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					Vendor                                        Recommended By Formats                             Services
Backstage Library Works Utah                  Alyce Scott            Images                      OCR
533 East 1860 South                                                  Slides                      Cataloging
Provo, UT 84606                                                      Transparencies              Transcription
1-800-316-BSLW                                                       Texts
801-356-8220 (fax)                                                   Manuscripts                                                        Large-format materials
Chicago Albumen Works                         UIUC                   Photographs                 Digital-to-archival film
P.O. Box 805                                                                                       output
174 Front Street                                                                                 Archive scanning and
Housatonic, Massachusetts 01236                                                                    optical image capture
Phone: 413.274.6901                                                                              Recovery of faded folor
Fax: 413.274.6934                                                                                  transparencies                                                                         Digital printing

Electronic Images Services, Inc.              V. Kerr, NU            Documents                   Onsite scanning
John Grimshaw                                                        Microfilm                   Archival scanning
1570 Oak Avenue Suite 100                                            Microfiche                  OCR and clean-up
Evanston, IL 60201-4238                                                                          Derivative file creation
voice: 847.491.0294 toll free: 800.690.4553
Graphic Imaging Technology                    Lincoln Library        Color documents,            ADAMS (Archival Digital
P.O Box 190992                                                       publications,               Asset Management
Brooklyn, NY 11219                                                   advertisements, photos,     System)
888-791-7290                                                         art, historical material,                                              manuscripts and other
                                                                     forms of important color
                                                                     material needing long
                                                                     term storage availability
                                                                     to high quality color
                                                                     microfilm, digital and
                                                                     website delivery.
Luna Imaging, Inc.                            Chicago Field Museum   Slides and                  Scanning
2702 Media Center Drive                                              transparencies              Image editing
Los Angeles, CA 90065-1733                                           Negatives                   Derivative creation
tel: (800) 452-LUNA (5862)                                           Microfilm                   File conversion
fax: (323) 221-2846                                                  Microfiche                  Digital photography
e-mail:                            Print                        Onsite services                                               Insight software for digital
                                                                                     Metadata services
Kirtas Technology, Inc.                  Northwestern   High speed digitization of   Sales of book scanners
7620 Omnitech Place                                     bound volumes                and
Victor, New York 14564-9782                                                            BookScan Editor                                                                      software
585-924-2420 Phone                                                                   Print-on-demand services
800-340-4365 Toll Free
585-924-2441 Fax

National Archive Publishing Company      UIUC                                        Film to digital and digital to
(NAPC)                                                                                film conversion
300 N. Zeeb Road                                        Microfilm                    Metadata capture and
P.O. Box 998                                                                          creation
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-0998                                                             OCR and keyboarding                                                                     Custom output formatting
734-302-6500                                                                         Film duplication and
800-420-NAPC (6272)                                                                   replacement
Fax: 734-302-6581                                                                    Text mark-up
Northeast Document Conservation Center   UIUC           Photographs                  Preservation microfilming
100 Brickstone Square                                   Film negatives               Digitization training
Andover, MA 01810-1494                                  Lantern slides
Telephone (978) 470-1010                                Glass-plate negatives
Fax (978) 475-6021                                      Film transparencies                                        Documents                           Works of art on paper
                                                        Illustrations in bound
                                                        Fragile/rare books
                                                        Wall maps
                                                        Architectural plans
                                                        Two-dimensional objects
NIU Library Digitization Lab                            Alyce Scott, ISL   Images
Drew VandeCreek
Founders Memorial Library
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115

Northern Micrographics                                  UIUC               Paper documents and       Image post processing
2004 Kramer Street,                                                           drawings to J-size     OCR and clean-up
La Crosse, WI 54603                                                        Bound and disbound        Image zoning
Phone: (608) 781-0850 ext. 222                                                books                  File directory structuring
Toll free: 800-236-0850 ext. 222                                           Microfilm including       Metadata                                                                 aperture cards,        Mark-up                                                      microfiche, 16/35 mm
Scott Pechacek                                                                rollfilm
Regional Sales Manager                                                     Photographic prints,
                                                                              negatives and glass
OCLC Digitization and Preservation Services             UIUC, ISL          Images                    Metadata services
9 South Commerce Way                                                       Text                      Content Management tools
Bethlehem, PA 18017                                                        Microfilm                 Text mark-up
Fax To: 1-610-758-9700                                                     AV                        OCR (and re-keying)

Olive Software, Inc.                                    UIUC               Newspapers                Document conversion
2953 Bunker Hill Lane                                                      Periodicals               services to turn any printed
Suite 203                                                                  Print or microfilm        matter (or microfilm or
Santa Clara, CA 95054                                                                                microfiche) into richly
Toll Free: 1-866-654-8387                                                                            tagged, reusable XML.
Tel: 408-200-1780                                                                                    Software for hosting,
Fax: 408-200-1790                                                                                    search, access, view, and                                                                        Web-based delivery.

Trigonix Inc.                                           UIUC               Books, newspapers,        OCR
80 Queen, Bureau 101                                                       journals, periodicals,    PDF creation
Montréal, QC, Canada                                                       maps and other large      Image clean-up
H3C 2N5                                                         format materials such as
Phone number (514) 874-0443                                     atlases, posters,
Fax (514) 874-0339                                              architectural plans,                                               works of art.   Microfilm, microfiche,
                                                                aperture cards.
                                                                Photographs, negatives,
                                                                slides, X-ray films and
                                                                aerial photographs.

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