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Annual Report
Fiscal Year 2002
January 1, 2002 - December 31, 2002
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The Simmons Foundation

   In 1993, the granddaughter of L. B. and Ola Simmons established a
   foundation in their name as a tribute to their lifelong generosity and
   commitment to assist those in need. The Simmons Foundation expresses that
   commitment by funding agencies and organizations that help people help
   themselves. Although the Foundation distributes grants in several interest
   areas, its primary focus is grounded in education and human services.

   Since its inception, The Simmons Foundation has awarded $3,212,219 in
   grants, predominately in Harris and surrounding counties in Texas.

   To help create opportunities for people to improve their lives through
   education, economic and leadership development, all within a context of a
   healthy, safe and viable community.

Board of Directors
Foundation Staff

   Board of Directors and Officers
   David L. Solomon, President and Director
   David C. Shindeldecker, Vice President and Director
   George Grant Roane, IV, Secretary/Treasurer and Director
   Linda K. May, Director
   Gay A. Roane, Director

   Linda K. May, Grant Officer
   Debbie Dalton, Grant Officer
   George Grant Roane, IV, Grant Officer
   Rosie Flores, Grant Coordinator

   The Simmons Foundation Board of Directors meets quarterly, and accepts
   proposals on an on-going basis. The review process may take anywhere
   from several weeks to several months, depending upon receipt of the request.

Grant Spending

                            Grant Spending in T housands of Dollars


  1,000,000                                                                     975,592

   800,000                                                            763,304





                1998           1999               2000                 2001      2002

       Grant allocations for any given year will differ from the total grants approved
       and total grants paid during that year. In 2002, the Board of Directors
       approved 88 grants totaling $998,092, some of which will be paid in future
       years. Also, $975,592 was paid on 85 grants, some of which were approved
       in prior years.

 2002 Grant Allocations

                                                 2002 Grants

                                                                         Youth Services

             Health & Human Services                                           19%

 Note: 29% of Health and Human Services was allocated to women and/or girls programs
* Environment represents .003% of the total 2002 Grants
2002 Grants
The Simmons Foundation awards grants for operating, program and endowment funds and capital

Grantee and Purpose                                       Year      Total         2002
Community / Civic / Cultural                            Approved    Grant      Allocation
Ensemble Theatre, The                                     2002       5,000        5,000
“Youth Theatre”—plays and activities dealing with
mental health and social issues impacting African
American and other ethnic communities

FotoFest International                                    2002       5,000        5,000
“Literacy Through Photography”—a writing, literacy
and photography program for youth

Holocaust Museum Houston                                  2002       7,500        7,500
Educational programs, for youth and adults, promoting
awareness and dangers of prejudice

Houston Museum of Natural Science                         1998      100,000       20,000
Multi-year grant toward operating expenses

Houston Youth Symphony and Ballet                         2002       2,500        2,500
Operational support and scholarships for students
unable to pay tuition

Theater Under the Stars                                   2002       5,000        5,000
Humphrey’s School—youth theatre program

                                                                   SUBTOTAL      $45,000

2002 Grants

Grantee and Purpose                                         Year     Total        2002
Education                                                 Approved   Grant     Allocation
American Association of University Women                    2002     6,000        2,000
“Expanding Your Horizons”—day-long introductory
workshops in math and science for middle school girls
American Leadership Forum (ALF)                             2002     5,000        5,000
“Collaborative on Public Education”—innovative
training for teachers and administrators in senior high
Better Business Bureau                                      2002     2,000        2,000
“Young Consumer Advocate Program”—teaching youth
about managing money and credit
Briarwood School, The                                       2002     11,000       11,000
Tuition for a child with special needs
Communities in Schools - Baytown                            2002     10,000       10,000
Educational enrichment for grades 3 - 12
Communities in Schools – Houston                            2002     10,000   Payable in 2003
“Taking Charge”—a collaborative workshop with
follow-up sessions for middle school girls
Darla’s Learning Center                                     2002     15,000       15,000
Day school education for mentally challenged women
Galloway School, The                                        2002     5,000        5,000
School for gifted students; Capital Campaign to support
new building
Houston READ Commission                                     2002     10,000       10,000
Educational literacy programs
I Have a Dream – Houston                                    2002     10,000       10,000
Programs that support and encourage students to
complete their education

2002 Grants
Grantee and Purpose                                        Year     Total         2002
Education (continued)                                    Approved   Grant      Allocation
Initiatives for Children                                   2002      5,000       5,000
“Tax Credit Education”—teaching parents about
available tax breaks
Parish School, The                                         2001     50,000       10,000
Capital campaign for new campus for above average
students with learning differences
Rise School, The                                           2002     40,000       20,000
Innovative pre-school education for children with Down
Syndrome and other developmental disabilities, and for
children without disabilities
Small Steps                                                2002     15,000       15,000
Childcare and preschool for children in at-risk
University of Houston Mexican-American Studies             2002     15,000       15,000
Program encouraging Hispanic high school students to
continue schooling; mentoring program for college
University of St. Thomas                                   2002     15,000       15,000
Teacher preparation for Teach for America
William Lawson Institute                                   2002     40,000       20,000
Support for boys’ charter school in at-risk
neighborhood (multi-year)
YES Preparatory School                                     2002     15,000       15,000
Charter school primarily for at-risk Hispanic youth
emphasizing higher education opportunities
                                                                    SubTotal    $185,000

2002 Grants
Grantee and Purpose                              Year     Total         2002
Environment                                    Approved   Grant      Allocation
Houston Arboretum & Nature Center                2002      2,500       2,500
Environmental educational programs for youth

                                                          SubTotal     $2,500

2002 Grants
Grantee and Purpose                                       Year     Total        2002
Health and Human Services                               Approved   Grant     Allocation

3 “A” Bereavement Foundation                              2002      3,000      3,000
Counseling and assistance with funerals for families
with limited funds

Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse*                         2002     15,000      15,000
Legal advocacy for women

AVANCE                                                    2002     15,000      15,000
Parenting programs, primarily for Hispanic families

Bo’s Place                                                2002      7,500      7,500
Grief support groups for children and their families

Brookwood Community, The                                  1998     150,000     50,000
Residential program for mentally challenged adults to
become productive and contributing members of the
community (multi-year)

Cancer Counseling*                                        2002      5,000      5,000
Individual and group counseling for women

Career & Recovery Resources, Inc.*                        2002      7,500      7,500
“Women’s Alternative Employment Services”—an
employment readiness program for women who have
been incarcerated
Casa de Esperanza de los Ninos                            2002      5,000      5,000
Residential shelter program for abused and neglected
Center for Hearing and Speech                             2002     15,000      15,000
Parent/Infant Program
Child Builders                                            2002     15,000      15,000
“Parents Under Construction”—teaching good mental
health practices to families with young children
*Programs primarily for women and/or girls
2002 Grants
Grantee and Purpose                                       Year     Total        2002
Health and Human Services (continued)                   Approved   Grant     Allocation
Children’s Assessment Center                              2002     100,000     50,000
Clinical services for children who have been sexually
abused and their families (multi-year)

Christian Community Center                                2002      5,000      5,000
Mid-city agency providing emergency services, back to
school clothing, job search activities, etc.

Council on Alcohol & Drugs – Houston, Inc.                2002     15,000      15,000
Youth prevention & intervention program

Crisis Intervention of Houston, Inc.                      2002     15,000      15,000
“Capacity Building” grant toward a sustainable
income opportunity to support the Crisis Hotline and
other activities

El Centro de Corazon                                      2002      5,000      5,000
Mental health, parenting and family support groups
primarily for Hispanics

Epilepsy Foundation – Southeast Texas                     2002      6,000      6,000
“Spike ‘n Wave”—a residential summer camp program
for youth 8-14

ESCAPE Family Resource Center                             2002     10,000      10,000
“Building Confident Families” and “Family &
Divorce”—prevention and education programs for
families in crisis

2002 Grants
Grantee and Purpose                                        Year     Total         2002
Health and Human Services (continued)                    Approved   Grant      Allocation
Fort Bend County Women’s Center*                           2002     15,000        15,000
Emergency shelter for abused women and their children
Good Neighbor Healthcare                                   2002     10,000        10,000
Healthcare for at-risk population in inner city
Greater Houston Women’s Foundation*                        2002     15,000        15,000
Targets women and girls for financial education,
research and grant-making

Healthy Family Initiatives                                 2002     10,000        10,000
Home-based prevention program serving high risk
families and newborns
Hospice at the Texas Medical Center                        2002     10,000        10,000
Services and palliative care for terminal patients and
their families
Houston Area Women’s Center*                               2000     250,000       50,000
Capital Campaign for a new 125- bed facility for
abused women and their children (multi-year)

Houston Community Health Centers (Denver                   2002      7,500    Payable in 2003
Matching funds for potential Robert Wood Johnson
grant to provide healthcare for the uninsured and
Houston Community Voicemail                                2002     10,000        10,000
Voicemail service for homeless people seeking
employment, medical care and basic needs
InFocus                                                    2002     10,000        10,000
“Vision Stations” to provide glasses and ophthalmic
care in at-risk neighborhoods

* Programs primarily for women and/or girls
2002 Grants
Grantee and Purpose                                           Year     Total        2002
Health and Human Services (continued)                       Approved   Grant     Allocation
Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston                      2002     20,000      20,000
New phone system for umbrella agency that coordinates
activities among congregations city-wide
McAuley Institute, Inc.*                                      2002     25,000      25,000
Homeownership for disadvantaged women; program
that matches savings in “Individual Development
Memorial Assistance Ministries                                2002      5,000      5,000
Congregational umbrella organization that, among
other activities, provides school clothes for students in
poverty and in high mobility areas
Northwest Assistance Ministries                               2002     20,000      10,000
Congregational umbrella agency with a clinic that
provides healthcare for low income families without
health insurance
Planned Parenthood of Houston                                 2002     15,000      15,000
Educational programs for young mothers
Reach Unlimited                                               2002     20,000      20,000
Assists adults and children with mental retardation

Rehab Mission, Inc.                                           2002     16,092      16,092
Services and housing for the indigent homeless;
purchase of computer equipment
Rose, The*                                                    2002     100,000     25,000
Capital Campaign to expand mammogram and related
services for indigent women and those with little ability
to pay (multi-year)
Safe-T Community Center                                       2002     15,000      15,000
Counseling for clients in low income area with few
available social services

*Programs primarily for women and/or girls
2002 Grants
Grantee and Purpose                                        Year     Total       2002
Health and Human Services (continued)                    Approved   Grant    Allocation
San Jose Clinic                                            2002     15,000     15,000
Provides health and dental care for the inner city
working poor
Save our ER’s                                              2002     5,000      5,000
Outreach program to educate community about
emergency rooms in area hospitals
Shamar Hope Haven                                          2002     3,000      3,000
Residential treatment program for males with drug and
related problems
Sheltering Arms Senior Services                            2002     5,000      5,000
Services for elderly, including referral, daycare and
case management
Texas Council on Family Violence*                          2002     10,000     10,000
National domestic abuse hotline and technical support
for local family violence centers

Turner Syndrome*                                           2002     2,500      2,500
Chromosomal disorder affecting females
UCP of Greater Houston                                     2002     5,000      5,000
(United Cerebral Palsy) Education and training
program for high school students

Vita-Living, Inc.                                          2002     7,500      7,500
Services for severely mentally ill children and adults

Volunteers of America                                      2002     7,500      7,500
Childcare services for participants in drug treatment

*Programs primarily for women and/or girls

2002 Grants
Grantee and Purpose                                     Year     Total         2002
Health and Human Services (continued)                 Approved   Grant      Allocation
Wesley Community Center, Phoenix, AZ                    2002     20,000       10,000
Pregnancy Prevention Program for teens (multi-year)

Women’s Home, The*                                      2002     10,000       10,000
To help fund the expansion of vocational services

YMCA Greater Houston Area                               2002     100,000      20,000
Cypress Creek YMCA’s Capital Campaign for new
facility (multi-year)

*Programs primarily for women and/or girls

                                                                 SubTotal    $625,592

2002 Grants
Grantee and Purpose                                         Year     Total       2002
Youth Services                                            Approved   Grant    Allocation
Baylor College of Medicine – Teen Clinic                    2001     20,000     10,000
Teen Health Clinic Endowment Fund (multi-year)
Boys & Girls Club                                           2002     5,000      5,000
After school programs for students in inner city
neighborhoods, particularly at De Zavala Elementary

Boys & Girls Harbor                                         2002     5,000      5,000
Scholarship fund toward the care of abused, neglected
and abandoned children living on site
Camp for All                                                2002     15,000     15,000
Supported equestrian program for sick and disabled
Child Advocates                                             2002     5,000      5,000
Court advocates for battered and abused children
Children at Risk                                            2002     10,000     10,000
“Growing Up in Houston: Assessing the Quality of Life
of Our Children”—biannual survey of issues related to
Homes of St. Mark                                           2002     10,000     10,000
“Foster Care Program” for children removed from
home due to a court order
Hope Shelter                                                2002     10,000     10,000
Capital campaign to help refurbish and convert facility
for at-risk youth
Kids Unlimited Foundation                                   2002     5,000      5,000
Capital Campaign for the purchase of land for
playground and related activities
No More Victims                                             2002     10,000     5,000
Administrative support for program that works with
students who have parents/family members who are
incarcerated (multi-year)                                                                17
2002 Grants
Grantee and Purpose                                       Year        Total          2002
Youth Services (continued)                              Approved      Grant       Allocation
Palmer Episcopal Church                                   2002        7,500          7,500
In support of the Cornerstone Program Wilderness Trip
SPARK                                                     2002        10,000         10,000
School park development for students and the
Spaulding for Children                                    2002        10,000         10,000
In support of the adoption program

SummerBridge Houston                                      2002        5,000      Payable in 2003
Collaborative program encouraging students to pursue
careers in education

Texas Women’s University                                  2002        5,000          5,000
Program educating high school girls in two at-risk
schools about health and health-related matters

Zina Garrison All Court Tennis Academy                    2002        5,000          5,000
Tennis and life skills program for inner city youth

                                                                     SubTotal       $117,500

                                                                   GRAND TOTAL      $975,592

Financial Summary
The value of The Simmons Foundation cash and investments changed from $11.4
million in 2001 to $9.8 million in 2002. The total investment return in 2002 was an
8.34 % decrease, due to unfavorable market conditions.

The Simmons Foundation has a long term asset allocation target for its investments
of 60% equity, 18 % fixed income, 19 % alternative investments (market neutral)
and 3 % money market. At the end of 2002, the endowment’s investments were
allocated as follows: 52% equity, 22% fixed income, 21% alternative investments
(market neutral) and 5% money market.

Financial Statement
for the
year ending 12/31/2002
                                         Comparative Financial State me nts

                                    For the pe riod e nding D e ce mbe r 31, 2002



     Interest, dividends, and other income                                              577,699.32


     O ther Administrative Expenses                                                       4,436.50
     Excise and O ther Taxes                                                           (11,901.33)
     Grants                                                                             975,592.00
     Memberships                                                                            800.00
     Realized and unrealized capital losses                                           1,240,637.49

                      TO TAL EXPENSES AND GRANTS                                      2,209,564.66

N ET IN CR EASE IN ASSETS (income les s expens es & g rants )                        (1,631,865.34)



     Cash                                                                               526,751.05
     Stocks, Corporate Bonds, and O ther Investments                                  9,205,340.87

TOTAL ASSETS                                                                          9,732,091.92


     Liabilities                                                                               0.00
     Fund Balance                                                                     11,363,957.26
     N et Income/Loss (Fiscal Year 2002)                                            ($1,631,865.34)

TOTAL LIABILITIES & FUN D BALAN CES                                                   9,732,091.92

No te: A s s ets are s h o wn at market v alu e                                               20
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