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									   Issue 2 • 25 February 2010 • Tel: 03 448 8595 • •

    Friday 5 March is a shortened day and students will be                               FROM THE PRINCIPAL
released at 12.30 pm at the end of Period 3. The afternoon                     Congratulations to our student leaders who
  will be used for staff goal setting, establishing appraisal                received their badges of office at assembly
   documents and professional learning needs for 2010.                       recently. The calibre
          Any students requiring supervision please                          of the Year 13 students
     advise the office by Thursday 4 March. Thank you.                        standing for the positions
                                                                             was very high and I was
                                                                             very impressed with the
                     OPEN AFTERNOON
   With many exciting changes at Dunstan a number of
                                                                             quality and content of
 people have expressed an interest to have a good look at                    their speeches.
  what has been going on in C Block, Admin, the Library,                       We do expect a lot from
 Student Services and of course, the new Gymnasium. So,                      our Year 13s in terms
  we have decided to have an open afternoon probably in                      of their individual and
                                                                                                              Brent Russell
 Term 2 once the finishing touches have been completed.                       collective contribution to
       Watch this space for final times and details.                          the school across a range of areas. The school
                                                                             tone and atmosphere is very much influenced
                                                                             by the leadership displayed by all senior
                      WORK DAY 2ran very smoothly                            students and I look forward to working with
                     r annual Work             y providing
                                                                             them throughout the year.
   Once again ou              and communit
thanks to ou    r parents                         service and                  Thank you to those parents and friends of
                                portant day of             e students
employm     ent for this im                 es back to th
                                                                             the school who attended our Athletics Sports
                    em    oney raised go                  , sports and       held earlier this week. House Spirit is certainly
 fundraising. Th                          uncil activities
                  ing   for Student Co                                       alive and well at the school and it was a
 through fund             t and student
       ural equipmen                                ity, and by              pleasure to witness the students competing
  cult                               ol is commun
    A cornerston    e of the scho               and local busi
                                                                nesses       and supporting one another in their Houses.
                   e and la    bour to family
  providing tim                                 people that                    The Year 10 Camps run for the next three
                                 to our young                 number of
   it is anot her reminder                    g a citizen. A                 weeks and I particularly want to acknowledge
                     rvice   is part of bein              newly built
   community se                           lping prepare                      the staff members and friends of the school
                    ked   at school, he                  e new library
    students wor                        materials to th                      for their willingness to attend camps, because
                     r  use, shifting                      our new
    classrooms fo                       on area around                       without their support, camps would not take
                       the constructi
     and grooming                                                            place.
     Gymnasium.                                          Mark Willyam                                 Brent Russell, Principal
                         er yone!
        Thank you ev

      Daniel Garry                  Sam Flannery                   Josh Thom             Hailee McDonald          Nicole Stevenson
   BOT REPRESENTATIVE                 HEAD BOY                  DEPUTY HEAD BOY             HEAD GIRL            DEPUTY HEAD GIRL

                    2010                           Supporting the roles of the Sports and Arts Coordinators in the school:
                                                   Fulton Hogan Central, Breen Construction Co Ltd, Central Motorways
              PLATINUM                             Coaches, Paper Plus, Peter Lyon Shearing Contractors, PlaceMakers
           PARTNERSHIP                             Alexandra and Tony Botting, London.
                                    BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                                                                                                          2010. I am
                                                                                  Activity Donation for
                                                    an   amount for the School
                            l account will include
   Your most recent schoo            reason for this.                                                      nities we
therefore writing to ex
                         plain the                                              ing and cultural opportu
                                                        ge of academic, sport                               and are
                              ud of the extensive ran                               d by the Government
   We, as a school, are pro                           se  activities are not funde                            teered
                          ung people. Many of the                                    ially and through volun
are able to offer our yo                         of the    community, both financ
                        d through the support
only able to be offere
                                                                                          y resources, school
 time.                                                         rt includes: extra librar
                            School  Activity Donation suppo                    use competitions and
    Examples of what the                               s equipment, inter-ho                               ays been
                            music equipment, sport                              nt Council. We have alw
 magazine, co-curricular                          the  functions of the Stude                                this
                          ment weeks and also                                      t you continue to make
 participation in tourna                                ool receives and ask tha
                             level of support the sch
  very appreciative of the                                                                                 increase the
                                                                                 has made a decision to
  payment.                                            ,  the Board of Trustees                              ren) and
                              reased in recent years                              ild), $135.00 (two child
     Because costs have inc                            s year to $70.00 (one ch
                           ibution from parents thi
  Activity Donation contr                                                                                receipt is
   $160.00 (Family).                                                             against tax returns. A
                                                        which can be claimed
                           eligible for a tax rebate
   The school donation is                                                                                       man BOT
                            se.                                                        Grant Campbell, Chair
   available for this purpo

                                                                                       FIRST AID
                                                                 Dunstan has a dedicated team of trained First Aiders
                                                               to look after injured or ill students and staff. Two of
                                                               the team, Kerry Finch and Eric Schusser are qualified
                                                               Ambulance Officers and as such, have an extensive
                                                               range of protocols they can work to.
      2010 DUNSTAN HIGH SCHOOL                                   In the case where your son/daughter is unfortunate
                                                               enough to be ill or injured at school, you can expect
     BOARD OF TRUSTEES ELECTIONS                               the following to happen: We assess the patient and
                                                               then decide on treatment and follow up. Assessment
    In preparation for the Election of Parent                  may include blood pressure, temperature and blood
   Representatives to the Dunstan High School                  sugar measurements. Blood sugar measurements
   Board of Trustees to be held on 7 May 2010,                 involve a minor prick to a finger for a drop of blood as
  nominations are now being accepted for those                 a sample.
    persons interested in making themselves                      For minor injuries we will fill out a treatment
              available for election.                          notification for your son/daughter to bring home. In
                                                               more serious cases we will phone you with information
  To be eligible for election, you must be on the              and/or a follow-up recommendation, in some cases
   voting roll or nominated by a person on the                 we may book a doctor’s appointment in advance. In
   school’s electoral roll (this can be inspected              more serious cases we will transport by ambulance
         at the school during work hours).                     and inform you at the earliest time convenient. It is
  Nomination Forms are available at the school.                important to remember that we use the ambulance
                                                               service for more comfortable transport of patients as
    A list of candidates’ names as they come to                well as for emergencies.
  hand, and their statements, may be inspected                   We have been advised by the Ministry to expect
  at the school. To obtain additional information              a further round of H1N1 Swine flu around March.
   with respect to the election process, please                Our treatment for suspected cases is isolation and a
     contact the Trustee Returning Officer for                  request for parents/caregivers to pick up their son/
                 Dunstan High School.                          daughter as soon as possible. Patients should expect to
                 Nominations close at                          be asked to wear a protective mask.
              Noon, Friday, 23 April 2010                        These are normal procedures that you would have
                                                               witnessed during visits to a medical centre. It is
    Barrie Wills 03 4488215, Returning Officer                  critical that students who show signs or symptoms of
                                                               flu and colds are not sent to school.
                                                                 We hope we won’t be seeing your son or daughter
                                                               but on the off-chance that we will, hopefully it is for a
                                                               minor matter.
                                                                                                            Eric Schusser
              FORUM 2010                                                     ARTERATI NEWS!
   On 9 January I travelled to Auckland for what was to
become two life-changing weeks. I had the privilege of
taking part in the Rotary National Science and Technology       The Arts Faculty are delighted to announce that Mrs
Forum, or ‘Geek camp’ as most people know it.                 Suzanne Russell has been appointed to the position
   156 students from all over New Zealand, with 15 student    of Arts Co-ordinator. Mrs Russell brings a wealth of
advisors and excellent support staff, made up the body of     experience and expertise in The Arts and we are very
the Forum. We occupied O’Rourke Hall for the duration;        pleased to have her as part of our team.
a fortnight of 18-hour days full of awesome activities,
fierce competitions and the best cutting edge science and          The Arts Faculty has an exciting programme of
technology careers on offer.                                  events planned this year and, in conjunction with our
   Highlights included an explore-Auckland day (which I       newly appointed Arts Co-ordinator and the soon to be
spent climbing Rangitoto), a beach day, an ethics seminar     formed student Arts Committee, we look forward to
complete with a heated debate, a psychology lesson            some valuable and enriching Arts experiences for our
featuring illusions and a medical session where we were       students and our community.
lucky enough to take part in a three-hour dissection.
   The Forum programme also included team building                 First up this term, we are
exercises, information on tertiary education and student      presenting “Shakespeare to
life, and the opportunity to meet some renowned               Go” at The Orchard Garden
scientists at the closing formal dinner.                      on Thursday March 25 at
   The experience was unforgettable. Many strong              6.00 pm. A variety of short
friendships were formed and I learnt a lot about myself       Shakespearean extracts will
gaining a huge insight into the career directions I would     be presented by our Drama
like to pursue.                                               students in various garden
   For anyone in Year 12 with an interest in Science and/     locations. An Elizabethan
or Technology - don’t hesitate to apply for this fantastic    dance will be performed
opportunity, it comes highly recommended.                     in the garden and musical
                                           Jordan Aitcheson   items, on an Elizabethan
                                                              theme, will be performed
                                                              during the banquet/feast.
                                                              Colourful costumes and historical figures will add to
               REMINDER REGARDING                             the atmosphere and result in a wonderful Elizabethan
               YEAR 10 CAMP DATES                             experience for all.
              Year 10 camps are as follows:                   Parents and members of the public are welcome to
                                                              attend and tickets will be $20.00, available from the
                     Camp 1 - CAPLES                          school office from March 8.
           Friday 26 February - Tuesday 2 March
                     Camp 2 - HAAST                               The choir is getting into gear for 2010, having
            Tuesday 2 March - Saturday 6 March                held their first meeting last week. This will be an
                      Camp 3 - REES                           exciting year for the choir, with several high profile
         Saturday 6 March - Wednesday 10 March                performance opportunities and regular assembly
                       Camp 4 - 10X                           performances.
          Wednesday 10 March - Sunday 14 March
                      Camp 5 - PYKE                                Mr Buchanan has selected a range of music to
           Sunday 14 March - Thursday 18 March                suit all tastes and he is looking forward to making
                        E Schusser                            beautiful music every Thursday lunch time.The choir
                                                              is open to all students who like to sing and who are
                                                              prepared to make the commitment to regular lunch
               FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE                           time practices.
       It is possible for families who are struggling
     financially to apply for financial assistance for            The choir’s first public performance will be at
     some activities, eg camps and field trips.                “Shakespeare to Go” on Thursday 25 March.
       Please see Ms Anderson (Deputy Principal) if
     you would like us to make an application on your           More Arterati News next time!
     behalf (at least two weeks before the activity) –                                                Debbie Vercoe
     strictly confidential.                                                                  Head of The Arts Faculty
              ASSESSMENT POLICY                              assessment opportunity may be possible.
  The following sections of the Assessment Policy            •         It is recognized that some standards are
need to be considered by all senior students and their       assessed by means of on-going observations, checklists,
parent/caregivers. Please contact Alan Hamilton (NCEA        journals, best of two or three samples of student
Assessment Coordinator) for further clarification and a       work, seminars, presentations, portfolios, and so on.
full comprehensive copy of the Assessment Policy and         Therefore the school recognizes the need to be flexible
Procedures booklet.                                          in its policy for collecting evidence.
                                                               Where work is not completed due to prolonged
                                                             sickness, bereavement, accident, etc, written
                                                             application should be made through the Dean and
   Students who are absent for assessments and have
                                                             Assistant Principal. The Assessment Committee will
a satisfactory reason will be given the assessment
                                                             then discuss each case on its merits. In the case
opportunity as soon as possible on their return to school.
                                                             of external examinations, students will be asked
This is not their reassessment opportunity. If there are
                                                             to complete a compassionate application form
authenticity concerns, the student may need to be given
                                                             available from Mr Hamilton. The process ‘illness and
a different assessment activity from the other students.
                                                             misadventure’ will generate a ‘derived’ grade that will
Note: In some instances there may be no further chance
                                                             be forwarded to NZQA for consideration.
for an additional assessment episode e.g. (skiing trip or
                                                               Penalties will be incurred for late work. For
a Mt Aspiring task) as these assessments are definitely
                                                             standards-based assessments, work that is submitted
one-off occasions.
                                                             late will not be marked and students cannot gain an
   Students who are absent for assessments and don’t
                                                             award for the achievement/unit standard from that
have a satisfactory reason will not be given any further
                                                             assessment event. Students may have an opportunity
assessment opportunity.
                                                             for reassessment, if available, later within the course
   When a student knows they are going to be away
they must make application with their House Executive
                                                               In special circumstances, extensions to the due date
Leader at least two weeks prior to the occasion. If the
                                                             of assessed work may be granted. Students may apply
absence is due to attending a school-sanctioned event it
                                                             to their teachers for an extension. This should be at
may be possible to complete the assessment at a time
                                                             least two school days before the due date, not after.
other than the scheduled time as already applies to
                                                               Teachers of junior classes will use this policy as a
instances of sickness and bereavement.
                                                             guideline only.
   Students who are applying for missed assessment
opportunities may be requested to supply supporting          AUTHENTICITY OF STUDENT WORK
evidence (e.g. parental/guardian letter, medical               The following school-wide practices on authenticity
certificate, note from the guidance counsellor, etc).         ensure consistency and fairness.
Students who received missed assessment opportunities        • The option of using in-class tests only.
are notified in writing by the subjects HOD of the new        • Observing the work in progress or conferencing
due date.                                                         with the students regularly.
   Awards for the internally assessed achievement              Where the skills being assessed require research
standards/unit standards can only be made if the             or practical activities, a variety of strategies could
subject teacher for that specific standard can present        include:
sufficient reliable and valid evidence. The award is given    • Student signature on an authenticity statement.
for evidence and not potential.                              • Requiring the student to report progress at set
   A maximum of one further opportunity for assessment            milestones.
of a standard can be provided within a year. It does not     • Changing topics from year to year.
mean one must be offered and will only be offered if         • Having detailed knowledge of individual students
feasible to those students who had a valid reason for             and their work.
missing the first assessment opportunity. If a further        • Watching the student doing the research or
opportunity for assessment is offered to any student,             practical planning.
it must be made available to all students entered for        • Not allowing work to go home.
that standard. This is regardless of their performance on      Where cheating is suspected, or where the
the first opportunity and students will be awarded the        authenticity of a student’s mark is in question, the
highest grade of the two opportunities.                      teacher and the student consult with the Head of
   Students do not necessarily have the right to further     Department. The Assessment Committee may also be
assessment opportunities. Field trips cannot be              asked to adjudicate if necessary.
replicated for instance. The integrity of a test can be        Any cheating in tests or formal assessments will
lost and teachers are not able or expected to rewrite a      result in the student gaining a mark of zero for that
whole test for one student. Some assessments take a          assessment. Where work is being presented for a
huge amount of time to plan and carry out.                   National Qualifications Framework unit or achievement
It is the responsibility of departments to decide what       standard, any proven instance of cheating or
reassessment opportunities are feasible for their            presentation of work which has not been carried out
assessment programmes.                                       by the student will result in the non-award of that
•          Depending on the nature of the standard,          standard. The student may be reassessed for that
the teaching programme, and manageability, further           standard at a later date.
                                                                                                         Alan Hamilton

            RUGBY                                                                                                                 Dear Parent/Caregiver
              It’s that time of year again – time to pull out
            the rugby boots and give them a good clean,                                                                                          SBS Star Investment Special!
            ready for the 2010 Rugby Season.
              The school would like to welcome Greg Dobson                                                                        This could be the opportunity for both you and
            to the role of Rugby Administrator in Schools                                                                         Dunstan High School to benefit!
            (RAIS), which up until now Wayne Soper has held
            for a number of years.                                                                                                As a New Zealand owned community bank, we know
              Rugby Registrations for all players intending on                                                                    the importance of fundraising and commitment for
            playing this season will take place on Wednesday                                                                      non-profit groups so we’ve launched a new SBS Star
            17 March 2010 over two sessions. Session One:                                                                         Investment Special allowing both you and your school
            3.15 pm – 4.15 pm and Session Two: 6 pm – 7 pm.                                                                       to benefit from this great new offer!
            Please note: - there will be an increase in subs
            this year and payment of subs is required before                                                                      •    Choice of SBS Bank fixed term investment for six
            the season begins. While we are always reluctant                                                                           months or longer *
            to increase subscriptions, rising costs particularly                                                                  •    Payment made to the investor’s nominated school
            in the area of transport, has made an increase                                                                             on any new investment!
            essential.                                                                                                            •    Investment Special offer open from January 27 –
              We’d also like to call for interest from parents                                                                         March 31**
            and the community for 2010 team coaches and
            managers. Please consider taking on a role and                                                                        Not only will you benefit from a competitive interest
            supporting DHS teams.                                                                                                 rate, but you can also show your commitment to your
              If interested, please contact Greta Mason,                                                                          school by nominating them to receive a payment
            email                                                                                   on every dollar you’ve invested with the SBS Star
                                                                                                                                  Investment Special! This investment is a limited
            TENNIS                                                                                                                edition special available only until March 31 with
              The DHS Mixed Tennis team travel to Balclutha                                                                       payments made to your nominated school in April.
            this week to challenge South Otago High School in
            a qualifying match for the South Island Secondary                                                                     We’re all excited about this fantastic chance to help
            Schools Championships to be held in Christchurch                                                                      both you and your school reach your financial goals!
            later this term. Results from this match will be
            published in the next newsletter.                                                                                     We’d love to have a chat with you to discuss this great
                                                                                                                                  new offer. Please feel free to call us on 0800 502
            GILLETTE CUP CRICKET                                                                                                  442 or drop into any of our branches and chat to one
              DHS will host the Central Schools 20/20 Field                                                                       of our banking consultants, who’ll be happy to talk
            Day on Monday March 1, competing against                                                                              through the new SBS Star Investment Special with you.
            Cromwell College, Mount Aspiring College and
            Wakatipu High School. Should we be successful                                                                         Kind regards
            in progressing to the next stage, DHS will again
            host the second 20/20 Field Day with St Kevin’s
            College being confirmed as one of the successful
            teams. Good luck team.                                                                                                Jeffrey Sawers
                                                  Greta Mason                                                                     Banking Consultant
                                           Sports Co-ordinator                                                                      *Investment exclusions and terms and conditions apply. Rates are
                                       ke detergent a                                                                              subject to change without notice. Treasury rates are not included.
                                 s, li               nd
                           i te m                       c                      le a
                                                                                                                                      Nominated clubs must have an SBS Star account to receive the
           old                                                                                                                       commission payment. Each investment is subject to the normal
 Buy househ                                                                                                                                      minimum and maximum balance criteria.

                                                                           !                                                                For full terms and conditions visit
                                                                    c le
                                                                                      g su

                                                                                                                                        **SBS Bank has the right to withdraw the offer at any time.
                                                 s t e a n d re c


                                                                                                                                       A copy of our current Investment Statement and Disclosure
                                                                                                                                    Statements are available on request and free of charge from any
                                                                                                                                    branch or agency of the Southland Building Society (SBS Bank)
                                                                                            in c



                                                ce                                                  ce
                                          edu                                                            ntra
                                    iet! R                                                                      ted f
                 he elie bin on a d                                                                                     orms
                                                                                                                               so that you get more product per package
Put y
                                             SPRING FUNDRAISER
                                      - UNIQUE EARTHMAKER COMPOSTERS
Removes lots of green waste, keeping your garden tidy. Helps your plants grow, saves money on compost and helps
the planet too.

The Earthmaker composter is easy to use. Add kitchen and garden waste in the top at anytime and take compost out
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                  LOST PROPERTY                                                   ch
                                                                                                                                              ey la

           • Charcoal padded jacket                                      e   re                      WATCH OUT
           • Dark coloured hoodie
                                                                                                                                                    st for

           • Pair of shoes - all left in C
                                                                                                    FOR MORE DHS
               Block Learning area                                                             event and activ ity photos
                                                                                                                                                    up to

           • White shirt                                                                           on our website!

           • Polar fleece
           • T-shirt (Cisterna) - all left

               at Gym.
            Please collect from the office.
                                                                                    ABSENT STUDENTS
                                                                             If your child is to be away from
               CAREERS NEWS                                                  school, please either phone the
                                                                                       school office
                                           the process of looking                 03 4488595 or email:
            Some Year 13s have begun                                  h
                                       e destinations for 2011 wit
         beyond Dunstan to possibl                                   
                                         m for   their Careers Profile.
         the completion of a key for
                                             a relevant to them and
         The    form gives updates to dat
                                        inning of the process of
         is leading towards the beg                                    s
                                        itutions, halls of residence
         enrolments in tertiary inst
          and school testimonials.
                                          ms from many Year 13
             I await the rest of the for
                                        rview any Year 12 students
          students and need to inte
                                         ool at the end of 2010 to
          contemplating leaving sch
                                       eer Pathway Planning. We                       CERTIFICATE IN
          help them with their Car
          have had contact from:                                                     SMALL BUSINESS
           • Otago University                                                      MANAGEMENT (CSBM)
           • The Army
                                          s Broadcasting (Radio and                       LEVEL 4
           • Christchurch Polytech’
                  TV) faculty                                                 Complete a small business plan
           • SIT, and                                                          for YOUR business or business
                                          r provider based in NZ)
            • Latitude (the Gap Yea
                                               has given information                       idea!
               Each one of these providers
                                           ts or sent material to us to
            about proposed liaison visi                                         Alexandra classes held at St
            give out to interested studen                        d to              Johns every Thursday.
               To be included  in liaison visits, students nee
                                            in the library or on Mrs          Contact Eric Hooks 027 2263687
             sign the appropriate forms
             Tho  m’s office desk.                                                 Te Wananga o Aotearoa
                                              nt to call in to see me
                Please make an appointme                                               0800 355 553
                                            uss your student’s future
             if you would like us to disc
              plans with them.
                Thanks a lot.                             Rosemary Thom

                      CENTRAL OTAGO REAP
                         COURSES 2010
•   Digital Photography Know Your Camera - 22 February, Morning
•   Digital Photography Take Better Photos - 22 February, Afternoon
•   Advanced Digital Photography Photo Fixes - 9 and 16 May                 SOCCER REGISTRATION FOR 2010
•   Te Reo/Tikanga Maori Classes Evenings - six weeks beginning 23             Thursday 25 February 2010, 5-7pm
    February                                                                   at Netball Pavilion, Molyneux Park
•   Photo Scrapbooking with Vyv Weller - starting 24 February
•   Bike Maintenance - 23 February and 2 March                               If unable to attend Registration Night:
•   How to Build a Pizza Oven - 13 and 14 March                             Registration forms available at your school
•   Cheese Making - 10 and 11 July                                                 office or on
•   Start the Year With New Thinking - starting 15 March                       Registrations to be forwarded by post
        - Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming                          (along with payment by cheque) to:
        - Introduction to Emotional Intelligence                             AUFC Secretary, PO Box 405, Alexandra.
        - Introduction to Innovative and Creative Problem Solving
                                                                            Registrations cut off on 12 March. We may
    All beginning March with Karla Bird. Register your interest
                                                                           not be able to guarantee a place in a team if
•   One to One Literacy and Numeracy Tuition – FREE
                                                                                    registering after that date.
       For more information please contact Central Otago REAP
                           Ph: 03 448 6115                                 Any enquiries please phone: Sue on 4485959
                      Freephone: 0800 267 327                                    (evenings) or 4486126 (day) or
                  Learning does make a difference!                            email:
                                                                         STUDENT SERVICES
                                                                             Now in the
                                                                          former office block

                                                                            JULIE WILLIAMSON
                                                                           Phone – 027 5956888

                                                                             JAMIE CLARK
                                                                          Phone – 027 518900
                                                                    Come for a chat. Contact us by:
                                                                      . Drop box
                                                                      . Office
                                                                      . Email
                                                                      . Phone
                                                                      . Through a friend
                                                                      . Teacher

              GOLD - Allied Press, Alexandra Rotary Club, Budges Central Pharmacy and Bookshop,
              Central Betta Electrical, Checketts McKay Law Ltd, Cooneys Clothing and Footwear, Criterion
              Club Hotel, Downer EDI Works Limited, Feron Motor Court Ltd, Gas and Engineering
              Supplies Ltd, L J Hooker, Magnum Mac Dunedin, MWH NZ Ltd, New World Alexandra,

  2010        Omakau Commercial Hotel, Otago Daily Times Print, Phil Morris Electrical, SBS Bank,
              Stadium Tavern, Stu McLeod - Courier Post, Tarbert St Dental Surgery, Terrace Distributors
              (1985) Ltd, The Community Trust of Otago, Tony Botting – London.
     PLAN     SILVER - Alexandra Avenue Motel, Alexandra Physiotherapy, Brian Luff Automotive,
              McIntyre and Associates, Currie Motors, Davis Auto Electrical Ltd, McLellan’s Plumbing and
              Heating, Tyreland-Treadwell, Wedgerwood Joinery.

              BRONZE - Alexandra Night ‘N Day, Alexandra Inspiration, Bell’s Shoes Unlimited, CRT,
              Geoff Weller Surveying Consultant, Grant Ward Nissan, House of Travel Alexandra, The
              National Bank of New Zealand, Stems Florist, The Warehouse.

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