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									Harish - Introduction

Slide 1

Long long ago, so long ago, nobody knows how long ago God created Man
This painting called the “Creation of Adam" is one of Michelangelo’s Masterpieces.
It depicts the so called God, The Almighty giving life to Adam.
God tries to reach out to man as you can see.
This was the first instance of networking.

Slide 2

Why the name Social Networking?
No brownie points for guessing.
Man is a Social Animal.
Hence the name of the game is Social Networking.

Slide 3

Social Networking has become so powerful that we don’t see people in flesh and blood. Rather
we see them as tiny images embedded in our friend’s list dashboard.

Slide 4

This slide depicts the evolution of man. The only difference between the ape our forefather and
us is the computer. Thanks to Social Networking.

Slide 5

But why do we network?
Well at the heart of it we just want to communicate and hence the title - Communication to
Social Networking.
To take the presentation further I call upon Gaurav Singh.
GAURAV – Revolution

Slide 6

We are here today to present on the topic Revolution through Social Networking, the serious
and the lighter side of it.

Slide 7

What you see on the screen is an Image of the French Revolution.
The modern era has unfolded in the shadow of the French Revolution.

Slide 8

What you see on the screen is an Image of the American Revolution.

July 4th no wonder is mark of this great revolution.

Slide 9

Our very own Revolution, led by a half naked fakir - the modern world got its poster boy because
of it.

These revolutions are the greatest examples of all that is virtuous in humanity.

Back then communication was inland to one’s own country barring the French support to

In the Modern World of Today revolutions happen in ways you can’t even imagine.

I call upon GEETESH to explain you how?
GEETESH - Iranian 2009 Election Protest

Slide 10

The Internet and, specifically, social networking has been instrumental in organizing many of the
2009 Iranian election protests. Online sites have been uploading amateur pictures and video, and
Twitter, Face book, and blogs have been places for protesters to gather and exchange
information. Twitter in particular has been a key central gathering site during the protests.
Twitter hash tags used most frequently in tweets about the protest. Aside from the use of
social networking sites by protesters to gather and exchange information, individuals around the
world used these sites to gain news and information on the events in Iran. Due to strict foreign
media censorship by the Iranian government, social networking sites became the primary source
of information, videos, and testimonials of the protests. Major news outlets, such as CNN and
BBC News, gained much of their information from using and sorting through tweets by Twitter
users and videos uploaded to YouTube. The use of social networking became central enough to
the reports from Iran to make Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Gordon Brown state
that the way the internet has democratised communication has forever changed the way
foreign policy can be carried out and even suggest that web-based social networking could
have prevented the Rwandan genocide.

DDOS attacks
MOUSAVI’S supporters, through social networking sites, exchanged scripts for launching
distributed denial of service attacks (DDOS) against AHMADINEJAD'S website.

Slide 11

This image says it all.

I call upon HRIDAY to take the presentation forward.
HRIDAY - Wiki leaks

Slide 12

The brain child of Julian ASSANGE that started as a small group of activists operating a
clearing house for leaked secret documents, Wiki Leaks looks like turning into an international
grass roots movement that needs no central figure to fight a "data war" in the name of Internet

A cyber war of galactic proportions bigger than George Lucas’s Star Wars is being fought with
Social Networking sites like Twitter and Face book caught in the middle.

Amazon, PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard – all have been under attack by internet free speech
activists – also called internet anarchists.

Next in line are the national governments themselves.

DDOS is ruling the roost on the cyber world and we hope everybody will live happily ever after.

Slide 13 & 14

This is the power of the one (not the Neo of Matrix) when Social Networking is harnessed.

What you see on screen are tomorrow weapons of mass destruction and our governments are
spending billions on outdated weapons.

I call upon HEENA to take the presentation to the lighter side of revolution through social
HEENA – Dating

Two things can survive a nuclear bomb. One is a cockroach and the other is love.

In today’s crazy world of love, social networking (read Face Book) is changing the way men and
women express their love (in ways you can’t even imagine).

So much so that Cupid’s dead. Thanks to Face Book.

Even before you get to know you are in a relationship everybody around gets to know. Again
thanks to Social Networking.

We are showcasing videos from the hit shows South Park & the Big Bang Theory to support our

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