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									Population                                                                           Pyramid Project

You will use data from the following website to analyze population trends:

Select 3 formal regions(continent/) of the world to analyze. You will then find two
countries from each region that have dissimilar pyramids.
     When you first arrive at the website, you will see a list of countries. Highlight the
        country you have chosen.
     Scroll down and choose the “Years” option and make sure it says 2010.
     Hit the “Submit” button.
     The next section you will see includes Demographic indicators, tables, population
        pyramids and source information
     Look at the information provided in the “Demographic Indicators” section and see
        if you can guess what the pyramid will look like. To find a definition of the
        indicators click on it.
     Look around at pyramids for different countries within a region until you can find
        two from each region that are different from each other. (There may not be a
        huge difference, but you should be able to find two pyramids that show some
        variations from each other.)


    1) For each pyramid, what does the shape most closely resemble (e.g., a classic
       “pyramid” or “Christmas tree”, a barrel, a rectangle, an inverted “Christmas
    2) What does the shape of a pyramid indicate about its patterns of fertility and
    3) What are the differences between the two pyramids that you have selected from
       each region? Please discuss each region under a different letter heading
       (example- a) Europe, b) South Asia, etc.) and be sure to comment on age/gender
    4) What do you think accounts for the different pyramids from these regions? In
       other words, regions are supposed to be areas of some uniformity- why are there
       such differences between the population pyramids of these two countries? Again,
       please discuss each region under a different letter heading.
*For extra credit(project) use the software(excel) provided and create a population pyramid for the entire
world. See the link below and choose a year in the future and create a pyramid for it. You need to include
the year in the heading and answer the following question on the back of the pyramid:

 Based on the pyramid that you created identify three possible reasons why the population for the year
  you choose might be lower or higher than indicated. Next, offer three possible solutions to the
  population problem we have in the world today. Please put this in a typed response below the questions


    Due Date:__________________

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