Thermo-ceramics by T62M4Q


 Refractory Material – able to withstand great
tempratures >1100oC

have a structure which gives them great hardness
and stability at very high temperatures

Silicon nitride - little brittle - turbine blades

High end skateboard bearings

Corrosion resistance bearings

Metal Cutting and automotive parts


Thermo-ceramics and cermets are made by
sintering finely powdered oxides.

Tipping cutting equipment
               Piezo-electric actuators
Piezo-electric crystals - actuators delivering high
voltage spark as used in gas oven and BBQ lighters

Piezo-electric crystals act as transducers by applying
a voltage across the crystal.
The crystal will change shape enough to drive small
speakers, eg musical
greetings card, beeper in a digital watch.
New materials as used in the computer and
          electronics industry.
 Development of silicon as a semi-conductor used
 in Integrated Circuits

 silicon chip and miniaturisation

 Optical fibres are used to transfer vast amounts of
 data efficiently by encoding and decoding light

 LCD displays have led to slimmer and smaller
 laptop and palmtop computers.
          Smart composites.
Piezo Electrics
Shape Memory Alloys
Electrorheological - magnetorheological

Optical Fibres

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