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									PMW 770
Submarine Integration Program Office

Who we are and what we do

    Deliver integrated and tested Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence, Surveillance, and
     Reconnaissance (C4ISR) capability to the undersea fleet
     o Connect the Undersea Warfighting Nodes to the C4ISR network
    Produce a flexible portfolio of undersea C4ISR capability builds
     o Manned and unmanned systems
     o Autonomous and scaleable open architecture designs
     o Family of high tech undersea capable antennas (Radio Frequency (RF) and Optical)
    Deliver state of the art C4I capability to the undersea fleet
     o Sustain current capability as the highest priority
     o Connect the submarine as a warfighting node within the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations N2/N6 C4ISR
     o Submarine-unique or platform-centric solutions will not be supported
     o Be interoperable – no longer the “Silent Service”
     o Where achievable, keep up with or outpace technology

Priorities in FY10

    Nuclear Command, Control and Communications (NC3) Long Term Solution (LTS) – Requests for Information
     and Request for Proposals
    Common Submarine Radio Room (CSRR) – Version 2 deployment and Version 3 development
    Submarine High Data Rate (SubHDR) Antenna – Super High Frequency/Global Broadcast System engineering
     changes deployment and Underwater Explosion kit development
    Communications at Speed and Depth (CSD) – Execution of development contract and submarine
     communications buoy requirements definition
    Multi-Function Mast (OE-538) Increment 2 – Execution of development contract
    Low Band Universal Communications System (LBUCS) Transmit Terminal Equipment – Execution of
     development contract
    Information Screening and Delivery Subsystem – Execution of development contract
    Advanced High Data Rate (AdvHDR) Antenna – Office of Naval Research INTOP Phased Array Demonstration
     and DARPA Blue Laser Demonstration

Top Programs

    NC3 LTS - Modernize the system for primary Senior Leadership Nuclear Command and Control emergency action
     message delivery during pre-attack conditions
    CSRR - Provide all submarine classes with secure reliable communications and effectively manages, controls,
     processes and disseminates C4ISR information
    CSD - Enable sustained submarine communications with the Operational Commander while at speed and depth.
     Provide IP, two-way communications throughout a full range of tactically relevant depths and speeds
    OE-538 Increment 2 - OE-538 antenna supports VLF/LF/MF/HF/VHF/UHF, IFF, and GPS capabilities for all
     submarine classes. Increment 2 upgrades the system to support MUOS, Link 16 and Iridium
    LBUCS - Modernize the Fixed Submarine Broadcast System Transmit and Receive functions to maintain reliable
     and supportable VLF/LF communications
    AdvHDR - Provide future communications link for submarines through RF antenna and/or Optical Laser
     Communications (OLC) apertures. RF will provide the submarine with a threefold increase in throughput over the
     current SubHDR antenna and provide Internet Protocol communications at 1.544 Mbps. OLC will provide
     communications during restricted RF operations and ultimate submarine communications at speed and depth.

Contact Information
CAPT Dean Richter

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