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									                                         Star Wars Episode 9
                                Script Plot Summary Synopsis Story
                                         Victory of the Force
                                            George Lucas
 Streaming through hyper space, Han Solo, Leia, R2-D2, C-3PO and Chewbacca are on their way
  to Han’s home world of Corellia to attend Han’s mother’s funeral. After securing a docking bay
 for the Millennium Falcon, the group exits the Falcon and hires a transport to take them to Han’s
     mother’s residence. There are hundreds of people at the Solo’s abode. Suddenly, Dark Jedi
      cyborgs attack the proceedings. A dramatic fire fight envelopes the Solo home. Han and
                                       Company duck for cover.
R2-D2 and C-3PO get separated from the rest of their group. The roof of the Solo building
explodes open. A Dark Jedi star ship floats above the Solo building. R2-D2 and C-3PO are pulled
up into the sky and into the cargo hold of the star ship. Han, Leia and Chewie watch as the star
ship leaves with the droids in its belly. Han tries to figure out why the Dark Jedi would want the
droids. They seem to have no real value (except sentimental worth) or so Han thinks.
Luke Skywalker, Ben Skywalker and Anakin Solo are on Grentarik, the home world of Yoda the
Whill, looking for information about the dark side of the Force. The three Jedi locate Yoda’s old
dwelling and begin to search through Yoda’s belongings. They are looking for clues as to where
they can find definitive information on how to destroy the dark side. Anakin finds a piece a data
pad that gives details that at the central Whill library, the three can find out where several ancient
Sith holocrons may be hidden.
The clones of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker are now fully mature. The Dark Jedi are training
the Vader and Luke clone in the art of light-saber combat. The Vader clone is wearing the iconic
black mask and armor while the Luke clone is dressed all in black. The new Dark Jedi leader,
Horgon, watches as the clones train against each other with non-lethal light sabers.
On Coruscant, Mara Jade sits with the Jedi Council discussing the Dark Jedi threat. All resources
are being used by Republic spies to find the location of the Dark Jedi’s secret base.
Han sends a message to Luke telling Luke that the droids have been captured by the Dark Jedi.
Luke informs Han that they will all meet up at Coruscant shortly. Luke, Ben and Anakin leave
Yoda’s dwelling and use a land speeder to travel to the central Whill library. At this library, Luke
finds data that gives a place where the ancient Sith holocrons may be hidden. Some Sith
holocrons are supposed to be located in the lower levels of Briskus, an exotic planet on the other
side of the galaxy.
Luke and Company leave the library. While walking to their star ship, the three Jedi are attacked
by Rinkies, creatures that look like giant rats. After a few minutes, all the Rinkies are destroyed.
The three Jedi resume their walk to their star ship. They enter the star ship and enter the
coordinates for Briskus. Their star ship leaves the orbit of Grentarik and enters hyper space.
Meanwhile, Mara Jade and Lando Calrissian visit the Republic weapons development offices.
Mara is shown a new weapon called the black hole devastator. This weapon can be used to
artificially create a black hole. The military applications of this weapon are stunning. Entire star
systems can now be destroyed with immense ease.
Han, Leia and Chewie arrive back on Coruscant. They head to the Solo’s apartment in the
upscale Prilox section of Coruscant. While this is happening, Luke, Ben and Anakin arrive in the
Briskus star system. Suddenly, Dark Jedi fighters swarm the Jedi’s star ship. An intense dog fight
ensues. Luckily, the Jedi are able to disable or destroy all the Dark Jedi fighters. The Jedi then
land on Briskus in order to find the Sith holocrons.
Luke finds the location of a long-lost and forgotten Sith Temple. Inside this temple, the three Jedi
accidentally set off security measures meant to protect the Sith Temple from intruders. Dozens of
spider battle droids swarm around the three Jedi. Blaster fire envelopes the room. The three Jedi
valiantly deflect the laser fire with their light sabers. One by one, each battle droid is destroyed
by the Jedi.
After the fight, Luke and Company make their way to a secret room which contains several Sith
holocrons. Luke places the holocrons into his backpack and the three exit the temple. Luke, Ben
and Anakin head back to Coruscant. Several hours later, Han, Leia, Anakin Solo, Lando, Luke,
Mara Jade and Ben are all sitting at a large table in the Solo’s apartment eating dinner. Luke
informs the group that Han, Lando and himself will search for R2-D2 and C-3PO. While Leia,
Mara, Ben and Anakin will work on downloading all information from the Sith holocrons.
Meanwhile, the clones of Vader and Luke are training against dozens of Dark Jedi. The talent
displayed by the clones is amazing. The Dark Jedi warriors have a difficult time defending
themselves from the attack by the clones. Non-lethal light sabers are used by all parties so that no
one will get injured during the practice sessions.
While analyzing the Sith holocrons, Leia makes a stunning discovery. It appears that the heart
and essence of the dark side exists in the Valorius star system. According to the holocrons, if the
Valorius star system can be destroyed then the dark side itself can be brought to an end. Mara
informs Leia about the black hole devastator weapon. Anakin and Ben are puzzled as to what
kind of weapon Mara is referring to. Mara explains the capabilities of the new weapon and the
fact that it can be used to destroy entire star systems.
Fortunately, R2-D2 contains a hidden homing beacon that cannot be detected by the Dark Jedi.
As a result, Luke, Han and Lando are able to track the droids to a planet called Usiss. Above
Usiss, the Dark Jedi have a space station where R2-D2 and C-3PO are being held. Inside the
space station, R2-D2 and C-3PO are being tortured by the Dark Jedi. C-3PO explains to the Dark
Jedi that the droids don’t know anything about the Jedi. However, the torture continues even
though the droids protest their ignorance.
Convinced that the droids contain no useful information, the Dark Jedi place a cloaked thermal
detonator inside of R2-D2. The Dark Jedi proceed to put this detonator into R2-D2 while the
droids are offline. The Dark Jedi plan to release the droids and hopefully Luke, Mara Jade and
other Jedi will be killed by the thermal detonator contained in R2.
Meanwhile, outside the Dark Jedi space station, Han and Chewie in the Millennium Falcon open
fire on the Dark Jedi space station. Lando in his star ship also blasts the space station. Luke
comes in behind the other two trying to locate the two droids. Explosions rip the insides of the
space station to shreds. R2-D2 is able to break free from his restraints. R2 also frees C-3PO and
the two plan their escape. R2-D2 heads towards a release hatch. C-3PO says: “I’ve got a bad
feeling about this.” Next, R2 opens the hatch with his arm and instantaneously the droids are
sucked out into the vacuum of space. The space station explodes in a brilliant ball of light.
Luke detects the droids. Luke informs Han of where the droids are. Next, the Millennium Falcon
picks up the droids. On board the Falcon, Chewie detects that R2 contains a very powerful
thermal detonator. After several tense moments, Chewie is able to remove the detonator from R2.
The detonator is then disarmed.
With the droids safely with them, our heroes head back to Coruscant. On Coruscant, Luke heads
to the Jedi Temple. Mara Jade informs Luke about all they have learned about the dark side and
the Valorius star system. The Valorius star system is comprised of one star, 31 planets, hundreds
of moon and countless millions of asteroids. Luke agrees that the black hole devastator must be
used to destroy the Valorius star system so that the dark side can be brought to a permanent end.
Luke gathers the Jedi together and tells them about their mission. Luke informs them that they
will probably have to battle through many Dark Jedi in order to get the devastator set up on the
primary Valorius planet. Within hours, the Jedi strike force arrives in the Valorius star system.
The system is protected by hundreds and hundreds of Dark Jedi fighters and bulk war freighters.
An immense star battle erupts between the Jedi and the Dark Jedi.
Many of the Jedi fighters land on the surface of Valorius. These Jedi make preparations to make
the necessary adjustments so that the black hole devastator can be deployed. The Dark Jedi storm
up from underground caves on Valorius and attack the Jedi. Hundreds of light-saber duels erupt
between the Jedi and Dark Jedi.
Horgon (the leader of the Dark Jedi) and the clones of Vader and Luke head into the heat of battle
and head towards where the Jedi are setting up the devastator. Luke, Mara Jade, Ben and Anakin
arrive on the surface of Valorius near where the devastator is being constructed. Horgon and the
clones of Vader and Luke engage the real Luke, Mara Jade, Ben Skywalker and Anakin Solo in a
light-saber fight. The fighting is intense. Luke screams out that they must keep the Dark Jedi
from reaching the location of where the devastator is being constructed. It will take a few minutes
before the Jedi scientists constructing the necessary aspects of the devastator will be completed.
Ben and Anakin battle Horgon while the real Luke battles the Luke clone and Mara Jade battles
the Vader clone. Horgon strikes down Anakin. Ben screams in anger and then lunges at Horgon
with all his might. The real Luke cuts the clone Luke in half. The real Luke then turns to fight
Horgon in order to prevent Horgon from killing Ben. The Vader clone battles Mara Jade. They
exchange many, many blows.
The Jedi scientists signal Luke that the devastator is ready to be activated. Luke tells the scientists
to give them just a few minutes. Luke knows that Horgon and the clone Vader must not be
allowed to escape. Ben and Luke swing wildly at Horgon. Mara is being overwhelmed by clone
Vader. Luke uses Force vanish and re-materializes behind Horgon. Horgon turns to face Luke
and at that moment Ben pierces Horgon’s heart with a light saber. Horgon is no more. Luke then
uses Force leap and lands on top of clone Vader. Mara Jade uses this distraction to slice off the
legs of clone Vader. Luke then finishes the evil clone off.
Next, Luke orders all the Jedi to leave Valorius immediately. After all the Jedi exit the Valorius
star system, the black hole devastator is turned on. An artificial black hole is produced by the
machine. The massive Valorius planet shrinks to the size of a molecule in an instant. The rest of
the Valorius star system including the star that warms the system is reduced to the size of an
atom. The black hole becomes so super concentrated that it explodes in a tremendous fury. The
dark side is destroyed for all time.
The Jedi meet at Yavin 4 to celebrate the defeat of the dark side. In the distance, Luke can see
countless thousands of Jedi from every era appear as Jedi spirits (including Obi-Wan Kenobi,
Yoda, Mace Windu, Qui-Gon Jinn and Anakin Skywalker). The spirits of the long-dead Jedi
(who have pleaded with the light side of the Force to avenge their deaths) watch the New Jedi
Order celebrate final victory over the dark side. Luke’s Jedi Order and the New Republic will
enter a 1,000 year period of peace and prosperity. The dark side is no more. Fade to black. Roll
end credits.

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