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					                        ARTICLE WRITING FOR MONEY

Two days ago, I started a series on how to write article to make money online, it
was a very good start and a very comforting work for me, because article writing
as become part of me, I can write as many article as possible in a row within
certain hour; this is so because I master the tips and tricks and now it is part of me.

You don’t need to be a professional before you start, you don’t need to be a degree
holder in English before you can make money with writing, all you need do is
mastering the pros and cons of article marketing and you are on your way to
making money.

Based on my research, I told you that there a quiet a number of companies that pay
you for every articles accepted from you and the payment ranges between $1 and
$100, some even pays above this depending on the number of words and some
other reasons, now you can choose from them when I starts giving you their names
and websites to sign up at, do not forget this, all the links I will be sharing are not
affiliate links, I should have cloak the link for you to sign up and I will be sharing
from the cash you are making on a daily basis, but I won’t do that, whatever your
work rate is; that what you will earn.

Today, I will give you just two of those article marketing company to start with, I
will be giving you the rest later, mind you, you can sign up on all the sites I will be
giving you, or better still, you can pick the ones you like, just the rest assured that
whichever one you chose, you will be paid well for a job well done.

   1) is one of the best outsourcing company in the world, though
      they deals with anything you know how to do, but for the sake of this post, I
      will limit myself to article writing section of the company, later in the future,
      I will expose more of their work which you can make money from. Sign up
      at freelancer as a free membership or gold membership; read their FAQ, be
      familiar with the site, after a couple of hours you will understands them
      better, now, update your profile and fill in your area of interest which can be
      anything you know how to do, but stick to article writing for now and start
      bidding on projects relating to your expertise. Payment processor on
      freelancer is PayPal, Moneybroker, Bank Wire (US only) and Freelancer.
      Choose the one that suites you and fill in your payment detail, money for
      every work completed by you will remitted into your account.
   2) Another one I use very well is iWriter, it is very good to start with, the pay
      ranges between $1.50 to $5 per article written, sign up there and input your
      detail, you can write virtually on anything there, just open your eyes and
      select the jobs you think will be easier for you. The mode of payment as at
      the time of writing this post is PayPal , make sure you get yourself plunged
      into it, before you know it, there will be cash in your pocket.

My little advice for you before I go, this post is as good as nothing, if you just read
and take no action, therefore, start something today and stop postponing the day.

To your Online Success,

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