Examples of relevant CPD by E2TrG62v


									Examples of relevant CPD
Formal CPD                                     Informal CPS
Attending short courses, seminars,             Personal study. For example, reading any
workshops. For example:                        of the following:
ICSA Information & Training course or event    Chartered Secretary magazine
Seminar run by a law firm                      An ICSA book or publication
Webinar offered by an external provider        Other professional bodies’ journals
Company law update from ICSA or an external    Other business journals
Project management course run by an external   Business-based articles in quality newspapers
ICSA Breakfast Briefing                        An annual report
Seminar run by your annual report production   Reference material circulated in the workplace
Listing Rules course run by an external        Material from your organisation’s
provider                                       lawyers/registrars
Disclosure and Transparency Rules
presentation run by an external provider
Management/personal effectiveness skills
course run by an external provider
Finance training course run by another
professional body
Book keeping course run by an external
Attending an in-house staff development        Professional research undertaken for work
training course on:                            purposes, such as:
Management training                            Preparing a research proposal
Innovation training                            Undertaking a consultation exercise
How to deal with difficult customers           Carrying out/completing a questionnaire
Effective minute taking                        Carrying out competitor analysis
Negotiation skills                             Searching for information on the web
Participation/attendance at events –           Workplace learning/support, such as:
conferences, displays, updates. For
ICSA Company Secretaries Conference            Undertaking research for the annual report
ICSA Corporate Governance Conference           Undertaking visits of operations – i.e. site visits
ICSA Charity Governance Conference             Preparing case studies
NHS Trust Secretaries Forum – where             Attending training sessions – either your own
governance/compliance/regulatory discussions    or other departments
are held under Chatham House rule with a
structured agenda
ICSA Scottish Governance Conference             Coaching/mentoring colleagues
ICSA Irish Company Secretaries Conference       Work shadowing/peer review
                                                Discussing internal processes with colleagues
                                                Undertaking informal work on takeovers
                                                Undertaking project work on tax
                                                reorganisations etc.
                                                Undertaking on the job training/research for
                                                changed roles/increased responsibility
                                                Attending an induction event
                                                Advising colleagues on an external course you
                                                have undertaken
Participation/attendance at specialist panel/   Sharing professional knowledge, such as:
group meetings. For example:
Company Secretaries Group meeting               Offering to mentor a student having difficulty
                                                with an ICSA exam
Deputy Company Secretaries Group meeting        Networking with peers via LinkedIn or Twitter
Charity Secretaries Group meeting
NHS Secretaries Group meeting
Alternative Investment Market Group meeting
ICSA Health Group meeting
Local Government Group meeting
Participation/attendance at local Member
group arranged meetings/events,. For
example, the below are a selection of some
of the local member group meetings that
have taken place in the past
General branch meeting
Group discussion on topical subjects
Corporate governance update
Update on pensions and related legislation
Meeting on international tax developments
Trust law update
Registry update
Discussion group on business continuity
Intellectual property and anti-counterfeiting
Company Law Update
Listings continuity obligations presentation
Meeting on the UK Companies Act 2006
Breakfast discussion group on trust and
company disputes
Workshop on effective AGMs
Workshop on local case studies
Breakfast Briefing on directors key
responsibilities and legislation changes
Workshop on business thought management
and governance best practice
Presentation on the Insolvency Act
Presentation on the role of communications in
Presentation on the relationship between
corporate responsibility and corporate
Briefing on the roles, procedure and conduct at
Presentation on electronic filing
Discussion group on the use of domain
suffixes in a business name
Compliance results meeting
Presentation on the review of accounting
Attendance/presentation at relevant work
based meetings and events. For example:
In-house board evaluation meeting – reviewing
new Guidance on Board Effectiveness
Review meeting looking at ICSA’s guidance
notes on the new guidance on Board
Effectiveness, comparing these against own
procedures to check if any amendments are
Corporate event
Board training event
Board presentation to employees re share
Ethics committee meeting
Governance and risk structure committee –
communicating governance issues to the
Strategy group meeting
Board/NED training session on a specific
business topic
Working group to discuss policy documents
and further activities to address a specific
governance problem, for example, improving
the effectiveness of foundation trust governors
or leading peer to peer board evaluations
Sharing professional knowledge activities.
For example:
Presenting on a company secretarial course at
the local business school
Writing an article for Chartered Secretary
magazine or another business journal
Acting as an ICSA
Taking part in the review process of an ICSA
qualifying programme
Giving a presentation to students on an ICSA
collaborative course or at an ICSA registered
tuition provider
Attending a careers fair helping to promote
Providing input into ICSA’s response to current
consultations (i.e. the EU Green Paper on
corporate governance, the changes to the
Takeover Code and Cutting Cutler)
Drafting/providing input into a Guidance Note
for ICSA

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