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									                              The Association of Contingency Planners

                                        New York City Metro Chapter

                                       President’s Monthly Newsletter
                                                    April 2010
                                                 Andrew Smith

April 22 , 2010

Dear fellow ACP NYC Metro Chapter Members:


    I hope this message finds you well. For those members that provided feedback after receiving and reading
    the 3rd newsletter, thank you! I look forward to receiving additional feedback regarding this newsletter and
    future updates if you are willing to take the time to share your thoughts. March was a great month for the
    Chapter given the great program that Kristen Stevens from NYU and Larry Heck from Weill Cornell Medical
    College delivered and the very informative round table dialogue led by Program Director Mark Haimowitz.

    April has also been a great month to date with the very successful educational event.

    The feedback that was received from ACP members and guests that attended the “Biological Threats:
    Prevention and Response in NYC” Educational event was extremely positive.

    Please note that we will be piloting the use of on-line survey tool with members that attend the May chapter
    meeting in support of our Green initiative. During the May meeting, we will ask members to volunteer to opt
    in on a pilot of the on-line survey. If you’re interested in participating in the pilot, please be prepared to
    identify yourself at the May meeting. Paper surveys will be distributed to the other members and guests.
    Once the results are analyzed from the initial pilot, we will move forward in making a decision on any
    changes that need to be made to the online survey and process prior to moving forward with leveraging an
    on-line survey tool for providing meeting feedback.

    Stay tuned for additional feedback that we will discuss at the May meeting.

    In addition, I encourage you to consider honoring the request that follows from the ACP National Education
    Director that is currently posted on the ACP National website

    If you have articles, white papers or other material you would like to submit on a specific topic, please email
    to the Education Director at The key topics that have been identified are
    posted on the site and can be accessed from the link that follows.

    For those chapter members that are certified by DRI International, credits towards recertification apply per
    the guidelines noted on the DRI International website.

                              The Association of Contingency Planners

Requests of Chapter Members

For those Chapter members that followed up with me last month regarding the requests that follow, thank you!!

The request of all Chapter members, your schedule and ability permitting, as outlined below regarding
programming, hosting future meetings and achieving membership growth targets:

1. I ask for your support in helping us continue to meet the needs of existing members and to grow our Chapter
membership by bringing additional members to the group. Please target a minimum of one and possibly two
colleagues in your network to join the Chapter this year. In light of the membership update referenced below
now is the time to act on this request so that we can continue to grow the organization.

2. I also encourage you to volunteer to speak or to moderate a future program. Please reach out to Mark and
share your thoughts regarding programming. While a number of programs, speakers and moderators have been
established, there are still ample opportunities to contact Mark and volunteer for consideration.

3. Last but not least, we’re still seeking member organizations to serve as hosts for meetings later this year.

If you would like to host a future meeting, please contact me so that we can discuss space availability. Please
keep in mind that as we grow, our space needs will grow and we’ll need to ensure that space will be available to
accommodate our meetings attendance and avoid “first come first serve” and waiting lists.

Thanks in advance for your active involvement in helping the Chapter achieve the Chapter’s 2010 goals.

Membership Update

Our Membership count and targeted growth:

Our Chapter membership count as of April 22nd, 2010 is at 148 active members.

Since I published my last newsletter, we have a total of 4 new members that have joined the chapter. However,
we have a number of existing members that did not renew their membership. As a result, our total membership
count is lower by a total of 3 members since the March newsletter. I am disappointed that a number of members
have decided not to renew their membership but very excited by the additional members that have joined ACP.
Shelley Johnson and the Membership Committee continue to work together on the contact plan I noted in last
month’s newsletter to encourage colleagues that were previous members to rejoin the Chapter.
If you have any relationships with prior members or a relationship with other contingency planning professionals
that you think will gain value from joining the ACP please assist with encouraging them to join the chapter. We
appreciate everyone’s contribution to invite guests and lobby former members and new members to join the

Our enhanced Program scope for 2010:

As mentioned last month, under Mark Haimowitz’s leadership with the active support of the Program Committee,
our program agendas are being enhanced to adapt to the critical needs and interests of the Chapter members.

Following on the ACP “Member Networking Spotlight” – we introduced in March; we will continue giving our
members the opportunity to take the stage and talk about themselves. Selected members will be permitted to
use 3-5 minutes at the start of the monthly program to give his or her “elevator speech” as part of the group’s
overall focus on professional networking between members.

All members are qualified and will have the opportunity to request the spotlight but company sales pitches will
not be accepted. Those pitches, and others, can be saved for our networking breaks.

Our next 3 month programs at a glance:
                              The Association of Contingency Planners

        May 20 : Pandemic, Preparedness and Political Change and BCM through a Risk Management Prism

        June 17 : Developing Continuity Recovery Solutions: From IT/DR to Personnel Recovery

        July 15 : Operating in the Grey Zone: Facing the Morality Issues of a BCP Planner and
        BCP at Pfizer: From Design, to Implementation, to Operational Capability

Our Public Relations Plan:

Stay tuned for details on Tim Farrell’s public relations updates in future newsletters.

Our Education Plan:

Under the leadership of our Education Director, Angela Miele, with the very active support of a planning team that
includes Mark Haimowitz, Tim Farrell and Marty Plevel, the Education Committee completed successfully it’s first
2010 education event on Bio-Terrorism on April 15 which included speakers Tim Farrell, Thomas Rowe, Steven
Crimando and Sergeant Mark Teitler.

Our Website Plan:

The Chapter website and National websites have recently been updated where job openings are now posted and
additional positions will be posted in the future. Also, if you know of a contingency planning related job
opening(s) that can be shared with ACP members, please follow up with Danny Monselise to provide the
information necessary to post the position on the Chapter website or on the National website.
Under the leadership of our Information Director, Danny Monselise and the Web Committee have been working
hard on developing a plan to provide additional updates to the Chapter Website.

New Ideas:

On behalf of the ACP NYC Metro Chapter board, I would like to remind everyone that the chapter board has
recently established two new methods for members to submit their ideas for the board to consider for
suggesting new programs, speakers or ways to improve the group’s capabilities to deliver value to the chapter
membership. The board has already acted upon one of the ideas submitted and is in the process of finalizing
plans in addressing another idea that was submitted regarding a future program and speaker.
These new capabilities augment the feedback process currently in place via the survey that members are asked
to complete at the end of a chapter meeting or educational event.
Effective immediately, members now can also submit ideas as follows:
    1. Via the recently established LinkedIn ACP New York City Metro Group. As we discussed at our last
        chapter meeting, all members are encouraged to register on the chapter LinkedIn site.

    2. Via the email address that is now prominently displayed on the chapter
       website (

We hope you all utilize these communications vehicles to enhance your ACP New York City Metro Chapter

Best to all,


Andrew Smith, CBCP, MBCI, MBA
President, ACP NYC Metro Chapter
Chairman, ACP National Presidents’ Council
(718) 873-6324


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