we‟re used to and what we want is, “I‟ve got a headache, give me a Tylenol,” and
in twenty minutes the headache better be gone. That‟s what we‟ve all grown up with for
the most part and it‟s what we‟re used to. But The Healing Codes are a paradigm shift.
And yes, you may be the overnight miracle, but you may also be the person who goes
two months, three months, six months, ten months, without noticeable results that you
can see. But it‟s still working. It‟s still doing exactly what it needs to do. You may just
have more stuff to clean up.

Larry Allen did The Healing Codes for five months. He couldn‟t tell a whole lot of
difference. This was after congestive heart failure and edema and high blood pressure
and things like that. When he went back to the cardiologist the doctor came back in after
running the tests scratching his head, saying, “Larry, whatever you‟re doing, keep doing
it. Your high blood pressure is gone, you no longer have edema, your heart has gone
from twenty percent to fifty percent. We‟re taking you off of medication.” Well, Larry
didn‟t feel a night and day shift, but under the surface, a night and day shift was
occurring. Dr. Ben didn‟t notice any difference in his Lou Gehrig‟s disease in six weeks.
Then in two more weeks it was completely gone.

So you can‟t go with The Healing Codes by what you‟re feeling, as far as what you
would call conscious results. You just have to just keep doing those exercises, keep
doing the Codes, keep pulling the stress out of your body, keep healing those memories,
and over time, you will get to where you want to get. But there is no magic time amount
for any person or any issue because all of us are different. And two people can have the
same issue, but have drastically different sources of the problem.

That‟s something I wanted to bring up. Because it is hard for us. We‟re not used to it.
We‟re used to, “Give me a Tylenol,” or, “Give me an Advil,” or “Give me a
hydrocortisone shot,” or something. This does not work that way. This heals the source
of the problem so you can be free of it forever.

Dr. Alex Loyd (cont):Sometimes people call in and say that they really don‟t feel like
they‟re getting results from the program. Ninety-nine percent of those people who say
that are not doing it consistently. They‟re not even doing the minimum every day.
They‟re missing days. Sometimes they‟re missing weeks. They‟re just doing it every
once in a while.

If you do that, all bets are off. While we‟ve had some miraculous results from people just
doing it sporadically, I sure wouldn‟t count on that. But, I don‟t buy the excuse that they
don‟t have enough time. Because you can take sleep time, at least up to a couple of hours
and do The Healing Codes and it will give you more energy than the sleep you missed.
And that‟s true. A lot of people have trouble believing that until they try it. Almost
every single time, they come back and tell us, “I didn‟t believe it, but I did it and you
were exactly right. I felt more energy the next day than I‟ve felt in a good while.”

Dr. Alex Loyd (cont): The Healing Codes is not a medicine that we name that you take
it and here is what it does. What The Healing Codes does is it removes the stress from
your nervous system by healing cellular memories. When that happens, your immune
system starts to do what needs to be done. But here‟s the thing: the immune system
prioritizes. In fact, this is one of our biggest complaints: people start doing The Healing
Codes and they have healing happen, but it‟s not the healing they want to have happen.
In other words, they‟ve prioritized something number one, and the immune system heals
something else first. So The Healing Codes is much more of a process where you do it,
you say, “Okay. The theory makes sense to me. I understand what HRV is and bringing
those things in balance in twenty minutes or less and then how they are still in balance
twenty four hours later and that it‟s never happened before in the history of medicine.
And it has all kinds of repercussions. So I understand all of that. What I‟m going to do is
do The Healing Codes every day and remove that stress and trust my immune system to
do the absolute best it can as fast as it can.” And that‟s the best way to do The Healing
Codes. And that‟s exactly the way it works. That‟s the reason it‟s the best way, because
you‟re aligning yourself with the truth, there.

So your friend may be an overnight miracle story, or she may feel like nothing is
happening for four months while The Healing Codes heals cellular memories and other
things that are at the root of the strokes, but not noticing a difference in the symptoms
that are bothering her day to day. If that were the case and her perspective was, “Okay,
I‟ve got this symptom that I want to be gone immediately, or faster,” then she will
probably get frustrated and maybe even quit. But if she has the other attitude of, “I‟m
going to do this, remove that stress, and trust my immune system to do the best thing as
fast as it possibly can. Even if it doesn‟t seem to match up to my agenda.” Then that‟s a
recipe for success. And I think she‟ll have wonderful things happen.
But that‟s another interesting point. The Healing Codes are a non-specific mechanism.
Meaning they are really specific in one way in that you address these cellular memories
and all that sort of thing. But as far as physical issues like a stroke or something like that,
it‟s non-specific. The Healing Codes doesn‟t work on stroke things. It doesn‟t work on
any physical thing. And again, that sounds crazy when you look through our testimonials
and see breast cancer and this kind of cancer and diabetes and MS and all these physical
things that people have had heal. But it‟s the truth. The Healing Codes didn‟t heal those
things. The immune system did it.

Question: I‟ve gotten through all the pictures I can find regarding my physical issues and
am still having physical manifestations and symptoms. Why?

A Healing Codes Coach: There are a few things that could be going on, here. First of
all, it does take some time for the physical manifestation in your body to catch up with
the peace and healing you‟ve created. Secondly, there could be some issues that are still
being worked out on an unconscious level that you‟re not aware of and therefore, can‟t
find pictures for. The best thing would be to call up a coach and test to make sure you‟re
going in the right direction or, if you‟ve taken the Advanced Training Course, to test

Question: I‟ve been at it about three months and it bothers me about the lack of
progress. I took the worst thing that I have, which happens to be arthritis, and I‟ve been
quite faithful in doing it, spending my time on it and making sure that I get through The

Coach: Sometimes it feels like you‟re not getting anywhere because you‟re actually
having a healing response, which makes you feel a little worse. See some of the
questions and responses below.

How Do The Healing Codes Work?

Question: Is the energy going to parts of the brain?

Dr. Alex Loyd: No, and we didn‟t know this, really, until recently, this was not at all a
part of the initial discovery – recently we figured out that if you track the path of the
energy that goes through the four healing centers, what you find is the master control
centers for every cell in the body. The pituitary master gland, right brain, left-brain,
spinal cord, central nervous system, and the reactive hindbrain. So you are accessing
control centers there for every cell in the body.
What we believe is going on is that those control centers, then, get that energy to the cells
that need them where those destructive cellular memories are resonating destructive
energy frequencies.

Question: How do the coaches come up with the Custom Code?

Dr. Alex Loyd: They are scanning your voice patterns over the phone. I know that
sounds really wild. Dr. Roger Callahan pioneered this technology about fifteen years
ago. He called it “voice technology.” The best way I can think of to explain it is this: if
you get arrested today, they‟ll take your fingerprint. Your fingerprint is unique to only
you. Your voice works in the same way and we have a way of “reading” the voice to
know the best Code specifically for you at that particular time for that particular issue.

Healing Responses
Dr. Alex Loyd: I‟d like to start out by sharing an experience I had this week. I had a
client of mine, a lady, who called me. She‟s been prone to healing responses. About one
in ten people tend to have healing response and she is one of those and has been. She‟s
been doing The Healing Codes for some time and has had some wonderful results.
Anyway, the issue this week was a healing response. For those of you who are not
familiar with what a healing response is, it‟s when you do The Healing Codes and start
feeling worse. The reason that happens is because your body is healing. Toxins are
coming out or other things are happening. When that happens you can feel bad for a few
minutes or for an extended period of time until the healing response has subsided. The
way to deal with them with The Healing Codes is very simple. You do the same Code
you‟ve been doing, but do it until the healing response goes away. In other words, if you
sit down and do the Code for ten minutes and it still hasn‟t gone away, do it some more.
However long it takes.

This woman felt like in the past she couldn‟t get any relief from a healing response. She
would try doing a Code. She would try backing off and not doing a Code. Nothing
seemed to ever relieve the discomfort of her healing response. So she kept doing The
Codes because she was having things heal, but that was always still a problem for her.

This week, she called me about it and I tested her and got that she needed to work on the
healing response for an extended period of time. For about forty five minutes. So she
did that. It was the first time that she‟d ever done it for that long. She said that in the
past when she‟d done a Code on the healing response, she did it just like she‟d done it
with everything else – for five or six or seven or eight minutes, just like all the
instructions in the manual for how long you do a Code. When she did it for forty
minutes, nothing happened. Forty one, forty two…nothing. But right when she got to
forty five minutes, the discomfort lifted almost completely. She said it was absolutely
amazing and she called me back to tell me about this. She said, “I realize I‟ve been doing
the healing response protocol wrong because the way you‟re supposed to do it is to just
do the Code until you feel the discomfort get better.” She had been doing the Code for
the same amount of time that it‟s listed in the manual. That‟s a really easy thing to
misunderstand. But when she did it for an extended period of time, the healing response
lifted and she felt really good. So she was a happy camper to know that. But wished that
she had understood that from the first instead of after a number of months.

So I wanted to share that to start with. That if you experience a healing response, do the
same Code you‟re doing for as long as it takes for that healing response to lessen. And
that almost always works. If it doesn‟t work then back off the Codes for a while and let
your body catch up. But try doing more first. But you may have to do it substantially
longer than the times that are listed in the manual. Not always, but that‟s not unusual.

Colds/Flu Symptoms
Question: What‟s your take on colds as a healing response? I have not had a cold in
twenty-five years. I never get colds. And all the sudden, I have the worst cold, sore
throat, nose running, coughing...I don‟t know what‟s going on.

Dr. Alex Loyd: Colds are a very common healing response. Viruses can stay in your
body for fifty years and any doctor who is worth his salt will tell you that. They can lay
dormant for decades, for a lifetime. You‟re familiar with cold sores, like on your mouth
and lips? Herpes sores?

Let me tell you what‟s going on there. Everybody knows that people that get those tend
to get them when they‟re stressed. Here‟s what happens. Those viruses that I just said
can stay in your body for a lifetime…every time a virus seems like it‟s over, it‟s usually
never over. It‟s just lying dormant in your body. And your immune system holds those
things down. It keeps them from manifesting in a way that causes you to feel bad. When
you are under stress, when you come under severe stress, your immune system is turned
off – remember that‟s the first system in the body turned off because of stress – when
your immune system is turned off, your immune system cannot hold those viruses down
because it‟s turned off. So those viruses that have been held down by the immune system
now manifest as sores in your mouth or lips or whatever, and absolutely drive you nuts
for ten days or so. Then, when you are out from under so much stress, you may not get
another one for a year. Or six or eight months, or two years, because your immune
system starts working again and starts holding those down again.

When you start doing The Healing Codes, these viruses that have been lying around
dormant for decades or held down by your immune system start to heal and heal and
resolve completely and permanently. But just like if you have mercury come out of an
organ or bone or somewhere into your blood stream to come out of your body and as the
mercury hits your blood stream, you feel bad, sometimes as these viruses resolve through
doing The Healing Codes, you feel some of that cold or flu or whatever it was again as
the viruses are being healed once and for all. That‟s the long answer.

The short answer is that cold or even flu-like symptoms are a fairly common healing
I‟m sorry you‟re going through that. I would go to the category for bacterial infections or
viruses and focus on the negative symptoms. The only time that we tell you to focus on
the negative is when you have a physical symptom or healing response. So when you do
The Healing Response, focus on the cold symptoms that you‟re having and those should
start to ease off.

Question: I‟ve been at it about three months and it bothers me about the lack of
progress. I took the worst thing that I have, which happens to be arthritis, and I‟ve been
quite faithful in doing it, spending my time on it and making sure that I get through The

Dr. Alex Loyd: Let‟s test you. Yes. See, that‟s what I would have guessed. You‟re
healing more than dramatically. You‟re also having a more than dramatic healing
response. Which means your cells are opening up and releasing toxins. And even though
you‟re healing dramatically, you can‟t feel it because all those toxins are making you feel
bad. And this is very common with physically manifested problems that are decades old.
Especially in those of us who are middle aged and older. One in ten people experience
healing responses, but it tends to be those ten percent that have the physically manifested
problems that go a ways back and there is usually more than one or two of them.
Autoimmune illness and diseases are the biggest category of that.

What I would suggest you do is focus sometimes on the symptoms. Because when you
have a healing response, that‟s what you do. You do the same Code you‟re doing, but you
focus on your actual discomfort. That‟s the only time we tell you to focus on a negative.
But hewn you‟re having a dramatic healing response you focus on the negative until it
comes down.

Question: By that do you mean the feeling?

Dr. Alex Loyd: Yes, the pain.

Question: Well, right now my main discomfort is the crying syndrome I just mentioned.

Dr. Alex Loyd: Then I would focus on that. Because you‟re having a severe healing
response. And I‟m sorry that you‟re going through that. But unfortunately sometimes
there‟s no way to get by that. The lady I talked about earlier with the testimonial with
breast cancer who healed, she had a severe healing response. She had terrible pain in her
right arm. The tumor was up in her upper breast on that side. And as those cells that
were full of cancer and toxins and poison opened up over the months and started
releasing that horrible, disgusting junk into her lymphatic system, her lymphatic system
got clogged. In other words, she was almost healing faster than her body could deal with.
And that‟s an extreme example. But her arm hurt terribly for a good bit of that time.
That‟s a healing response.
Question: One of the things that happened was that a knee that I had injured in the past
all of a sudden started hurting like crazy and it hadn‟t hurt for years.

Dr. Ben Johnson: As your body goes back in to start repairing those things it has to
kind of break down the scar tissue, if you will, before it can really change it back to
normal structure. Because normal healing is kind of a scarring type situation. So if your
body starts remodeling that, you‟ll experience some pain there as your body starts
reabsorbing scar tissue and dealing with that damage.

Question: You‟ve heard the term “retracing?” Sometimes when people are healing, it‟s
a little different from a healing response – “Herxheimer reaction.” Like this one lady got
an elbow in her eye when she was wrestling when she was younger. When she was
doing The Healing Codes she got the same pain in her eye. Could I experience some of

Dr. Ben Johnson: You can have refreshing of those memories and that sort of thing
does happen, so the answer to your question is “yes.” Because you certainly can have a
Herxheimer reaction with The Healing Codes. But you know, that‟s a toxicity issue. As
those cells come out of fight or flight and go into growth/healing, not only can they get
more oxygen and nutrients and minerals in now, but they can also get more waste out. So
Herxheimer‟s is actually a result of wastage dumping into the lymphatic stream and a
kind of an overloading of the detoxification system.

Question: When you get the Herxheimer, you can have headaches, right?

Dr. Ben Johnson: Absolutely. That‟s probably the number one symptom of
Herxheimers. Just feeling blah. Like a bummer day. That‟s probably the most common
symptom – headaches.

Question: I was just wondering – a lot of my different illnesses that I‟ve had – if I‟m
going to go through the retracing.

Dr. Ben Johnson: We don‟t hear that that much, but it does happen. It doesn‟t surprise
me to hear that, but I don‟t „hear a whole lot of people talking about that.

Low Energy/High Energy
Question: The whole time I‟ve done it at the Adam‟s apple, it was like I burned up with
heat. And then a couple of hours ago when I did it, sweat just poured off of me the whole
time I did the exercises. So there‟s no doubt in my mind that it‟s working, whatever it‟s
doing, because it‟s so obvious. But there‟s one thing that is a side effect that I‟m hoping
will stop. I woke up at 2:30 in the morning after doing The Healing Codes at about 9:30.
Got up and couldn‟t go back to sleep. I was wired. So I thought, “Okay, this is supposed
to help me relax, so I‟ll do them again.” Well, I did them again and I was more wired.
So I was doing stretches…trying to get myself to not be so wired! I did not sleep the rest
of the night. I do not feel tired. I don‟t understand what‟s going on, because it‟s the
exact opposite of what you said (that it is relaxing)!

Dr. Alex Loyd: Well, the exact same thing happened to my wife. She will not do The
Healing Codes after it gets to be a certain time at night because she knows she will be
wired. Some people get wired. Some people, especially when they get started and they
have a healing response, they feel exhausted. I‟ve heard the expression, “I feel like
somebody got a gigantic syringe, stuck it inside me, and sucked all my energy out.”
Other people feel like somebody stuck a syringe in and put in ten times as much energy.

The way The Healing Codes work is that they remove the stress by healing cellular
memories. So there are several things that could be going on in your case to make you
wired. There could be cellular memories that are being healed that have tremendous
energy content. And a lot of them do. A lot of trauma memories have tremendous
energy. Why? Because when the trauma happened, you had an adrenaline burst maybe
unlike you‟ve had maybe two or three times in your life. So when that memory is
reactivated, you have another adrenaline burst. That‟s one thing that could be happening.
Another thing that could be happening is that the energy systems of the body have been
being suppressed and every time you do The Healing Codes, it releases them and the
energy that has been suppressed is released as well. All the sudden you have this huge
burst of energy because the energy that has been suppressed is not suppressed anymore.
And then after a few hours, maybe the suppression comes back until you get that healed

Those would be the top two guesses because nobody knows for sure because everyone is
individual. The good news is that up to a couple of hours or so, our testing indicates that
doing The Healing Codes gives you more energy than the sleep you lose in order to do
The Healing Codes. It just gives you more energy. A lot of people say, “You know, I
just can‟t find time to do this. My day is just busy from start to finish.” What we tell
them is, take a little bit of sleep time to do it. Maybe fifteen, twenty minutes right before
you go to bed and fifteen, twenty minutes right when you wake up. Because up to a
couple of hours, you will get more energy than you lose by missing that much sleep. So
that‟s the good news.

So I would just play it by ear. If a couple of days go by and the same thing keeps
happening, you may need to do what my wife does and say, “Okay, after six o‟clock, I‟m
not doing The Healing Codes. I‟ll do more in the morning or something.”

That‟s an interesting phenomenon and I‟ve heard it many times before. But I‟ve also
heard just as many times, “It feels like it‟s drained all my energy.” And then there are
people in the middle that don‟t notice one way or the other as far as that goes. So we
don‟t know all the reasons for that, but those are a couple of wild guesses from
Can The Healing Codes Help With ______?
Question: I have restless leg syndrome. I was wondering if that works for this?

Dr. Alex Loyd: We‟ve had several people experience healing with that. But the real
question and answer there – and that‟s exactly the question I would ask if I had restless
leg. But it‟s not the best question and this is why: The Healing Codes can‟t heal restless
leg. It can‟t heal cancer, it can‟t heal depression, it can‟t heal allergies, and this is not a
disclaimer, it‟s the truth. The thing that heals everything that people report healing for
who are doing The Healing Codes is your immune system and the healing systems of the
body. So the better question is “Can my immune system heal restless leg if it‟s working
the way it‟s supposed to?” And just about any medical doctor worth his salt (and we‟ve
asked a whole bunch of them and have universally gotten this answer, and Dr. Ben agrees
with that, too), is that an immune system work gin the way it‟s supposed to can heal just
about anything. The problem is that not only are 90+% of people who say they‟re not
stressed test to be in stress when measured with HRV, not only that, but if you already
have a significant problem – depression, restless leg, cancer, fibromyalgia, allergies,
whatever – number one, that is evidence that you‟re already in stress, and number two,
that problem in your body creates more stress. And stress is what turns the immune
system off. So that‟s the ten thousand dollar question. Sure, an immune system working
the way it‟s supposed to can heal just about anything. But if you have a significant health
problem, how in the world are you going to get to where your immune system is working
the way it‟s supposed to? Because the very fact that you have that is evidence that it‟s
not doing that. And that issue is creating a lot more stress on a daily basis.

That‟s been the question. And The Healing Codes have resulted over and over and over
in removing stress when we test with HRV. Even if people have significant issues and
problems in their life already.

Question: So all of this builds up to this? Self-sabotage that I‟m doing and migraines
and all that kind of stuff.

Dr. Alex Loyd: Absolutely. See, stress turns off the immune system and once the
immune system is turned off, the first problem you have is where the weak link in the
chain is. The weakest thing breaks first. For me, it might be acid reflux and for you it
might be restless leg. But when you have one problem, then the stress level in your body
goes way up. Guess what? Something else is going to break if you keep going in that
situation. Eventually something else is going to break. And then something else and
then something else. That‟s how people end up with multiple physical and nonphysical
problems. It started with one, and it really started with cellular memories.

Question: When you refer to the immune system being shut off, how would that pertain
to autoimmune when it‟s in overdrive?
Dr. Alex Loyd: That‟s still a malfunction of the immune system.

Question: I understand that, but could you clarify?

Dr. Alex Loyd: Yes. The definition of physiological stress is the autonomic nervous
system being out of balance. There are two sides of the nervous system – the
sympathetic and the parasympathetic. The sympathetic is analogous to the gas on a car.
Parasympathetic is analogous to the brakes on a car. Those are supposed to be in
balance. Just like if you drove all over town gunning the gas. You‟re eventually going to
blow the motor. If you ride the brakes all the time, you‟re going to burn out your brakes.
Either way, your vehicle is not going to work the way it‟s supposed to work long-term
because it‟s out of balance. It‟s supposed to be in balance. Same thing with your
nervous system. If your sympathetic is out of balance dominant, then you are in
physiological stress. If your parasympathetic is out of balance dominant, you are in
another type of stress, but it‟s still unhealthy, because you‟re supposed to have a balance
between the two.

With autoimmune illnesses, whether the immune system is in overdrive or it‟s turned off
are both that autonomic nervous system being out of balance. When the nervous system
is out of balance, the immune system is compromised. So we talk about it being “turned
off,” but if it‟s in hyper overdrive for long enough, it‟s eventually going to break and it‟s
going to be turned off anyway. But you‟re going to have just as many problems with it
being in hyper overdrive. Either way, you‟re going to have problems. The only place
you don‟t have problems is no stress balance. That‟s where we want to get and that‟s
what The Healing Codes does.

Question: I‟m having some issues such as prolapse – an issue such as a prolapse uterus
or prolapse bladder. Is that a structural thing, or does that kind of thing have some
results, also?

Dr. Alex Loyd: You made a premise there – you said, “Is that a structural thing or can
you get results from that, as well?” We see people get results from physical, structural
things all the time. We have so many people with major back problems and back pains
and things that have had healings from The Healing Codes. I mean I don‟t have any idea
how many that is. The latest one was a lady with severe scoliosis for the last thirty years.
She literally said she had not had a day without pain for thirty years. Severe scoliosis.
She did The Healing Codes for three months and wrote us in a testimonial and said, “I
went to the doctor, my spine is literally straightening since I started doing The Healing
Codes and for the first time in thirty years I am totally and completely out of pain.” So
we see structural and physical things heal all the time.

Why? Because your immune system is capable of healing just about anything when it‟s
working the way it‟s supposed to.

Question: . I was wondering about Lou Gehrig‟s disease. You brought that up. Is there
a healing for that?

Dr. Alex Loyd: Yes, that‟s what Dr. Ben had, who is my partner in The Healing Codes.
He has three medical degrees, is a medical doctor. That‟s why he resigned from his
medical practice to do The Healing Codes full time because he was healed of Lou
Gehrig‟s disease.

The treatment in the manual for that would be the one for the central nervous system.
But the best thing to do would be to get them doing custom codes with a coach. With
something that serious, you want to hit it with the biggest guns you have. So I would
want to get them doing custom codes with a coach. You can set that up through the
website or with the 800 number. Outside of that I would have them go through the
Twelve Days and then camp out on the central nervous system code. And I would have
them do them as much as they can do them. If they can do them a couple of hours a day,
I would do that, with something that serious. You may not have to do that, but again, I
would want to hit it with everything I‟ve got.

Question: You said hit Lou Gehrig‟s with big guns. Do you feel that way about
Parkinson‟s as well?

Dr. Alex Loyd: Yes. Any major disease like that, you know, the truth may be that you
could do six minute Code twice or three times a day and have significant results, but man,
when my life is on the line, I sure wouldn‟t bank on that. I‟d hit it with everything I‟ve
got. So yeah. I would feel that way for Parkinson‟s and about any other life-threatening
disease as well.

Question: Over the last week I fell twice and Sunday I fell so badly that I tore the
ligaments in my ankle. Now I can‟t walk. They have me in bed and in an air splint. I‟m
wondering if there‟s anything special I can do.

Dr. Alex Loyd: Yes, do the Self-Control treatment. That would be for the ligaments,
bones, muscles, etc. And if you do those, you will see healing way faster than the doctor
thinks is possible.

Question: Thank you. Because they said four weeks.

Dr. Alex Loyd: I would add another position to the Self-Control treatment. That would
be aiming your fingertips at the area on your leg where the damage is.

Question: Both fingertips? And that would be the last one in the series?

Dr. Alex Loyd: Yes. At the end. Same amount of time as the others. So just add that
much more time.
Question: Would I continue the ones for my chronic fatigue while I‟m doing that?

Dr. Alex Loyd: I would. I would try to do both.

Question: : I have ordered my Healing Codes, have not received them yet, but I‟m very
interested in knowing how to deal with my weight. Because I feel that my weight is
causing my cholesterol problems, my knee problems, my sleep apnea, etc. So if there‟s
anything that you can tell me how I can just really jump-start right into getting this
weight off, it would be great.

Dr. Alex Loyd: There are a couple of different ways and several categories that are
relevant to weight. I know the endocrine system is, I know Self-Control is, so you might
jot that down and remember it. What I would do is go through the Twelve Days, which
ensures you‟re addressing all the issues related to that, even the unconscious ones you
don‟t know about, and then you‟re going to have a coach calling you if they haven‟t
already, and I would tell them that you want to focus on weight. And they will help you
do that and give you Custom Healing Codes for that that are more effective than the ones
in the manual because they are just for you. They can also give you guidance as to which
category would be best for you to focus on. So I would just follow their guidance. But
without testing, the endocrine and Self-Control are critical. Any of the categories where
you have a wrong belief and negative feelings are critical. So I would check those out
and see what categories those are in and that might give you some insight, too.

Question: Is there anything to help with bad habits?

Dr. Alex Loyd: Absolutely. In fact, The Healing Codes works better for addictions and
habits than anything I‟ve ever seen. And I did private practice counseling and therapy for
a number of years and worked with a lot of people with those issues. For some reason, I
got a lot of professional wrestlers who heard about me and started working with me with
just unbelievable results. I remember a guy who worked with me. He flew in from
Florida. He wrestled with the WWF, the biggest wrestling organization – on TV all the
time. This guy had actions figures of him in stores. He came to me and was just a
mountain of a man. It was a little intimidating; he was so big and muscles on muscles.
Anyway, he told me his situation and he said, “Vince McMann called me into his office
and said, „You have two strikes. If you get three, you‟re gone.‟” What he was talking
about was controlled substance use. He had been inpatient, outpatient, for years and
could not break this addiction. He tried chemicals, he tried therapy, he tried everything.
He said, “You don‟t understand, Dr. Loyd, I either have action figures at Wal-Mart and
make ______,” and he told me how much he makes a year and it was unbelievable – a
fortune. He said, “I either do that or I work at Wal-Mart. There‟s no in between for me.
And I can‟t beat this. I‟ve been trying for years.”
I worked with him with The Healing Codes for two days. Not all of two days…for most
of one day and part of another day. And we did exactly what The Healing Codes does.
We found the destructive cellular memories that were causing him to number one,
become addicted and then number two, to stay addicted. They were blocking his
attempts to break his addiction and heal. There was all kinds of stuff involved in that –
self-sabotage and self-worth and not loving himself, not feeling like others loved him
because of a lot of this that happened in his childhood and life. Now, he didn‟t have a
clue that any of that was related. But we worked on that for two days. He left Nashville
a different man. He still is wrestling. I saw him just a few months ago. We were actually
on vacation in Orlando and he was filming some wrestling at Universal Studios in
Florida. It was wonderful to see him; he looks great, and has not been addicted since.

I‟ve never seen anything work on addictions as well as this because that‟s the root of
addiction. You have to ask yourself, why do you get addicted? And then once you are,
why don‟t you stop? And, yes, the chemical is a significant part of that, but you can deal
with the chemical if you can break the cellular memory problem. So it works better on
habits than anything I‟ve ever seen. In fact, it works when nothing else seems to work.

Question: Is there a specific Code to do to stop smoking?

Dr. Alex Loyd: The Harmful Actions Category is good for any addiction. If you‟re
doing The Healing Codes for any kind of addiction, it works a tiny bit different. You do
The Healing Codes the way you always do but you also take the Healing Code and boil it
down to one minute segments. So if there are three positions, you do each position for
twenty seconds. If there are four, you do each position for fifteen seconds, etc. And you
do that one minute Healing Code anytime you have the desire for the alcohol or smoking
or whatever it is. So that‟s a little bit different when it comes to smoking or any other
addiction. You do the regular Healing Code for the regular amount of time, but you also
do a one-minute version of the same Code every time you feel a desire for whatever the
addiction is.

Now the first day, you might be doing that fifty times, but it starts to decrease over time.
And it usually starts to decrease dramatically, quickly. But not every time.

Question: Have you dealt with any people with congenital hearing issues? I have a
mother who has hearing issues and a child, now is also displaying those.

Dr. Ben Johnson: I don‟t know of a specific case of that. The question boils down to
simply, is there anything there to restore or to make function? The Healing Codes
removes physiological stress from the autonomic nervous system, allowing the body to
heal itself. There has to be something there to heal or something there to work. Now, I
used to say that pretty dogmatically. The truth is that we all have omni potential stem
cells, so there‟s always hope. So what I would encourage you to do is to do it and try it
and keep us updated and let us know what‟s happening. As far as damage from disease
or emotional issues, the object is to get the body to restore. As long as those nerves or
organ or whatever is alive, it can restore. In this case, the “something” we‟re trying to
work on may never have been there. And in that case, it may not work. Again, though,
what I said about the omni potential stem cells, science has come to figure out that those
exist in all of our bodies. So methinks we kind of limit what our bodies can do
sometimes because we believe in what we thought was the truth that scientists told us.
That we can‟t get well or we can‟t restore. We can‟t do this or we can‟t do that. So give
it a try and let us know.

Question: What about with MS people. Any clues to the kinds of things they go through
or have gone through. Is there any information on that?

Dr. Ben Johnson: We‟ve certainly had MS patients get dramatically better and some get
well. Just take a look at some of the testimonials that we‟ve received. Because it stems
from emotional issues and that is a sickness and the body does have the ability to restore
those things. So I would expect MS to respond.

Question: I have someone who does not have a thyroid gland anymore and does not
have a uterus or any fallopian tubes or anything. So her body is naturally lacking the
things that those things are supposed to do for us. What would you suggest? Is there any
hope…I know there‟s always hope, but she‟s miraculously come through cancer and
she‟s had a lot of shifts in that area of her life. She really doesn‟t expect to get cancer
again, but she did have her thyroid and female organs taken out.

Dr. Ben Johnson: There are other glandular structures in the body. Some fat tissues can
produce low levels of estrogen. I would guess that she‟s probably devoid of testosterone
and therefore, probably devoid of sex drive. But there are some tissues that can take over
a little bit of the estrogen need. I‟m just not aware of any gland that can pick up where
the thyroid leaves off. So, again, if there‟s nothing there to restore, there are certainly the
emotional issue that caused the thyroid damage and the uterine problems in the first
place, which you are working through, I gather. I don‟t know that I would go off of the
thyroid hormone. And if I were to go off any hormones, I would sure check my levels in
thirty or sixty days and see how they‟re doing. Some women seem to get along fairly
well without estrogen. They don‟t get the demineralization of the bones.

Question: Can The Codes help out with my relationships with my family?

Dr. Alex Loyd: We had a client who had not spoken to her daughter for fifteen years.
She started doing The Healing Codes thinking, “My daughter is the problem.” But with
The Healing Codes, she healed her heart stuff. She got to the place where she forgave
her daughter, all the anger was gone, all the bitterness was gone, etc. I think it was the
next day, her daughter drove up to her house. The daughter has tears in her eyes and
hugged her. The relationship is healed. The lady believed that when she healed her own
heart junk regarding her relationship with her daughter, that it healed her daughter, too.

Doing The Healing Codes on Others, Animals, and Children
Question: How do you apply this to the animals? I have a boxer that has hip-joint issues.

Dr. Alex Loyd: It‟s very simple. You do the treatment on yourself. Before you start,
you say, “I‟m doing this treatment in love for boxer.” Then when you finish, you put
your hands on the boxer and say, “I release this treatment in love to boxer.”

And by the way, we routinely, I mean regularly, I mean every week, see faster results
with animals or infants or extremely old people or people in comas or things like that
than we do anyone else.

Question: If I were doing The Codes on someone else, would I work from above their
heads so that my hands would be in the same position as it would be if they were doing it

Dr. Alex Loyd: Yes. The best way to work on someone else is to either, if it‟s a child,
have them sit in your lap or facing away from you. Or if it‟s an adult, for you to be
behind them. If it‟s a spouse, just to have them lean back against you. Then your right is
their right and your left is their left. If there‟s no way that you can do that, then I would
do it on yourself and then release it to them.

Question: How do we do this for friends who are very ill without giving them the
Twelve Day program to do?

Dr. Alex Loyd: What I would do is just give them the one for their problem. The Code
for their problem. So if someone had severe heart disease, I would give them The Code
for the cardiovascular system. And then let them do it themselves if they are able.

Question: Does it have a little less of an effect if I do it on someone else? In other
words, should I do it longer because I‟m doing it and it‟s not her hands?

Dr. Alex Loyd: No. It‟s twice as effective with you doing it.

Question: Where do I place the hands to release it?

Dr. Alex Loyd: It doesn‟t matter. You can gently touch her shoulders. You can shake
her hand. It doesn‟t matter.
Question: Do I have to tell her to first get the mental picture of the earliest memory that
relates to her current frustration?

Dr. Alex Loyd: No, you don‟t. And I‟m glad you brought that up. This is something we
like to cover frequently. All of our HRV validation was done without finding any
pictures. Without doing any Truth Focus Statements…it was just, “Okay, here‟s your
problem, do this Code and relax.” All of our HRV validation was done that way. So
when you‟re treating other people and animals, can you use pictures and Truth Focus
Statements and all that? Sure you can. But you don‟t necessarily need to. So I think in
that case I would just not do that. I would just pray for her and then do the treatment on
her and just relax.

Distance/Remote Healing
Dr. Alex Loyd: Before I say anything I need to say, that we don‟t have any data about it.
Doing it on yourself or doing it on someone else when you‟re there with them – we have
HRV data on that, as well as about a hundred pages of testimonials. But on the remote
work, we do not have data. But having said that, if you understand quantum physics, you
know that distance is really not an obstacle. That is the action at a distance study – the
Einstein - Podovsky - Rosen experiment that‟s in our manual if you want to take a gander
at that.

The other issue is that many of us have had many results with that. I do that regularly,
Dr. Ben does that regularly; the majority of our coaches have done it with wonderful
success, so you could also try that. But again, we don‟t have data on that like we do the
other stuff.

Question: We were talking earlier on the phone about being creative with The Healing
Codes. I‟m kind of concerned about this friend whose family member is a young person,
about twenty-five years old. And I thought since a family is kind of enmeshed with their
energetic frequency and also the generational frequencies that we carry through…I was
wondering if the parents can‟t reach the child that‟s twenty-five and get the child to do
The Healing Codes, I was wondering if the parents can do The Healing Codes for certain
issues surrogate or at a distance and try to give him some energy to help him make a shift
so he would go into a treatment center. I thought if the family would move through the
guilt and shame and forgiveness for themselves and forgiveness to the son and whatever
other issues come up – if they did that – then there wouldn‟t be an energetic frequency
for the boy to have. So I thought, “God made family a very important foundation. The
parents, you know, the original carriers of the child, if they could work on the frequency,
maybe it could help.”

Dr. Ben Johnson: Certainly, we‟ve known for a long time and taught that you can do
these codes on yourself or others. “This is for this person and I am doing this treatment
in love and light.” You do the Code and you send it to them. You release this to John
Doe “in love and light for their healing.” So you can certainly do that. It works. And
that‟s only limited by our faith. Because if you understand quantum physics, that energy
is just as available there as it is here.

Question: I wasn‟t thinking about the quantum physic aspect of it. Thank you for
adding that part to it.

Dr. Ben Johnson: We think with our limitations that we think exist. But if you
understand quantum physics, it‟s just as available right there are it is here. So go ahead
and do that Healing Code. You have to do these things with integrity. The purpose being
love and not your will being done on that person. You have to do these things in purity
and integrity and love.

The Healing Codes and Placebo

Question: Could Results From The Healing Codes Just Be Placebo?

Dr. Alex Loyd: We routinely see faster results with animals, infants, extremely old
people, and people in comas than we do anyone else. The significance of that is that if
The Healing Codes worked by placebo, you would not see any results at all with animals,
children or people in a coma. Because in order for placebo to work, you have to trick the
person into believing it‟s true and infants, animals, and people in comas can‟t be
convinced that something is true because they‟re not conscious in that way. Results ever
since the inception of The Healing Codes with animals and infants and really old people
has been significantly faster than with anyone else. Which is a back up for the HRV
results that The Healing Codes heal the root cause more than anything in the history of

The Healing Codes and HRV (Heart Rate Variability)
Question: Did I understand correctly that from the time you take the HRV Heart Rate
Variability test and then you do The Healing Codes for twenty minutes and then take the
test in twenty minutes and it‟s down?

Dr. Alex Loyd: Yes. But you don‟t have to do The Codes for twenty minutes…what
we‟ve done all over the country and in Canada -we haven‟t been to Europe yet – is we‟ll
do a five minute HRV, we‟ll do a Healing Code, which on average is six or seven
minutes, and then do another five minute HRV. On average, you‟re talking about six or
seven minutes of treatment time, but it‟s seventeen minutes or so when you include the
time for the pre-post HRV. And yes, in our experience, well over 90% of the time the
people go from out of balance to in balance during that process.
We received a testimonial from Bill McGrane, president of the McGrane Institute.
They‟ve been doing self-actualization training since the 1950s –they‟re one of the most
highly regarded organizations in the country. They had a recent weekend – they call it
the Scholar‟s Reunion – there were 50 people there. They did pre-post HRV with The
Healing Codes, because Bill believes tremendously in The Healing Codes and has had
incredible results himself. And 48 out of 50 people went from out of balance into
balance with one Healing Code. And everyone who retested the next day was still in
balance the next day without an additional Healing Code.

According to just about every expert you will ever find on HRV, medical doctors, etc.,
that is impossible. There is no research in the history of medicine of anything else that
will do that, but it happens consistently with The Healing Codes.

Question: This HRV that you talk about. When you‟re talking about the testing you do.
Does that test have anything to do with pulse rate?

Alex: Indirectly. It‟s measuring the variability between heart rate. In other words, the
one that I have checks your heart rate around 600 times a second. In other words, it‟s
checking micro-beats of the heart. A healthy heart is not consistent in its beats – “boom,
boom, boom.” A healthy heart is variable. And we‟re talking about micro-beats - not the
beats you can hear with a stethoscope. It‟s the micro-beats that you can‟t hear. If it‟s not
variable, it‟s called “digging a hole”. And the hole is your grave. Because it‟s the most
accurate predictor of mortality on planet earth according to most experts.

More on HRV
Dr. Alex Loyd: For The Healing Codes, our validation is Heart Rate Variability, which
is in the same category as CAT scans and MRIs. It does not respond to placebo. A
double blind study is primarily done to eliminate placebo. To see if the treatment really
makes a difference or if it‟s placebo. When you use Heart Rate Variability as your test,
you‟ve already ruled out placebo. Because HRV doesn‟t respond even 1% to placebo.
Most treatments don‟t test themselves with HRV because they can‟t move it at all.
The Healing Codes move Heart Rate Variability in a way that most doctors will tell you
is impossible. That‟s been our experience.

Doing The Healing Codes
Question: Can we do multiple Codes?

Dr. Alex Loyd: Yes, you can. Now, let me give you a caveat about that – you may not
need to. I started doing this back when I first started working with people with The
Healing Codes and a number of our coaches have had this same experience. But I would
have people list the five things that are bothering them the most in priority and then I
would write them down in my file. They would write them down, too. Then we would
start to work on number one. The thing bothering them the most.

Well, it was very, very unusual for us to get six months out and have the experience that
several of the top five healed. Not just the first one, but several. Sometimes all of them.
But it was almost unheard of that only the number one was better.

Here‟s why: All the issues of your life are interrelated. Remember the root causes are
your cellular memories. Those are all interrelated and connected and they‟re so tied up
together you can‟t separate them out. In order to heal the thing that‟s bothering you the
most, you have to heal most of your stuff about everything. And that‟s another thing
that‟s different about The Healing Codes – when you work on that one thing that‟s
bothering you the most, I believe you‟re really working on just about everything in your
life. Evidence or proof of that is the comparison we did of testimonials. We compared
testimonials that came in over a three-week period of time with ones that came in over a
one-week period of time. Over a three-week period, there were thirty-two that came in
including diseases and career and relationships and all that stuff. And the one week was
the same thing – several diseases, a chronic ear problem that healed with one Code one
time, emotional issues, several of them confirmed by doctors, medications removed,
things like that.

You have to ask yourself a question when you hear that – “How in the world can all of
these different issues heal just from doing one thing?” Well, the only answer I can come
up with that would even be logical is that they all come from the same source. So when
you heal that one source, you‟re really healing all of them. That‟s what the research from
Stanford and Southwestern and NYU, etc., is that the root source of all of our problems
are these cellular memories, destructive energy patterns and stress. And when you heal
those, not only should anything heal, but everything should heal.

So when you say, “Okay, I‟m going to work on the thing bothering me the most,” yes,
that‟s your focus, but in reality, you‟re probably working on just about every issue you
have in your life.

That‟s why I say you may not need to do multiple Codes. But yes, you certainly can if
you want to.

Question: I have a strategy question here. I have been diagnosed as having a tumor in
my spinal cord, in the C5 section. And I‟ve also been recently diagnosed with having a
pituitary tumor. So I‟d like to know, do I get a Custom Code? Do I just go by the
endocrine system? The pituitary and the nervous system, do I trade off doing both?

Dr. Alex Loyd: Yes, you mentioned both. The best thing always is a Custom Code. I
would do that first. But if you are still working on that in a situation where you‟re not
working with a coach anymore, I would do exactly what you just said. I would alternate
between the endocrine and central nervous.
Question: would a Custom Code address both?

Dr. Alex Loyd: Yes. A coach can test that, but chances are, it will.

Question: I‟m kind of new to it. I‟ve just been reading up on the website and I listened
to your call last night. I was just wondering…let‟s say you don‟t know what‟s wrong
with you. If maybe you have a gallbladder problem or something and you don‟t know
it‟s your gallbladder. Is there any particular Code or category, or how do you diagnose

Dr. Alex Loyd: That‟s a great question. There are several ways you can come at that.
Number one, you can just rotate through the Twelve Days. Do you have the program?

Jerry: No, not yet. I‟m still finding out information about it.

Dr. Alex Loyd: There are twelve categories in The Healing Codes and in those twelve
categories are any issue you could ever have in your life, physical and nonphysical. One
thing you could do is just continuously rotate through those twelve categories until
something starts bothering you more than something else. Then you could go to the back
of the manual in the glossary and find “gallbladder” and then go to the Code for that. We
have people come to The Healing Codes all the time where that is there issue. And you
absolutely do not have to know your issue. Lots of people get The Healing Codes and
don‟t have a problem they know of. They use it preventatively or just because they want
more health. Some people use it for peak performance. We have a whole lot of people
now who are starting to use it for success issues. But you do not at all have to have a
particular issue. There are instructions in The Healing Codes that guides you if that‟s
your situation so that you‟ll be healing everything no matter what the problem is.

Question: I Can‟t Find Enough Time To Do The Codes.

Dr. Alex Loyd: Our testing indicates that doing The Healing Codes gives you more
energy than the sleep you lose in order to do The Healing Codes. It just gives you more
energy. A lot of people say, “You know, I just can‟t find time to do this. My day is just
busy from start to finish.” What we tell them is, take a little bit of sleep time to do it.
Maybe fifteen, twenty minutes right before you go to bed and fifteen, twenty minutes
right when you wake up. Because up to a couple of hours, you will get more energy than
you lose by missing that much sleep. So that‟s the good news.

Question: Dr. Loyd, I hate to sound like I‟m lazy, but I‟ve got to be honest. Some of
these Healing Codes feel kind of overwhelming. Like the one for forgiveness. I know I
should probably do it more often. But I‟ve got the book; I‟ve got it sitting at the
positions. It‟s like so many, many different positions for forgiveness. I ended up writing
them down on an index card so that I can lay down in bed and do them.

Dr. Alex Loyd: Why don‟t you use the audio manual? All you have to do is cue it up on
the CD player and just relax and do what it says and change when it says change. And
just relax.

Question: Are there any short cuts for The Codes in the book?

Dr. Alex Loyd: The only short cut is a Custom Code. Usually the Custom Codes are
shorter. Not always, but usually. But outside of that, no, there‟s no short cut. Those are
the Codes that you need to do for those issues. But you can use the audio manual so you
don‟t have to worry about looking at the clock or keeping up with what‟s next. You can
just listen and change when it says to change.

Question: If you‟re doing Exercise One and it has, say, six positions, and Exercise Two
is six positions. If you want to take a half-hour sitting, should you do Exercise One, step
one, two, three, four, five, six, one, two, three, four, five, six, then go to Exercise Two –
one, two, three, four, five, six. Or can you do Exercise One, one, two, three, four, five,
six, Exercise Two, one, two, three, four, five, six.

Dr. Alex Loyd: I think that‟s what I would do is One and then Two and then One and
then Two rather than One, One, Two, Two. Alternate them.

Question: Now, when I‟m doing these things, sometimes it‟s difficult to stay awake.
Somebody said, “Well, that‟s because you‟re so relaxed.” Somebody else told me that it‟s
because there‟s so much stuff to go through.

Dr. Alex Loyd: My wife has always had that problem. It can be a combination of things.
Just stay awake as best you can. For sure, don‟t beat yourself up for going to sleep.
That‟s fine.

Question: Regarding how much time you spend, what I do is the bare minimum that‟s
required, so is that adequate? Are you maybe saying that that will maybe take longer
than if you do the maximum amount of time?

Dr. Alex Loyd: Yes, the more you do, the faster it happens. In some situations, and you
don‟t know if this is you unless you call a coach and get them to test it or if you‟ve been
through the Advanced Training and know how to test it. But you can always test that to
find out. Let‟s say someone is trying to heal something that‟s a big issue that they‟ve had
for decades and there‟s physical manifestation in the body and all those sorts of things.
And they also have a lot of stress in their life. Maybe they‟re also planting some bad
seeds with the way they think, which also creates more stress. Well, you‟ve got a
situation there where you have some real momentum going against you.

In a situation like that, I‟d advise that person to spend more time. You‟ve got this ball
going the wrong way as far as your health goes, and it‟s been going that way for decades.
Well, it just makes sense knowing how inertia works, “a body in motion stays in motion
unless something changes it.” It may take a little extra for a while to get this momentum
turned around going back in the healthy way. So I would always advise that.

Question: Positioning of the Adam‟s apple. I understand the arms rest on the chest. Do
the fingers rest on the chest, too?

Dr. Alex Loyd: Yes. The easiest way to do that. This is one that we need to do a new
picture for. The picture of how to do the Adam‟s apple is actually not what I think is the
easiest way. Either way works just as well. But the easiest way to do it for me is to put
my fingers back to back and to rest the side of my hands on my chest and just have my
fingers pointing up at the Adam‟s apple. That‟s the easiest way for me because I can just
relax and let those hands sit there and rest. I‟m not having to hold them up in the air. But
just do it however it‟s most comfortable for you. As long as the fingertips are pointed up
towards the Adam‟s apple and you‟re two to three inches away, you‟re fine. It doesn‟t
matter which positioning. Only that you‟re comfortable and within those parameters.

Question: In the manual, there are exercise 1 and exercise 2. Why do we need two, and
then when we get a Custom Code it‟s just one?

Dr. Alex Loyd: Well, a Custom Code is specifically for you and specifically for that
problem. It is the best Code you can get. There are two in the manual because with
everyone we tested the Codes on who had that particular problem sometimes there was
not one that would be effective for everyone. Sometimes it took two to be effective for
everyone. So we asked that you alternate between one and two so that no matter which
one is the best one for you, you‟re getting both of them.

Doing The Healing Codes for Longer Periods of Time
Question: Did I hear correctly that we can do The Codes longer than the time in the
manual besides for the healing response?

Dr. Alex Loyd: Yes, there‟s no time limit. The only rule of thumb is that the more you
do it, the faster you get results. I‟m not going to say it happens that way 100% of the
time, but probably 95%. The more you do it, the faster you get there. If you start having
a healing response, you just handle it the way you always would. But yes, you can do as
much as you want.

Question: Is it possible to do too much?

Dr. Alex Loyd: According to Paul Harris, PhD, who has lectured all over the world on
natural health and is one of the most brilliant health minds I have ever seen in my life, the
area of health that The Healing Codes are in is the only area in medicine and health
where there has never in history been a validated case of harm. So it is only going to
help. It will not hurt you. It can‟t. The precedent is overwhelming that it will not hurt
you. So the more you do, in general, the faster you get there.

Question: How do I do the rotations if I want to do it for longer periods of time?

Dr. Alex Loyd: You can do it a half hour at a time or an hour at a time. Instead of
rotating the way you normally would, you would just rotate the positions each thirty
seconds until your thirty minutes are up.

And another way to do it if you don‟t want to have to watch every thirty seconds is just to
do it for a while. If there are three positions and you‟re going to do it for an hour, just do
one for five or ten minutes, shift to the next one for five or ten minutes, do it for five or
ten minutes, shift to the next one for five or ten minutes…there‟s no way to do this wrong
except to not do it or to not do the correct sequence. If you do the correct sequence,
there‟s no way to do it wrong.

Question: The rotation you are talking about generally in the exercises are exercise one
and exercise two. Would you just go through the rotation and go through both exercises?

Dr. Alex Loyd: I sure would. I‟d go through the rotation and I‟d go through both of
them if you were doing an hour at a time. Now, if you were doing an hour a day because
you wanted to ge the momentum turned around, but you were going to do two thirty
minute sessions, then I would do Code #1 the first session and Code #2 the second
session. But if you‟re doing it all at once, your entire amount for the day during one
session, or longer, I would just rotate through both Codes.

Dr. Alex Loyd: You want to go through the Twelve Categories. Because according to
the research, 90+% of our issues are unconscious. Especially Dr. John Sarno, a professor
at NYU medical school, he says that these chronic illnesses and pain in adults come from
memories that are usually unconscious. They are so difficult to deal with because we
don‟t know what we‟re dealing with. We don‟t know where it‟s coming from. It‟s
coming from these memories that create constant stress.
So going through the Twelve Categories assures that you address all the issues, even the
unconscious ones that may be causing your problem when you wouldn‟t think that‟s
what‟s causing your problem. So that‟s critical.

Question: : Can you work or should you work on more than one category in a day?

Dr. Alex Loyd: Yes. But that is up to you. If I had to give a “most of the time, for most
people” answer, I would say focus on one. But there have been many times when I have
focused on more than one because I felt like it was what I needed to do that day and I
think it was the right thing to do. So it just depends on the person and the situation.
Again, if you‟ve been through our Advanced Training, you can test that yourself. If not,
you can get a coach to test it or you can just say, “You know, I just feel like that‟s what I
should do today. It‟s what I want to do and it‟s what feels right.” If that‟s the case, that‟s
what I‟d do.

Question: I was going to ask if it‟s okay to continue doing one category over and over
again. I understand the benefit of rotating. But if my intuition says to stay on the one for
days on end, is that okay?

Healing Codes Coach: Yes, I think it is. If you feel that there is a benefit in it and you
are coming up with new pictures and you‟re rating your pictures and the emotional
weight of them is decreasing, then I would follow what feels right to you. At the same
time, I wanted to say that normally, it‟s best to do other categories, even ones that don‟t
seem to apply. To keep on rotating through all the categories. Because there are going to
be things that are connected that we‟re just not ever aware of. But doing the exercises
will clear them out. And they will be related to our primary issues in ways that we‟ll
never understand

Finding/Creating Memories
Question: I have a question about the memory finder. You‟re supposed to think of the
problem you‟re working on and get the earliest memory or emotion attached to it and get
the earliest memory. I‟m not too good at that. But I don‟t worry about it because I figure
that the prayer that you say is that you‟re asking to open all this stuff anyway when you
say the prayer. So I don‟t concern myself about it. And you tell me that you can‟t make
a mistake with this and you just go ahead and do it. Because I‟m asking this to be opened
anyway even though I‟m not quite sure what it is.

Dr. Alex Loyd: That‟s right, absolutely. That‟s right. Your heart knows what it is and it
will connect to the memories that need to be connected to.
Question: So there would be no concern about that and as I develop along this, I imagine
I would realize what some of these things are. Is that correct?

Dr. Alex Loyd: Yes. Now, you may or may not realize what those things are. But they
will heal, regardless.

Participant: My question is how important is it to do the first part in the memory finder
up until the picture. I have trouble with that whole part about identifying the emotion
with the earliest picture. I kind of start with the Truth Statement and the prayer and do
the positions. I‟m wondering how much more I would benefit if I actually did the whole
process. I also get to the point sometimes where I can‟t think of any other pictures.

Coach’s answer: It will still help even without the pictures and, in fact, sometimes it‟s
better not to work with pictures. It‟s not going to keep it from working. What I generally
tell people is not to spend take too terribly long with it, because then you just don‟t want
to do it. If you sit down and take an hour to do it, then you‟re not going to want to do it.
Our best example of doing it without going through all the pictures is Dr. Ben. He was
healed of his Lou Gehrig‟s disease before the Picture Finder was part of the process. And
also remember that this works splendidly well on infants and pets. And odds are if you
sit there talking to your collie and say, “Collie, remember when…?” So it‟s not a
necessity, it just helps.

Dr. Alex Loyd: Let me add another thing. If remembering an early memory is not
working for you, then go to the biggest frustration memory that you can recall. Even if
it‟s not early. Even if it‟s about not having more progress with The Healing Codes. Even
if it‟s something five years ago.

Question: I‟ve just started. I‟ve always had a problem articulating emotions and how I
feel, etc. So I‟m having a hard time trying to work out what‟s associated with what I‟m
working on. My memory is not good at all. I have chronic fatigue and am dealing with
all the heavy metals. A lot of damage. Since it‟s hard for me to articulate what‟s
happening, I‟m having a hard time thinking back and finding something that‟s associated
with an unhealthy belief.

Dr. Alex Loyd: Can I give you some wonderful advice on that? Don‟t even try at this
point. Start with whatever is bothering you the most, rate it zero to ten, pray about it, do
the treatment while you relax. That‟s all you need to do. All of our Heart Rate
Variability validation, which has never occurred before in the history of medicine –
there‟s never been anything that can relieve stress from the body the way The Healing
Codes do – all of that was done without going back and finding anything. No memories,
no Truth Focus Statements, nothing. All of that stuff is just to enhance the treatments.
But they work beautifully without doing any of that. That is also the Quick Start or
Urgent Method for doing The Healing Codes. Is not finding any of those things.
So at this point, I would not worry about doing that one whit. I would just start with
whatever is bothering you and do the treatment and relax. The general rule of thumb there
is if the problem, the root of all of our illness and disease physiologically is stress and we
get stressed out about not being able to find the memories, then we‟re working against
ourselves. So it would be a whole lot better to not even worry about that and just do the
proper Code while you relax and it will work like gangbusters. That‟s how all of our
medical validation was done. So don‟t ever worry for one minute to do it that way.

Truth Focus Statements
Question: I know that one can rewrite Truth Focus Statements, but overall, I see that the
Truth Focus Statements are about, “I need to be more patient, I need to be more kind…”
And I‟m wondering about those of us who have been on the receiving end of all this
harshness and all this really bad behavior and we might have trouble setting boundaries.
And we‟re always being too patient, meaning putting up with really bad behavior. So it‟s
a little confusing to me because all the Truth Focus statements are like, “I will wait for
this…” But that‟s our problem in the first place. We‟re always waiting and putting up
with bad behavior.

Dr. Alex Loyd: Right. That‟s a great question. Let me address it as best I can. The first
thing you said is absolutely true. We would prefer that you write your own Truth Focus
Statement because you‟re the only one that knows exactly what you need. And for those
of you who have the Advanced Training material, you can do that really easily. You can
create a Truth Focus Statement and then test it to see if it‟s a really good one for you or if
you should come up with a better one and then test it again until you come up with
exactly the one you need. If you don‟t have that, just go by what feels right. 99.9% of
the time that will be right.

Let me address your other issue, too. The Truth Focus Statements are not designed to be
statements of what I need to do. They are designed to be statements about what is true
about different areas of your life. For pretty much everybody. So let‟s take your
example of patience. I‟ve worked with women – and I‟m not saying at all this is your
situation, I doubt it is – I‟ve worked with women who have been abused by spouses,
abused by parents, abused by boyfriends, some men that were abused by wives on the
other hand. But I do not consider it to be patient to continue to put up with abuse. I
consider that to be destructive. We use the word “dysfunctional,” I don‟t really like the
word “dysfunctional.” I think everybody is dysfunctional to some degree if you put us
under the right light. I do like the word “destructive.” Because those are things that
work against living a life of love and truth.

Yes, I think that when it comes to my wife, Tracey, who is a wonderful lady and who is a
loving lady and wants to have a loving home and family and all of that, just like I do, I
think I should be patient. I think I need to be patient with her when we butt heads and
when things don‟t go my way and when she wants to do things differently than I do. On
the other hand, if I have someone who is hurting me in an abusive kind of way, that is not
the place for patience. To me, that is not even what patience means. That is the place to
do the loving thing, and the loving thing there is to get away and to not allow that person
to keep abusing. It‟s the loving thing not only for you, but it‟s the loving thing for the
other person. Because usually, as long as they are able to perpetuate a destructive cycle,
they‟re not going to be able to get help and potentially change.

So those are designed to be the truth, but depending upon the situation, it may not apply.
You can‟t put yourself in an abusive situation and say, “I will wait for the process of love
to make this situation the way it should be.” Which in other cases might be a decent
Truth Focus Statement for patience. But in this particular situation, it‟s not the time for
patience. It‟s time to get the heck out of there for everyone‟s best interest.

Question (continued): I get what you‟re saying. It‟s just that there were all the
statements…like in Kindness and in Patience…all the Truth Focus Statements were all
about, you know, “I, myself am the one who should be kind and patient.” I started to feel
like, “Well, this book isn‟t for me,” because I‟m the one who was on the other end of the
stick of people being violent. So I just had a hard time relating to things like, “Knowing
I‟m loved by God makes me know I‟m safe and protected.” And if I‟m working on
childhood abuse, then I‟m thinking, “Well, wait a minute, that doesn‟t make sense to me,
because I wasn‟t protected then.”

Dr. Alex Loyd: That‟s right. Then I would rewrite those. And I completely agree with
you. And I would rewrite those to fit your experience.

What Is The Universal Healing Code?
Question: What would you use the Universal Code for?

Dr. Alex Loyd: The Universal is a separate package and you can use that for anything.
It is not as effective as the individual Codes in The Healing Codes, but you can use it for

Do I/Can I Continue Doing ______ While Doing The Healing Codes?
Question: While you‟re using The Healing Codes, do you still have to do your normal
cleansing? Someone who‟s ill obviously needs major cleansing. Do you still go through
major cleansing program?

Dr. Alex Loyd: Well, there‟s no way to answer that question for every single person.
That‟s not a general, “It‟s this way for everybody” question. The Healing Codes work
for anything. You don‟t have to quit doing anything; you don‟t have to start doing
anything. You don‟t have to quit taking anything; you don‟t have to start taking
anything. The Healing Codes work. We get reports from people all the time. Every
single week. We get reports from people that say, “I don‟t have to take vitamins anymore
since starting The Healing Codes.” Does that mean that we‟re coming out and saying,
“Hey, guess what, guys, you don‟t have to take vitamins anymore.” No. I take vitamins
every day. And don‟t have any intention of stopping that. But everybody‟s different.
We‟ve had clinics who give colonics say they‟ve had people who do The Healing Codes
come in and they don‟t need colonics anymore. There‟s nothing there. After a number of
weeks of doing The Healing Codes. Does that mean you don‟t need colonics? No. I
believe in colonics. I think it‟s a good thing to do and occasionally I‟m going to go and
do that. It‟s different for everybody. But what I say is if you believe something is good
and healthy, do it. Don‟t discontinue it because of The Healing Codes. If you have the
Advanced Training Material and know how to test, you can test some of those things.

But no, we believe in being holistic. We believe in vitamins and minerals. We believe in
exercise and mediation and doing lots of things that are healthy. Not just one. But that‟s
an individual thing. So you decide what is good and healthy and best for you.

Question: A Type I diabetic who drinks and smokes and drinks coffee and drinks
pop…you say you don‟t have to give up anything, would The Healing Codes help that
particular person who drinks alcohol and smokes…

Dr. Alex Loyd: Yeah. I believe it would. Now, if your question is, “Are they not going
to be diabetic anymore?” I can‟t answer that. But if your question is, “Will it help
them?” Well, removing massive amounts of stress from your body on a regular basis – it
can‟t help but help. Because stress is the killer. We say about all kinds of things, “Oh,
that‟s a killer…cancer is a killer…Lou Gehrig‟s disease is a killer…this is a killer.”
There‟s really only one killer. That‟s stress. It‟s the killer for everything. It‟s where Lou
Gehrig‟s comes from. And cancer, and heart disease and all these other things. So it
can‟t help but help. Now. If I were to advise that person, would I say, “It would
probably work a whole lot better if you‟d quit smoking and quit doing some of these
other things,” yes, I would advise that. But that‟s that person‟s choice, too. So if they
told me, “You know what? I‟m not willing to do that. So are you saying I shouldn‟t do
The Healing Codes because it‟s not going to help me if I don‟t quit all this other stuff?”
My answer would 100% of the time be, “No. Do it anyway. I completely believe it will
help even if you don‟t quit the other stuff. And maybe your diabetes will heal even
though you‟re doing that other stuff.” Now, is there a better chance if they quit, sure.
But we‟ve seen so many miraculous things in the past year and a half that it‟s very
difficult for us to ever say there‟s no way it would heal.

Question: Could it also heal their emotions so that they no longer have a desire for those
Dr. Alex Loyd: That‟s exactly what happens so many times. After doing The Healing
Codes for a good while, they‟re all the sudden able to stop smoking and stop drinking.
And that, quite frankly, is the key.

Question: In the manual it says, “Share this with your friends and family and pets” and
all that. You can do quite a bit of it just learning on your own type of thing.

Dr. Alex Loyd: Right, but there are three things a Practitioner can do that no one else
can do. They can develop a Custom Code that‟s just for that person and just for that issue
that‟s more effective than any other Code. They can do non-local testing. We teach a
priority form of non-local testing. And they are able to find hidden or unconscious
memories that are connected to whatever the problem is. Sometimes when you find those
memories specifically and heal them it speeds up the process a good bit. So you can‟t
pick those up, those are only available through the Practitioner Training

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