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					 Favorite Supernatural Series                        BULLITT COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY
                                                                                                                       Books With
            THE TWILIGHT SAGA by Stephenie Meyer
            1.    Twilight                         Books, Movies, and More on Your Favorite Subjects
            2.    New Moon
            3.    Eclipse
                                                            Selections for Pre-Teens
            4.    Breaking Dawn

 CIRQUE DU FREAK by Darren Shan                               Vampire State Building by Elizabeth Levy
  1. Cirque Du Freak: A Living Nightmare                      Eleven-year-old Sam Bamford's online pal is visiting
  2. The Vampire’s Assistant                                  him in New York, but Sam's sister and cousin are
  3. Tunnels of Blood                                         wary because Vlad has pointy teeth, comes from
  4. The Vampire Mountain                                     Romania, and has strange secrets. J LEVY
  5. Trials of Death
  6. The Vampire Prince
  7. Hunters of the Dusk                           Prisoner of Vampires by Nancy Garden
  8. Allies of the Night                           Twelve-year-old Alexander finds himself falling un-
  9. Killers of the Dawn                           der the spell of Dracula and a family of vampires
  10. The Lake of Souls                            who are operating a funeral parlor. J GARD
  11. Lord of the Shadows
  12. Sons of Destiny                                         Switched by Sienna Mercer
                                                              Eighth-grader Olivia Abbott, a pink-loving cheer-
DEMONATA by Darren Shan
                                                              leader, learns that she has a twin sister whose "goth"
 1.   Lord Loss                                               appearance hides a weird secret. First in the My
 2.   Demon Thief                                             Sister the Vampire series. J MERC
 3.   Slawter
 4.   Bec
 5.   Blood Beast                                  Vampire Island by Adele Griffin
 6.   Demon Apocalypse                             Three siblings who are vampire-fruit bat hybrids
                                                   struggle to adjust to life among humans in New
                                                   York City. J GRIF
             WERELINGS by Stephen Cole
             1. Wounded                                     Living With Vampires by Jeremy
             2. Prey                                        Strong
             3. Resurrection
                                                            To attend the school dance with Miranda, Kevin Vlad
                                                            reluctantly agrees to let his vampire parents chaper-
 VAMPIRE KISSES by Ellen Schreiber                          one,. Now he just has to keep them from turning eve-
                                                            ryone into zombies! J STRO
  1. Vampire Kisses
  2. Vampire Kisses 2: Kissing Coffins
  3. Vampire Kisses 3: Vampireville                Werewolf Rising by R.L. LaFevers                                      Books for teens and
                                                   Just before his thirteenth birthday, Luc meets his
 HOUSE OF NIGHT by PC Cast and Kristin Cast        uncle for the first time and learns that they are                       tweens starring
                                                   members of a werewolf pack being threatened by                       vampires, werewolves,
                                                   fanatics. J LAFE
                 3.   Chosen                                                                                                  and other
                      Hunted (released 3/3/09)               And look for these popular series:                        creatures of the night.
                                                                     BUNNICULA by James Howe
 THE SWITCHERS by Kate Thompson                           SECRETS   OFDRIPPING FANG by Dan Greenburg
  1. Switchers
  2. Midnight’s Choice                                Is there a subject you’d like to read or learn
  3. Wild Blood
                                                        more about? If you have suggestions for
                                                            future pathfinders, let me know!
           MORTAL INSTRUMENTS by Cassandra Clare
           1. City of Bones
                                                                                                                       BULLITT COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY
                                                                         Tracy Weikel
           2. City of Ashes
           3. City of Glass (released 3/24/09)                                                  OCTOBER 2008
                     More Supernatural Tales to Thrill and Chill You
                 Pete Hautman                                           Annette Curtis Klause                                         Margaret Mahy
                 Sweetblood                                                Blood and Chocolate                                        The Changeover
                 Lucy Szabo, a diabetic, has a theory                      A beautiful teenage werewolf falls for a                   When Laura becomes convinced
                 that vampirism is related to insulin                      human boy and must cope with the                           that her new baby brother is pos-
                 level. Then she meets a boy online                        expectations of her pack and the dan-                      sessed by evil spirits, she seeks help
                 who claims to be a true vampire.                          ger that her secrets will be discovered.                   from an older boy she believes has
                 J HAUT                                                    J KLAU                                                     supernatural powers. J MAHY

Melissa de la Cruz                                                                                                    Martin Millar
Blue Bloods                                                The Silver Kiss                                            Lonely Werewolf Girl
Teens from some of New York’s                              A teen dealing with her mother’s termi-                    While teen werewolf Kalix MacRin-
richest, most socially prominent                           nal illness meets a mysterious boy with                    nalch is trying to evade the hunters
families learn that there is a secret                      dark secrets she never imagined.                           who want to kill her, a feud is
about their bloodlines. FIC DELA                            J KLAU                                                    brewing in nearby Scotland. J MILL

                                                                      Amelia Atwater-Rhodes                                           Scott Westerfield
                Neal Shusterman
                Red Rider’s Hood                                                                                                      After discovering that he is a carrier
                After discovering that his city is over-                                                                              of a parasite that causes vampirism,
                run by werewolves, a sixteen-year-                                                                                    a college freshman must hunt down
                old infiltrates the Wolves gang to                                                                                    the ex-girlfriends he has infected.
                help destroy the pack. J SHUS                                                                                         Sequel: The Last Days. J WEST
                                                           In the Forests of the Night
                                                           A teenage vampire goes back in time to the year 1684,
                                                                                                                      Kate Cary
Mary Downing Hahn                                          when she died and became a vampire. J ATWA
Look For Me By Moonlight                                   Demon In My View                                           Decades after Dracula’s demise, 19-
Despite her resentment at being                            A teenage author of a vampire novel feels more com-        year-old John Shaw is awed by the
stuck at a remote inn with her father                      fortable with the creatures in her fiction that with her   superhuman abilities of his WWI
and his “new” family, Cynda can’t                          schoolmates. Then two strange new students at her          commander—could Quincey Harker
help being captivated by a charming                        school seek her out. J ATWA                                have ties to the legend? FIC CARY
but mysterious guest. J HAHN
                                                           Shattered Mirror
                                                           Vampire huntress Sarah Vida is fine with being a                           Douglas Rees
                 Brian Meehl                               loner—then she is befriended by vampire Christopher
                                                                                                                                      Vampire High
                                                           Ravena and meets his “evil” twin Nickolas. J ATWA
                 Suck It Up                                                                                                           Cody notices there is something off
                 After graduating from the Interna-        Midnight Predator                                                          about his new school right away.
                 tional Vampire League, vegan vam-         A mercenary trained to combat vampires, witches, and                       After all, how many other high
                 pire Morning McCobb wants to              shape-shifters infiltrates a vampire coven. J ATWA                         schools are populated by pale-
                 show mortals that vampires are no                                                                                    skinned, supernaturally strong stu-
                 different from any other minority         Persistence of Memory                                                      dents and have a wolf named
                 with “special needs.” J MEEH              A teen fears than her violent alter ego may be a vam-                      Charon to guide you through the
                                                           pire. On Order                                                             first day? J REES

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