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Solar Company Profiles


									Solar Company
 Ministry of Economic Development and Trade
               Economic Development Division
            Green Energy/ Clean Technologies
                        Prepared by: Caitlin Radich
                                        July, 2011
Calisolar/6N Silicon Inc.
1 Royal Gate Blvd, Unit B
Vaughan, ON L4L 8Z7

Tel: +1.905.856.0367
Fax: +1.905.856.0327

Contact                                      Overview
David Dunnison                                  The company has developed a proprietary process for
Vice President, Domestic Sales & Marketing       purifying inexpensive, readily available metallurgical grade
Email:                       silicon into solar grade silicon using low cost metallurgical
                                                 processing. 6N's silicon purification process provides a
                                                 revolutionary approach to the production of solar grade
Bret Adams                                       silicon for the photovoltaic industry.
Director of Marketing
Tel: (408) 962-962 Ext. 3144
ARISE Technologies
65 Northland Road,
Waterloo, ON N2V 1Y8

Tel: (519) 725-2244
Fax: (519) 725-8907

                                 ARISE Technologies Corporation, based in Waterloo, Ontario, is a
                                  leader in high-performance, cost-effective solar technology. The
                                  company operates through three divisions.
                                     The PV Cell Division manufactures PV (photovoltaic) cells at its
Contact                               first manufacturing plant opened in April 2008 in Bischofswerda,
Ian MacLellan                         Germany. The division is developing proprietary technology with a
Founder and CTO                       target of achieving a step-by-step progression to a high-efficiency
Tel: 519-772-5707                     level of greater than 20 percent.
                                     The PV Silicon Division is using a proprietary method to produce
Fax: 519-725-8907
                                      silicon at 7N+ high-purity (99.99999 percent purity) for PV cell           applications, based on a simplified chemical vapour deposition
                                      process. The division is focusing on scaling up its process to
                                      provide ARISE with control over its supply, costs, and quality.
                                     The PV Systems Division has been providing PV solutions for

                                      solar farms and rooftop installations since 1996 throughout North
                                      America. ARISE is planning to expand its systems business in
                                      Ontario under the Ontario FIT (Feed-In Tariff) program.
ATS: Photowatt Ontario Inc.
730 Fountain St. North
Building #1
Cambridge, ON N3H 4R7

Tel: 519 650 6535

                                      Photowatt Ontario Inc. is a subsidiary of ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc. They are an
                                       Ontario-based company headquartered in Cambridge, ON. They are part of the Photowatt
                                       Group which is based in France and was purchased by ATS in 1997. Photowatt has global
                                       reach and has been involved in Photovoltaic (PV) research, development and
                                       manufacturing since 1979.
                                      On October 21, 2009, ATS delivered a press release announcing its intention to serve the
                                       domestic solar energy market in Ontario. In the words of Anthony Caputo, CEO: “With our
                                       very broad capabilities in solar and as a leading equipment, engineering and manufacturing
                                       company with over 900 employees and approximately 1 million square feet of facilities in
                                       Ontario, we have the capability to meet demand and lead the domestic market”.
                                      As part of its comprehensive approach, ATS, through Photowatt, plans to:
                                          Develop solar projects;

                                          Offer complete solutions to installers and developers including modules, balance of

                                           system, technical support, project management, financing and site maintenance, with
                                           the ability to meet and exceed content requirements under the Green Energy Act;
                                          Build Photowatt modules directly at its existing Cambridge facilities, as well as through

                                           a contract manufacturing arrangement with an Ontario-based partner;
                                          Designate a "green wing" on its existing Cambridge campus and invite others wishing

                                           to participate in the Ontario market and/or produce products in Ontario to consider
                                           cooperation and co-location.
Bosch Solar Energy AG
Wilhelm-Wolff-Straße 23
99099 Erfurt
(Bosch has a Mississauga location)

Tel: +49 (0) 361 2195-0 (Germany)
                                        With its headquarter in Erfurt, Germany, Bosch Solar Energy is
                                         currently the newest business division in the Bosch Group. Bosch
                                         Solar Energy supplies first-class solar cells and modules with high
                                         annual yields, even at sub-optimal levels of sunlight. The fundamental
                                         basis for such excellent operation comprises state-of-the-art
                                         production equipment and highly effective processes. Since 2009,
                                         Bosch have also constructed turn-key solar power plants to order,
                                         featuring well-developed technologies. These provide high levels of
                                         operating efficiency, ensured by optimally matched components. As a
                                         system provider, their plan in the medium term is to offer all the
                                         components their customers need for a photovoltaic power plant,
                                         supplying everything from a single source
                                        The Thuringian town of Arnstadt is where Bosch Solar Energy
                                         manufactures ingots and wafers – the preliminary products for solar
                                         cell production – as well as mono- and polycrystalline solar cells.
                                         Additionally, they produce high-yield thin-film solar modules in Erfurt
                                         and Brandenburg an der Havel.
                                        Bosch aims to ensure that photovoltaics represent a significant
                                         proportion of the future energy mix. To achieve this, they are
                                         constantly improving performance in their cells and modules, while
                                         working to reduce production costs and developing cell and module
                                         concepts of the future.
Canadian Solar
650 Riverbend Drive, Suite B
Kitchener ,ON N2K 3S2

Tel: +1 519 954 2057
Fax:+1 519 578 2097

                                          Canadian Solar Inc. is one of the world’s largest solar module producers.
Contact                                    The company is a leading vertically integrated provider of ingots, wafers,
Tanya Bragg                                solar cells, solar modules, solar power systems and specialized solar
Marketing Manager                          products,
Tel: (519) 954-2057                       Canadian Solar was founded in Ontario, Canada in 2001 and was
Email:       successfully listed on NASDAQ Exchange in 2006. Today, they operate
                                           across three continents, delivering solar modules to customers in over
                                           30 countries.
                                          Seven wholly-owned manufacturing subsidiaries with a total combined
                                           facility space of close to 260,000 sqm and a module capacity of 2.05
                                          Canadian Solar operates in 9 countries: Canada, China, Germany, Italy,
                                           Japan, Korea, Spain,Australia,and the United States.
Canasia Solar
73 Simcoe Street, Suite 306
Toronto, Ontario
M5J 1W9

Tel: 416 363 1815

                                  Canasia Power Corp. is a Canadian power development company that
                                   specializes in developing major power projects and related electrical
                                   infrastructure, in energy deficient economies.
                                  Canasia wins and develops its own power projects, and offers the following core
                                   services to governments and the private sector:
                                      Development of large power generation plants, from preliminary project

                                       identification, feasibility studies, permitting, contract negotiations and
                                       clearances, fuel arrangements, project finance, to construction and
                                      Development of related electrical infrastructure facilities;

                                      Rebuilding and refurbishment of existing electrical infrastructure;

                                      Development of renewable energy projects, in particular solar energy; and

                                      Energy consulting services.

                                  Canasia was established in 1994 to pursue opportunities in international power
844 Don Mills Road
Toronto, ON M3C 1V7

Toll-free in North America: +1 888-899-9998

   Headquarters: Toronto, Canada
   Locations: Approximately 20 manufacturing and
    design facilities worldwide

                                                       Celestica’s global team is dedicated to delivering end-to-end product
                                                        lifecycle solutions at the lowest total cost of ownership – enabling
                                                        customers to keep their commitments and stand out in their markets.
                                                        Expertise is in design and engineering, electronics manufacturing and
                                                        supply chain management services. Their suite of solutions spans the
Contact                                                 entire product lifecycle – from design, through to delivery and after-market
Mike Andrade                                            support.
Senior Vice President and General Manager              By understanding the unique complexity of each customer’s business, they
North America                                           develop customized solutions that drive product innovation, cost savings,
                                                        supply chain efficiencies and improved time-to-market.
Tel: 416-448-4875
                                                       Help customers design green supply chains and product roadmaps that                                  access the latest and most cost-effective technologies. Through Celestica’s
                                                        product launch process, they bring energy solutions and green
                                                        technologies to market quickly by leveraging global manufacturing Centres
                                                        of Excellence and dedicated teams of experts to deliver consistent
                                                        execution and performance, which gives customers the flexibility to scale
                                                        and meet their market demands.

                                                    Inverter Manufacturing in Toronto
                                                      200 new solar manufacturing jobs have been created as Samsung C&T
                                                       Corp and SMA Solar Technology AG have partnered to build industrial-size
                                                       solar inverters at Celestica’s facilities in Toronto
Eclipsall Energy
5900 Finch Avenue East
Toronto, Ontario
M1B 5X7

Tel: 416-716-3390

                                 Established in 2009, Eclipsall is equipped to become the
                                  Canadian leader in the manufacturing and distribution of high-
                                  performance PV modules.
Contact                          The state-of-the-art, 120,000 foot facility located in Toronto,
Leonid Mednik                     Canada, is expected to have a initial capacity production of 64
Cfo                               MW and scalable to over 200 MW.
Tel: (416) 356-2577              Eclipsall announced that they are entering a long term
                                  partnership with an international solar development company to
                                  manufacture approximately 400 MW of PV modules for solar
                                  projects across North America over the next five years.
                                 The expansion of their facility is expected to create 200 local
                                 Eclipsall partners with Universities to conduct research and
252 Hamilton Crescent
Thames Centre, ON N0L 1G4

Tel: (519) 268-6500

Contact                        Overview
Tony Ali                          EnerWorks Inc. is a leading North American solar thermal technology
Vp Sales & Customer Alleg          provider. Proven, patented technology and certified systems offer high
Tel: (519) 268-6500 Ext. 203       quality, reliable, and cost-effective renewable energy solutions to the
Fax: (519) 268-6292                North American and Caribbean markets.
Email:        EnerWorks develops and manufactures proprietary renewable energy
                                   appliances for residential, commercial and industrial markets.
                                  EnerWorks Inc. was formed in 1998 when founder Mike Noble and
                                   Queen’s University’s Dr. Stephen Harrison partnered to build on the
                                   work each had been conducting and commercialize a novel way to use
                                   solar energy to heat water for homes and businesses. EnerWorks was
                                   founded on the principles of innovation, deep engineering expertise,
                                   safe and reliable system design, independent verification, and an
                                   unwavering commitment to providing our customers with affordable, yet
                                   high-quality products that use solar energy cost-effectively.
2875 Argentia Road, Units 4,5 & 6
Mississauga, ON L5N 8G6

Tel: 905-288-2100

                                       Fronius has been engaged in solar electronics since 1992, in particular in
                                        the development and production of grid-connected photovoltaic inverters
                                        and components for professional system monitoring. Fronius supplies solar
                                        electronics to other leading solar manufacturers. On-going product
                                        innovation has made Fronius a worldwide leading manufacturer of state-of-
                                        the-art electronics for the solar sector.
                                       Their rapidly growing team in solar electronics is well aware of the
                                        importance of their involvement in re-designing the energy supply for the
520 Allen's Side Rd.
Sault Ste. Marie,
ON P6A 6K4

Tel: 705-575-6556

                                   Heliene Canada is the result of an alliance between Helios
                                    Energy Europe (Heliene Europe- a Spanish company) and
                                    Canadian entrepreneurs.The Solar Power Generation industry in
Contact                             Canada and the US is going through a growth stage and Heliene
Martin Pochtaruk                    intends to be a strong player in this industry by developing a
President                           fully automated facility to manufacture high-quality, photovoltaic
Tel: (705) 255-6156
                                   Since photovoltaic solar modules are a sophisticated
Email:        technological product, the Heliene facility has been developed to
                                    include a high level of automation, with the assembly line
                                    combining robotics and on-line continuous monitoring.
                                   Heliene has the experience of the most dramatically growing
                                    market in the world. In fact in 2008, 50% of all the photovoltaic
                                    panels in the world were installed in Spain, which is the home
                                    country of Heliene Europe. Now, Heliene is ready to bring
                                    photovoltaic energy to Ontario, Canada, along with years of
                                    experience and business success.
Hybridyne Power
1111 Davis Drive , # 93001
Newmarket ON. L3Y 8K3

Tel: 866 230 3918

                                                 Hybridyne Power Systems Canada Inc. specializes in the international sales
                                                  and installation of Hybrid (Wind & Solar) Renewable Energy Systems, of the
                                                  distributed-architecture, peak-shaving, non-co-gen type.
Contact                                          In 2004, the founders of the company and the group conceived a small
Thomas Cleland                                    (under 100kW ) renewable energy system that was to be unlike anything
                                                  else currently available on the market today. The technology is now patent
Tel: (866) 230-3918
                                                 In the process of developing a marketing and delivery strategy for this new
Email:                                            technology, they were able to assemble a group of companies who are all       keenly interested in alternate energy and who have a vested responsible
                                                  corporate interest in its success as a whole.
                                                 As a result, this group represents remarkable international depth and
                                                  breadth of financial stability, established corporate longevity, huge
                                                  aggregate knowledge capital, and national and international technical
                                                  support and installation technology. They are confident that this has never
                                                  been done before in Canada and quite possibly in the entire world.
                                                 Hybridyne has access to the largest aggregate engineering and R&D staffs
                                                  in the world, National Warranty/Service from prominent Power Electronics
                                                  Service firms, and commitments from some of the largest equipment
                                                  manufacturers and design firms worldwide.
Kaco New Energy
15835 Robins Hill Road
London, ON N5A 0A5
Tel: 519-453-6111

                    KACO began manufacturing sine inverters more than 60 years ago. The product
                     portfolio offered by KACO today is being used around the globe for rail vehicle and
                     photovoltaic applications. KACO new energy began 2010 as the world's second
                     largest manufacturer of photovoltaic inverters. With over 2 GW of inverters
                     produced to date KACO is a trusted and reliable partner for photovoltaic systems
                     across the globe.
                    For over 60 years KACO inverters have been setting the standard for photovoltaic
                     system solutions and customized power supplies. Known in Europe for high reliability
                     and maximum efficiency, the world's second largest PV inverter manufacturer has
                     now developed a second series of inverters for the US market. Adherence to the
                     highest technical standards is how they ensure our technological leadership.
                    They have established themselves in the market of customized power supplies and
                     photovoltaic system solutions as one of the most technologically innovative and
                     reliable companies. Strength and competitive advantage lies in their customer-
                     orientated business practices and of power-electronic development specifically
                     designed for customers.
Lumin Solar
35 Minthorn Blvd.
Thornhill, ON L3T 7N5

Tel: 905.731.4764
Fax: 905.709.4238

                                    Lumin Solar is a Canadian-based manufacturer of high quality,
                                     high output solar panels for use both in electrical grid-tied and off-
                                     grid applications. Having amassed over 30 years in manufacturing,
                                     their focus is on being the best in class, emphasizing quality and
                                     customer service.
                                    Lumin Solar is a company dedicated to delivering products and
Contact                              solutions that are environmentally responsible and contribute to a
Christine Purcell                    sustainable future and improve the economic and social well being
Marketing Manager                    of the communities.
Tel: (905) 731-4764 Ext. 300        As Ontario’s premier manufacturer of quality, maximum efficiency
Fax: (905) 709-4238                  solar panels, our Ontario based manufacturing facility produces
                                     solar panels in the 240+ Watt size range.
                                    Located in Thornhill, Ontario, Lumin Solar serves a wide breadth
                                     of industrial, commercial and residential customers throughout the
                                     local Ontario region, Canadian and Global markets.
Magna/Cosma International
3066 8th Line
Bradford, ON L3Z 2A5

Tel: (905) 898-1883

            Cosma had the foresight to apply its strong engineering and manufacturing expertise to the significant opportunities
             and needs of the global renewable energy market. Cosma's global manufacturing footprint and strong program
             management skills make us an attractive partner in this growing industry.
            Cosma is known for metal forming and assembly innovation utilizing extensive process expertise in stamping,
             hydroforming, roll forming, extrusions, tube bending and various joining technologies.
            Cosma understands the renewable energy industry’s performance needs. World class engineering services can
             evaluate durability, stiffness, thermal impact and optics performance.
            Cosma's focused Solar Systems team brings value with:
                Design expertise for manufacturability and serviceability

                Program management

                Logistical expertise

                Ease of installation

                Prototype and testing

                High volume production capabilities

                Reliability
Morgan Solar
30 Ordnance St.
Toronto, ON M6K 1A2

Tel: 416-203-1655

      Founded in 2007, Morgan Solar Inc. is a Toronto-based solar energy start-up driven by the pursuit of
       making solar energy economical without subsidies. The company has developed a portfolio of
       breakthrough optical technologies that have enabled a highly efficient and low cost Concentrated
       Photovoltaic (CPV) solar module, the patented Sun Simba HCPV. The Sun Simba stands as the first solar
       module with a clear path to achieve grid-parity across global utility-scale markets.
      The Sun Simba offers scalable, low capital, and low maintenance electricity generation, delivering
       substantially higher internal rates of return (IRR) than any other photovoltaic system and most fossil-fuel
       generation plants. With minimal environmental impact and little civil construction or heavy installation
       requirements, projects will have shorter commissioning times than other forms of power generation.
      They have started manufacturing the Sun Simba for testing, demonstration, and certification at their facility
       in Toronto. The company expects to have the Sun Simba certified, and ready for grid tie, in the third quarter
       of 2011.
      In addition to the Simba, Morgan Solar has five patented or patent-pending photovoltaic products in the
       pipeline. All of these products are based on their approach of combining highly innovative optical
       technologies with well-established manufacturing processes.
Ontario Solar Manufacturing
1110 Hansler Road
Welland, ON L3C 7M5

Toronto Line: 647-247-2910
Welland Line: 289-488-1699
Fax: 289-488-1698

Contact                            Ontario Solar Manufacturing Corp (“OSM Solar”) is a federally registered
Andrea Porcelli                     privately held Canadian corporation headquartered in Welland, Ontario. OSM
Office Manager                      Solar designs, assembles, manufactures and distributes photovoltaic solar
Tel: (289) 488-1699 Ext. 301        panels in Canada under the Symphony brand.
Fax: (289) 488-1698                In partnering with Symphony Energy of South Korea founded in 2003, OSM
                                    Solar can deliver an established and certified product to Ontario.
                                   With an employee base of 145 people, Symphony has grown from producing
                                    10MW in 2004 to an expected 400MW in 2011. Revenues in 2010 are
                                    expected to top $120,000,000 US creating a stable and sustainable partner
                                    looking to enter the North American market.
                                   Symphony Energy has been in the module assembly business since 2004
                                    and has sold modules on an OEM basis to AB Solar of Belgium and Kaco
                                    Inverter manufacturing as well as creating and selling the Symphony brand
                                    directly to markets in Europe, America and Asia.
                                   OSM panels meet 100% of the content requirements for FIT and microFIT
                                    programs targeting ground and rooftop installations in Ontario. OSM Solar is
                                    member of CANSIA and all panels leaving our plant are ULC rated.
OpSun Panels
215 Spandina Ave, Suite 400
Toronto ON M5T 2C7

Tel: 416-800-1614

                                  OpSun Develops cutting-edge products for solar installations
                                   and is passionately committed to a maximum return-on-
                                  Founded in 2004, Opsun began as a high-tech research
Contact                            laboratory focusing on next-generation solar technology.
Erik Desrosiers                    Opsun’s scientists and engineers have developed a wide range
Business Development               of technological solutions for solar installations.
Dir.Tel: (416) 800-1614           The company is proud of the quality of their integrated solar
Email:       panels and mounting systems. Their end goal is to contribute to
                                   record-breaking project successes, every time. This is why they
                                   offer expert, in-depth support to their partners. Opsun makes the
                                   technology difference in solar projects for a maximum return-on-
                                  OpSun offer made-in-Ontario high efficiency PV panels,
                                   Patented mounting solutions, and in-house total support.
Power One/ SAE Solar
740 Calle Plano
Camarillo, California, 93012
United States (Ontario location yet to be announced)

Tel: 416-298-0560
Fax: 416-298-0806
                                                          Power-One has recently established itself as the world’s second largest
                                                           provider of solar inverters. Further, as one of the world’s ten largest
                                                           providers of power conversion and power management solutions, Power-
                                                           One is one of the few companies with the product breadth to support every
                                                           step in the refinement of utility-grade AC into the various DC voltages
                                                           required to power high-availability infrastructure systems at the site, system,
                                                           and semiconductor levels. They are increasing the availability of our
                                                           renewable energy solar and wind inverter products featuring industry-leading
                                                           features and performance, while offering easier installation, better customer
Contact                                                    service, unmatched applications flexibility, and field-proven reliability.
Kevin Trosian,                                            Power-One’s evolution into a tier-one supplier, competitive on a world-class
                                                           level, has been facilitated by a complement of strategies and milestones:
Vice President, Finance and Investor Relations                Support for global customers, and local markets, with strategically-

Tel: 805-987-8741                                              located manufacturing and R&D facilities.
                                                              Consistent investment in R&D to provide industry-leading energy
                                                               efficiencies, and breakthrough solutions such as our digital power                                              management technologies and world-class inverters.
                                                              Continuously improving the key attributes required to grow our business
                                                               with strategic customers and distributors.
                                                              Pursuit of fast-growth markets: digital power, servers, customs,
                                                               alternative energy, and intelligent controls.
                                                          Power-One employs thousands of people worldwide and is certified to ISO
                                                           standards for all facilities. Customer support, R&D centers, and
                                                           manufacturing operations are strategically located in the Americas, Asia, and

                                                          For more information on power-one:
Samsung Electronics Canada Inc.
7037 Financial Dr
Mississauga, ON

Tel: (905)-542-3535
                                                     Green Energy Investment Agreement
Parent Company:                                         In Toronto, January 21, 2010, Samsung C&T and the Government of Ontario
                                                         signed a green energy investment agreement. The agreement states that:
 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader
                                                            Samsung C&T and Korea Power Electric Commission (KEPCO) will establish
  in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital               and operate a series of wind and solar power clusters in the province over the
  media and digital convergence technologies                 next 20 years
                                                            The clusters will eventually include wind turbines that will generate up to 2000
                                                             MW as well as solar power facilities that will generate up to 500 MW. The
                                                             entire project will have a combined power-generating capacity of 2.5 GW by
                                                             2016, producing energy equivalent to four per cent of Ontario’s total electricity
Contacts                                                     consumption
                                                            This agreement represents a $7 billion renewable energy project which will be
Lee, Sang-Hyun (
                                                             largest of its kind in the world
                                                            The agreement will lead to the creation of more than 16,000 green jobs (2,140

Solar: Michael Yoo (                      direct and 13,860 indirect) over the next six years.
                                                            In return Samsung will receive a premium- called an “economic development
                                                             adder”- that’s expected to amount to $437 million during the first 20 years of
                                                             operation. It works out to be $22 million a year, on top of the wind and solar
                                                             feed-in-tariff rates. The adder is conditional to Samsung reaching certain
                                                             milestones related to investment, manufacturing, and job creation.
                                                             Manufacturing operations and jobs must be maintained for a designated
                                                             number of years as well. Additionally, for making the investment commitment
                                                             Samsung has been guaranteed priority access to Ontario’s transmission

                                                     Current Ontario Projects
                                                        Inverter Manufacturing in Toronto (Celestica)
                                                        Wind and Solar Power Cluster in Halimand County
835 Harrington Court
Burlington, ON L7N 3P3

Tel: +1 905.639.4692
Fax: +1 905.639.0961

                            Satcon develops innovative power conversion solutions and
                             provides system design services for utility-scale renewable
                             energy plants. Featuring the widest range of power ratings in the
                             industry, Satcon inverters provide the critical bridge between
                             clean energy sources and large-scale power grids, helping
                             companies meet the rising demand for clean energy with
                             unparalleled efficiency and profitability.
                            Rugged, reliable and backed by world-class warranty and
                             support programs, Satcon solutions are chosen by the world's
                             leading businesses and utility companies to convert renewable
                             energy into efficient and stable power.
Schneider Electric
5985 McLaughlin Rd
Mississauga, ON L5R 1B8

Tel: (905) 366-3999

                                            Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy management, They bring
                                             solutions for energy efficiency, while making energy safe, reliable and productive,
                                             from plant to plug.
                                            In the Energy & Infrastructure market, products and services solutions cover:
                                                 Processes control and supervision
Contact                                          Power supply & distribution

Nicolas St-germain                               Energy monitoring and control

Director, Eng Services                           Utility management (lighting, ventilation, elevators, intruder alert, etc.)

Tel: (905) 678-5261                              Smart electrical networks management

Email: Nicolas.StGermain@ca.schneider-           Single site or multi-site production data management
                                                 Critical power

                                                 Offer prepayment systems that bring electricity to disadvantaged customers
Siemens Canada
1550 Appleby Line
Burlington, ON L7L6X7

Tel: 905-319-3600

   Siemens Canada Limited is a subsidiary of Siemens AG
   Siemens Canada was named one of Canada’s Top 100
    Employers by Mediacorp, for the second year in a row.
Parent Company:                                                  Siemens is one of the largest and most diversified companies in
 Siemens AG– Munich, Germany
                                                                 the world of electronics and electrical engineering, operating in the
 One of the worlds largest companies, #40 on the Fortune
                                                                 industry, energy and healthcare sectors. Canadian employees are
  500.                                                           working to develop and manufacture products, design and install
 Engaged in multiple lines of business (technology              complex systems and projects
  infrastructure, energy infrastructure, health care, finance,   and tailor a wide range of solutions for individual requirements.
                                                                 Chartered in Canada in 1912, for almost 100 years Siemens has
                                                                 stood for technical achievements, innovation, quality and reliability.
Rocco K. Delvecchio                                              Inverter Manufacturing in Burlington
VP, Government Affairs                                              In June 2010, Siemens announced that photovoltaic inverters
Tel: 647-281-6076                                                    would be manufactured at their Burlington facility creating 50
Fax: 905-918-5703                                                    jobs.
240 Courtney Park Drive East
Mississauga, ON L5T 2Y3

Tel: +1 (905) 255 2501
Fax: +1 (905) 696 0267

                                  Silfab is a multinational vertically-integrated PV technology solution
                                   provider founded by a team of partners with thirty years of experience in
                                   the solar business. They develop and manufacture photovoltaic
Contact                            components and systems that span the entire PV value chain, from high-
Paolo Maccario                     purity solar grade polysilicon to modules and turn-key solar farms.
COO                               The new Silfab Ontario manufacturing plant headquarters in a
Tel: 1 416-869-3003                100,000+ sq.ft. building located in the Toronto International Airport area,
Email:        one of the most vital industrial hubs of Southern Ontario. This is an area
                                   that not only is well connected to both the Ontario and U.S. markets, but
                                   also provides convenient access to the rest of the world via a number of
                                   important modes of transportation (airport, highways, ect.).
                                  The plant’s total manufacturing capacity of 180 MW (corresponding to
                                   750,000 modules and 45,000,000 cells) will be deployed in two phases:
                                   during Phase 1, to be completed by Spring 2011, the production of PV
                                   modules and components will total 60 MW/year. During Phase 2, the
                                   production will achieve full capacity.
                                  It is expected that the facility will create up to 200 jobs when it is in full
SMA Solar
Sonnenallee 1
34266 NiestetalGermany

Tel: +49 561 9522 0
Fax: +49 561 9522 100
(production is at the Celestica facility in Scarborough)

Headquarters: Kassel/Niestetal, Germany
Product areas: Solar Technology, Innovative Energy Systems

                                                                With over three gigawatts installed, SMA is the world leader in
                                                                 solar inverter technology and manufacturing with divisions in
                                                                 nine countries on four continents. SMA takes special pride in
                                                                 promoting renewable energy solutions at all levels, through
                                                                 education, information and support for the general public, solar
                                                                 installers as well as small and large businesses worldwide.
                                                                SMA Solar Technology AG develops, produces and sells solar
                                                                 inverters and monitoring systems for photovoltaic applications.
                                                                 SMA is the world’s largest producer in this sector and is the only
                                                                 vendor that has a product range with the matching inverter type
                                                                 for any module type and any power class. This applies for grid
                                                                 tied applications as well as island and backup operation.
                                                                SMA Solar inverters are characterized by a particularly high
                                                                 efficiency of up to 98.7 %, which allows for increased electricity
Solar Semiconductor
325 Webb Drive, Suite# 2005,
Mississauga, L5B3Z9

Tel: +1 905-232-8075
Fax:+1 905-232-8107

                  Solar Semiconductor is a pioneer in offering innovative solutions that leverage Sun's
                   energy to address various demands for electricity. With offices in USA, Canada, Dubai
                   and manufacturing operations in Hyderabad, India, Solar Semiconductor is an
                   international organization that offers PV solutions, products and services to worldwide
                   markets including the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.
                  Solar Semiconductor is a vertically integrated full-service Systems provider, which also
                   manufactures its own PV modules and cells. It specializes in turn-key Solar Power
                   plants for utilities, Government, commercial as well as residential market segments. In
                   addition, off-grid applications such as rural electrification, water pumping and cell
                   towers are also addressed.
172 Trowers Road, Unit 29,
Woodbridge, Ontario L4L 8A7

Tel: (905) 850-5540
Fax: (647) 438-4777

         SolGate Inc. was the first large scale photovoltaic panel manufacturer located in Ontario.
         Solgate has a 24000 sq foot manufacturing facility just north of Toronto, in Woodbridge, Ontario. The current annual capacity is
          20 MW of PV power production.
         As a Canadian manufacturer they are proud to offer Ontario and Canada, a high quality PV crystalline module.
         Professional staff have extensive experience in the PV manufacturing industry and PV module fabrication process. Their
          production line engineering team and staff are strongly committed to continually producing the highest quality solar module in
          Canada. Solgate employs over 36 people.
         Their strategic alliance with Kvazar, Ukraine’s largest PV solar cell manufacturer, gives Solgate a high quality silicon cell supply
          and access to industry specific technical expertise going back to 1961.
47 Front Street East, Suite 400
Toronto, ON M5E 1B3

Phone: +1 416-868-1617
Fax: +1 416 868 0081

         Sovello, one of the world's largest fully integrated solar module manufacturers, identified Ontario as one
          of most dynamic renewable energy markets in North America after its introduction of the Ontario Green
          Energy Act in 2009.

         At the end of 2010, Sovello Canada Inc. was formed as a subsidiary of Sovello Germany based in
          Toronto to participate in Ontario's green economy. As an experienced manufacturer of high-quality
          solar modules made in Ontario, they would like to contribute to the growing and exciting solar industry in
595 Adelaide Street, Suite 400
Toronto, ON M5A 1N8

Tel: 416-521-9111

                                    As a pioneer and global leader in solar power systems innovation, SunEdison
                                     has created efficient, money-saving solutions that last more than 20 years.
                                    Worldwide, SunEdison has:
Contact                                  More than 260 MW of solar energy capacity

Carlos Domenech                          450 operational sites to date

President                                565,570 MWH delivered

Tel: 416-521-9111                        More than 711,430,268 lbs of CO2 abated

                                    They use only proven technologies in order to deliver solar power system
                                     solutions and pride themselves on delivering timely installations and long-term
                                     financial benefits to a vast array of commercial, REIT, government and utility
                                    SunEdison helps organizations take advantage of everything solar energy
                                     services have to offer. The company develops, operates and monitors hundreds
                                     of solar plants throughout the world, representing 135.8 MW of clean
                                     photovoltaic (PV) capacity.
                                    This global experience, coupled with their long-standing presence in the
                                     Canadian market, positions SunEdison as the solar company to help Ontario-
                                     based organizations benefit from recent incentives to directly participate in the
                                     generation of solar power.
                                    Specifically, Sun Edison is a solar company that provides the opportunity for
                                     Ontario-based organizations to generate revenue by leveraging their rooftop
                                     space and vacant land for the installation of solar PV systems. SunEdison
                                     customers can either purchase their own solar PV systems, or lease their
                                     rooftop/land space to the company with absolutely no upfront capital.
895 Edgeley Blvd., Vaughan, Ontario, L4K 4V9 Canada
Tel: +1-905-760-8618
Fax: +1-905-760-1158

      Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. is a National high-tech enterprise specialized in research, development, marketing
       and sales of renewable energy products especially for solar and wind power. The main products including inverter &
       converter for photovoltaic system, UPS converter for mega-watt wind system and also provides project consulting,
       system design, technical support, and other services to the whole project process.
      Founded in 1997 by Renxian Cao with Headquartered in Hefei, China, Near Shanghai, Sungrow has grown into more
       than 600
       employees which R&D Department covers 40% until the end of 2010 and expanded to overseas office in France, Italy,
       Germany, Canada and the US.

Sunrise Solar
4602-2191 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M4S 3H8

Tel: 1-877-390-4SUN (4786)

   Sunrise is an integrator of solar energy solutions for property and building owners of every size across Toronto
    and Southern Ontario. They specialize in providing the ecological and economic advantages that deliver the
    social responsibility benefits of a green environment.
   Systems comply to OPA content regulations, are backed with a 5 year workmanship warranty, $5 million liability
    policy and come complete with 15 year inverter warranties, 25 year panel warranties and extendable system
    monitoring programs that ensure years of worry-free maintenance.
   Provide arrangements through third party providers for those wishing to finance PV costs through any one of a
    number of programs, including secured equity loans and no-money-down leasing programs where solar
    revenue covers the lending costs.
   Sunrise Solar consists of a senior management group that has years of customer service and project
    management experience, and is supported by an extensive team of regional sales managers.
Unconquered Sun
4565 County Rd. 46
Tecumseh, Ontario
N0R 1K0

                                    Unconquered Sun Solar Technologies Inc. is a Windsor Ontario
Contact                              based manufacturer of premium high efficiency, lightweight
Sean Moore                           photovoltaic panels, engineered with the rugged North American
CEO                                  climate in mind. With a focus on quality, performance, and
Tel: (226) 345-1874                  18MW of module production scheduled for 2011, Unconquered
Email:       Sun provides the solar industry with a superior Ontario made

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