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November 2005 Edition

         Welcome to the expertise
         and quality of the AXA Group

         With over 100 years’ experience, AXA is a world leader in financial protection
         and wealth management.

         Financial protection
         AXA Group worldwide manages funds worth over €869 billion (as at
         31st December 2004), on behalf of over 50 million customers worldwide.

         Global stability
         We operate in over 50 countries spanning Europe, North and South America,
         Africa, the Middle East, the Far East and Australasia.

         Comprehensive services
         In the UK, AXA provides advice and guidance to our individual and corporate
         customers on a wide range of financial products and services, including:
         AXA Life (investments, life assurance, retirement planning, long term care),
         AXA Investment Managers (asset management), AXA PPP healthcare
         (medical insurance, dental and hospital care) and AXA Insurance (insurance
         for home, motor, travel and pet).

         Customer focus
         At AXA Insurance we design our products around your needs. Whether it’s
         motor, home, travel or pet insurance you’re looking for, we can provide high
         quality cover. With our expertise, you can get on with the more important things
         in life, like living it.
         AXA Insurance UK plc is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services
         Authority. This can be checked on the FSA’s register by visiting the FSA’s
         website at or by contacting them on 0845 606 1234.
                                                                      Safeguard   CONTENTS


           • Why Choose Safeguard?                                         3
           • Policy Summary                                                4
           • Cost of Cover                                                 6
           • Table of Benefits                                             7

Why Choose Safeguard?

Safeguard, AXA’s Personal Accident Insurance, offers you
extensive levels of cover, which you can extend to cover
your whole family.

It provides benefit payments in respect of accidental bodily injury resulting in fatal
accident, permanent total disablement, temporary total disablement, total loss of
speech, hearing or sight, total loss of or use of a hand or foot and
hospitalisation. This cover can be particularly important for the self-employed or
employed persons whose income would suffer from an extended absence from
work due to an accident.
Flexible cover
Safeguard gives you the option to select cover for every member of your
immediate family. The age limits at entry are 16-65 years. Your children
(if included) are covered from 30 days to 18 years.
Temporary total disablement cover
Safeguard will pay you an income for up to two years, excluding the first two
weeks of disablement if you are temporarily unable to work due to an accident.
Straightforward Claims Procedures
Our dedicated claims teams do their utmost to speed up the process and take
the stress out of making a claim. We are committed to dealing with each claim
quickly and efficiently.

    POLICY SUMMARY Safeguard

          Policy Summary

          This policy summary does not contain full details and conditions of
          your insurance – these are located in your policy wording.

          This policy is underwritten by AXA Insurance UK plc, authorised and regulated by
          the Financial Services Authority.
          Type of Insurance and Cover
          Personal accident insurance for you, your spouse and your children
          This insurance provides a range of financial benefits in the event of accidental
          bodily injury to you and/or your spouse and/or your child/children – Please refer
          to your policy schedule for who is covered.
          The maximum amount we will pay is the benefit shown on the policy schedule.
          Cover is automatically extended for exposure, disappearance and double fatal
          accident – Your policy wording gives full details of these extensions.

          • This policy is not transferable to any other person. Payment of any benefit will
            be made only to the insured in full and final settlement.

          Features and Benefits
          Benefit payments will be made in respect of bodily injury caused by violent,
          accidental, external and visible means, resulting in:
          •   Death, permanent total disablement and temporary total disablement
          •   Total loss of speech, hearing (in one or both ears) and sight (in one or both eyes)
          •   Total loss of or use of a hand or foot
          •   Hospitalisation

          Significant or unusual Exceptions or Limitations
          Injury arising from, resulting from, consisting solely of or sustained by:
          • the taking of drugs, unless those drugs were prescribed by a qualified doctor
            or dentist.
          • illness, disease or disorder.
          • any existing medical disease, disorder or condition whether diagnosed or not,
            which was known of at the start of this insurance or which has been suffered
            in the 12 months preceding the start of this insurance.
          • any gradually developing bodily deterioration.
          • any medical or surgical procedure.
                                                             Safeguard   POLICY SUMMARY

• racing (other than on foot or swimming), professional sports, winter sports,
  hunting, gliding, parachuting, mountaineering, rock-climbing, pot holing or
  bungy jumping.
• driving or riding as a passenger in or on any motorcycle, motor scooter or
  mechanically assisted cycle or whilst using underwater breathing apparatus.
• flying, except as a passenger in an aircraft operating under its own power
• war, civil war, rebellion, terrorism, or civil commotion.
• any insured person after the age of 75 years
• any child under the age of 30 days or after the year in which they reach the
  age of 18.

This is an annually renewable policy.

Cancellation period
You are free to cancel this policy at anytime.

Claim Notification
To make a claim, contact our claims advisors on 0870 609 3275

Making Yourself Heard
Any complaint you may have should in the first instance be addressed to your
insurance adviser, then claim office or helpline as applicable. If you are not
satisfied with the way in which your complaint has been dealt with, you should
write to The Customer Care Department of AXA Insurance.
If the complaint is still not resolved, you can approach The Financial Ombudsman
Service. Referral to the Financial Ombudsman will not affect your right to take
legal action.
Full details of addresses and contact numbers can be found within the Policy Wording.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)
AXA Insurance is covered by the FSCS, which is triggered when an authorised
firm goes out of business. In this unlikely event you may be entitled to
compensation from the scheme. Compensation under the scheme for:
• Compulsory insurance is covered in full.
• Non-compulsory insurance is protected in full for the first £2,000 and 90% of
  any amount above this threshold.
Full details are available at

    COST OF COVER Safeguard

          Cost of Cover
          Total protection

          With ‘Safeguard’, just one unit provides cover of up to £50,000 starting at just
          over £1 per week. That’s less than the cost of a daily newspaper. To see exactly
          what premium would apply to you, please see the occupations table below:

          It costs so little...
          Compare the monthly cost for a standard unit with the benefits you get... that’s
          AXA’s value.
          Husband and wife each go into their own class.

            Class        Description
               1         non-manual work or housewife
               2         work involving travelling or occasional light manual work
               3         light manual work or use of tools and light machinery
               4         heavier manual work

                       You                 Your Wife/Husband              All your children
             Class             Cost         Class            Cost                Cost
               1              £4.60           1             £4.60               £1.00
               2              £5.93           2             £5.93               £1.00
               3             £11.45           3            £11.45               £1.00
               4             £15.70           4            £15.70               £1.00

          The above are monthly premiums and include a credit charge. Insurance Premium Tax
          (IPT) is not included. If you wish to pay your premium annually this can be arranged.
          NOTE: Some ‘high risk’ occupations such as oil rig workers, professional
          sportsmen etc., are unacceptable and others may only be acceptable with a
          loaded premium. Please see below for details.

          Some occupations are not acceptable:
          entertainers • professional sportsmen/women • artists • models • members of
          the armed forces • maritime occupations (including oil rigs) • demolition workers
          • scrap dealers, and people working at heights, below ground, with explosives,
          or around docks and harbours.

          Others whilst not usually acceptable may sometimes be quoted for with
          an increased premium:
          hauliers • international reporters/photographers • film cameramen • window cleaners
          • firemen • tree fellers • security guards • persons using dangerous or woodworking
6         machinery • taxi drivers • other occupations of a heavy or dangerous nature.
                                                          Safeguard   TABLE OF BENEFITS

Table of benefits -
one unit of ‘Standard’ cover

                                           Insured         Spouse            Child
                                                                      (30 days-18yrs)
  1. Permanent Total Disablement           £50,000        £50,000        £10,000
  2. Total Loss of Sight or use of         £50,000        £50,000        £10,000
      hands/feet or a combination thereof
  3. Total loss of Sight of one eye or     £25,000        £25,000          £5,000
      use of one limb
  4. Total Loss of Speech                  £50,000         £50,000       £10,000
  5. Total Loss of Hearing – both ears     £50,000         £50,000       £10,000
  6. Total Loss of Hearing – one ear       £25,000         £25,000        £5,000
  7. Fatal Accident                        £25,000         £25,000        £1,000
  8. Fatal Accident of both Husband        £50,000 – if   one insured
      and Wife (This applies if husband £100,000 – if     both insured
      and wife are killed in the
      same accident.)
  9. Permanent Total Loss of Use of –
      a)Shoulder/Elbow/Hip/Knee/            £7,500         £7,500          £1,500
      b)Finger (at least one                £5,000         £5,000          £1,000
         complete bone)
      c) Thumb (at least one                £7,500         £7,500          £1,500
         complete bone)
      d)Big Toe (at least one               £2,500         £2,500             £500
         complete bone)
      e)Other Toes (at least one             £500            £500             £100
         complete bone)
      (benefit for each day up to 100 days)    £50            £50              £10
      Lump Sum Benefit after 14+ days         £500           £500             £100
  11. Temporary Total Disablement              £50            £50              £Nil
      (for each week)

The choice is yours:

• Insure yourself, or add your spouse or your children or both.
• Choose 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 of the standard units shown.

        AXA is a world leader in wealth management and financial protection, managing funds
        worth more than €869 billion (as at 31st December 2004). We operate in over 50
        countries and serve more than 50 million customers worldwide. We cater to a wide
        range of needs, providing advice and guidance to our individual and corporate
        customers on a variety of financial products and services. These include investments,
        life assurance, retirement planning, long term care, asset management, medical
        insurance, dental and hospital care services as well as motor and home insurance.

        With our expertise and commitments to customer service and consistent
        quality care, you can rely on AXA for lasting security.




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                                                    AXA Insurance UK plc
                 Registered in England No 78950. Registered Office: 5 Old Broad Street, London EC2N 1AD
A member of the AXA Group of Companies. AXA Insurance UK plc is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
                    In order to maintain a quality service, telephone calls may be monitored or recorded.

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