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Wendy Simmons


									                      Wendy A. Simmons
                   U.S. Embassy Bangkok, Thailand

Wendy Simmons is the Information Resource Officer for the U.S. Embassy
in Bangkok, Thailand. She provides professional guidance and assistance to
the Information Resource Centers and American Corners in U.S. embassies
in Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore and Viet Nam, as well as in Thailand.

Prior to her arrival in Bangkok, Ms. Simmons was the Office Director for
the worldwide Information Resource Center program, focusing on
recruitment, training, and managing budgets for IRO activities and
responding to Congressional Office of Management and Budget,
Government Accountability Office, and other requests for information about
IRCs worldwide.

Wendy is originally from Madison, Wisconsin. She joined the Foreign
Service in 1993, and is in seventh assignment, including Washington, as
well as regional posts in Southern Africa (based in Pretoria), South America
(based in Brasilia) and most recently West Africa (based in Lagos).

Prior to joining the United States Information Agency (USIA), she lived for
eight years overseas in Africa, and worked in academic, government and
non-profit libraries and archives, in Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and
Washington, DC. She has an MA from the University of Wisconsin and a
PhD from the University of Maryland. She taught library / information
science at the University of Botswana and the University of Maryland, and is
an occasional adjunct faculty member there.

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