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									Programmable Power Relay

      Final presentation
     Team Members
Jameson Mitchell
 Electrical Engineering       David Null
 PC to PIC communication       Electrical Engineering
 GUI Design                    TRIAC control
 Schematic Design              Firmware Design
                                Research and Documentation

Lane Simmons                    Rick Wolbrecht
 Electrical Engineering         Electrical Engineering
 Team Leader                    Packet Encoding
 Firmware Design                GUI Design
 Website Design                 Schematic Design
 Research and Documentation
•   Introduction
•   Problem
•   Solution
•   Technical Constraints
•   Practical Constraints
•   Hardware Evaluations
•   Software Evaluations
What’s the PPR supposed to do?
• Control device power using schedule
• Allow automated control
• Minimize need for user input after schedule is


• Current power strips have few features
     No programmable timing schedule
     No interactive user interface
     No dimming capability
  Few methods to exercise schedule control over
   electronic devices.
  Unable to control power when away from device

• "Smart" power strip with enhanced features
   o Programmable Timing Schedule for AC-switching
   o PC software application

• Possible Target Markets
  • Automation
  • Security
         Technical Constraints

• Real time clock must operate at all times, under all
  power conditions

• Timing schedule accuracy must include Years,
  Months, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds

• PC is required to operate user interface

• Must supply power to internals from 120VAC

• Switching power must operate up to 120VAC at 15A
  (NEMA 5-15 Standard) [1]
Practical Constraints
              Health and Safety

 • Must conform to Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
    standards for safety
     o UL 758 standard for appliance wiring material
     o Within the UL 758
         Construction
         Performance
         Thermal and Chemical property tests
         Electrical and Flame properties
         Manufacturing
         Labeling
         Production
• Must be manufactured for less than $50
  o Retail at ~$100
  o Comparable products retail from $40 to $90
  o Must be able to compete at a reasonable price
  o Scheduling feature
  o Operates without direct interaction from user
•Isole Plug Load
– $90
– Requires user interaction

•Smart Strip Power Strip
– $40-50
– Requires equipment status interaction

                                                                   [3], [4]

     Isolé® IDP-3050 Plug Load Control   Smart Strip Power Strip
             Hardware Tests
• Power Supply
• Power Controller
  – TRIAC Controller
• Microcontroller
• Firmware
  – Flash Writes
  – Sort and Execute
• Zero Crossing
  – Battery Backup
      Power Supply
(120 VAC/5 VDC Converter)
TRIAC Controller and TRIAC

TRIAC Controller and TRIAC
    Microprocessor and Firmware

PIC24HJ Microprocessor   Packet Transmission Testing
              Zero Crossing Circuit

Zero Crossing IC   Zero Crossing and TRIAC Control Oscilloscope readings
Zero Crossing Control

 TRIAC Control Oscilloscope readings
  Real Time Clock and Calendar

RTCC Circuit   RTCC to Microprocessor I2C Bus Oscilloscope Reading
Real Time Clock Output

                   Windows Clock

                 Software Tests
• Write events to text file
• Confirm Serial Port I/O
• Confirm Conversion
                  Text File Test
• Enter Event into GUI
• Event is saved to text file
                  Text File Test
• Text file data is loaded
  into memory upon
  opening of application
           Serial Port I/O Test
• Send packet via serial
              Conversion Test
• Convert Event class
  data into packet format
Conversion Test
Conversion Test
Completed Prototype
PPR System Test
              Future Work
•   Multiple Outlets
•   LCD Status Display
•   Repeat Event Processing
•   Perfect Dimming Feature
Questions ?
•[1] Powercords Online, "IDC Plugs - Standards," [Online]. Availible

•[2] "Appliance Wiring Material, UL 758." Underwriters Laboratories. Accessed September 16, 2008.

•[3] “Isolé® IDP-3050 Plug Load Control.”
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•[4] “Bits Energy Saving Smart Strips.” Bits Limited. Accessed August 27, 2008.

•[5] “6-PIN Dip Random Phase Optoisolators Triac Driver Output.” Programmable
Power Relay Datasheets.
M.pdf. Accessed December 1, 2008.

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