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									                                                       Mount Mary College
                                              Graduate Programs
Graduate education at Mount Mary              2900 North Menomonee River Parkway, Milwaukee, WI 53222-4597
                                              Phone: 414-256-1252 / 414-443-3657 Web Site:
College provides academic and
professional advancement opportunities
                                              About Mount Mary
to women and men that are consistent
with the institutional mission of the         Location: 80-acre campus on the northwest side of Milwaukee
College. The graduate programs offer          Year Founded: 1913
master’s degrees, professional continuing     Sponsorship: School Sisters of Notre Dame
education, and advanced personal              President: Eileen Schwalbach, Ph.D.
enrichment courses of study. Mount Mary
                                              Associate Dean for Graduate Education:
provides graduate education that results
                                                  Douglas J. Mickelson, Ph.D.
in students who are committed to being
                                              Accreditation: The Higher Learning Commission, a commission of the
critical and creative scholars, ethical and
                                                  North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
just human beings with a global
perspective, and leaders who put              Admission to Graduate Studies
knowledge into transforming action.           All applicants must submit the following:
                                                   •	 A	completed	application	form,	available	online.	
Contact Information:                                  (Apply online at
Office of Graduate Education                       •	 A	$45	non-refundable	application	fee.	Application	fee	is	waived	
                                                      for Mount Mary College alumnae.
Phone: (414) 256-1252
                                                   •	 Official	transcripts	documenting	previous	academic	study	from	all	
       (414) 443-3657                                 universities	or	colleges	attended,	embossed	with	the	school	seal,	must	
E-mail:                           be	sent	directly	from	the	issuing	institution	to	Mount	Mary’s	Office	of	
                                                      Graduate Education. Applicants with course work in progress toward
Office Hours:                                         the	fulfillment	of	a	degree	are	required	to	submit	official	final	transcripts	
        Monday-Thursday                               verifying	receipt	of	their	degree	after	completing	the	course	work.
        8:00 a.m.–6:30 p.m.                        •	 A	minimum	grade	point	average	of	2.75	based	on	a	4-point	scale;	
        Friday 7:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.                    individual	programs	requirements	may	vary.
                                                   •	 Each	specific	degree	program	may	require	additional	documentation.
                                                   Please	visit for additional information regarding
                                                   admission	requirements.
                              Mount Mary College Graduate Programs
                              All graduate programs at Mount Mary College are open to women and men.
                              Doctorate of Art Therapy: 	Mount	Mary	College	is	proud	to	offer	the	first	degree	of	its	kind	
                              in	the	United	States.	The	Doctorate	of	Art	Therapy	is	a	practitioner-oriented	advanced	degree	
                              that	prepares	already	credentialed	art	therapists	with	competencies	over	and	above	those	of	
                              the	master’s	level	professionals.	The	Doctorate	of	Art	Therapy	is	designed	to	enhance	students’	
                              professional	knowledge	with	organizational,	supervisory,	administrative,	and	consulting	skills	
                              needed	to	advance	their	career	as	leaders	and	trendsetters	in	diverse	health,	non-profit	
                              organizations, arts, and community settings.
                              Master of Science in Art Therapy: The Art Therapy program is grounded in a profound
                              belief	in	the	healing	power	of	the	arts	and	creative	process.	Students	are	offered	a	depth-oriented	
                              program in which they learn to formulate theories and practice from within the context of
                              their	lives,	thus	preparing	them	to	help	others.	Art	therapy	is	a	profession	founded	on	art	and	
                              psychology,	and	applicants	must	have	sufficient	undergraduate	preparation	in	these	areas.	
                              The Art Therapy program is accredited by the American Art Therapy Association.
                              Master of Business Administration (MBA): 	The	MBA	is	designed	to	provide	the	student	
                              in-depth skills and knowledge in the functional areas of business. The MBA is a 36 credit degree
                              program	provided	in	an	accelerated	format,	stressing	strong	quantitative	skills	along	with	
                              qualitative	proficiency.	Emphasizing	leadership,	ethics	and	communication	skills	within	a	global	
                              environment,	the	program	will	develop	professional,	competent	and	ethical	leaders	and	managers	
                              meeting the needs and expectations of employers.
                              Master of Science in Counseling: The Counseling program has three concentrations:
                              Clinical Mental Health, Community, and School Counseling. Each concentration prepares
                              students	with	the	theoretical	knowledge	and	practical	skills	to	work	effectively	in	community	
                              and clinical mental health agency settings or schools. Toward that end, the curriculum
                              includes	content	about	the	mental	health	movement,	professional	identity	issues,	structures	
                              and	operations	of	professional	organizations,	diversity	issues,	ethical	issues,	counseling	theories	
                              and	techniques,	clinical	assessment	and	diagnosis,	co-occurring	disorders	and	ways	and	means	
                              to	design,	implement,	and	evaluate	interventions	that	occur	in	community	agency	settings	or	
                              schools.	Post-masters	certificates	are	also	available	in	each	of	the	three	concentrations.		
                              Master of Science in Dietetics: 	The	Dietetics	program	was	the	first	graduate	program	at	
                              Mount	Mary	and	has	a	history	of	offering	quality	dietetic	education.	The	mission	of	the	program	
                              is to strengthen the academic background of dietetic practitioners, so that these men and women
                              may excel as practitioners. Because the degree is in dietetics, not nutritional science or food
       Unleash                science,	the	student	is	required	to	either	have	had	an	undergraduate	degree	in	nutrition	or	
                              dietetics from a program accredited by the American Dietetic Association (ADA) or the

Your Potential                equivalent	coursework	to	be	eligible	to	take	the	registration	examination	for	the	ADA.		
                              Master of Arts in Education: The	Education	degree	program	is	specifically	designed	to	offer   teachers the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge base and to broaden their repertoire of
                              instructional	skills.	The	30-credit	program	offers	professional	development	for	early	childhood	
                              teachers, elementary teachers, middle school teachers, and high school teachers. Coursework
                              leading	to	licenses	in	reading	(316)	or	adaptive	education	(859)	may	be	incorporated	into	
                              the program.
                              Master of Arts in English – Writing Concentration: The	English	program	provides	students	
                              with	a	breadth	of	graduate	level	writing	instruction	in	creative	writing,	professional	writing,	or	
                              both. The curriculum draws on the philosophical tradition that stresses the importance of
                              thought,	expression	and	ethical	action	in	society.	Advanced,	specialized	writing	courses	also	
                              provide	the	opportunity	to	develop	areas	of	interest	in	depth.
                              Master of Science in Occupational Therapy: Occupational	therapy	is	a	health	profession	
                              that	focuses	on	redesigning	daily	occupations	in	order	to	maximize	independence	in	living.	
                              The	program	provides	professional	education	resulting	in	skilled	hands-on	practitioners	who	
                              are client-centered and holistic in their approach to health care. The program emphasizes a
                              commitment	to	ethical	practice,	professional	growth,	advocacy	and	leadership	based	on	
                              professional	and	personal	values.	The	Occupational	Therapy	program	is	accredited	by	the	
             414-256-1252     Accreditation	Council	for	Occupational	Therapy	Education.

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