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					ENGR 100W                                                                             Dr. Anagnos

                             Group Report and Oral Presentation

Draft of Report Due: April 12
Written Report Due: April 19
Practice for Oral Presentations: April 19
Oral Presentations: April 26

Assignment: Form groups of 3 or 4 students. As a group, select a topic from the list on the next
page. Write a collaborative report that addresses your topic. Each person should write a section
of the report. It is up to you to organize it, but each person is responsible for citing the sources
of his or her information in the document using APA format. You must use at least two non-
Internet sources (professional journal, either in hard copy form or from the library’s databases, a
book, a newspaper article etc.). The paper should be a minimum of 2 pages per person (single
spaced in 12 point font), plus all of the front matter, references and appendices.

The group leader should attach a transmittal letter that includes evaluation of each person’s
contribution to the group and the paper.

The purposes of this report are:
    Demonstrate that you apply a scientific approach to answer questions about earth and the
    Synthesize ideas you encounter in multiple readings and presentations
    Demonstrate that you can effectively use graphics in a document.
    Demonstrate that you can deliver an effective oral presentation.
    Demonstrate your teamwork skills.

Guidelines for Report:
1. Complete the report with 12 point font, single space, in blank line between paragraphs, and
   1- inch margins.
2. Include a title page
3. Include a table of contents.
4. Include at least one table or figure.
5. Include a page with all of cited references, listed using APA format.
6. Number your pages.

Guidelines for Oral Presentation:
1. Prepare an oral presentation of NO MORE THAN 2 minutes per person.
2. Use PowerPoint to support your presentation. Remember a good rule for PowerPoint is about
   1 slide per minute.
3. Be concise and informative and think carefully about organization and transitions.

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ENGR 100W                                                                              Dr. Anagnos

                               Group Report Topics for Spring 2006

1. What is green building design, how is it being implemented, and what are some challenges to

Last names: ______________________________________________________________________
2. Why is waste from electronic devices a problem? Discuss methods to reduce waste from
   computers and other electronic devices. What policies or laws address this issue?

Last names: ______________________________________________________________________
3. Discuss issues related to freshwater shortages and possible solutions to water shortages (e.g.
   dams, desalination, conservation). What are some of the challenges to implementing these

Last names: ______________________________________________________________________
4. Discuss what is being done in the U.S. and around the world to recycle end-of-life vehicles.
   Where and what are the most effective programs?

Last names: ______________________________________________________________________
5. Discuss wind energy, how and where is it used effectively. What are some of the challenges with
   this technology and what future directions is the wind industry taking?

Last names: ______________________________________________________________________
6. Discuss principles behind hybrid cars. How efficient are they? What are some of the
   limitations of hybrid vehicles?

Last names: ______________________________________________________________________
7. How does shipping impact the environment (positive and negative)? What is being done in
   terms of ballast laws and ship construction to protect our coastal waters?

Last names: ______________________________________________________________________
8. What can farms do to increase agricultural production without increasing land use?

Last names: ______________________________________________________________________
9. Discuss several human or animal diseases and how they are related to issues in the
   environment. What can or is being done to eradicate these diseases or minimize exposure to the

Last names: ______________________________________________________________________
10. Describe sources of groundwater contamination and techniques that are used for groundwater
    clean up. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of these different techniques?

Last names: ______________________________________________________________________

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