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					                                 The University of Hong Kong
                             Corporate Business Travel Insurance for
                               Undergraduate Students 2011/2012

        The arrangement of this travel insurance programme is meant to cover undergraduate
students for travelling overseas during the period from October 1, 2011 to September 30, 2012
on academic activities which are officially arranged by the University. Travels arranged on
personal/non-official basis are outside the scope of this insurance cover.

2.       Although no prior declaration to the insurance company is required, departments should
still provide the following information to this office well before the departure date of the relevant
overseas trip for record purpose :-

        a   :   Purpose of the trip
        b   :   Departure date
        c   :   Duration of the trip
        d   :   No. of students who will participate
        e   :   Destination

3.     In the situation where students need emergency assistance such as the emergency medical
evacuation and/or repatriation services while he/she is staying overseas, he/she can notify the
CHARTIS TRAVEL GUARD by making a collect call at telephone no. (852) 3516 8699 and
quoting the card reference no. 01G-GPP2000076.

4.    Please further note that arrangement has been made with the insurer to provide CHARTIS
China Assist Card for named insured persons of the University when travelling in China on a
need basis. This facility provides the card owner with a guarantee of admission deposit to certain
“Appointed Hospitals” in China if hospitalization is required due to bodily injury or sickness in
the course of the trip. Hence, application for the Chartis China Assist Card is recommended if the
insured person will stay in China for a long period of time or will have multiple trips to China
frequently during the year. The card will be issued on a named basis and will be charged at $50
per card per year. The expiry date of the card is September 30, 2012. If such a card is required,
please feel free to contact Ms. Qimei Leung at 2859 2297 for arrangement and allow at least ten
(10) working days for the insurer to arrange the issuance of the card.


5.   The general coverage of this insurance policy are given below for reference:

      Item                                    Cover                              Benefits per
                                                                                Person (HKD)

           i.       Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement                      100,000
           ii.      Medical Expenses
                    (including registered herbalist, Chinese bonesetters &          400,000
                    acupuncturist expenses) (Note a)
          iii.      Emergency Medical Evacuation (Note b)                         Actual Cost
          iv.       Repatriation of Remains (Note b)                              Actual Cost
           v.       Personal Property
                    (Limit of HK$7,500 any one item/pair/set of articles,            20,000
                    HK$15,000 any one lap top computer - Note c)
          vi.       Personal Money & Loss of Documents
                    (Cash Limit: HK$3,000 - Note c)
          vii.      Travel Delay
                    (The journey arrives at a planned destination at least 6         4,000
                    hours later than the scheduled arrival time.)
          viii.     Baggage Delay
                    ( Note d)
          ix.       Curtailment Expenses/Trip Cancellation/Loss of Deposit           50,000
           x.       Personal Liability                                             10,000,000
          xi.       Maximum number of travelling days per trip (Note g)             180 days

     Important Notes

     a.          Covers follow-up medical expenses up to 60 days from the date of bodily injury or
                 sickness for an medical expenses necessarily incurred in Hong Kong, up to

     b.          The insured person must contact “CHARTIS TRAVEL GUARD” as soon as
                 possible if bodily injury or sickness results in the need for in-patient hospital
                 treatment or the possible need for emergency rescue.

     c.          The loss must be reported to the police having jurisdiction at the place where the
                 loss occurs within twenty-four (24) hours from the occurrence of the incident.

     d.          If an insured person’s personal property has been checked-in by an airline and
                 during the journey is temporarily lost for more than six (6) hours, the insurer will
                 pay HKD1,000 for full 6 hour period of temporary loss.

     e.          The Insured Person should take all reasonable efforts to avoid bodily injury and
                 are subject to no manual work and no construction site work to be carried out
                 during the trip.


      f.    The Insured Person should take all reasonable and necessary precautions for the
            safety of all of his/her Personal Property.

       g.   The policy is extended to include a total of 10 days in respect of deviations from the
            period of the authorized business trip(s) for personal business. However, the total
            no. of travelling days per trip (including both authorized business trips and personal
            deviations) must not exceed one hundred and eighty (180) days. In addition, it has
            been confirmed with the insurance company that no further extension of days
            beyond the allowed 10 days for personal business can be arranged due to the travel
            insurance policy of the University is arranged on “Group” basis. If the personal
            business part of the trip exceeding the allowable maximum of 10 days, the Insured
            Person should arrange his/her own additional travel insurance cover. It should be
            further noted that the University business part plus the 10 days personal business
            part of the trip will be automatically covered by the University travel insurance
            policy from the date of departure from Hong Kong irrespective whether any
            additional personal insurance arrangement has been arranged by the Insured

7.     Please follow the procedures given below to submit a claim under this insurance policy:

       a.     Claimant should fill in all necessary information as requested in the CHARTIS
              Travel Insurance Claim Form. Please remember to sign under the “Signature of

       b.     Claimant should submit the claim form together with all supporting documents
              such as the boarding passes/train tickets showing the itinerary, the police
              statement, invoices/receipts of the claimed items etc. to the FEO within 2 weeks
              from the date of return back to Hong Kong. However, if the Insured Person is
              unable to return back to Hong Kong within 2 weeks from the date of the incident,
              a note should be sent to the FEO to report the incident as soon as practicable
              either by means of email (Email address: or by fax (fax no.:

       c.     The Head of Department concerned is required to certify the status of the claimant
              and the purpose as well as the length of the official business part of the trip.

       d.     The above-mentioned documents should be sent to the insurer, the CHARTIS
              Insurance Hong Kong Limited, through the broker, Jardine Lloyd Thompson
              Limited for making a claim via the FEO.

Finance and Enterprises Office, HKU
September 15, 2011

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