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									                                  The Perth Pulse
                                                                                                 14 Ruskin Avenue
                                                                                                 Toronto, Ontario
                                                                                                   416- 393-1410
                                         News from PERTH                                    January , 2009


 Message from the Principal                 program with the help of many           cultural events organized by schools
                                            volunteers.                             for African Heritage Month help to
January has been another busy month         Thanks from Covenant House              build understanding and respect for
here for us at Perth. Our first week        .                                       each other among all students. They
back after the holidays started with        In December, some of our students       also help to enhance pride and self-
our Character Education assembly on         knitted scarves, hats and mitts to be   esteem among students of African
Team Work. Thanks to Mr. Gow                donated to Covenant House. Parents      heritage. The TDSB's African
and students who took part in the           also donated hats, scarves and mitts    Heritage Month Statement describes
assembly.                                   on the night of the concert. Covenant   the importance of this month to our
                                            house has sent a letter expressing      schools.
Grade 6 students had an orientation         their appreciation. The following is
                                            an excerpt from the letter:             Ms. Pysklywec has highlighted some
visit to Kent Public School on
                                                                                    quotations on the bulletin board that
January 13th. Thanks to Ms. Castillo
                                            ‘Thank you so much for your             are worthy of sharing:
and Ms. Lee for walking students
over to Kent. Information about the         donation of hats, scarves and
orientation at Carleton Village will        mittens! We are very grateful for       African Heritage Month
be forthcoming. The Grade 6                 your gifts and we appreciate your
students in Ms. Castillo’s also had a       concern and care.
                                                                                     “Our Nation is a rainbow- red,
wonderful day of skiing at Warren           Because of the generosity of people
                                                                                    white, yellow, brown and white- and
Park.                                       like you, Covenant house is able to
                                                                                    we are all precious.” Rev Jesse
                                            help thousands of homeless youth
On January 30th, Rooms 202, 203             move from a life on the street to a
and 107 went on a field trip to the         life with a future.”
National Film Board. Thanks to Ms.                                                   “The mind does not take its
Douglas, Ms. Dueck and Ms.                  Thank to all families who contributed   complexion from the skin.” Frederick
Hoenhous for organizing this. Our           to this cause.                          Douglas
appreciation to the many parent
volunteers who accompanied the                                                      Students will be discussing in their
classes to the National Film Board.                                                 classes the contributions made by
                                                                                    these well-known personalities as
Early morning floor hockey has also                                                 well as the contributions made by
begun with Mr. Gow.                                                                 others of African Heritage. Some of
                                                                                    these include Nelson Mandela,
Thanks to officer Claudio for coming                                                Martin Luther King and President
to speak to the Kindergarten classes                                                Obama.
about safety and the role of the
Police Officers in helping to keep a
safe community.                                                                     In addition to the classroom
                                                                                    activities, students will have the
Many after school tutoring programs                                                 opportunity to view the
are happening at Perth for Math and                                                 “International African Inventors
                                            African Heritage Month                  Museum” exhibit here at Perth on
Literacy. In addition to that, Ms. Lee
and Mr. Bynoe continue to run the           Our school commemorates African         February 11th. Thanks to Ms. Dueck
homework club with the help of our          Heritage Month in order to promote      and Ms. Coelho for organizing this.
high school volunteers. Ms. Lee also        knowledge and understanding of the
runs the JUMP Math tutoring                 history, achievements and
                                            experiences of people of African
                                            descent. The learning activities and
                                                                                   really is the most important meal of
                                                                                   the day. Yet, despite the healthful
                                                                                   benefits, breakfast may be the meal
                                                                                   that is most often neglected or
                                                                                   skipped. Eating breakfast fuels the
                                                                                   brain and body to help provide
                                                                                   energy and better concentration and
Room 202 Writes to President                                                       problem-solving ability throughout
Obama                                                                              the day.

                                           School Council                          Breakfast is the first chance the body
The grade 2/3 class at Perth has
                                                                                   has to refuel its glucose levels, also
written letters to President Obama.
                                           Thanks once more to the parent          known as blood sugar, after eight to
All students at Perth watched the
                                           council of Perth Avenue PS for          12 hours without a meal or snack.
inauguration ceremony on January
                                                                                   Glucose is essential for the brain and
20th. The class then wrote letters to      organizing the Pizza Day on January
                                           23rd, 2009. Students always look        is the main energy source. Blood
the President, telling him of their
                                           forward to Pizza Days. Your efforts     glucose also helps fuel the muscles
wish. The letters have been
                                           are greatly appreciated by all.         needed for physical activity
forwarded to the White House on
                                                                                   throughout the day. Kids who skip
their behalf.
                                                                                   breakfast often feel tired, restless or
                                           Our next school council meeting will    irritable in the morning.
Kindergarten Registration for              take place at Perth Avenue School
September 2009                             library on Thursday February 19th,      Easy to prepare breakfasts or
                                           2009 at 6:00 p.m.                       breakfasts on the run include cold
February is the system-wide                                                        cereal with milk and fruit juice,
Kindergarten Registration month at         Student Immunization Clinics            whole-wheat toast with peanut butter,
the TDSB, and it's just around the                                                 yogurt, fruit, waffles, muffins,
corner. To attend Junior                                                           granola bars, or even last night's
Kindergarten in September, children        Toronto Public Health's (TPH)           pizza! Remember that eating
must turn four by December 31 of           Vaccine Preventable Diseases (VPD)      breakfast also helps kids stay focused
that year. To attend Senior                Program is offering free                and do better in school.
Kindergarten in September, children        immunization for students 4 to 18
must turn five by December 31 of           years of age.
that year.
                                           You do not need a health card. Please
To register, visit the school and bring    bring:
the following information about your       (i) any previous vaccination records;
child:                                     and
1. age (a birth certificate or baptismal   (ii) a translator if you do not
record or passport)                        understand English.
2. citizenship (a birth certificate,                                               Dates to Remember:
passport, or Record of Landing)            For children under 14, a consent
3. address (two pieces of                  form must be signed by the child's
identification that show your address,     parent or legal guardian ONLY. No       February 13th: PA Day( No school
such as your telephone bill, driver's      other signature will be accepted.       for students)
license, bank statement, income tax
form, rental or lease agreement)           For more information about dates        February 16th: Family Day( No
4. immunization (the card that shows       and locations of immunization           school)
a list of needles your child has           clinics, call 416-392-1250 or visit
received)                                  www.toronto.ca/health.

On February 12th 2009 Perth will be
registering students from 9:00 a.m to
6:00 p.m. Please call 416-393-1410
                                           Jump Start Your Day with
for more information. An
information flyer was also sent home
last week.                                 Everyone should start his or her day
                                           with breakfast because breakfast
Superintendent: M. Gardner
Principal: N. Dipchand
Trustee: M. Rodrigues

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