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					                                Helping Your Child at Home
                                    Students read many books in Reading
                                Recovery. By taking an interest in these               READING
Comments from Parents…          books and listening to your child read each
                                day, you will provide extra support and help
“Sammy’s confidence was
                                your child become a more proficient reader.         Early Intervention for
the first thing we noticed a
                                                                                    Select First Graders
huge change in. He then,
                                        Tell your child the title.
very quickly, became so
proud of himself as he                  As your child looks at the pictures,
                                         talk about what the story might be
learned to read. Now he
                                         about. Never cover up the pictures!
insists on reading everything
                                        If your child stops at a word, give
he sees. He corrects his                 him or her time to try to figure it
brother’s reading now!”                  out. Have your child read it again.
                                         After your child attempts the
                                         tricky word, say the word for your
“The excitement I see in
her eyes each night when                If your child stumbles over a word,
                                         say the word correctly rather than
she reads me her books just
                                         sounding it out.
warms my heart. I really
                                        Encourage and praise your child!
have to coax her to go
                                        Listen to your child read every day!
outside and play with her

                                           Northern Illinois                        Information
                                          Reading Recovery®
                                                                                    for Parents
                                         JENNIFER ANDREW
                                              Butterfield School                     Libertyville School
                                1441 W. Lake Street, Libertyville, Illinois 60048        District 70
                                    Phone: 847.362.3120 Fax: 847.816.5613
                                           Parents and Reading Recovery
About Reading                              Your child’s Reading Recovery® teacher will
                                                                                                             Using Leveled Books
Recovery…                                  contact you to discuss your child’s program. You
                                           are always welcome to schedule a time to observe a           Children progress at different rates as
                                           lesson. You are also encouraged to contact your              they acquire literacy skills. Therefore,
                                           child’s Reading Recovery teacher at any time                 it is important that children read books
                                           during your child’s program.                                 that are “just the right size.” Children
For many different reasons, some
children find it hard to learn to read     Your child may be invited to attend the Reading              need books that are neither too
and write. The Reading Recovery®           Recovery Training Site in Gurnee, Illinois, once             challenging, nor too easy, in order to use
program helps first graders who are        during the year so that his or her teacher can               their reading strategies effectively. The
having difficulty become successful
                                           demonstrate specialist skills to other teachers who          books your child reads have to be “just
                                           are training or continuing in Reading Recovery. If           right.”
readers and writers. Reading Recovery
                                           so, you will be contacted in advance.
supplements the classroom literacy
program by providing children with daily
                                                                                                        In Reading Recovery, books are leveled
individualized instruction by a trained    An Emergent Reader…
                                                                                                        from Level 1 through 20. You will be able
Reading Recovery® teacher for
                                           Before your child learned to walk, he or she learned to      to monitor your child’s progress by
approximately 12 to 20 weeks. By the       crawl and then pull him or herself up. Readers go through
                                                                                                        noting the level(s) of the books your
end of the program, students should        stages, too. Some children need a lot of practice with
                                           support and encouragement at every stage.                    child brings home to read to you.
have caught up to the average reading
and writing level of their class.

                                           Helping Your Child at Home…                                  Your child will also select other familiar
                                           Listen to your child read his or her books to you every      books to bring home. Children learn to
Reading Recovery was developed by
                                           night. Don’t forget to also read bedtime stories to your     orchestrate the complex set of reading
Dr. Marie Clay in New Zealand in the
                                           child. Stories have a language all their own. Your child     strategies as they reread familiar books.
1970s and early 1980s. It has proved to    needs to listen to lots of stories, too.
                                                                                                        Don’t be surprised to see your child
be a very successful way of improving
                                                                                                        bring his or her favorite books home
the literacy skills of young students.
                                           Don’t Say “Sound it Out…”
                                                                                                        again and again!

                                           If we sounded out every word, reading would be laborious
                                           and not much fun. Beginning readers need stories with a
                                                                                                                          Jennifer Andrew
                                           repetitive pattern and very supportive pictures. Children
                                                                                                                         Butterfield School
                                           will begin to use the beginning and ends of words to help
                                                                                                                       1441 W. Lake Street
                                           them read. Letter-sound relationships are reinforced
                                                                                                                        Libertyville, Illinois
                                           while your child is reading real books and writing real
                                                                                                                       Phone: 847.362.3120
                                           stories. As books become more challenging, your child will
                                                                                                                         Fax: 847.816.5613
                                           use many phonetic strategies along with meaning and
                                           structure cues.

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