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									               Roberts Elementary PTA Room Parent Guide

Dear Room Parents,

Thank you for serving as Room Parent for your child’s classroom. Your time and
talents are greatly appreciated. To serve as Room Parent you must be a member
of the PTA. Name badges can be purchased for $ 8.22(tax included) at The
Awards Shop 3580 Lawrenceville –Suwanee Road Suite E Suwanee Ga. 30024,
678-714-5016. We are looking forward to our Charter year at Roberts Elementary
School! We are delighted to share in all the excitement with you and hope that
you find your time volunteering as a Room Parent very rewarding.

To assist in your role as Room Parents are the Chairs of this Committee...

            Jana Domyslawski (K-2)               Lori Forrand (3-5)
            770-932-2555                         678-644-4555

Should you have any questions or concerns and your Chair is not able to assist
you please feel free to contact:

                                Kerri Withrow
                   Vice President, Roberts Elementary School

Your Chair’s will be your primary contact and source of information. Room
Parents serve as the primary contact for the teacher when scheduling and
recruiting volunteers and requesting materials for approved classroom activities.
There may be an occasion when a teacher may request assistance for other
classroom needs as well.

As Room Parents we must adhere to all Gwinnett County School Policies. In an
effort to make that easier for each of you we have provided standard
forms/letters for your use as you coordinate events throughout the year. These
forms are included in this guide and are also available on our PTA website
Room Parent Forms/Letters
   Introduction letter from Room Parent(s)
   Class directory release
   Standard form for Teacher birthday
   Standard form for Winter Celebration
   Standard form for Teacher Appreciation
   Standard form for End of the Year Celebration
   Standard form for volunteer lunches

ALL letters must be sent to your respective Chair prior to being sent home with
the students. We will check for typos, page layout etc. These letters/forms can
be sent via e-mail and will be sent back to you with an approval in 24 hours. If
you have a deadline please call and let us know. You can change the font, print
on color paper, and change the layout but the basic wording must remain the
same. Most importantly all letters must include the word “voluntary” and the
statement “no child will be left out”.

If you choose not to use the standard form /letter, your letter must be
submitted to the PTA with a PTA Document Checklist form and it will then be
forwarded to administration for approval prior to going home. This is not to
manage your activity but to avoid miscommunication. These letters must be
approved by the PTA President and Our Principal. The turn around time on
non-standard form /letters can take up to 10 school days, so please plan

Correspondence between you and your teacher does not have to come through
the Room Parent Committee Chairs. This includes e-mails as well of paper.
 -e.g. Teacher requests items sent in by parents for class project or requests
volunteers for “centers”.

Primary Functions of a Room Parent
    Assist teacher with classroom volunteers
    Assist teacher with classroom needs
    Communicate with parents all classroom activities and needs
    Prepare a Class Directory
    Secure volunteers for teacher appreciation lunches and “WOW” days
    Coordinate all classroom parties
    Assist with field day
Volunteering for this position should be rewarding and fun! To reduce the stress
and financial burden we offer the following tips.

1). Ask for help!!
Involve other parents in the classroom. You may want to divide the year with
another parent or share responsibilities throughout the year. Your teacher will
have an idea of who is willing to volunteer. Many times parents can’t be
involved in planning or in the classroom but they are willing to send in needed
items or contribute financially. Please try to involve as many parents as

2). Communicate with the teacher.
 Ask your teacher in the beginning of the school year for a meeting so you may
establish a rapport. At this time you can determine what their expectations are.
You should maintain communication throughout the school year since things
often change and that’s okay!

3.) Communicate with Parents.
For ease in coordinating classroom events and activities, feel free to set
up a Qlubb account (pronounced "club"). Go to and set up your
Qlubb name (typically the teachers name) and a password to be shared only
with your classroom parents and teacher. You will be able to send an email
or a form in Friday Folders inviting your parents to join with instructions
on how to sign up. Qlubb allows room parents to set up a calendar of events
and include volunteer needs and donations necessary for each of these
events. Parents will receive an email that an event has been scheduled,
which will include a link to go to the event and sign up to volunteer,
donate items, etc. There's also an option to "remind" parents of each event
and what they have signed up for prior to the event! It's a fantastic tool
for coordinating classroom events and activities. There is also a way to share
photos from classroom and school events. Parents are asked if they would like to
be included in the Qlubb site and if they would like their child’s photo to be
shared on the site when completing the “Classroom Directory Release”.

4.) Organize and implement plans.
 It is acceptable to ask each family to make a one time contribution of up to $5 to
cover activity/party expenses throughout the school year. Any time you request
donations, they are strictly voluntary. Let parents know that you may still need
to call upon them for additional donations during the school year. We suggest
you send home an introduction letter detailing the year’s scheduled activities.
When collecting for a class gift you may ask for gift cards only. Please keep in
mind Gwinnett County policy dictates a teacher may not receive a monetary
gift in excess of $200. If a parent chooses not to have their child participate, the
child must still be included in the acknowledgment.
5.) Reasons to celebrate!!
    · Teacher’s/Parapro’s birthday
    · Winter Holiday Celebration
    · Winter Carnival
    · Teacher Appreciation Week
    · End of Year Celebration and Field Day
    · Teacher has a class project

The Room Parent will not coordinate an end of the year gift. Parents are
welcomed to do so on their own. Please keep in mind that we cannot celebrate
baby showers, weddings, etc., during classroom instructional time.

Collecting Money
  · A one time craft/party fee of $5.00 can be collected
  · Only gift cards can be collected for teacher gifts
  · For your protection, keep records on money spent in the event there is a
  · Do not e-mail a list to the entire class regarding who has donated
  · Do not send multiple e-mails requesting money

Teacher Appreciation Week
We will celebrate teacher appreciation week February 14 - 18, 2011. We will send
out suggestions of ways the class can show their appreciation. As Room Parent
you can use our suggestions or come up with your own. Always involve the
other parents as they may have wonderful ideas as well.

Teacher Lunches
You can volunteer to be a class monitor or schedule another parent. Each of the
lunches will be no more than 1 hour. Coordinate with your teacher his/her
scheduled lunch time. We cannot take the children outside so your teacher will
have a planned activity in the classroom. It is best if you have 2 volunteers for
Kindergarten. Siblings cannot come in with you while supervising the class.

Some other helpful Tips
  · Meet with your teacher and determine what involvement she/he expects
  · Involve as many parents as possible
  · Send out an introductory letter and class directory
  · Determine if you have any allergies and contact that parent to assist you
     with food planning for class events.
  · Do not refer to students with allergies and/or special needs by name on
     any forms/letters

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