Quiz by xiaopangnv


									                                       BCIS 3615 quiz 1

1. What are curves used for?
     a. You can use the Curves dialog box or Levels dialog box to adjust the entire visual tonal
          range of an image.
     b. The Curves dialog box lets you adjust up to 14 different points throughout an image’s
          tonal range (from shadows to highlights).
     c. A and B
     d. None of the above

2. How do you change your edited Photoshop image back to its original appearance?
      a. Use the History Palate
      b. Use the Revert under the File menu
      c. Use the Curves dialog box
      d. A and B

3. Which is true about layers
      a. You can see through layers
      b. You cannot see through layers
      c. You cannot add additional layers
      d. A and B
      e. None of the above

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