Management by Objective Plan by Mg7kd8


									                               Management by Objective Plan
                          For Development of the Planning Web Page
                                       Developed by Christian Bushong
                                                March 18, 2001
Average Daily Time Commitment per Week:
Start Date:
Objective: A web page (site) for the Caltrans District 9 Planning Functional Unit focused on the Bike
Guide Pages. This site will consist of the following pages: Bike Guide Home Page, information on
points of interest, bicycle laws, tips for safety, bicycle regional maps, highway conditions link,
Camp grounds and other links, and through the use of Caltrans external templates. The final product is
subject to acceptance by Christian Bushong and Katy Walton.

Due Date      Milestones                                                                      Hours
              Build Home Page and Index
                     Use Template to produce Layout                                          1.5/2.0
                     Find 5 images and create links, add text                                2.0/3.0
                     Create 10 + 3 links                                                     5.0/6.0
                     Reviewed by Web Admin. and interact comments (15% of time)           1.25/1.80
                                                                             TotalTime 9.75/12.80
              Build points of interest page and 3 adjoining pages
                     Template layout with 3 links                                             5.0/7.5
                     Text and images for each page                                            4.0/6.0
                     Develop URLs                                                             2.0/3.0
                     Reviewed by Web Admin. and interact comments (15% of time)            1.65/2.48
                                                                             Total Time 12.65/18.98
              Build bicycle maps page
                     Template layout with15 links to 15 bike map/routes with text             6.0/9.0
                             One link per route                                                -
                     One image                                                              0.5/1.0
                     Reviewed by Web Admin. and interact comment (15% of time)            1.25/1.80
                                                                               Total Time 7.75/12.30

              Build tips for safe bicycling, laws, cycling events
                     Template layout of three web pages                                   2.0/3.5
                     Insert text and images on three pages                                2.0/3.0
                     Develop 5 links on bicycle laws page using template                  3.0/5.0
                             Insert (potential) one image (on events page)                  -
                     Reviewed by Web Admin. and interact comments (15% of time)        1.95/2.93
                                                                           Total Time 8.95/14.43
              Build Campgrounds/Other info Links
                     Template layout of page containing 22 links + 3 links               7.0/10.0
                     Check links, discuss and interact comments                           2.0/3.0

                                                                               Total Time       9.0/13.0
Build Districts, events of interest, highway conditions, climatic adv. Pages
       Template layout for 3 of the 4 pages                                     2.0/3.5
       Other Caltrans Districts page 13 + 3 links, and 1 image                  3.0/5.0
       Events of interest page (scroll two page-type)                           2.0/3.5
       Highway conditions (direct link to Caltrans HQ page)                     0.5/1.0
       Climatic Conditions page, text and 1-2 images                            2.0/3.5
                                                                  Total Time 9.50/16.50
Review by Planners
       FTP files to HQ and check links                                       0.50/0.75
       Gather comments over a week period                                         -
       Discuss and integrate comments                                           4.0/6.0
                                                                  Total Time 4.50/6.75
Post Final Product
       FTP files to HQ and check links                            Total Time 0.50/0.75

Total Project Time                                              62.60/95.51 Hours

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