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					Persuasive Techniques

  "Really, Mom, this IS my
Everything I Know About Persuasion I Learned
from Cap'n Crunch (Or Some Other Advertiser)
Advertising is all about persuasion.
Companies pay big bucks (translation:
millions of dollars) for ad campaigns to
convince buyers to purchase their
People who write ads use many "tricks"
to convince people to buy products.
These tricks are called persuasive
We can use some of the same "tricks" in'n_Crunch

our own writing when we want to
persuade someone to do something.
   So...what are these"tricks" that advertisers
They are called advertising techniques or
persuasive techniques. (Advertisers probably thought those
terms up because "tricks" has such a negative connotation!)

Why do advertisers use these techniques?

They use them to persuade (or convince) you to
pay your hard-earned money for their product or

        And we all know money doesn't grow on
        trees, right?
           Some persuasive techniques:
Loaded words: Words and                 Take that,
phrases that play on our                you deadly

   Ex: New Cleanall kills deadly
germs, protecting the lives of
your loved ones.

Facts and Figures: Using data to
prove that the product is superior to
   Ex: More than 98% of Happyvac
owners rate themselves as happy
Endorsement: Associating the product or
service with a well-known person or
   Ex: Hardheads is the official helmet
        of the Universal Football League.

 Glittering Generalities: Associating the
 product or service with something no one
 would claim NOT to want
     Ex: For a dazzling, healthy smile, try

 Bandwagon: Stressing the idea that
 people do not want to be left out. Jump
 on that bandwagon!
 Ex: Millions of people have switched
        to new Happy Dog dog food.
Name Calling: Stating or implying that the
competition is inferior
   Ex: Fresh Breeze holds better than
       those cheap, sticky grocery store

Plain Folks: Identifying the product with average
    Ex: As a first grade teacher and mother of
        two, only Relief Now takes away her
        nagging headaches.

 Snob Appeal: Associating the product with a
 rich, glamorous lifestyle
    Ex: New Gourmet-on-the-Go, for people
          who expect the very best!
          Which techniques can you find?

                                  MIKE’S MACAROONS

Mike’s Macaroons --- crunchy, mouth-watering, coconut-flavored cookies ---
make the perfect after-school snack for today’s busy families. Since they
provide 75% more fiber than other leading brands, they are a healthy
choice, too. Show your family how much you love them with a plate of these
tempting treats!

Join the millions of people who have tried Mike’s Macaroons and loved

For two days only, get two boxes for the price of one! That’s just $2.95 for
days of tasty pleasure!
      Did you find these techniques?
"...for today’s busy families." = plain folks
"..75% more fiber..." = facts and figures
"...than other leading brands..." = name calling
" ...healthy choice..." = loaded words
" Show your family how much you love them..." = loaded words
" Join the millions of people..." = bandwagon

                   Did you find any others?
   Which techniques do you think would be most successful at
                persuading you to buy a product?

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