Engineering Resume Content Template by Mg7kd8


									                                       Sample Content for Resume  ENGINEERING

This handout is intended to assist you with writing action word statements on your resume relating to skills gained,
accomplishments, your scope of experience, or quantifiable results. They are presented by field as a way to help you
determine what you might write about on your resume. These are not intended to be copied, rather as a way for you to
begin thinking about skills you have gained during your career-related experience. Remember, the purpose of your
action word statements is to demonstrate to the employer that you have the skills they are seeking. These skills may
have been gained in a setting similar to the one in which you are applying or in a different setting as a transferable skill.

Civil Engineering
 Solved complex projects using specialized engineering techniques
 Surveyed sites and created site maps using AutoCAD
 Performed structural design calculations and prepared building drawings
 Assisted with inspecting project sites to monitor progress and ensured conformance to design specifications and
     safety standards
 Analyzed survey reports, maps, drawings, and blueprints to plan projects
 Researched local building codes

Mechanical Engineering
 Performed structural analysis of components for <insert project>
 Provided technical support to contracted partners
 Served as company liaison with vendors
 Assisted senior engineers in creation of proposals
 Reviewed manufacturability of new parts
 Designed and presented concept for new part of <insert machine/item>

Electrical Engineering
 Developed procedures for upgrade controls
 Implemented testing procedures for <insert task>
 Designed and implemented software to automate assembly machinery
 Tested new circuitry for <insert project> compliance
 Drafted bi-weekly progress reports
 Adapted existing equipment to meet new specifications

Biomedical Engineering
 Collected data during physiologic studies
 Prepared tables and graphs to present to research team
 Evaluated equipment for safety, efficiency, and effectiveness
 Assembled prototypes, equipment, and tested samples
 Prepared patents, technical reports, and proposals for new technologies
 Researched <insert research topic>

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