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“One of the many superstar game designers who helped bring Activision into the spotlight in the early
1980’s, Cartwright’s resume of accomplishments is a long and distinguished one.”

Engineer / Game Designer / Producer / Creative Director / Exec. Producer

"Seasoned producer/developer whose strengths in decision making, consumer needs and identifying and
preventing problems have saved my employers countless dollars and time."

       50+ published titles
       Experience in casual, sports, MMO, and action-adventure genres
       Created EA Sports’ first multiplayer online games
       Co-holder Internet game play patent
       Designed, Produced, or Exec. Produced 15 products in one year at TAG Networks
       Produced / developed products accounting for 85% of revenue at Glu Mobile through 2005
       Created EA Sports’ first Playstation & Playstation 2 titles
       Successfully navigated 13 platform transitions (Atari 2600, Commodore C-64, Atari ST, IBM PC,
        Amiga, SEGA, Nintendo, Playstation, Playstation II, Nintendo 64, J2ME, Brew, Flash, Facebook)

Gazillion Entertainment, San Mateo, CA                                                Nov 2007- Nov 2009
Principal Designer / Interactive Design Manager
     Manage multiple design groups – including mini-game, and UI (8 direct reports)
     Instituted new production processes to streamline development
     Collaborated with marketing to champion kid-friendly design and usability standards
     Provide Flash training to increase participation of designers & artists in design process
     Typical daily contacts include Designers, Producers, Exec Producers, CCO, engineering
        managers, Art Director, educational consultants

Self-Funded Kid’s MMO Startup, San Jose, CA                                        June 2007- Nov 2007
Founder, Lead Designer, and Developer
     Responsible for concept, design, Flash programming, and art direction of all game systems and
       user experience
     Project picked up by Activision - but cancelled upon Activision-Blizzard merger
TAG Networks, Mountain View, CA                                                      Jan 2005 –June 2007
Executive Producer
    Managing internal team of producers, developers, and artists
    Manage licensor relationships and expectations
    Instituting systems for managing and tracking the production process, production milestones,
        design tools, development tracking
    Instructing on the use of Flash to create mockups and working prototypes for rapid application
    Led the development of UI for all Kid’s Channel products
    Products included:
            o Tetris World Tour, Diner Dash, Risk, Sudoku Puzzle Master, Texas Hold’em, Battleship
    As Executive Producer my direct reports included 4 producers and the Art Director
            o Up to 20 simultaneous projects with budgets ranging from $50,000-$200,000
            o Daily contacts include VP Product Development, CTO, CCO, Project Manager, Channel
                Director, Producers, Art Director, QA, internal and external developers

Glu Mobile, San Mateo, CA                                                         Jan 2001 – Nov 2005
Director of Game Production / Senior Game Engineer
     Developed 6 of Sorrent’s first 8 titles after 10-yr programming hiatus
     Managed and rebuilt internal production through difficult management transition
     Designed or produced all 4 Glu nominees for IGN Wireless Games of the Year:
            o Zuma – IGN Wireless Puzzle Game of the Year 2005
            o Zuma – IGN Wireless Game of the Year 2005 Runner Up
            o DRIVER: Vegas – IGN Wireless Driving Game of the Year 2005 Runner Up
            o Deer Hunter – IGN Wireless Sports Game of the Year 2004
            o Atari’s DRIV3R – IGN Wireless Action Game of the Year 2004 Runner Up
     FOX Sports Football ’03 & ‘04, Basketball, Yao Ming Basketball, Boxing, Track and Field, Bush vs.
        Kerry, Kingdom of Heaven, ZUMA Mobile, Insaniquarium Mobile, Diner Dash Mobile
     As Director of Development my direct reports included the Art Director and 4 Producers
            o Total team size approx 12 people
            o Up to 7 simultaneous projects with budgets ranging from $100,000-$250,000
            o Annual sales during that time approx $40M
            o Daily contacts include CEO, COO, VP Marketing, CTO, Producers, Art Director

Midway Games, Milpitas, CA                                                         Jan 2000 – Aug 2001
Executive Producer
    Brought in to revive Area 51 – Midway’s largest-ever production
    P & L responsibilities included business plans, budgets, and ROIs
    Grew team from 7 to 19 including Art Director, Associate Producer, Lead Designer
    Commissioned Hollywood science fiction writer to create original story
    Oversaw the creation of all preproduction material – script, storyboards, character designs, alien
        designs, interactive designs
    Identified technology needs and oversaw creation of game scripting engine
    Oversaw creation of opening cinematic (with professional voice-over talent) which seamlessly
        morphed into game play by utilizing proprietary video-to-real-time technology
    As Executive Producer, my direct reports included the Senior Programmer, Art Director, Project
        Manager, Producer, Senior Game Designer, Hollywood Writing Team
            o Total team size approx. 30 people
            o Project budget approx $12M
            o Typical daily contacts include VP Marketing, Studio GM.
Electronic Arts, Redwood City, CA                                                   Feb 1992 – Dec 2000
Sr. Producer / Lead Designer / Executive Producer / Creative Director
      Helped revived stale NBA line with a new look and perspective (NBA Live 95)
      Revived sagging PGA TOUR line by quadrupling forecasts with simple, ease-of-use features
      Created – EA’s first sports online game, game lobby and match server
      Managed relationships and expectations of Tiger Woods, PGA TOUR, Pebble Beach, and Nike
      P & L responsibilities included writing 5-yr business plans, budgets, and ROIs
      Directed actors and celebrity athletes in video and motion capture shoots
      Direct reports included Producers, Artists, Art Director, Development Director, Engineers
      Co-holder internet game play patent – precursor to PGA TOUR TourCast™ technology
      Products included:
            o All PGA TOUR and Tiger Woods products from 1995 - 2001 (PC, SEGA, PlayStation, PS2,
            o Play Against the Pros – Real-time Internet golf competition (patent co-holder)
            o – EA’s first online game site
      As Executive Producer, my direct reports included the Engineering Development Director, Art
        Director, Project Manager, Administrative Assistant, and 3 Producers
            o Total team size at this time approx. 20 people
            o Up to 5 simultaneous projects with budgets ranging from $1-$3M
            o Annual department revenue in excess of $30M
            o Typical daily contacts include Marketing Director, VP of Product Development, Studio
                 COO, VP of Audio / Video services, PGA TOUR, Pebble Beach Company, NIKE, Tiger
                 Woods, Inc.
      Later transitioned to Creative Director managing a small design staff
            o Total team size approx 60 people
            o Individual project budgets ranging from $2-$5M
            o Annual department revenues in excess of $50M

Accolade, San Jose, CA                                                                    1987 – 1992
Designer / Lead Software Engineer
    Developed first video game ever to use live actors
    Developed first point-and-click animation engine to drive creation of graphic adventure games
    Products included:
            o Lost in LA – One of industry’s first games to use live actors (C-64)
            o Search for The King – Comedic graphic adventure
            o Fast Break – Arcade action basketball (C-64)

Activision, Santa Clara, CA                                                                1981 – 1987
Designer / Programmer
     Designed and programmed many classic video games
     Pioneered the concept of video game sequels
     Directed company’s first group project
     Products included:
            o Aliens – Activision’s first team project - Based on the James Cameron movie (C-64)
            o Hacker and Hacker II – Classic adventure games (C-64, Apple, IBM, Atari ST)
            o Barnstorming, Megamania, Seaquest, Frostbite - Atari 2600 Classics

National Semiconductor, Santa Clara, CA                                                    1977 – 1979
Design Technician
    Apprentice to Industry-Renowned veterans in the area of Linear Integrated Circuit design
    Utilized recent knowledge of microprocessors to develop first automated design analysis and
       testing procedures in National’s R&D labs

DeVry Institute, Phoenix, AZ                                                             1974 – 1977
BS Electrical Engineering

    Golf, photography, travel, theater, acting
Casual Games Portfolio

Gazillion Entertainment
     Approx 12 MMO mini-games and/or activities for an original IP – unannounced
Self-Funded Kid's MMO
     Kid’s MMO w/ multiple mini-games and stealth financial education
TAG Networks (Multi-player Games-on demand channel)
    Tetris World Tour
    Diner Dash
    Battleship
    Texas Hold’em, Blackjack
    Risk
    Hearts, Spades, Dominoes, Backgammon, Chess, Beach Solitaire, Club 21
    SET (Classic pattern matching MENSA game)
    Astrology Central
    Sudoku Puzzle Master
Glu Mobile ( "casual" versions of hardcore games + mobile versions of casual classics)
      PopCap’s Zuma Mobile
      Insaniquarium Mobile
      Atari’s DRIV3R Mobile
      Atari’s Deer Hunter Mobile
      Hasbro’s Simon Mobile
      FOX Movies Robots
      FOX Movies Kingdom of Heaven
      PlayFirst’s Diner Dash Mobile
      FOX Sports Football ’03
      Basketball ’03
      Boxing ’03
      Football ’04
      Track & Field
      Yao Ming Basketball
      Bush vs. Kerry Boxing
EA Sports (precursor to "EA Big" - EA Sport's first "casual" sports game)
      Cyber Tiger
      Tiger Woods 2000 (N-64)
Accolade (point 'n click graphic adventures that required no typing)
      Search for The King
      Lost in LA
Activision (during the GoldenAge of video games -- casual games before "casual" was cool)
      Barnstorming
      MegaMania
      SeaQuest
      Frostbite
      Plaque Attack
Additional Work

Commodore C64 (Designer / Programmer)
    Hacker
    Hacker II
    Aliens
    Air Rally
    Fast Break
IBM PC (Designer / Programmer or Designer / Producer)
    Search for The King
    PGA TOUR 486, 96, Pro
    Tiger Woods 99, 2000
    Play Against The Pros
SONY PlayStation 1 & 2 / Nintendo 64 (Designer / Producer / Exec Producer)
    PGA TOUR 96
    Tiger Woods 99, 2000
Serdar Copur
Producer, Slipgate Ironworks / Gazillion Entertainment - Managed directly
“Steve is a legendary designer and manager. He has an uncanny sense for knowing how to find the "fun"
in any challenge. I learned a great deal from him and hope to work with him again someday.” October 26,
Isaac Epp
 Lead UI Designer, Slipgate Ironworks – Direct report
“Steve lead two design teams at Slipgate and was able to keep everyone on the teams positive and
productive at all times. Some people try to lead with lots of pressure and stress, while Steve was able to
get the most out of us without it ever feeling like we were under the gun. It was wonderful to work with a
manager who both understood complex production and also let the designers retain a real sense of
ownership and responsibility for their designs.” November 6, 2009
Mark Sottilaro
UI Artist, Slipgate Ironworks (colleague) – Direct report
“Steve has the amazing ability to distill any design down to its essence and extract what's important and
what should go. His experience in the game industry and knowledge of software makes him a font of
information, but he's always willing to talk, share and mentor, as well as, manage. I learned a tremendous
amount working for Steve and I'd jump at the chance to work for him again.” October 16, 2009
Rob Craig
CCO / Founder, TAG Networks (colleague) - Managed indirectly
“Steve hit the ground running at our start-up as a senior producer, both taking control of and revamping
our design and production process. He's a light in the industry as most of us in gaming know, and it's
amazing to me we were able to attract him to work with us. I sincerely hope I have the opportunity to work
with him again.” June 19, 2007
Sangita Verma
CEO, TAG Networks (colleague) - Managed indirectly
“Steve is a very experienced producer and game designer. In particular, I'm impressed with his ability to
design and produce casual games that appeal to broad demographics. He excels at creating simple to
use but very satisfying consumer experiences - the old arcade mantra of "easy to play but hard to
master". For anyone who is looking for a great executive producer and game designer I highly
recommend Steve!” June 19, 2007
Joe Burfoot
VP Production, TAG Networks (colleague) - Managed directly
"Steve is great guy to work with. He's an outstanding game designer and has a deep understanding of
what it takes to make successful games. He's especially skilled at user interface design and balancing
games so that they are both fun and challenging. His knowledge of the casual game market is excellent,
and contributed greatly in guiding our game designers and producers." July 22, 2007
Jennifer Vaux
Director of Children's Programming, TAG Networks (colleague) - Worked indirectly
“Steve brought professionalism, technical expertise and a wealth of games producing experience to our
team. He is terrific at troubleshooting problem game play areas and came up with innovative ideas
without fail. It was a pleasure to work with Steve.” June 19, 2007
Don Diekneite
Creative Director/Partner, Sonaural LLC (business partner) - Consultant / Contractor
“Working with Steve is has been a great pleasure. His direction is always clear and concise. Yet at the
same time, he encourages creativity, leaving room for different ideas or directions than may have been
originally specified. His feedback is consistently constructive, well-informed, and invariably helped to
make our work (and the product) better. I'd work with him again in a heartbeat.” June 23, 2007
Alan Miller
Founder, Activision, Accolade (colleague) - Managed indirectly
“Steve's been a best selling game designer for over 20 years. I've worked with him at two companies I co-
founded, Activision and Accolade. He's talented, self-motivated, and productive. I've always enjoyed
working with Steve and would welcome the opportunity to do so again.” December 6, 2005
Selected Titles 1981-2009
Kid’s MMO (unreleased)

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