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					Trustmark Affinity Markets
 A Powerful Combination for Success

 •       Introductions and Purpose
 •       Trustmark Overview
 •       Association Value Proposition to Membership
 •       Features
     –     Comprehensive Program
 •       Program Summary
 •       Q&A
Trustmark Overview

 Trustmark Affinity Markets and Starmark are divisions of Trustmark
 Life Insurance Company.

 • Rated “A-” (Excellent) by        •   A health insurance and
   A.M. Best, the industry’s            benefits administration
   most-watched analyst of              leader
   financial stability              •   More than $1.74 billion
                                        in assets
 • Began in 1913 as the             •   More than 5,000 employees
   Brotherhood of All
                                    •   Two million policyholders
    Railway Employees
                                    •   Mutual holding company
                                        managed for the benefit
                                        of policyholders
Trustmark Affinity
Markets Advantages

 • More than 50 years of association
 • Smart, easy way to offer members
   comprehensive, affordable healthcare
 • Participating member groups join
   together to obtain coverage
 • Starmark is celebrating their 25 year
   selling and servicing the small group
   market this month
Value Proposition –
Association Level

 • Long term partnership and
 • Offering Flexible product
   designs, with Personal
   service, from a Trusted
 • Scheduled reviews and
   strategy sessions to develop
   programs that meet the
   needs of the Association
Value Proposition –
Member Group

 • Member group receive a fully insured
   Starmark contract (2+ employees)
 • 1000’s of Medical Plan Combinations
    – $250-$10,000 deductibles
    – 100/80 – 60/40 coinsurance
    – $5,000 - $20,000 coinsurance limits
    – $20, $30 and $40 office visit encounter fee
    – Five RX card co-pay options
    – Large groups (100+) have even greater flexibility
Health Management

• Health Management Solutions
   – Health & Wellness Outreach
   – Care Champion
   – MyNurse 24/7
   – MaternaLink
   – Quarterly e-newsletter
   – Online Decision Tools
       • Health A-Z
       • Hospital Quality Guide
       • Rx Price Comparison
       • Physician Quality Guide
Cost Containment

•   Access to extensive,                        Cost Control Overview
    nationwide physician and
    hospital networks,
                                                Comprehensive & Integrated Programs
    including Aetna Signature
    AdministratorsSM (ASA)                        Util ization Review                                            Networ k Discounts/S avin gs
    PPO Network, plus more             Case Mana gement
                                                                                                                          Out of Network Di scounts
    than 20 regional networks                                                                                                   Shared Savings Plan
                                Maternity Managemen t            Care                                    Network
•   Caremark/CVS Pharmacy         Daily Developments          Management                                Discounts              Transplant Network Disco unts
                                                                                                                                    United Resource Networks
    benefits                    Disease Mana gement
                                                                                      Client                                     Mental Hea lth Networ k

•   Lab services through          Pre dictive Mod eling                                                                                CORPHEALTH
                                                                                                                             Pha rma cy Network Disco unts
    Quest Diagnostics           Pha rma cy Man agement
                                                                                                                         Negotiated Bill Services
•   Case Management
                                                                                Claim Cost
•   Centers of Excellence             Ben efit Payme nt Accuracy                 Controls                        Third Party Pa yment Recovery
                                          e.g., not allowed, COB, etc                                              Subrogation, Medicare, Workers Comp

•   Fraud Protection                                              Fraud & Abuse                    Claim P aymen t Contr ols
                                                                The Sentinel Group®            e.g., unbundling, upcoding, duplicates, etc.

•   Easy, paperless                                                          Out-of-Network R& C
    enrollment with Express                                                    Physician and facility
Indiana PPO networks

 • Aetna ASA
 • First Health
 • PHCS – Multi Plan
 • Health Link
 • Sagamore
Member Underwriting

• Member Groups are
  underwritten using the
   – Current census of employees
   – Plan selection
   – Group / Area demographics
   – Network chosen
   – Medical conditions
   – Claims experience will be
     used to underwrite larger
     groups (100+)
Express Connect

 • Unique paperless individual underwriting
    – Streamlines process
    – 10 minute average interview
    – No tracking down paper applications
    – Safeguarded confidentiality and medical information gathered
      during the process
    – Accurate premium rates reflecting health status
    – Enrollment card completed during the process
    – English and Spanish on site, 177 other languages through a
      language line

 • Developed to enhance membership value. “Brought to
   you by Association”
 • Surveying of member base to determine needs prior to
 • Email blasts
 • Website links / landing pages
 • Customized proposals
 • Available to the group’s current broker
Lead Generation

  • Marketing materials           • Trustmark sales consultant
    mailed/e-mailed in              will work with group’s current
    advance of calls                broker, if desired
  • Lead generator contacts          – Educates on association
    the member firm and                program
    captures:                     • Quote presented to group
     – Renewal date
                                  • If interested, group proceeds
     – Group size                   to paperless enrollment via
     – Characteristics (census)     Express Connect
     – Current carrier            • Final rates presented
10 Great Reasons to
Choose Starmark®

•   1. Affordable coverage through flexible health plans employers can
    customize to meet their needs and budget, including HSA-friendly plans.
•   2. Strong network access and in-network discounts with access to
    national and regional PPO networks, plus network access while outside
    the primary PPO area.
•   3. CareChampion 24/7® health advocacy program to help employers and
    members navigate the healthcare system.
•   4. Healthy Foundations®, a comprehensive suite of health and wellness
    management tools, helps maximize the health potential of every plan
    member. Plus, plans include a discount program for vitamins, and vision
    and hearing services/supplies.
•   5. Easy enrollment online or via telephone through Express Connect®.
10 Great Reasons to
Choose Starmark®

•   6. Seamless integration of claims processing and HRA administration
    with the Starmark HRA.
•   7. Unparalleled personal service, including a personal welcome call for
    each new group. Plus, Starmark follows up to ensure customer
    satisfaction continues throughout the year.
•   8. Small group specialist, small business is our only business
•   9. Convenient online tools help producers sell new groups and retain
    existing business.
•   10. Quick access to information through www.starmarkinc.com makes
    plan administration easy for employers. Plus, members can view claims
    and a summary of benefits, as well as access tools and information to
    better manage healthcare costs.
Trustmark Affinity Markets
   An Affinity for Excellence
          Thank you

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